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Flushing Love

REQUEST by M-A-T-91: Hi could I request a very flirty Roman with Reader she’s a new diva? Please n she’s a blusher 🙂 pretty please

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert when it comes to writing flirty content, but I’ll give it my best shot. I need some more practice with this so keep them requests coming


‘’You were fucking amazing out there y/n,’’ Lana said as she hugged me, ‘’Jesus girl that was awesome.’’

‘’You gotta teach me one of them moves hun, everyone can learn from you.’’ Naomi added. I was beyond happy with the opportunity to be transferred from NXT to RAW. I worked my butt  off these past years and there were times where I considered to just quit, but at the point where I am now, I’m happy I was strict to myself .  ‘’So what are you up tonight?’’

‘’Nothing much really,’’ I chuckled as I wiped my head with the towel, ‘’just resting and recovering from this match.’’

‘’Let’s go out tonight y/n, you gotta relax a bit, you’re on your own otherwise.’’ Naomi said, swinging her arm around my shoulder. Lana smiled, nodding excitedly. ‘’Pretty please?’’ She smiled sweetly. I looked at Lana at my other side, also smiling. I laughed and threw my hands in the air.

‘’Alright then, but we’re not making it late.’’ I said. Lana yelled in excitement, hugging me.

‘’You have no idea how happy I am you said yes, we’ll make it an amazing time.’’

‘’Yass girll,’’ Naomi hugged me also, ‘’We’ll pick you up in an hour.’’

‘’Don’t rush yourselves ladies, I won’t be going anywhere.’’ I grinned. The two went their own way. The moment I was moved to RAW, Lana was the first person who welcomed me with open arms, happy there was someone new who she could share her stories and excitement with. Even though Naomi was on SmackDown, we hung out together almost all the time outside the matches. I smiled thinking about it. Being lost in my own mind, I bumped into someone way larger than me. Looking up, I saw the handsome, tall Samoan God standing in front of me, sweat dripping down his body. He was always flirting with me but I just had no idea how to respond on his compliments. We could talk of course, but foolish me, could never really talk back.
I could feel myself getting red, which I absolutely hated. I blush way too much, way too fast.

‘’Lost in thoughts, beautiful?’’ He asked smiling. I nodded, looking at the ground. ‘’You were really good out there, flexible as a professional gymnast.’’

‘’Thanks,’’ I said, looking at him for a split second, his eyes never left my face, ‘’You were awesome yourself.’’

‘’Why thank you,’’ he chuckled, ‘’so you have anything to do tonight?’’

‘’Well, me, Lana and Naomi are going out somewhere, so yeah.’’

‘’Too bad,’’ he said, almost closing the space between us, ‘’I was going to ask you to show all your moves to me. For a girl who just made her debut, you’re incredible’’ Roman spoke low. By now, my face must be as red as a tomato, making me wanna run away to save myself from the possible embarrassment I would cause.  

‘’M-maybe next time.’’ I murmured, making him chuckle.

‘’You’re cute, y’know.’’ I felt him smiling. He put his index finger under my chin, practically forcing me to look at his flawless face. ‘’We should go out sometime.’’

‘’Yeah, that’d be nice.’’ I smiled and whispered. He smiled and walked off to his locker room.


Once in the bar with Naomi and Lana, we were all laughing like crazy, talking about the most ridiculous stuff. Naomi told stories about her vacations with Jimmy and the things they did, Lana told her stories about her, Russev and his crazy family. Me, at the other hand, couldn’t talk along about the subject ‘my husband’, let alone boyfriend.

‘’But girl,’’ Naomi said, taking a sip of her drink, ‘’You happy ‘bout being on RAW or would you prefer SmackDown?’’

‘’I’m really happy with RAW, because…’’

‘’She has a crush on someone.’’ Lana spilled, finishing my sentence. I told her I liked Roman, a lot but a man like him, couldn’t possibly fall for a girl like me.  Naomi almost spilled her drink.

‘’Wait gurl, what did I just hear? Who is it?’’

‘’It’s a Samoan named Joe.’’ The blond woman smirked.

‘’Please tell me it’s not Samoa Joe.’’ She pleaded. I burst out laughing shaking my head.

