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for the change five things meme: AssCreed

heebee do you like getting my blood pressure up

1. I am a predictable creature and Altair is my stabby fave, so his storyline in Revelations is changed so it’s not just fridging his whole LIFE to teach Ezio a lesson about family and when to let go or whatever. Maybe he still goes through a miseryfest in his later years, but if he does, let it be because of something he did and related to his own character journey and not just “some people are huge fucking assholes and will murder your family” I have such a love/hate relationship with Revelations can you tell

2. The content of AC3 remains largely the same but restructured considerably. The godawful homestead management book is just gone, Assassin recruits are more integrated into the story and useful in the game instead of an afterthought, we get to adult Connor faster and the tutorial elements aren’t sprinkled around for such a long period. Certain deleted scenes aren’t.

3. Fewer ladies get killed in a way that could reasonably be perceived as fridging (I’m weasel wording this because there are some borderline cases). I’m gonna be honest, this is half because that gets old and half because it’s harder to defend Elise’s death in Unity as really working for her character arc when so many initial love interests die.

4. Post-Revelations, the games are a little more explicit about Juno potentially being full of shit re: Lucy’s inevitable betrayal, because 1) no one should ever take Juno at face value 2) if she’s gotta be a triple agent, the ambiguity is more interesting. I really do think she was wavering on the edge of coming back to the Assassins’ side for real.

5. In AC: Rogue, someone, anyone at all, notices that while the Assassins might be assholes, the Templars are being incredibly manipulative and Shay was quick to assume the very worst of Achilles. That game is fun to play but the story makes me feel gross.

6. Because I have 6: Desmond doesn’t die, Jesus Christ. Just send him off to work with the Assassins in the background, no longer a protagonist but getting to do some good. GIVE THE MAN A BREAK.