Legitimately about to cry because the most talented, inspiring man and musician I have ever personally known is going on tour and coming to SF and staying with me and playing and then he wants me to open for him at his next couple of shows down the coast and that means that I have to spend the next two weeks writing fucking SONGS and immersing myself in music and it’s really scary but I know that this is what I was made to do and I know I have it I just haven’t been using it and when he told me that - I started writing the most beautiful soulful song I ever fucking wrote and oh my god it’s like these words have been waiting in me so long for me to just fucking sing them. I just have to fucking sing them. It feels so right. I always feel so lost but I find my words and the song…the song, it fucking finds me.

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This is too much! It’s so beautiful, so sad, so freaking perfect! Just a little something fellas’ DO NOT READ THE EPILOGUE WHILE LISTENING TO ED SHEERAN’S PHOTOGRAPH! IT’S NOT NICE! I SWEAR TO GOD IT MADE ME BAWL MY EYES OUT! i haven’t cried over a fanfic/book since i read Me Before You a couple of month so yea! AWSOME STORY MATE, PURE GOLD! i hope to see/read more of your work soon :) never stop writing.

I read this response and I was so curious so I reread the epilogue while listening to Photograph and oh jesus, you’re right! It was so sad! 😭😭😭 But it fit pretty well! Like I kind of want people to read and listen to the song now too… HAHA But omg, thank you so much for your super kind words ; v ; I can’t believe it hit you this hard ahhhh thank you, it makes me so happy to hear you like the entire story - even the ending! I will try and find time to write more soon! Ahhhh 💕