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"all lives matter hasn't caused any riots" thats cuz ALM hasn't done jack shit since they're not even a godamn movement just something white people say to try and silence black people

Don’t have to riot if violence in favor of your cause is state-sanctioned.

When you wait a whole gODAMN MONTH just to see if your faves are alive and well and you’re given new characters and a three year timeskip in a chapter you can’t freaking make sense of

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Lance: Listen, kid, it’s okay to feel upset. I remember when I was your age and it was hard to control my feelings too. 

Keith: We are the same age!

Lance, laughing: Calm down, son. Haha, get a load of this pipsqueak, amiright Hunk?

Hunk: You are both infants in my elderly eyes.

Just AH things

-Jeremy Dooley’s scared smile
-Ryan Haywood going from murderer to middle school bully in record speed
-Geoff Ramsey rubbing his face when he tells embarrassing stories
-Gavin Free running while screaming
-Jack Pattillo laughing until he cries
-Michael Jones acting as a disappointed father whenever Gavin screws up
-Matt Bragg eating absolute garbage and accepting his fate
-Trevor Collins’ smile (that’s all)
-Lindsay Jones proving to the world that she is the most badass woman on this godamn planet
-Larry Matovina just being there

Boy do I fucking love Danger Days holy shit what a masterpiece. It just starts off with THE FUTURE IS BULLETPROOF, THE AFTERMATH IS SECONDARY, IT’S TIME TO DO IT NOW AND DO IT LOUD, KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE then Na Na Na just gets you so goddamn pumped up and ready to go be loud and be a rebel and just do whatever the fuck you want, then Bulletproof Heart comes in right after and it’s just so pretty and good, then you get hit with all that inspirational shit in SING that just makes me wanna go out and do shit and makes me feel so strong and it has such a great message. Then Planetary GO! comes on and man you just wanna fucking party you feel? You feel so goddamn invincible. And it’s followed up by The Only Hope For Me Is You which is just so goddamn good and pure and I fuckin love it. THEN YOU HEAR ABOUT JET STAR AND KOBRA KID and man poor Fun Ghoul and Party Poison shit man. THEN WE GOT PARTY POISON IN THE HOUSE it’s just so gOdamn good and you just wanna dance hell yeah, then there’s Save Yourself I’ll Hold Them Back and just… “we can live forever if you’ve got the time” and oh man I love this song I love this whole fucking album. Scarecrow is like slowing down, getting a nice softer sounds than the previous songs and the drums hell yeah. Then. Then there’s Summertime. It’s so fuckin heartfelt…you can just feel the emotion. I cry every time I love Summertime it’s a blessing of a son g. AND THEN WE GET PUMPED UP AGAIN WITH DESTROYA OH HELL YEAH AND GERARD’S MOANS F U C K YEAH!! Then party’s over. The Kids From Yesterday, being a heartbreaker. A beautiful, emotional heartbreaker. It’s just so beautiful and emotional I’m tearing up rn just thinking about it… I fuckin love “you only hear the music when your heart begins to break” shit man. JUST KIDDING PARTY ISN’T OVER LMAO BITCH YOU THOUGHT DON’T FORGET VAMPIRE MONEY “*DRUNK SOUTHERN ACCENT* F U Ck IN’ R E A D Y” MAKE FUN OF FUCKIN SPARKLY VAMPIRES DRIVING SHINY SILVER CARS HAH LET’S HAVE A GOOD TIME AND CLOSE THE ALBUM WITH THE BEST GODDAMN PARTY YOU COULD ASK FOR!
i get emotional about danger days okay

What hurts me the most after finishing Kings Rising is Laurent’s absolutely brutal backstory

So from C.S. Pacat’s livestream we know that Laurent was probably closer to his mother than his father, and then when he’s only 13, she dies, not only depriving him of a maternal figure but also causing Vere itself to become politically unstable by losing the West’s allegiance. Meanwhile, neighbouring stronghold Akielos decides this is the perfect chance to retake Delpha and thus pronouncing war on the already weakened Vere. The army marches to Marlas and instead of the expected quick victory, Vere loses its King and Crown Prince – Laurent loses his father and beloved, hero-worshipped brother – in a single day.

The feeling of being alone is undoubtedly, inevitable, but when Laurent’s sole surviving relative, the Regent, his uncle, takes advantage of this in a sickening manner, I can’t even start to imagine what little Laurent is going through. In the span of probably less than 3 months ,this tiny, shy 13 year old has lost his mother, his father, his brother - his ENTIRE immediate family, watches helplessly as Vere is weakened politically, loses its lands, submits to an enemy country AND gets raped by his own uncle.

I have no words for this. Honestly.

Thinking of the title – Captive Prince – I’m beginning to think Damen is not the only one getting freed throughout the series.

It’s so hard having a long distance fp, like I’ve been friends with her for a fucking decade but do I believe I matter to her? Hell no !! and I never will because I have emotional impermanence and can’t see her in person.

Things I've learned from Hetaoni

Things are always easier when you tell your friends.

Don’t do things alone, that’ll only make them harder.

“You need to learn to smile more naturally”

The happiest people could be carrying the heaviest burdens

Always value other people’s opinions

Everybody is important and useful in their own way

Your friends are always there for you

“The gentleman is always ahead of the hero”

“Two seconds is long enough to save the life of one (person)”

You are never alone

You can’t always be the hero

Fear can change people in drastic ways

And everyone’s favourite,


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10:17pm and the fact that womens jeans have no fuckin pockets like. Theyre either fake or so small u cant fit a paperclip in let alone a phone & wallet so I gotta lug a purse just so Im not constantly holding my stuff but mENS JEANS POCKETS CAN FIT WALLETS IPADS IPHONES A COUPLE OF PENS&YOU COULD TOSS IN A COUPLE OF TANKS&AIRPLANES&THERED STILL BE ROOM LIKe wtf why must I use an annoying ass purse just so I can pay for stuff Im rlly bitter about POCKETS rn like godamn just let wOMEN HAVE POCKETS




I don’t want to believe Ymir is dead okay. Come on Isayama.
Here’s an amv of my SNK OTP :D   I get more and more impatient to see anime Historia becoming a queen and punch her godamn dad.


Just wanna also  upload this here. Kinda proud of how it turned :D

Alberto Moreno to Marca: “Gerrard is a true Captain. He fights for the team with all he’s got and he always puts Liverpool ahead of himself. […] For someone  like me, who’s just getting started in football, it’s a privilege to play with a footballer like him.” Also, Uncle Jamie doesn’t even go here anymore, but he’s the shit! Javi, hold this up…