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I wish more book fandoms were like the Lovecraft fandom

The widespread acceptance that the author was an awful human being, even for his day, who held loathsome views and should not be venerated whatsoever, is astounding. Especially compared to other book fandoms which treat their authors as saints no matter what they’ve said/done. 

The sheer glee that modern fans take in taking Lovecraft’s original concepts and modernizing them, criticizing the bits that are awful, and generally licking our palms and slapping his material, is delightful to me. 

Everything I see that is essentially people saying “I’m rubbing my queer hands all over this, does this make you uncomfortable Howie?” fills me with joy. 

A dedicated longrunning podcast about his works, one of the most recommended for Lovecraft fans new and old, frequently and openly discusses Lovecraft’s racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, classism, xenophobia, etc. Not a niche podcast, THE starter podcast as far as the fandom is concerned. 

Why aren’t more book fandoms like this. 

I don’t just mean to this extreme, of course. Most famous book fandoms don’t have authors as godawful as Lovecraft. But book fandoms stagnate fast without open discussion and *gasp* even some criticism of certain things. I’ve seen it happen over and over again and it’s really sad. Fandoms live or die by their active communities. Stifling discussion and criticism makes them die much faster. 

To be honest, the only “good” thing I found within the godawful book is that Rebecca Motherfucking Sugar validated me and all the sex jokes I made about fusion 😂😂😂
Thank you, sugar, you might be a racist, transphobic, fatphobic and perhaps homophobic, but your also weirdly obsessed with sexual innuendos regarding children 👌 good work!

hopeless hearts just passing through

for: beka @alienharrry
by: jessica @nightingiall 
a story about Shakespearean plays, an unlikely pair of high school teachers, a fake date to a real wedding, and the magic of romance (for a hopeless romantic).
word count: 14,319
warnings: sexual content, language
main pairing: niall/harry

Summer’s transition into autumn is always a strange one, Harry thinks as he tugs his warm jumper up and over his head with a huff. He’s been hauling boxes from the truck downstairs up to his new fifth floor flat throughout the course of what started as a morning with a crisp but biting breeze to a humid and muggy afternoon that has sticky droplets of sweat rolling down the back of his neck.

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