goddammit all the feels

But seriously to all bi girls who don’t quite know how their attraction works, to all bi girls who doubt their bi-ness, to all bi girls who used to identify as another label, to all bi girls who are now thinking of identifying as another label, to all bi girls who get frustrated when someone says you’re either a lesbian or straight because, goddammit, you’re bi, to all bi girls who feel lost and excluded, I’m here for you, I love you, you’re going to be okay.

lol okay buddy whatever u say

But I somehow slowly love you
And wanna keep you the same
Well, I somehow slowly know you
And wanna keep you away

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you did not fuck with the polish hussars. they crushed the ottomans (and holy shit you did not fuck with the ottomans to begin with), the russians, and the swedes (swedish warrior-kings, mind you). by the thirty years war, the swedes had learned their lesson. they applied it on the battlefield of warsaw in 1656. from this defeat sprung two legends in european history: first, the birth of prussian military history, and second, the saying that given an army of swedish pikeman and polish hussars, one could conquer all of europe

People lately has been telling me that Yuugi doesn’t top in puzzleshipping. 

I tell them how long it’s been and old that starts to sound like. 

They keep telling me Yuugi doesn’t top. 

And I’m just “?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”


Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Series: Vegas

Note: For some reason, this part just took me a while to write. Writers block is a bitch. Buuuut, it’s finally here. Enjoy, loves.

Word Count: 2790

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUTTTT. but i mean, it’s Vegas, what else do you expect from this series? shower sex, horrible sense of humor (thanks rafa), cursing, blah blah blah etc.

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This is supposed to be before these two start dating; Oikawa spent a lot of time agonizing over what to get Suga (with Iwa as company of course) and then “happened” to meet Suga at a bus stop (after doing some research) and finally gave Suga the gift lmao


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Tsuna, Mukuro and Dino falling in love with someone they treated badly before


~My buzzer beater submission because it almost did not make the deadline. Hope you like it somehow, anon. XD~

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He hated you.

He absolutely fucking hated you.

You were a clumsy little fool who utterly had no charm, no confidence and no fashion sense.

In short, you were just like him when he was younger. Before the Vongola. Before Reborn.

And the reminder of his past self that you brought by your very presence sent his blood boiling with unreasonable rage as the shadows of his past came to haunt him. How the innocence he had lost a long time ago baited him silently through your guileless eyes. The worst part was that you were the only personal secretary who has ever lasted by his side for this long with any sense of efficiency or competency.

God he hated you.

He allowed his dates to make fun of you. He had even ordered you to pick up his bread from the floor with your teeth and told you to eat it. And you fucking did. You did everything he told you to do with no questions asked.

He heard Mukuro ask you once why you allowed him to treat you like dirt and your response surprised Tsuna.

You said it was because you had faith in the Decimo. If it was his decision to treat you badly then surely you must have done something to hurt him. You only wish he’d tell you what it was so you could fix what you did wrong.

Instead of calming down it only made Tsuna want to tear you apart even more.

He wanted you to hate him. He wanted you to grow the fuck up and change your fate the way he changed his. He had been half tempted to send you off to Reborn but for some reason the very thought of his former tutor laying his eyes on you made him even angrier.

He made sure to act like a spoiled evil brat around you wanting you to snap. He wanted to see you act like a fucking human being, not a goddamned robot! He had to admit he was acting like a total jerk but damn it, you weren’t acting like you mattered! Like you’re life was dispensable compared to his own! And so he kept on treating you like a doormat.

Until the day you jumped in front of him and took a bullet in his stead.

All Tsuna could do was stare at your paling face as you whispered for him to run against his lips. Trying to keep his survival a secret by being as silent as possible for his sake.

And so here the proud Don was sitting by your side afterwards; clutching at your blankets with white knuckles and gritted teeth wanting nothing more than for you to wake up.

He wasn’t done torturing you yet. He wasn’t done making your life hell.

He wasn’t done trying to get under your goddamned skin and make you feel something other than a dog’s loyalty for him, goddammit. But most of all…

He wanted to feel your lips against his over and over again…


He had thought he had killed every single one of the Estraneo back when he finally acquired enough power to escape from that lab along with Ken and Chikusa. He had thought he would never have to hear the godforsaken name again. But he was proven wrong when the Skylark found out about you.

He may have been at odds with Hibari over a lot of things but he knew how much dealing with the Estraneo meant to him so Mukuro was grateful when the Skylark stepped aside and allowed him to do what he willed to the last remaining descendant of that godforsaken Family.

He found you living a moderate life, alone in the world. Of course you’d been orphaned, he had killed your family! He watched as you struggled to survive every day. Apparently you had a medical condition that made you unable to work and take on heavy physical labor.

He watched and refused to see the fact that you were a good person who lived alone and vulnerable and loved the stray cats you shared your food with. You made him remember what it was like living half-starved and hiding from the Vindice all those years ago.

He swallowed his pity and admiration and replaced it with hate.

He kidnapped you and took you to the abandoned Estraneo’s laboratory.

