goddammit amy

I talked about how underrated Barry and Thea’s friendship, but can we take a moment and say that Iris and Oliver’s friendship is also extremely underrated. Headcanon times (Olivarry implied because I’m still T R A S H)

  • Oliver first went to Iris when he was considering proposing to Barry. She asked why did he not go to Joe first and Oliver simply replied “Your approval is just as important as Joe’s. Also you would kill me if I didn’t tell you first” (he’s not wrong)
  • Iris will smack all fashion sense into Oliver, even if he doesn’t need it. She will also make sure Barry looks respectable for date nights because ‘you are dating Oliver Queen you will look respectable dammit’
  • The Green Arrow will only do interviews with Iris West. No other reporter can get the exclusive. Oliver Queen is always open to interview with Iris West. No one has connected the dots. (Barry finds that fact hilarious)
  • Iris will tell Oliver all of the embarrassing stories of her and Barry growing up, including sending him these videos  (Headcanon basically by Olivarry Network)
  • Oliver asked for Iris’s help in picking the engagement ring for him and Barry because Iris knows Barry’s style just as well as he does, if not better. 
  • Barry and Oliver joking made Thea and Iris their Best Maids (Barry w/ Thea and Oliver W/ Iris) But the siblings gave their speeches to respective brother. 
  • Iris will kidnap Oliver Queen and take him out for a spa day. They get Mani/Pedi, massages and milkshakes while they each bitch to each other about work and relationships (Oliver about Barry and Iris about Linda). Iris will force him to watch chick flicks. Oliver pretends to complain, but honestly he is in love with the genre . Thea is to blame for that (THIS MASTEPIECE HEADCANON BY @halzbarry )
  • Oliver is only second to Barry as Captain of the ‘Iris West Deserves Only the Best’ Squad. There will be two angry vigilante’s at your door if you fuck with Iris West
  • Iris West will FUCK YOU UP if you say anything bad about Oliver. She also will be the first to Kill Barry if he does anything to Oliver. And Vice Versa if Oliver does anything to Barry. Oliver won’t fight Iris. She is the only person on earth beside his husband that he is afraid of

“I never thought you would still be with me.”

Anders, your gratitude at the fact that I not only like you but am romancing you is simultaneously touching and heartbreaking, but right now it is also standing on the trap that I’m trying to disarm, so if you could just move to the side a little…

Amy thinks her life is lacking in drama

so she falls for horoscopes, fake healing, and karma

she’s so wrapped up in her invisible armour

she’ll never grow into herself

and it’s ok thinking me and all my friends are just wasters

but saying I can still see through her airs and graces

I bet she’s scared her life won’t leave any traces

kinda like everyone else

Amy works in a bar in Exeter

I went back to her house and I slept beside her

she woke up screaming in the middle of the night 

terrified of her own insides

she dreams of pirate ships and patty hearst

breaking through a live over rehearsed

she cant remember which came first

the house, the home or the terrible thirst

she keeps having dreams 

Goddammit Amy, we’re not kids anymore

you can’t just keep waltzing out of my life

leaving clothes on my bedroom floor

like nothing really matters

like pain doesn’t hurt

you should mean more to me by now

than just heartbreak in a short skirt

Well goddammit, Amy

well of course I’ve changed

with all the things that I’ve done and the places I’ve been,

I’d be a machine if I had stayed the same

you’re still back where we started

you haven’t changed at all

yeah you’re still trying to live like a kid

like you could always have it all