I Trust You Lord. Thank you Lord for the Love you spread. For the Life that we enjoy. For the moment that we cherish. Thankyou for the center of our relationship. We awe it all. Amen.

For the ONE i love, Happy 39th BuONEsarry of Love still counting. May we blessed with the most endlessly love of God. Thankyou for being der. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 #love #instashare #jeremiah2911 #verse #godcenter #christian #one #monthsary #14 #blessed

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Question from smuny

Hello. Your blog has been super encouraging and lifting. This is super out of the ordinary for me but I’ve been looking for answers and I can’t seem to find it. My heart is restless and broken. I recently went through a breakup and I feel like I’m going through hell. Nothing went wrong with the relationship and it ended because communication. I tried to hold in a lot of things this relationship because my previous relationship ended bad. We verbally fought all the time and it was damaging. I didn’t want that with this relationship. We weren’t growing as a couple anymore and we became too comfortable. Isn’t it definitely fixable? Couldn’t we work things out? He isn’t a Christian and I strayed away from God. I’ve been literally crying out to God because I feel like this is part of his plan but I’m just not handling it well. I’ve been asking for peace and healing but everyday, every hour has been the worst for me. Honestly, this time apart allowed me to reach out to God but I also recognized how our relationship with my ex could improve. Should I give it time and initiate a conversation? From the way he broke it off with me, he still had emotional connections with me. He didn’t want it but something made him think the way he did to end it.

Hello Sweetheart. I am really sorry that this happened to you. Breakups are always hard and the world we live in is so broken. There are three things that I want to tell you. Keep in mind that I love you and want the best for you. 

1. If it isn’t growing you closer to God, it isn’t right: Even though I can tell you really love this person and you wanted to save this relationship, which is incredibly noble, it sounds like it wasn’t a very healthy relationship. Christ has to be at the core of everything that we do. Your relationship with him has to take top priority at all times. It’s a really hard thing to do, but it will be worth it. Growing in the Lord will always be worth it. You have decide what choices to make with that in mind. 

2. Wait on the Lord: You will have peace, but don’t expect it in a few hours. God heals our brokenness, but sometimes we have to be very patient. Keep praying and reading the word. Keep persevering in your faith. Be still and know that He is the Lord. You will heal in time. Just remember, if you look for peace or healing you will find neither, if you look for Christ you will find him and get peace and healing thrown in the mix. He is always the ultimate goal that leads us to everything that is good. 

3. I can’t make this decision for you: This is not my choice to make, it’s between you and God. I’m not going to tell you what I think you should do about your ex, because I don’t know you. The only person that really knows you is God. Talk to him, pray to him, read his word. He will show you his path for you. I would also suggest praying for your ex, it might not change him, but it will change your attitude towards him. Remember that forgiveness, of yourself for the mistakes you’ve made and of him for what he’s done to you, is the only way to let go of all that bitterness after a relationship ends. That doesn’t mean that you should put yourself back in the same place you were and trust him again, it just means that you can let go of the anger and hurt that is more destructive to you than to him. 

I’ll be praying for you lovely!

-31Women (Beth)