He fisted his hand over the back of your head and practically slammed your face against the broken glass that had once looked into the laboratories he had remembered all too well from his childhood. As he did so he described his and the other children’s experiences in each room. He told her about the slit necks of children barely even old enough to walk murdered just for the sake of research. About young limbs being severed to be replaced by a tentacle or a robotic contraption only for those same artificial limbs to rot off barely a week later and the child dying along with it from the infection and rotted organs.

You listened to his voice tremble, you felt his whole body vibrate, you heard his breathing choke on every word and said nothing. Blamed nothing. Did nothing.

When Mukuro took you to the room where he had killed the scientists he told you he would kill you there as well and when he turned you around to face him you saw his face drenched with tears and his eyes dilating with remembered fear and pain and your heart caved in.

You bowed your head and accepted your fate. Silently. Like a lamb to slaughter.

But when Mukuro delved into your mind to make you relive your worst nightmares he discovered that you had gone through the same torments he had. Only they weren’t done in a lab. Your parents experimented on you and your little brother at home. You held your brother as he died in your arms when he failed the experiments and his now half metal heart stopped beating. He had relived your heartbreak when the last question your brother left you was if you had any sugar drops left. It was the last time you had ever shed tears…

Mukuro drew back in shock. As though trying to see if he were awake and not dreaming he tore your shirt open and saw there- tattooed on your left breast- the same bar code Chikusa had on his left cheek.

He cried out and sat on the floor clutching at his head. Trying to deal with the anger, the pain, the madness. He was surprised when he felt you put your arms around him. He looked up and saw you crying for him and your shared sadness.

You understood. You knew. You forgive him.

And all Mukuro could do was hold on to you for all he was worth because at that moment you were the calm in the middle of his storm.

He had become your friend and he later on discovered the medical condition you were suffering from was caused by the experiments done on you. Unlike himself the twisted trials did not give you any powers. You were just another failed experiment. The only difference you had from the others was that you had survived.

He wanted to take care of you and became a guardian to you of sorts. He had expected his feelings for you to be similar to the feelings he had for his small collection of strays. But he was wrong.

Over time he had noticed you eyeing Sawada Tsunayoshi with admiration and interest. Of course the young Decimo had accepted you with open arms the moment Mukuro showed up with you on the mansion’s doorstep. However the thought of you developing any sort of feelings for the Vongola don was… unacceptable.

Mukuro then proceeded to make you realize what a playboy Sawada was. He practically shoved his flings in your face to make sure you saw the don’s faults. The illusionist wasn’t sure how it happened but he had learned that having you look at anybody else with the tenderness you have afforded him made the madness strain against the confines of his mind.

It just wasn’t fair. He was not letting anyone else have you.

You were his.


His intention when your father gave you to him as a bargaining chip was to use you like a whore and humiliate your Family.

Your father had the temerity to kill some of his precious subordinates in an attempt to seize some territory. In return Dino had run your father’s Famiglia to the ground until they were all left on their hands and knees begging for his mercy. He killed everyone else except your father who had sold you to Dino in exchange for his life. Dino agreed only because he was so enraged by the loss of his comrades that he had wanted your father to live through more horror and shame.

The first night he found you in his bedroom- bathed, perfumed and wearing a sheer silk nightgown- he had expected you to seduce him and gain some tenderness out of the act; but you didn’t. Even after he ripped your dress open and took you roughly on the bed with only the intention of pleasuring himself you merely bit your lip against the pain and shed a few tears but you said nothing.

When Dino woke up the next morning and found you gone from the bed he had thought you had tried to escape. However he immediately found you on the balcony with your face turned towards the sunlight, a linen blanket wrapped around your bruised nakedness and your eyes closed. Dino felt his breath catch at the sight. You looked like a battered goddess from a painting reaching for the sun in a silent bid for freedom.

When you heard his approach the softness on your face disappeared and Dino felt something stab him in the gut at the sight of the wariness and fear on your face. He couldn’t stand seeing you shy away from him so he harshly ordered you to clean yourself up and left you alone. He had not touched you since but he remained within reach at all times watching you… Always watching you. Privately it shamed him to have acted so atrociously towards a woman.

He could see even without you speaking to him that you had an obviously gentle nature. He never once saw you stare at anyone in his household with hate. There was only resignation and the hope lingering in your eyes that he would get tired of you soon and let you go. All of a sudden, that thought did not sit well with Dino.

He gritted his teeth against Romario telling him that you had nothing to do with this and that your father was a barbaric heathen for selling his own child out. That he should stop treating poor you like a slut when you were clearly no such thing.

Dino was inclined to follow his right hand man’s suggestion and treat you with more tenderness. Unfortunately the sight of you smiling at his young gardener when he handed you a small flower made all his feelings of guilt crumble in jealousy. Because never- never- have you directed such an expression on him before.

That night he surprised you by bedding you again. However this time he used all the knowledge he possessed to pleasure you beyond speech. This time you tried fighting him off and actually pleaded for him to stop. Dino then understood that you had prepared yourself to feel nothing. Getting aroused by him and receiving pleasure from him would have thrown your plans to leave with your soul intact into disorder. You were planning on feeling nothing for him. Just like a man preparing himself to get tortured and say nothing.

