i gotta say i really like the linework they did for this set it’s a lot thinner and lighter looking? more like the older cards which is what i had been wishing for

when they draw them with thicker lines it doesn’t work as well for the style in my opinion since it feels very flat. the colouring style as well ends up looking quite flat, whereas with the thinner lines it helps the colours within the lines stand out and the image almost looks brighter? or like they drew it at a higher resolution

it just looks higher quality to me when the lines aren’t so thick… like more time and care was put into the illustrations

  • Friend: Ah hey! you doing okay?
  • Me: astro just dropped two photos for their comeback titled autumn story and they all look so happy and fluffy smiling so brightly and everyone's hair are all different shades of brown and i actually cried for a straight twenty minutes over how ethereal they all look i will honestly give them all the money i ever earn, they smile and i smile its just how everything works, they are happy and i am happy the world revolves peacefully when they smile i am glad they are having a good time godbless fantagio, the makeup artists, the lighting crew, the stylists, the location team, the sun for creating such a nice day, nature in general, astro, astros parents for creating this moment in time - godbless them all i hope they all live happily. I would also like to thank time for allowing me to exist at the same time as these human bein-
  • Me: yeah no i'm good