‘’It’s your husbands cousin, you idiot,’’ Lana laughed, ‘’Speaking of the devil.’’ She trailed off and looked at Naomi who was grinning. I frowned and looked at the doorway, seeing Roman and Seth standing there, walking towards us.

‘’Kill me now,’’ I murmured, covering my face with my hands, ‘’You guys ain’t getting off this damn table.’’

‘’We both have to sit over there,’’ Naomi said, trying to hold back her laugh, ‘’it’s too cold here.’’ She grabbed Lana by her arm, dragging her away from where I was sitting. Too cold? Hell, it was hot as hell.

‘’Well hi there,’’ Roman smiled and sat down next to me, ‘’how are you doing?

‘’I-I’m good, how are y-you?’’ I felt the blood rush to my face, making me wanna disappear.

‘’I’m amazing now I’m sitting next to you baby.’’ He smoothly said. Did he just really called me ‘baby’? Am I dreaming? ‘’Can I ask you something?’’

‘’Sure, ask away.’’ I blushed.

‘’Do you dislike me? I mean, you hardly say anything to me and I don’t know what I did wrong. I’m not as intimidating as you when I’m in the ring.’’ He chuckled.

‘’Oh god no,’’ I said with disbelieve written all over my face, ‘’I could never dislike you, I love you.’’ I blurted out. Oh god, shoot me.

‘’You love me huh?’’ Roman shifted closer to me, his head close to my face. ‘’I got a secret to tell you.’’

‘’What’s that?’’ I asked nervously, looking down at my drink. I was prepared for the worst; him saying he hated me, that he disliked me, that he didn’t want to see me anymore, it could be anything.

‘’Well, I kind of love you too.’’ He whispered so only I could hear. ‘’I love everything about you; the way you blush everytime you see me or when I say something, your smile, your determination in the ring, just everything.’’ I turned my head, looking at him, our faces still inches away from each other. I smiled lightly, making him smile as well.

‘’I don’t really know what to say,’’ I honestly said, ‘’The moment I saw you, I don’t know what happened to me, but I’m happy you let me feel things I never felt before.’’

‘’So,’’ Roman intertwined our fingers together, shoving a lock of hair behind my ear, ‘’this means we’re trying?’’

‘’I guess so,’’ I cupped his cheek with my hand and rubbed my thumb along his jawline, ‘’boyfriend.’’

‘’Girlfriend.’’ He laughed, making me blush once again.

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Bucky do people have nicknames for you?

most people refer to me as god. as in ‘please! god! stop shooting me!’

sam tried calling me ‘buckko’ once. that didn’t fly. and neither did he for a while. 

tony has called me jimothy a few times, and i guess i don’t mind?? it’s actually pretty decent for a tony nickname. 

peter tried calling me ‘mr. barnes sergeant sir’ which was pretty great.

steve calls me ‘jerk’ so often that sometimes that’s what i tell people my first initial stands for. Jerk Buchanan Barnes.

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I loved loved loved hoseok's part??? the color scheme was beautiful and he looked soft in that sweater wow

okay but !!!!!!!!! same listen the blues are so beautiful I will never be over it. I just want to cuddle him and hold him forever in that warm sweater ;-;

and I like how in this pic

he’s looking down. but then

he looks up and istg that’s when my soul departs 

the most aesthetically pleasing part though was this beauty 

just…yes god damn shoot me please

but then!!!!!! what the fuck

what the fuck is this shit hobi. he looks so?? so good?? (but what the fuck is on his neck I’m crying)

but I mean no bangtan mv is complete without 


This is really just an ask but the box was too small

I do not know how submissions work, but this would not fit in the ask-box, and to respond to the last post in the very words of Borderland 2’s very own Face McShooty:



My… This was.. An honor to read, honestly. - Mod-Panda

Of Cloth and Paper

Vegan Books! They’re a thing! And rightly so. A lot of people would love to have a gorgeous book but cannot ethically justify owning one because of the use of leather or other animal products. I fully respect that, which is why I am happy to make books without any animal products when requested!

First off you need some free range paper (caged is perfectly fine, I just happened to drop mine on the floor). It needs to be roughly the right size, folded, and stacked.

