andromeda: ryder meme

i saw this ryder meme floating around and no one tagged me but im gonna do it anyway skldfj

name: ulysses scott ryder
gender: male
ethnicity: white
eye color: grey
hair color/description: grey/silver! he has super long hair that extends well to the middle of his back (at least in my hc) and he keeps it tied in a bun or ponytail for missions. sara has always griped that he should cut it, but ulysses is too attached. he often dyes it too, depending on his mood. probably pastel colors. 
skin (color, blemishes, tattoos, etc): he has a scar on mouth where he and sara were goofing around one day and she accidentally shoved him down a ledge that was a bit too high to come out unscathed. also he tends to be a clumsy fuck and sara insists that the incident was his fault, along with the quite nasty scar across his eye that came with another tumble, this time from his motorcycle, of which he’s admittedly a horrible driver and should never be put behind the wheel of anything ever. rip the nomad in advance. top surgery scars are an obv one too. tattoos are undecided as of yet.
misc physical attributes: the motorcycle incident was a big scare. he still has a bit of a problem with his leg, which admittedly is a problem that his family worried about wrt andromeda and whether or not he would be capable of doing missions. he also has issues with nerve damage in his hand, but it was nothing too severe to cut him from the mission itself. 
preferred romance option: unknown rn but i would lov 2 have kallo jath or jaal maybe. we’ll see who goes well with his personality. @ bioware free reyes.
relationship with alec and sibling (do thy get along? etc.): sara was his best friend growing up. they both poked fun at each other and drove each other crazy like siblings tend to do, but in the end theyre each others main support system. sara keeps ulysses from doing dumb shit, and ulysses keeps things lively. every single grey hair on alec ryder’s head is from ulysses, but in reality he doesnt really mind, and at the end of the day theyre a really close family
projected bff (the squad mate who isn’t bae but you always take): i’d say liam or peebee probably! it seems like both he and peebee are wild cards who would get along well, and liam sounds like someone who’d be optimal for goofing off with. 
dreams/hobbies/likes: he has a big interest in archaeology and environmental science. he also likes to sing in his spare time, he’s incredibly good at it! also reads to calm himself down. also dogs.
fears/dislikes: enclosed spaces, due to a bad experience with the cryo. and the dark, a phobia from his younger days that never went away
other (what else should we know about your ryder?): has adhd and the above mentioned nerve damage, which i’d assume is being taken care of by sam. his vision is a bit funky which sam helps with too. 

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This was waaay too much fun, help how does anyone draw these two without just laying down on the floor and giving up from adorable overload, just this alone destroyed me


Yurio disapproves, he does not understand the appeal of this aesthetic (clearly the 90s are where it’s at), he’s ashamed and you should be ashamed, what the hell are you even wearing, god you’re so old


McHanzo Week Day 6: Mangetsu and Coyote Sangriento

I got carried away drawing this. I had SO much fun swapping ults/clothes and also redesigning them! I hope you like it! :D


Defender of Justice, 707!! ☆☆☆ I change his glasses to a round one!!

Fast doodling of Sae Young on my Samsung Tab for fun while finishing my current Touken fanart~ (only God knows when I’ll finish it ;__;) .. This is the third time I draw on my tab! I guess I’m a little bit better now :D

I have finished all of 707’s story plus the secret stories.. so I can’t resist to draw him.. love him so muchhh.. (oh Jumin too lol)..

I want to do a digital fanart of choi siblings.. dunno when I could do it.. T^T

GATISS: I worry that we’re sort of getting into a world where people just want warm paste fed to them. Why can’t things be challenging?    
It’s not that difficult, I mean, it’s really not that difficult. [In TAB, Sherlock’s] imagining the whole Victorian world in his mind palace in order to solve the case of how Moriarty has apparently come back from the grave, and flicks back in time in his head.      
That’s all it is. I mean, if that’s challenging, God help us!      
INTERVIEWER: Is Series 4 going to be very very complicated, or a little bit of ‘warm paste’, as you put it?    
GATISS: No warm paste in Sherlock.      
It’ll be as challenging as it always is, and I hope as entertaining and thrilling and as much fun as it always is.

Mark Gatiss, when asked about the online complaints that TAB was “too complicated”, and the upcoming Series 4.

(BBC Radio In Short interview, January 2016 [x])

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Sometimes I think about BTS and their sexual needs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pervert.
But I mean, I’m 18, a girl and I’m horny all the time.. so, can you imagine 7 young men, without time to go out just for have fun, together in a dorm and with not much privacy?
I mean, it’s not even about otps or about who is gay, it’s just something about needs and reliefs.
Wait, no, okay, this is not only about BTS but about all the boy and girl groups too.

God, do you understand what I’m trying to say? *sigh* I give up, don’t mind me ahaha.

