goddammit alexis

So apparently the reason the car is fucked up is not from the transmission, but the soda...

Yes. Soda. My sister kept 3 of these two liter soda bottles. Because of the heat building up in the car, and a few physics concepts later, the soda exploded and leaked onto the wiring under the car.

Basically, my sister single highhandedly fucked up the car. Accidents happen, but Goddammit why before the week when I start my job…

rascalleo  asked:


I’M SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG TO REPLY ALEXIS i only saw this in the morning and then i had work and now i’m soooo tired i might just dissolve into a sludgy substance and cease existing, but i really hope you didn’t pee in the meantime because i would feel guilty about that

but okay ! this is a way way too general question where do i start what the shitting hell, i could go on about these two little bastards for the rest of my lifespan (*shinigami wink*) and not get tired of it but i will not because i would probably get carpal tunnel that way

but basically i think light wears socks to bed and L gets coffee stains on the sheets and light yells at him to do the laundry but L never does and light does it anyway, and pours in detergent vehemently and finally stops doing L’s to teach him a lesson. so L hires a maid service and that’s that. and light tells him he’s “irresponsible and incapable” and “throwing money at something isn’t a solution, it’s a simple mind’s easy way out” and L says “yes probably” and buys light lots of versace to drive the point home.

and light gets addicted to cigarettes at one point and swears that it’s not addiction, just a habit he likes, and he’s anal about ashes and never smells like smoke and has his teeth whitened twice but L buys him patches anyway in case he wants them because his “penchant for addiction is a weakness and aren’t those a bit of fun to conquer?”

and they solve crimes and sometimes L slips up and make mistakes and when light points them out he has to force down his mortification and keep his face flat because it shouldn’t matter, it doesn’t matter and he doesn’t feel any of the lesser mortal emotions. and when light messes up and L points it out, light sticks utterly to his guns and doesn’t let up an inch, until it becomes a moot point, and even if it puts people’s lives in danger, he just dances around the issue and never in a million years admits that he was wrong about something.

and when it snows they walk in the park and L hates the park and light hates snow so this is their compromise - “if i suffer you suffer and we’ll grow old like that” - and they drink too much caffeine and knock their alarm clock off the nightstand too often and fuck in the linen closet because there are no clean towels because L’s maid service had off that week, and sleep heavily and pay their rent late even though they’re swimming in money and think all the time “this is probably not the life i am supposed to have” but have this life anyway, because they can’t bear to trade it for anything else.

and i don’t know at all this turned into a domestic au so OOOOOPS i’m cheesy and lame sue me but please note that my attorney is literally like in the other room so maybe don’t