The possessive demon sleeping inside Dino’s soul leaped at the chance and relished in your moans and gasps as he sucked on your nipples teasingly while he thrust inside you in a way that made your hips writhe against him involuntarily.

He surely did not know where this madness was leading him but he did know one thing.

He was not going to let you leave and forget who you belonged to.

Stress Relief

1.) Could you possibly do a rough newt smut? Where the stress of being in charge of so many idiots and them always trying to get with you make him irritable, resulting in some very rough sex from newt, possibly some bdsm? Very different than newt usually being normal and loving during intercourse witch makes you become a bit too loud resulting in a few gladers overhearing you “.

2.) Hello! Could I request something where Newt and the reader get into a huge argument? And he ends up yelling that he’s second in command and that she has to listen to him. And she just says, "Make me.” And it’s clearly a challenge, and then he slams her against the wall and she’s smirking and then he realizes that she’d made him angry on purpose when just makes him more annoyed, so he teases her until she’s a begging mess. Maybe make it kinky? Anything works!

3.) Request: newt and his lover have been very busy and haven’t had time for each other. But when Newt sees one of the guys laying the moves on her. Newt is overwhelmed by his primal desire to claim what is his.

Ask and y'all shall receive. 

“So Y/N, what’s Newt like in bed?” Minho playfully elbowed you in the ribs, climbing the stairs of the Homestead, a cheshire grin stretching over his face.

You chortled a little before Thomas spoke from behind you, “Oh, so now you’re going to shut up about him.” They giggled around you as you reached the landing, turning around to face them both and trying not to join in with their shenanigans.

“Oh, you’re silent because it’s been so long you can’t remember. That’s a pity, ain’t it Thomas?” Minho leaned up against the banister, elbowing Thomas this time.

“Tragic.” Thomas nodded, feigning a serious expression.

“But you know, if you ever decide it’s been too long I can totally hook you up with a willing participant.” Minho sniggered teasingly at your expression. “I’m just sayin’.” He grunted quickly as the door between you swung open.

Newt looked run-down; his blonde hair unstyled and falling over his eyes while he leaned against the door-frame. He was naked from the waist up almost as if he had just woken up, but it was a little past six at night. His voice sounded rough and husky, like it hadn’t been used in a few days. “You done?” He growled at Minho and Thomas, wiping the smiles from their faces.

Minho shrugged, rolling his eyes. “Just wait till we get you in the maze.” He whispered in your ear as they each hugged you, making Thomas chortle a short laugh before falling silent under Newt’s death glare. They both turned and headed back downstairs. By the time you turned around, Newt was gone from the doorway and the door was sealed shut.

Slowly you pushed it open and closed it behind you. He was hunched over his desk working by the last of the daylight drifting in from the open window. He didn’t look at you. “Newt.” You said quietly. In the silent room it sounded like a shout. Nothing. “They were just making a joke Newt, there was no need to be rude.” You said, folding your arms softly and moving to sit on the bed which crunched and bounced under your weight.

“I don’t have time for this, Y/N.” Newt sighed, scribbling audibly on the drawn out maps in front of him.

“You never have time for me anymore.” You snapped, throwing your back against the bed dramatically. It was true, though.

Newt scratched hard against the desk, carving out some mistake he’d made. “Shuck, Y/N! I can’t work when you’re here.” He threw down his pen, running a hand through his hair. This was unfamiliar behavior, from not meeting your eye to the hateful tone in his voice.

You glanced at him from the bed before staring at the ceiling again. “So break up with me.”

His eyes turned to you. “I don’t want to do that.” A long pause followed.

“Sure as hell seems like it.” You muttered under your breath.

“You know it’s not like tha-” He started, sounding strained and frustrated.

“That’s exactly what it’s like, Newt!” You sat up fast, impressed by the projection in your voice. His  eyes widened at your tightening jaw. “I don’t even know who you are anymore! You haven’t so much as spoken to me in weeks. You haven’t kissed me in months. Hell, maybe Minho was right, you have-”

“Don’t you dare!” Newt turned around to you completely, standing up. “Don’t you dare! You know how hard I’m working to make sure that you can liv-”

“Newt you don’t know anything about my life anymore! I’ve been a runner for at least a month now. Did you even know that? Because you sure as hell didn’t ask about it.” You snapped, standing up to glare up at him.

Newt’s eyes got wide fast, his brow furrowing, shoulders hunching over. He stepped forwards so you could feel his harsh breath on your face. “Bullshit.” He growled in your face.

“Oh is it?!” You stepped back from him, irked now. “Do you want to see my blisters?” You moved to pull of your sneaker but he caught your wrist fast in a tight grip which was verging on painful.

