Is that a paper mache volcano??? Why would she put it on a chest? Why does she even have it? Did she make it? Are there science fairs in Nohrian schools? Does Nohr even have schools? What is going on here?


I’m laughing so fucking hard at the Pastor Protection Act tbh

it basically says that churches don’t have to marry same-sex couples because it’s against their first amendment rights, which is true

but the SCOTUS decision didn’t require churches to marry same-sex couples??
also churches don’t have any say in legal marriage???

lol @ lawmakers with no comprehension of separation of church and state

marriage isn’t a Christian institution no matter how much they want to pretend it is

have fun with your legal same-sex marriage, Texas

Now comes the time for me to celebrate a major milestone that I didn’t think I’d reach on this blog, tbh. I don’t know why all of you are here, but I’m really glad you are. I really wanna take a moment to thank you all for getting me this far and keeping this site interesting even with all of its evident faults (as we all may or may not know).

And now for a list of people who keep me going and are the reason I stick around on this crazy site in the first place. Bless all of your sweet souls. I want to kiss your cheeks and throw rose petals on you. 

If I left you out it’s more than likely because I’m lame and forgot. If you’re on my dash, it’s because I put you there. That’s the important thing to remember. Not some… lame… list thing… that I wrote up in like… an hour OKAY??? YOU’RE STUCK WITH ME REGARDLESS.


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PEOPLE I’D LOVE TO TALK MORE WITH (come to me, babies)

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((ooc; Tryin to come up with print ideas for my artist alley booth and honestly every single thing I think up is Piltovians or Zaunites. Besides them, I have Arcade Sona and MF, and Kayle and Morg companion pieces in the works. I’ll probably do a Leona and Diana piece as well. So, other than those champs, can anyone give suggestions on what they might want to see?

anonymous asked:

I have this one crush. She's kinda tall. And she has long black hair. And she has what I think older folks would call, "laughing eyes." And I like the way she smiles (but her scowl is hella hot; can she kill me? Yes. Would I stop her? Fuck no~). but yeah, she has cool thoughts and a really good sense of humor. And she's fucking skilled and hard working, she does her own webcomic and stuff, it's called "Sixty Four" if you wanna look at it. :P


ya know whats going to be fun? being around my racist and hoophobic family. Going to have to hear people talk about my weight, my hair and my nails. Having to hear some slur be said and if I speak up im just being dramatic and I shouldn’t “get my panties in a bunch”. god I do not look forward to this week at all.

For anyone feeling alone right now.

The universe is so unexplainably vast, so uncomprehensibly silent but compared to the forever of the it all- the length between stars- a journey in itself of millions sometimes billions of years even for light- is just a stride, our precious little planets brush shoulders as they dance by and most importantly- no matter where you go across this soft little rock, cosmically we’re still just a whisper away, we still see the same sky, breathe the same air, and walk the same earth. You are not alone. Even if i’ve never met you, the grand cosmic confusion that gave you to me, to all of us- is as much art as you are. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you are a child of the universe, made from the same things as stars, kings, dinosaurs and me. You are far too unlikely to happen for no reason, if you don’t know why you’re here then you will someday. There’s no such thing as a coincidence- you are here because you’re important and you are still so close and still so loved.