my entire body is sore

goddammit moxley look what you did

no but srsly i carried in like 12 tubs of wood that weighed maybe 50 pounds each not to mention having to lean over and pick them up to put them into the wagon to then pull it (maybe 200 pounds combined) all the way to the door then take all that wood out again and put it into the tub then carry that into the basement, repeat 12x

oh yeah, all in the ice cold rain

anonymous asked:

The way Yuya looked tensed and innocent after beating 227, the way he was looking around aimlessly until Melissa talked to him. Goddammint I wish I could just hug him at that moment

Me too anon, me too, Citrus and THE MAN needs to hug Yuya, and maybe even Sawatari can tsundere his way into a group hug, Yuya has it rough. Poor tomato roll.