To orientate your newly sawn signatures you need to brand it with some kind of pigment transferring device. I used Angel Bile extracted humanely from fallen angels sickened by humanity; but in reality, any pen, pencil or permanent marker is fine to use.
This is done so if the signatures make a bid for freedom you can realign them in their correct order. Disorderly conduct is not the best thing to have in your book guts.

Whack your stack on your sewing rack! Align the spine with the sewing lines!

“Why are you using such a cruel method of making holes, you sick bastard?! Saw cut?! You make me want to PUKE!” I quite often hear from just behind me as I’m sewing. The voice comes from just behind my right shoulder, so I assume it’s from the sins crawling on my back. They’re usually good company, its just when I do sewing it riles them up.
ANYWAY! The reason I saw cut instead of punch holes with an awl (or with the splinters of exploded unicorn horns) is because when I do the stitches on the top and bottom of the book they are inset into the book and sit perfectly flat. With punched holes the stitching is raised up on the spine.

Colours! With this the requested colours for the end pages were the glorious hues of the sky 28 minutes after sunrise at 46* elevation. I did the best I could.

Okay, I got into a bit of a sticky situation when I did this, mainly because it was a situation where I was using glue and glue is sticky. The end pages were glued onto the book guts and then I smeared the spine of the book with it’s first coating of glorious glue.
 If you put a piece of baking paper around the glued areas you can then tamp the spine onto the table to ensure the signatures are perfectly level.

Nothing really to say about this, only that freshly cut book guts while they’re still trapped screaming in the guillotine is a wonderful thing to behold.

Enjoy the screaming while it lasts because you’ll only need to trim the book guts 3 times. I do the long front edge first, then the top and bottom.

Then it’s time to bring the spine ‘round to your way of thinking! Sit it down with a nice meal and a delicious beverage. Start off slow by complimenting it on it’s freshly squared edges and then when it’s starting to feel comfortable with the situation you GET OUT A HAMMER AND SMASH IT IN THE SPINE UNTIL IT COMPLIES WITH YOUR SICK DEMANDS!
Or you can do the gentle folding and pressing on the spine with your supple masseurs fingers. Whatever gets the job done.

Now this is where I get to draw the indignation and condemnation from the bookbinding community (I’m looking at you here, @butlerbookbinding and @gatzbookbinding! (I can’t remember if you were against it, @thebumblebeebindery, but I’m keeping a close eye on you anyway…)).
Throw me your ire, tumblr, because I will catch it in butterfly nets and brew it into bitter ales! 
I couldn’t use leather for the headband cores, but I still needed something firm and yet smooth. I’ve used just waxed shoelaces in the past but I needed something more aglet-y and less lumpy. Here I introduce you to tape wrapped waxed shoelaces! 

Anyway, making the hinges! I took some inspiration from the kitchen for this and sandwiched the taped between some cardboard and the spine lining. This gets trimmed into a more appealing shape after the glue has dried.

You want half-bound? I totally have this covered! 

Since cloth is notoriously hard to pare, I had to approach this somewhat differently. Normally you have the corners and spine covered with leather first and then the main cover covering goes over the top of that, making all the edges and lines neat.
I mean, SURE! I could have left ragged cloth edges flapping in the breeze and that would have been a perfect description of my dignity if I had done that…

But enough of that now, lets skip several steps ahead because I forgot to take some photographs.
What we see here is the main cover covering covering the cover, but I’m not covering the cover covering now.
Also if you train your eagle eyes onto the spine of the book you’ll notice it’s turned a sickly shade of kraft brown. You should feel sorry for it. It is feeling…. hollow.

Now the spine covering is here it’s feeling a little… blue…

Honestly this is a step I could have kinda skipped. I wasn’t entirely sure how the fabric would mould around false raised bands so I decided to do it on the flat and then glue the cloth and spine decorations onto the spine once it had dried. I could have just put the bands on the spine without doing it on the flat.

MOAR TAPE! This is only a temporary thing though, seeing as it is just to hold the piece of card in place as I glue the cloth over it. Spacing is important. Screw doing things conventionally.

See? glue goes on the cardboard and then the cloth goes into the cardboard. (I had some baking paper going from under the board and over the wine cloth. No getting glue on that!) 

After le glue had dried I could safely lift up the cardboard flap and remove the tape. Pesky overhanging cloth pieces could then be trimmed like flaming branches from a dying magnolia tree.