“You didn’t go in there.” A hint of panic in his voice. You remained silent, shaking his hand off you. “No. No you didn’t Y/N!!!” He was shouting now, or at least that’s what it felt like. You stood up tall, crossing your arms and glancing at the ground. It wasn’t fun to agonize him this way. It was just necessary. “No!” Newt snapped, turning to the door and running his hands through his hair again. “Why?! Why wouldn’t you tell me that, Y/N?!”

You shuddered a little before getting in his face. “Because you wouldn’t give a shit. You don’t care about me anymore, Newt!” You snapped loudly, rising to your toes. “At least the other guys treat me like a human bei-”

“Those other guys!? Bloody hell, Y/N. They want in your pants and nothing else! They don’t give a shit about you! Why can’t you do what you’re told?! And you’re delusional if you think you’re going back in there!”

You retracted, stepping away from him. You shook your head slowly. “And what?” You said, quietly. “You think you’re going to stop me? Who the hell are you?”

Newt’s jaw tightened, he exhaled audibly before looking you straight in the eyes. “In this Glade I’m second-in-command. That means I pull rank o-.”

“Oh fuck that! Your word do-”

“That means you listen to me and-”

“Fucking make me!” You shouted, pushing hard on his bare shoulders. Newt stepped back, his blonde hair falling over his eyes again.

“Make you?” He asked quietly, the tone of aggression still in his voice.

Your stomach twanged, a small bundle of nerves wrapping over and over made worse by the shadows which hid his eyes. “Make me.” You breathed.

All of a sudden your back hit the wall hard. It was bound to be a bruise tomorrow. His hands pinned yours above your head before bending down to hover his face centimeters from yours. He never did this. He was never rough or hard or passionate. You couldn’t help the small smirk which turned the corners of your mouth up a little. Newt’s eyes glanced down to your lips. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” He clenched his jaw. “Seriously, Y/N?! What the shuck are you trying to do?!” He hissed, pressing your wrists firmly into the wall behind you.

Sighing, you glancing away from him. Your stomach dropped and you pulled your wrists out of his grip, leaning against the wall. “I just want you to notice me. Just give me something. I don’t know what’s going on with you, Newt. I miss you.”

“Do you think I haven’t been thinking about you? Jesus, Y/N, I’m trying to get us out of here! Do you even know how stressful that is?! And you’re pissed because I’m not getting into your pants?!”

“Take it out on me, why don’t you?! I don’t just want you, Newt! I just want to know who you are-”

“And you think fucking around with those guys is going to make me let you in?! Y/N, I bloody own you.”

“Prove it. Show me something to make me stay, Newt.”

Newt pushed off the wall, leaving your stomach to drop to the floor. The silence descended and you bowed your head, tears almost brimming in your eyes. “Get on the bed.” Newt’s growl broke the silence. Your eyes glanced up at him but his back was turned, rummaging in his wardrobe. Biting your lip you sat breathing a sigh of relief.

When he turned around, there was a small gas lamp lit by his desk and long strips of cloth in his hands. He sat down the bed from you, silhouetted against the lamp. “Give me your hands.” He held out one of his own.

“What are you doing?” You asked, crossing your wrists and placing them both in his hand anyway. Newt wrapped the cloth around your wrists and pulling them together before knotting the cloth tightly.

Newt gave his small, familiar smile. “I want you to stay and I want you to listen you me. I own you, love.  Lie back.” He said firmly, this new kind of sexy aggression lacing his voice. Your stomach jolted again, but still you leaned back against his pillows and let him pull your hands up to rest above your head. Newt leaned over you, his stomach muscles flexing above your face while he bound your hands to the headboard.

Newt crawled back down you, before settling sitting back on his heels between your legs. His hand trailed down over your stomach. Your hands wound around the soft fabric of your ties, pulling lightly against them.

Newt’s hand left your stomach and returned like the other to his lap. His head tilted, and a perplexed expression crossed his face. “You could have been killed. I’m angry at you, Y/N. I love you but I’m so, so angry with you.” He said softly, looking into his lap.

You sighed, tried to sit up and then remembered it was impossible. “I want us to get out of here, Newt. I want to be in a place where we can be together and you won’t ignore me everyday.” Your voice started to rise. “Goddammit I’m angry at you too. You ignore me everyday for months and then get pissed when I take matters into my own hands. Goddammit, all I ever did was love you.”

You wriggled around him, feeling out your new restraints. Newt sighed, still staring down at you. This was so new, so unexplored by either of you. “Newt.” You whispered. “Can you touch me?”

“Yeah.” He breathed and leaned forwards, hovering over you before pressing his lips chastely against yours. They felt familiar, but nostalgic. He kissed you over and over with soft, feathery kisses which left your heart empty, like you were saying goodbye.

“Newt.” You muttered against his lips. He stopped moving against you and pulled back, his brow still furrowed. “I need you to stop trying to protect me. Stop being gentle with me and show me how angry you are.”

