godawful editing

I’m in the process of adding the rest of the 2015 manga chapters to the wiki, and I’ve started adding official blurbs to each page. I’m currently on Ch015 right now, and…uh… 

Um. The Amazon page also uses ‘Jacob.’ …Think someone should…tell them…? Also not sure if I should use Jacob and add in a [sic] or if I should just quietly replace Jacob with ‘Isaac.’ 

Or we could just stick with Jacob:

“Hey, Jacob?” 

“What is it, Miria, my dear?” 


“I’m Jacob Dian!” “And I’m Miria Harvent!” 

Yes…that sounds just about right:

I apologize for how godawful that edit was, but I was so tickled by this that I had to do something no matter how poorly executed.

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