goda ryuji

Things I can remember off hand about the Yakuza games:

1: The final battle with Nishiki, taking care of Haruka, the reveal of Yumi

2: Tiger Punch, Ryuji Goda and the whole dueling dragons thing, Haruka continuously getting kidnapped, T I G E R   P U N C H

4: Saejima’s speech, Akiyama and Hana and their dynamic, Akiyama as a hobo, Kiryu and Saejima fighting on the beach, Akiyama and Tanimura takin on Kiryu

5: The Final Aizawa fight, the fight between Kiryu and Saejima, the fight between Majima and Saejima, the whole idol thing and Mirei Park

0: The Empty Lot and Makoto Makimura, Kuze showing up again and again, finances and hostess clubs, and that trio of captains

And then

3: Kiryu Fucking Dies