This is pretty much one of the main qualities I have as a friend. I may be horribly disorganized, worry too much, and constantly forget things, but I’m going to stand by the side of whomever I’ve decided is close enough to me.

This has meant that I put a lot of trust in both S and W. Even if they haven’t really done much to earn it. Neither of them have actually done things wrong per se, but I’m hesitant to reach out to other gods unless I get their OKs, even if it makes sense to and I’ve been getting very clear signs (Nut).

However, nothing’s really been tested yet outside of my brain. I’ve had to defend friends in the past (most of them for some reason or another), but very few people know that I’m Kemetic compared to the number I know. Even fewer would be able to seriously impact my physical life outside of the internet if this was revealed. Hopefully there never is a showdown with family, but I don’t know how I would respond to that testing. Hopefully it never comes up.

me, when no one texts me during the day: ugh god i have horrible friends im so lonely

when someone actually sends me text: wtf, what the actual fuck ugh who dares to disturb my quality time with myself

Oh my god...

I just came from a copy & printing center and had to listen to a middle aged man complaining like a child to the employee, about some color printing sheets he specifically asked to be on the hightest quality possible, that were already over half-way done, that she should cancel all because “it was taking too long”. 

The only reason it was taking “so long” (10 minutes) was because the girl was fixing the horribly edited Excel sheets (wrong formulas, not inside printing area etc.) he wanted printed  in the first place. 

Obviously the guy left without paying for anything, to top it all. 

Also like

fucking Neotopia and Hughes are comically fucking evil

like, NO redeeming qualities at all, AT ALL. Which is a nono it is a serious nono. You don’t write your villains that badly. Like, I want SOMETHING redeeming even if it all it is is “oh, Neotopia’s a horrible religious dictatorship witih cult like indoctrination techniques but at least they have free healthcare!”

Oh and, real fucking nice. Fucking nice way to get around the whole “Can’t kill babies” thing there guys, just make them eggs. Fuckin’ hell. I enjoy this show and all but god damn it feels like it’s trying way too hard for darker elements and plot points at times. Like baby murder.

s-death asked:

strawberry, plum, melon, orange, peach // is it too late for this??? oAo; //

strawberry - i secretly think…

That you are an awesome Hades and a very good rper, not to mention extremely nice.

plum - a song that reminds me of you / your blog

Oh gods, I’m horrible with this things but for some reason oh wait I know the reason ops (maybe because I’m tired and my judgement is being affected) all I can think of when I think of Hades is this music.

melon - my first impression of you 

Super nice??? Also I’ll admit, I was rather intimidated at first because wow, such quality!

orange - my opinion of you now and our status

Super sweet pattootie! Also TWIIIIIIN!

peach - what i like most about your blog

Can I say everything? I don’t think I have a favorite thing because I like eeverything uwu

anonymous asked:

Heh, trust me, I've tried. I've known them IRL for like seven years now and we each have outwardly admitted we hardcore fancy one another but they're too timid to actually want to form any kind of romantic partnership with me. They're determined they'll just fuck everything up and it makes me immensely sad they don't see you stellar of a person they really are. I love them so much and I would give anything in the world to celebrate that feeling with them. But I am happy with just friendship.

Oh my God, I am so sorry to hear that, Anon. I still hope that you find romance, even if it isn’t with whom you initially intended to be with. But yeah, that’s such a horrible feeling; knowing someone who you think is absolutely amazing, and yet they think so poorly of themselves, and you just want to show them all of the wonderful qualities about themselves and convince them otherwise. I do hope that they start to see themselves as you do, ‘cause nobody shouldn’t have to feel like they’d fuck everything up, especially if they’re as awesome as a person you’ve described them to be.


Lamb of god
Prlly horrible audio quality