Newt closed his eyes for a few seconds. When he opened them again, he bent down to your lips but this time opened his mouth on contact. His bare chest was pushed flush against your front, his hips exactly where yours were. He set your heart racing threefold. You went to hold him, but your hands were bound fast above you leaving you completely at his mercy. His lips moved hot and fast against yours, tongue flicking against yours in every racy kiss. You squirmed underneath him, the urgency in your chest making you gasp and sigh into his mouth. He had never kissed you like this before, and it made your legs feel weak and your head a little dizzy. Moaning loudly, you rippled your body up to meet his before his hands raked down your front from your cheek to your hips. Newt pulled away, your bottom lip still between his teeth. He let go after a long moment and ducked down to your neck attacking it harshly, biting and pulling the skin there into his mouth as your gasps met with the sound of his breath.

Newt’s hands locked onto your waist, crushing your hips into the mattress. “Stay still.” He murmured into your neck, grinding his hips into you roughly.

Back arching, you groaned loudly feeling a little theatrical. This was exactly what you wanted, a kind of burning passion which was almost tangible in the air. His hands on you felt like they did in your dreams: hard, rough and needing. Newt slipped his arms underneath your back ensuring you kept your chest pressed to him. He hugged around your waist as his lips moved down your exposed chest until he had reached the top of your tank. The heat between your legs grew hotter with every roll of his hips onto yours. It wasn’t his usual grinding- it was firm, definite and pounding- and it turned you on like crazy with small rolls of pleasure hitting your core.

Newt’s arms slipped out from around you, letting your back press against the mattress once more. He pushed himself up from your frame and stopped grinding his hips, hovering over you. You couldn’t help but grin and pull hard on your restraints at the loss of contact. It was this delicious teasing which Newt was so good at, but he’d always give you what you wanted if you asked for it.

Slowly he stroked down your face with his spare hand, swiping the stray strands of hair from your face. “What do you want, Y/N?” He whispered, running a hand over your left breast to your waist, rolling your shirt up a little to expose more skin. His eyes wandered down, but his expression was steady and unyielding.

Your eyes flittered shut and the smile was audible in your voice. “I want you to fuck me until you’re not mad at me anymore.”

“Anything before that?”

“You could take my pants off.”

Newt’s fingers ran down to your shorts as he sat back on his heels. His fingers unbuttoned and unzipped them before tugging them down your legs to be kicked to the floor. Newt pushed your legs to the side and lay next to you, watching your chest rise and fall fast. You had to twist a little to see him over your arm as his spare hand trailed over the inside of your thigh before lightly brushing over your clit, covered only by your thin panties. You inhaled sharply, catching his eye. Newt grinned wide, all traces of his irritation gone. “Someone’s horny.”

You nodded slowly, chewing on your bottom lip and straining against your ties. You wanted nothing more than to reach down and touch yourself roughly, or else to ride the living daylights out of him to show him how much you missed him, but for now you had to deal with exactly what he gave you. “Did I do this to you?” He raised an eyebrow to you as his fingers moved your panties to the side, flicking along your entrance and cover his tips with your liquid. Your back arched of its own accord, toes curling.

You moaned softly and nodded, desperate for something more than featherlight touches. Newt took back his fingers, licking one while holding your gaze. He returned his hand to stroke a little harder over your clit, watching your face twist with the short ripple of pleasure his hand gave you. “I want you so much, Newt.” You whispered, eyes squeezed shut.

Smirking, he muttered, “I can feel it.” His fingers hooked around your panties as he shifted himself to the end of the bed, pulling them off cleanly before spreading your legs with a hand on either thigh. You could feel your heart beating fast in anticipation of him sliding himself into you, but instead he ducked down until his eyes were inline with your core.

All of a sudden his hot tongue stroked over your clit, its rough texture lapping at your skin. “Oh my god.” You breathed into the air, staring at the ceiling open-mouthed. Newt wrapped his arms around your legs, pulling your thighs over his shoulders and locking his hands over your pubic bone. He kissed your clit just like he had kissed your mouth, dancing over it with his tongue while pushing forcefully with his lips. You could feel your legs tightening around him, trying to pull him closer to you if that was even possible. Your moans were so untamed, so animalistic and loud as they filled the room- they were interrupted only by the shocked gasps from when he hit a sensitive part of your core, or from the sound of the deliciously wet kisses on your clit.

It felt like heaven every time he locked his lips against your heat, but you so longed for him to pull hard on your nipples or bury himself hilt deep. “Newt. Give me more.” You panted out, grinding lightly against his face. Newt pulled away from you, a rush of cool air hitting your centre as he untangled his hands from around your waist. With your hands tied you couldn’t look down, and so the shock of his fingers teasing your entrance earned a sharp burst of profanities.

“Is that a yes?” You could feel his breath against your heat, but he didn’t wait for an answer, pushing two fingers deep inside of you. You yelped loudly at the shock of his intrusion, but his fingers massaged your insides, stroking in and out of you at a fair pace. He buried them to the knuckle and stroked down your walls as he pulled them out, a small fascinated smirk on his lips as he watched your muscles clench around him. Then when he was satisfied with his work, Newt bowed his head and flicked his tongue against your clit.

