Things that r okay: liking things that have problematic themes

Things that r not okay: romanticizing/ making excuses for those problematic themes because you enjoy the thing


probably my last work doodle + current mood

Voltron as according to my 51-year-old father

Favorite Character? Coran, because I have red hair

Least Favorite Character? Haggar

Favorite Lion? Red

Best Part/Scene? The case of the Slipperys

Overall Favorite Aspect? Thace (Face to me) saving the day

Least Favorite Aspect? Would have liked a more wrapped up ending.

Pros Of The Series? Lots of action and good characters

Cons Of The Series? Sometimes predictable

Overall Rating? 8/10

Describe The Characters:

Takashi Shirogane: Grown up in the room 

Lance Mcclain: The cool one

Hunk Garrett: Played up more of a goofball than I think he really was

Pidge Gunderson: Smart but needs to just be who they are

Keith Kogane: Very interesting how they made him the ½ breed

Allura: Actually not too annoying

Coran: The real one in charge!

Zarkon: Needs to see a shrink. has issues

Haggar: Guessing no one asked her out in high school, so she went goofy

Thace: A real hero. toughest character

Shay: Goodhearted for a Rock.

a visual representation of my inauguration day anxiety