Bryan Fuller Is An Antisemite

This is taken from an interview of Bryan Fuller about Hannibal.  At one point he is talking about Will and Hannibal and from there it goes into how people react.  You can read it yourself here.

We are all, as human beings, capable of doing beautiful things and we’re all capable of doing horrible things, and those elements exist side by side, and it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff in those moral quandaries. So you do have to forgive a little bit, particularly when we’re living in an age of outrage, where it is so easy to be offended and everybody gets to feel that rush of ‘How dare you!’“

Oh God, don’t get me started on internet outrage…

"It’s so dull, and entitled, and actually adolescent in its knee-jerk reactionary quality, whereas if you just stop and say 'OK, this person made a mistake’ as opposed to 'Burn them! Burn them all!’
A person that you like can do something incredibly shitty and heartless, and they also can save a puppy, and love that puppy, and it’s hard to separate those things. It really is kind of that hormonal adolescence run rampant on the internet, because I remember as a kid going off to college, when your eyes are opened to so many things, and if somebody said 'Merry Christmas’ to me, I would go 'Well, what if I was Jewish? You should say Happy Holidays!’

"It’s strictly hormonal, that kind of response, it’s adolescent, it’s peaks and valleys as you’re going through this crazy hormonal flux that makes it impossible for you to stop and go, 'Well, you could just say thank you, and accept Merry Christmas for what it is’. Instead we choose to get upset, because there’s an adrenal rush from being offended, and I think that’s why there is so much of it.

"And because it’s on the internet, you have no social parameters to curtail big reactions into something that’s more motivated by the intent of the statement – instead we break things down into semantics and say 'Well, you said this specifically which means that you are a bad person and you should burn in hell’. I could go on. I’m sorry, I’m ranting!”

If you were to ask almost any American Jewish person on this site about their feeling towards Christmas that amount of frustration and outrage you would hear would be enough to fill the ocean.

Many times American-Jews have talked within Jumblr and on our blogs about having Christianity showed down our throats. 

When somebody tells me “Merry Christmas’ I do get upset and I do say something. I’m not being hormonal as Fuller puts it. I’m valid in my frustration. I should not have your religion pushed on me. 

The fact that Fuller choose of all the examples to talk about ‘Internet outrage’ Jews being upset over having to hear Merry Christmas is absolutely disgusting.

It invalidates a minorities struggle. Also this whole backlash against ‘Internet Outrage’ is just that. It is all about shutting down minorities discussions of injustice and invalidating all struggles.

Bryan Fuller, I can no longer deny the facts sitting in front of me this plus your incredibly problematic choices, behaviors, and actions as seen within your show Hannibal proves that you are both a racist and an antisemite. 

i don’t get why people are still hating on the equal rights on any spectrums of life. just because you’re straight doesn’t mean you’re a saint. just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’re going to hell. quality of a human being isn’t measured through the gender of their love, or the way they do sex. if you’re a horribly rotten person, then it doesn’t matter what your sexual preference or religion is because you still are a garbage. don’t base your hateful opinions on god because they don’t need a psycho to speak for them. please stop the hate

  • *watching Friends*
  • Me:why why why why why why does this fuck have these people in his life. Why does Rachel like this Fuckboy, how do his friends say he is a good person or a great guy WHY DO THEY DEFEND HIM HE IS A HORRIBLE PERSON WITH A ROTTEN PERSONALITY I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM UGHHH HE IS ALL THE HORRIBLE BOYFRIEND QUALITIES MIXED INTO ONE WHY WHY WHY DID THEY WRITE SUCH GREAT SHOW WITH A GOD AWFUL CHARACTER

Thief: Dark Project LP (No-Commentary)

Good god do not bother watching this in 1080p why the hell did it upload in that “quality”. FYI Thief only plays in 800x600 because it is, and this is a technical term, old as fuck. I could mod it but I think I’ll stick to the core game for my playthrough.

Anyway, here’s a failed recording of the first mission that I may go back and redo. The video gets blurry which makes it a mess, and I’m hoping it’s fixed in the second mission’s recording (I changed some settings). Also the flickering HUD and (sometimes) the environment is a glitch in the recording software, so uh… There’s not much I can do, I’m already running in compatibility mode.

Also beware the one or two steam notifications I get during this recording (one at 7 minutes, and one at 14). Meanwhile I’ll just laugh knowing that most people will check for messages anyway.

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If we're talking webcomics, I'd say STA is the CAD of young adult novels. I mean, they both have unlikable characters, they have shitty jokes, and the pacing is awful.

Oh MY god don’t even get me started on CAD. If I had to pick a webcomic equivalent for Stones To Abbigale that would definitely be it. A smug, unlikeable, misanthropic douchebag’s pursuit of a bland, wishy-washy shell of a girl with no interesting qualities whatsoever. They eventually get together and pointless drama ensues. A miscarriage happens, douchey ex boyfriends galore, enabling best friend who worships horrible main character; they’re basically the same story. The only difference is that one is full of bad video game jokes and the other is full of badly portrayed death and tragedy.


Here to interrupt your daily programming to say:


How have I never noticed this before?? Epic murals hidden everywhere. Oh my god. I don’t even care if she never rode it and that’s just an exaggerated piece for narcissistic purposes, iT’S AWESOME!!!

(Is she wearing armour?? What the hell?? The picture quality is so bad I’m sorry but WOWOWOWOW- also I wonder what the white bird creature is? What event is taking place here?? I was going to say it could be the Dodo Bird but it looks really white? That could just be the horrible quality though—-AGh!)

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I'm really confused... I live in Wellington, but what's the "Wellington Curse"?

ohh haha…um basically a few years ago Harry and Louis were at a bar in Wellington and they were pretty drunk and this girl was filming them with a camera that was pretty much a potato because the camera had absolutely horrible quality, you could barely see anything. But you could clearly hear Louis shout “boyfriend!” and he walked towards Harry, so you could see they were up against each other. In the background you can hear a girl saying “oh my God, Harry’s kissing him.” 

So the Wellington Curse is when something really prominent happens with Louis and Harry and you can tell something happened but it was captured in horrible quality or it could slip through cracks. That’s it.

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It can be anything in paperback as long as it's not After lol. God I hope they stop it from being made into a film. Apparently she's going to publish a second one as well :/

Let’s be honest: After is one of those horrible books that people are proud to have read just because they didn’t read anything else in their own lives. 

“Oh I haven’t read Pride and Prejudice, but I’ve read After. IT’S A LONG BOOK” (because the length of a book is synonym of quality, of course)

And who do I have to pay to stop her from writing her second book? * Pulls a bribe out of her wallet *

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The kiss is confirmed to be from Shikishima. So. Yeah. Sorry to burst your bubble?

Oooh I know, actually I posted that late last night on my phone when I had only seen the trailer with a really low quality but idk why it only posted like 2 hours ago???? 

tbh the stach wasn’t really visible in the trailer but oh god it is horrible wtf 

Horrible quality but its still beautiful because GOD created this. Amd it amazes me how we see it every day and its normal. Honestly tho if u think about it crazy to think the LORD created all this and ugh it excites me to know one day ill meet him. The LORD who created all of this thw skys, stars, oceans, everything and i just cant wait for heaven. Giving thanks to GOD for being a thug and killin it with his art skills😇