You ground down on his face, back arched, head burying into the pillow behind it. From your mouth loud groans escaped as he continued to plow his fingers into you, smirking against your clit. The knot in your stomach was curling fast, every breath you took felt like it would unravel it. “Newt! Oh my god, Newt. You’re going to make me come.” You warned through your gasps.

Newt’s fingers slowed, and he removed his face from your clit entirely blowing cool air over it before remarking, “No I’m not.” You groaned, pulling hard on your restraints and grinding yourself harder on his fingers to keep yourself at the same quota of all-consuming pleasure. “Not until you tell everyone in the Glade who owns this.” His thumb pressed hard on your clit causing a short shiver to ripple from your core.

Your felt yourself blush, suddenly grateful that you couldn’t look in his eyes. “You do.” You sighed as Newt’s other hand pushed your hip into the mattress hard, stopping your grinding. He moved up and came into your sight, lips still glistening with your wetness. His fingers pumped in and out of you tediously slowly and you could feel yourself dropping from your high.

“Louder. And with my name.” He grinned over you, playing a teasing game.

You looked to the window, embarrassed to meet his eyes.  You moaned his name in your sexiest, loudest tone and felt his fingers leave you too. Whimpering, you glanced up at him but he was busy pulling his pants down. He lined himself at your entrance sitting up with his knees under yours, running his tip over your clit a few times.

“Beg for it.” His smile was still audible in his voice, and it made you smile too.

“Fuck Newt, I want to come around your hard cock so bad.” Your chest rose and fell with every panting word.

“Louder.” He growled, pumping himself slowly.

“I want you to take out all the stress you feel out on me.” He stayed silent, head tilting dangerously again. “Please, Newt? I need you to fuck me hard until you can’t be mad at me anymore. I need you to forget about everything else except for sliding your dick into me.” You couldn’t believe some of the words coming out of your mouth, but you could feel your high dropping into the abyss fast. Your voice raising with every sentence. “Fuck! Newt, please I’ll do anything you want, just give it to me?!”

Newt bucked his tip into you fast, stretching you open. “No more maze.” He grunted completely stationary inside you.

You shook against his ties until his hands grabbed at your clothed breasts roughly, pawing them until he found where your nipples would be, pinching them hard. This felt new and unexplored- where he’d usually worship with his gentle tongue, he pulled with harsh fingers. You gasped trying to empale yourself on him, “Anything. Fuck me.”

Newt slammed into you hilt deep, grinning. You moaned loud, toes curling, at the feeling of his dick filling you. “How hard?” He breathed thrusting in and out of you slowly, hands tight on your hips.

“Hard.” You breathed back. Jolting as he hit deep into you, picking up speed as his thrusts turned rough. Your lips parted letting out short pants and stifled whimpers which pushed out every time he slid himself inside of you. His stomach muscles rippled with every buck into you sending tingles through your blood until the familiar pressure in your stomach started grow once again. Newt’s short grunts turned you on as he set a tempo, pounding you hard into the bed. His cock slid in and out of you faster than he’d ever fucked you before, his fingernails digging into your hips to keep you still.

Suddenly Newt slammed his hands on either side of head, his lower stomach now rubbing against your clit with every thrust. The bed creaked with every hit, and your chest bounced in rhythm. His hand trailed along your thigh, hooking your knee around his waist (you quickly hooked the other one up, squeezing him tight into you). A thin layer of sweat covered his forehead as he made you moan again and again in sheer ecstasy. The bed banged on the wall with every drive, but it didn’t matter; all there was was you, him and the ties he’d placed on you. The white hot bubble at your core was growing to unsustainable heights, sending waves of pleasure with every powerful buck of his hips against yours. His moans were louder too, animalistic grunts escaping from his mouth into yours. His lips were red hot on yours, brushing against them as he stared into your face.

“Newt, I’m going to come.” You groaned against his lips, pulling against his ties and arching your back to get some friction over your chest. He ran a hand down your side, brushing over your breast before cupping your ass for better traction.

“Fuck.” He growled, pressing his head against your neck. The pressure inside was too much and Newt didn’t let up with his relentless pounding. It grew until you fell silent, completely awe-struck by the shivers of red hot pleasure given by being fucked by him. You writhed, gasping for breath wherever you could until the pressure fell apart, first in your core then everywhere else. A short shout exploded from your lips followed by a harsh slew of moans. You bucked against him, unable to control your shaking as you came around him. Newt fucked you still, driving his hardness from hilt to tip into your heat prolonging your orgasm for as long as possible.

Before long, Newt bucked himself to the hilt and shot his seed into you, catching your lips in a quiet groan. He pulled himself out of you, rolling onto his side and reaching up to free your hands. He kissed your wrists softly before returning them to you. You rubbed them softly, feeling a few light friction burns but nothing too serious before rolling onto your side to face him. You reached over to stroke his face softly with a trembling hand, breathing hard through your mouth. “Can you take the night off? Come hang out with me?”

Newt smiled softly, kissing your palm.