Youngjae is freaken amazing. If anything, Hard Carry ep. 9 revealed his down-to-earth character. He’s so happy, friendly and straight up enjoys the little things in life. My God, he had so much fun even though he was by himself. Bless him, he ran into awesome fans and his interactions with everyone was so incredible. His English too! Wow! He exudes so much confidence. Like, he doesn’t even care if he’s a foreigner. He tries his best to navigate and takes in whatever he gets with so much positive energy. Choi Youngjae, you angel. I love you.

that road trip headcanon no one asked for

just because i can’t get it out of my head

  • nico and will taking a two-week trip the summer before college, because “seriously, will, this is your last chance to have fun before you die in pre med”
  • they buy a truck that looks like it’s gonna break down before they leave long island, but with a little help from leo (under careful supervision) it should be good for a few weeks
  • will keeps panicking a week in advance, what if the car breaks down, what if they get in an accident, what if monsters attack
  • nico’s getting sick of it
  • “for gods’ sake, solace, it’s almost like you never had any spontaneous fun in your life and i know you have i mean seriously last night was awesome
  • will tries to pack too much despite of nico’s insistence that “only the things you can fit in one duffel bag, will, everything else is unnecessary”
  • “but i can’t fit the first aid kit in here nico”
  • fine we’ll take that but you can leave the bluetooth speaker leo already fixed the radio”
  • and then they’re off, and thirty minutes on the road nico is laughing because he feels so free
  • driving on an open road, windows down and the radio blasting cheesy road trip songs, and nico is wearing one of will’s flannels bc that guy just has so many
  • and will’s grinning like crazy, bc this is awesome and they have no destination, just the road and enough gas money for a few weeks and a worn out tent as a last minute option for a road side motel
  • by the end of the first week they have pretty much decided they’re not going to college at all
  • “i could live like this, will. i could grow old on the road, sleeping under the open sky”
  • “that’s not the sky, nico, that’s the ceiling. and you’re going to college with me because there’s no way i’m moving to the dorms, and i need someone to share the rent with”
  • “is this you asking me to move in with you? ever the romantic, solace”
  • and truth is, nico is actually a terrible driver, so will does most of the driving unless there are no other drivers in sight
  • nico doesn’t mind that much, bc then he can focus on making the corniest playlists for them and reading a map that’s terribly outdated and still lack the newest highways
  • they end up in a tiny town somewhere in arizona and they have no idea how bc the last time they checked they were camping in a national forest in colorado???
  • but the people are nice and make some really good apple pies, and they end up spending a few days bc will wants to learn the recipe
  • when they leave the town they have so much apples with them that nico has half a mind to throw them at will’s stupid grinning face
  • (he kisses him instead)
  • the first monster attacks them when they are already in tennessee on their way back
  • it’s stupid, really; they should have known better that to take in a hitchhiker in the middle of no where
  • of course it ends up being a freaking cyclops
  • but all’s well that ends well, and only a little bandages and a sip of unicorn draught is needed
  • “and a kiss, nico, i need a kiss to make me feel better”
  • “you’re not even the one with a bleeding clash in their arm, will”
  • they spend their last night on the road parked on a hill in maryland, lying in the back of the truck under a dozen blankets and watching the stars
  • and it’s so freaking romantic that even nico can’t deny it, and if they end up cuddling and making out he definitely blames the scenery
  • and sweet home alabama is playing faintly on the radio and they both smell like sweat bc they haven’t had a shower in two days and there are soda stains on will’s shirt but nico thinks it’s absolutely perfect
  • (but gods forbid he ever tells that to will)

“If you ask me, freedom’s always worth fighting for.”

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you

Soriel AU Week @sorielweek Day 3: Reapertale

Local god of death falls asleep in a flower meadow and ruins everything.

I hope this doesn’t defy Reapertale’s amazing lore too much since I’m not sure if the gods can even sleep ahah (although if any god could sleep, it would be Sans). There’s so much beautiful art for this AU I don’t think I could ever match up to it, so attempting humour with it was more in my comfort zone.

Enjoy the fun times while you can; tomorrow I’m hoping to rip some hearts out (◉‿◉✿)

“Whats it like to stan B.A.P”

lots of crying, screaming, laughing, LOTS of pain, supportive asf fandom, everyone is lovely and neat and sweet, constant worry about the boys, falling in love with a new member every day, falling in love all over again with your bias every era,
Rap->Funk->pop->ballads->love songs->Rap
 you can’t trust any member in a title song, Everyone gets shot. 
“Why is Jongup like this tho”
“remember when Zelo was a baby….”
not one god damn visual hole in the entire group, they’re all beautiful have fun trying to be loyal to your bias. 
*Personally wants to fight TS over everything
“not to be dramatic but Yongguk invented Tigger” 
Tattos, shirtless thrusting, himchans sweat, awkward aeygo, MC Yoo Youngjae with Talks-too-much Daehyun, Shy Zelo, done-with-your-shit Jongup

Connie delivering the fucking smackdown.

Again, I don’t think Peridot and Lapis fucked up THAT bad. At worst they broke a sign and terrified/soaked some people with water. But I guess we kinda needed Connie to have a speech at the end.

Also I don’t know how I feel about this…. well, way that Connie’s talking about Steven? It feels kinda preachy but not too much so I don’t mind.

“The Crystal Temps”

That’s a great band name.

Awwwww Lapis did compliment Connie!

She’s right, her speech was pretty good.

Also fun fact, I only realized that Lapis is showing her midriff like a week ago.

I mean to be fair they only wrecked the sign.

Also why aren’t you still changed from those clothes.

Oh wow, that’s fucking neat.

Kinda looks like a cyberpunk sign.

Of course he’d love it, Greg is a good guy.

This episode has been great so far.






Page 2 of 2 of the mini comic covering how Oracle!Prompto survives chapter 9 of the story. I know I said 3 pages at first but it’s too much for my poor back and will to handle, haha.

So yeah, Noct still goes super badass and stuff while Luna brings Prompto back to safety. Yay!

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