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Do you know if there's a "system" behind the outward age of the gods? For example, Yato and Kofuku look like young adults, but Tenjin looks like an old man. But when gods are born, they're little children and then grow up. But to wich point does there body alter? I hope you can understand what I mean.

I’m not entirely sure on that one! For regular Gods, they might actually take the form of what age they’d like, maybe? It’s complicated to say, because Yato vs Tenjin are very different cases. Yato is an original God, born from a wish. Tenjin, on the other hand, was an old man who people deified after fearing him to be cursing them beyond the grave. (He must have had a very harsh temper, for them to fear that kind of wrath.) After becoming a God, Tenjin took the form of the age he died at; or at least, this is my understanding of it. I’m also under the impression that he has his memories from his time as a human, as well. (There are certain scenes where it hints at it, seen below.)

The text at the bottom reads:

“Michizane was demoted from his noble rank to a commoner by Fujiwara-no-Tokihira.
After Michizane’s death, many disasters plagued the nobility, which lead to Michizane’s deification to appease his spirit.”

And here is Tenjin, recalling a story of his childhood as he tells it to Mayu and Tsuyu:

This could all be speculation, though. There are some old Gods too, but no one really knows how long they’ve been around, or how the aging system with Gods work. We’re pretty much just left to assume one thing or another, with no clear answer.


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