You entwined your fingers with his as you walked across the courtyard, all giggles and smiles. You were only a few paces from the group at the bonfire when the hooting started, then the group descended into giggles and hollers. Minho broke from the cluster and slapped Newt over the shoulders, “And he’s back!” He shouted into the group who cheered and handed him a drink, a long string of boys patting him on the back and welcoming him into the festivities.

Thomas ducked under the radar and ruffled your hair as the group began to disperse back to their seated positions. “I didn’t know you could make those kinds of noises, Y/N.” He chuckled wrapping his arm around your shoulders.

You gasped softly, wide eyed. It felt like your stomach dropped ten feet. “You heard.” You pursed your lips, unsure whether to laugh or cry.

Minho glanced back at you from tending the fire, handing you a glass over too. “I’m pretty sure the whole Glade heard. But we’ll save the impressions until you’re too drunk to care.”

BTS As Things I’ve Said

Seokjin: *hears screaming from upstairs* *glances up from phone* “….yeah no I’m not dealing with this today” *goes back to playing on phone*

Namjoon: *tries to make toast at 3am* *sets off both our fire alarm and the fire alarm of the people that live under us* “GODDAMMIT”

Yoongi: “I haven’t left this bed all day I truly feel #Blessed”

Jungkook: “Excuse me sir but I am the MEME QUEEN my memes eat your memes for BREAKFAST”

Taehyung: “In case you haven’t noticed mom I AM ACTUALLY FIVE YEARS OLD”

Jimin:  “Of course you love me I’m…trashtastic*flips hair*

Hoseok: “The sun and I are in a constant battle to see who is brighter…” *whispers* “so far I think I’m winning”

Will I Be Enough?

It was already the year 1968, and there was a growing tension between the band members of The Beatles. John Lennon, your best friend, looked like a mess as he
answered your knocks on his flat door. He stared at you with shallow eyes as he moved to the side, a signal for you to go in. The moment you entered, you nearly
gasped at the sight. His electric guitar was on the bed, and there were hundreds and hundreds of papers on the floor. Some of them were crumpled, and the trash
was overflowing with crumpled papers. You didn’t know where to sit, but John moved the guitar to the side and patted the space beside him.
“Sorry for the mess,” he said nonchalantly. “Haven’t seen you in a while, (Y/n). What made you think of visiting me?”
You smiled. “Well, I didn’t have anything to do today, so I decided to pay my best childhood friend a visit.”
John smiled, which calmed you down a bit, contrasting his dull and down expression earlier.
“There isn’t much to do, though,” he said, pushing his guitar further away and leaned backwards. “What do you want to do in this dump?”
“Hmm…” You began looking around. “Don’t you want to go out?”
John grimaced. “I don’t want to go outside. Reminds me that I’m still a Beatle.”
“I see,” you said, standing up. “Well, let me think of something to do.”
You heard a ring. You turned to John, who picked up the telephone and answered the caller. You decided to quiet down and pick up the pieces of paper on the
floor. You began reading them. Some of them were the same song, but you weren’t quite sure which one was the main progress or the first written draft. Some
papers showed a few lyrics with agitated scribbles on them. There was even one drawing of four stick men standing with poorly-drawn instruments. There was one
stick man with a right-hand guitar that was crossed out with red crayon. He had glasses on. You glanced at John, who was still talking to the person on the other
line of the phone. You could tell that they were in the heat of an argument.
“What the fuck you do you mean you’re not attending the fucking practice?!” John shouted through the phone. “Fuck you, y'know that?! Our fucking friendship was
a farce, you piece of shit!”
John slammed the phone angrily on the receiver. He was completely fuming; his chest heaving up and down, as if attempting to calm himself down. He didn’t even
treat you as if you were in the room. His eyes looked mad. You sat back down beside him, holding the drawing with you. You began rubbing his back up and down.
“Was that Paul?” you asked softly.
He nodded shakily. “Y-yeah… Fuck that man. Feeling pretty and all. Goddammit…”
“Did he tell you why he wasn’t going to practice?” you asked.
“He had some other fucking personal business to attend to,” John said, nearly shouting. “I don’t give a fuck about his personal life! I just want to end the damn
recording and get this day over with!”
It looked like it was impossible to calm John down at this point, but you continued rubbing his back over and over. He seems to ease a little when you did so, but
he didn’t even bother looking at you. You looked back at the drawing John did. He saw you looking at it, immediately grabbing it from you and ripping it to a
million pieces. You looked at him, surprised.
“Don’t ever look through my stuff again,” he warned, glaring at you.
“I’m sorry, John–”
“You’re going to leave now, right?!” he asked, standing up menacingly beside you. “Go! Be with them! All of you are the same! None of you ever understood what I
felt! Get out of here! You were an eyesore, anyway. Paying me a visit when you only don’t have the time–fucking hell! Get out!”
You were taken aback by John’s sudden lashing. From the look in his eyes, he meant every single thing he said. You stood up, ready to leave, but you couldn’t.
This man right here was your best friend, and if he’s going through trouble, you told yourself you’d be there for him. Behind that menacing glare was a soft-hearted
John who was happy-go-lucky and humorous. After a minute of staring at him, you felt yourself let go.
You hugged him tightly.
John looked shocked. He didn’t hug you back. He was trying to recollect himself with what was happening. From all the stress and tension, he had forgotten all the
other people that cared about him since day one. John leaned his head on your shoulder, sobbing loudly.
“I really needed that right now,” John said, managing out a sad laugh.
The pain in his voice was unmistakable. You can’t help but feel pain in your chest when he spoke. The moment you saw him by the doorstep upset you greatly. It looked like he didn’t sleep a wink last night–or any day at all. It completely contrasted the John you knew five years ago. You began swaying him from side to side, hoping to calm him down. There were tears in your eyes as well.
“That drawing you saw… I did that last night,” he explained, sniffing. “I couldn’t take it anymore. What is this heavy weight that’s been in my chest for the entire year? Can you tell me the answer, (Y/n)?”
You shook your head, feeling tears roll down your cheeks, but you didn’t let out a sob or a sniff.
“I’m sorry, John,” you said. “I don’t know. What I do know is that you just needed some love and understanding.”
“Exactly!” he shouted, growing frustrated all over again. “They don’t underst–”
You shushed him. “John, it’s just the two of us right now. There’s no ‘they’ or ‘them’.”
“Just… the two… of us…” he repeated, hugging you back.
You nodded. “Yes, just the two of us.”
John seems to have understood what you meant. He cried, burying his face on the crook of your neck. You smiled, nodding slowly as your vision blurred from the tears in your eyes.
“Will I be enough?” he asked quietly.
“You’re more than enough,” you said, rubbing his back. “Underneath all that pain and sadness, I see a man that I would be able to save if I tried.”
John quieted down. He began reminiscing about all the times back in ‘63. The day you met was quite surprising, really. You happen to be walking down the street when you accidentally bumped into the Beatle casually strolling about. Being the flirt he is, he decided to take you out. Eventually, the two of you became the best of friends, something that you’ve always treasured for the past five years. Right now, this was the same John you knew, and nothing about him changed. From that sad frame of his, you could see a clean-shaved and silly friend named John Winston Lennon.
“If I’ll be enough for you, then you’ll be enough for me,” he said, feeling a grin on your neck.
You smiled. “Promise me you’ll never stress over things again?”
He pulled away lightly, grinning. “I promise!”
And at that moment, you can’t help but stare at him. You swore you saw him seven years younger. And also, at that moment, the two of you cried again, but this time, with tears of joy.
What a person thinks is enough, is enough. That’s all that mattered to you and John.

Written by Robynne (if-i-fell-for-paul)

If I go more than a week without getting another list out (at least until I catch up on my backlog), someone really ought to come lightly kick me in the shin to get me going again! There are still a ton of great fics being put out in this fandom and, goddammit, I’m gonna read all the father & son feelings and all the shenanigans fic. And it’s gonna be amazing. (And thank you to those that did gently kick me in the shin. XD)

In the Aftermath by trollmela, thranduil & glorfindel & erestor & elladan & elrohir & arwen & elrond, 7.5k
    Celebrían has left Imladris, causing Elrond to fall into a deep, grief-induced sleep. As he recovers, his sons meet an army of Éothéod, King Thranduil helps run the valley and Glorfindel says yes to everything.
Deep and Crisp and Even by rivlee, thranduil & bard & ocs, 3.9k
    Bard seeks the Elvenking’s aid. Part of a canon-based au ‘verse.
Spring Awakenings by daw the minstrel, thranduil & legolas & ocs, 83.6k
    Legolas and his brother Eilian deal with problems at Elven settlements. Disaster and love are both in the air.
Let Your Heart Be Your Compass by Clippedwings, thranduil & legolas & tauriel, movie-based, 1.7k
    Legolas sometimes needs to be reminded that his mother did indeed love him. Thranduil sometimes needs the memory of his wife to prompt him to have a tender moment with his son.
Rivers of Scarlet by HaloFin17, thranduil & legolas & tauriel, movie-based, 1k
    Tauriel dies with Kili at Ravenhill, and as Legolas grieves for her, there is only one to comfort him.
Leading into Battle by Scribe-of-Arda, thranduil & legolas & gandalf & bard & others, 14.6k
    In the Battle of the Five Armies, a King struggles with the aftermath. Where is Legolas? Where is his son? And when he finds out, his worst nightmares almost come true.
Heart of the Mountain by esama, bilbo & thorin & balin & thranduil & bard & kili & fili & tauriel & dain & gandalf & others, movie-based, 18k (at the time of this rec)
    After the Battle of Five Armies, there is still the matter of the Arkenstone and the Lonely Mountain to be settled.
A Father’s Gift by Emerald-Leaves, thranduil & legolas, 1.1k
    Legolas recalls a memory in Helms Deep
In his arms by Eressie, thranduil & legolas, 2.3k
    Death is always difficult to handle. What better comfort is there than a father’s loving arms?
A Cup of Wine by jenolas, thranduil & elindil, 1k
    Thranduil celebrates a long lost friend’s birthday.

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