I forgot to put the ribbon in before putting on the hollow and spine, etc. All good. I got it covered.
Oh yeah, and the spine covering is now turned in. See? Everything works out okay.

Can you follow that? Cardboard corners go get glued onto the paper to create 1x white side and 1x cardboard side. Btw, whatever the white corner is pointing to is going to cause your own personal Ragnarok. Whatever the cardboard corner is pointing to probably wont be there in 4089 years.

The corners then get glued to cloth that matches the spine.

Lastly I once again forget to take some photos and we’re left with this. The covered corners get glued onto the cover and then the whole interior gets trimmed all happy.

Thanks heaps for reading. I hope you had as much fun reading through this as I had making it (and the book). Also a shoutout to the commissioner of this book because it’s an art book and all artists deserve a shoutout when they buy a book from me with the intent to draw in it.

Also I really don’t think I’m going to get much hate for using tape cos you’re all cool people, but I want you all to know I do know that tape is terrible for conservation uses. Don’t stick pages back together or mend covers with tape. The way I used the tape, though, should be fine. It is on top of waxed cotton laces and then it has waxed embroidery floss over it. The ends are also glued shut. It shouldn’t get any moisture, light and, provided it’s not kept in direct sunlight, it shouldn’t degrade and discolour the endbands or the paper.

Secrets in French Chapter One

Freshman Year (2012)

Liza rested her head on the desk, running a hand through her hair as the teacher lectured on and on about Napoleon.

“God I hope someone shoots me with a musket.” someone muttered.

Liza’s head perked up. The teacher kept going, ignoring the other girl’s comments.

“Someone give me a ticket to Russia please. Help end the suffering.”

Liza looked around.

“I wonder if I called the emperor “une imbecile grande” I get the firing squad.”

Her eyes landed on a girl a few seats away. Her chin resting on her hand, long, artificially red hair draping down onto the desk.

“Hm…tu es une imbecile grande mademoiselle Bonaparte…that sounds about right.”

Liza giggled, despite not knowing what she had even said.

The teacher’s head whipped back, her eyes were livid.

Liza bit her lip, looking in any other direction. The girl looked down at her notebook, scribbling something down.

The teacher went back to her lecture.

“Nevermind, the tyrant emperor is right here.”

Liza giggled again.

The teacher slammed her marker to the floor, her face red with rage.

“Ms. Havoc! Ms. Richmond! Detention!”

The girl’s eyebrows furrowed and her head whipped around to see who “Miss Havoc” even was.

Liza covered her face in her arms and desk, her face growing warmer knowing that she was now being glared at.

The detention room was shockingly empty aside from the two girls. They sat at opposite ends of the classroom.

The detention teacher looked at her attendance sheet with comatose levels of energy.

“Liza Havoc?”

“Present.” Liza piped up, raising her hand.

“Marlowe Richmond?”

“Here.” Marlowe muttered, laying her head the desk.

“OKay, great.” The teacher muttered, looking at her phone. Within twenty minutes of arriving, the teacher had left, clearly bored of the silence.

“Thanks.” Marlowe said, not looking in Liza’s direction.

Liza turned to look at her.

“Two months into my freshman year, and I get a detention.” Marlowe continued, “Woohoo for me!”

“Sorry.” Liza muttered, “You were just being really funny.”

Marlowe raised an eyebrow, “Um…no. No I was not.”

“If you weren’t, then how come I was laughing in the middle of class?”

“Most likely you got high so you could actually get through it.”

Liza scoffed, “I wish! Ms. Ellard is the worst on so many levels.”

Marlowe smiled, “Agreed. Like how all of her tests have random shit we didn’t even cover? Because ‘If you really wanted to pass you’d put the effort in to learn it!’ Like what the fuck?”

“Right!”  Liza, turned around and sat on her desk, “Or the fact that she apparently has a vendetta against anyone talking that isn’t her!”

“Well in our case I think she was in the right.” Marlowe turned around to face Liza, remaining in her chair, “Apparently even the other teachers hate her.”

“I do not doubt that.”

The girls sat in silence for a bit.

“Okay, in all honesty I think I could pass that entire Napoleon section.”

“Really?” Marlowe said, raising an eyebrow.

Liza smiled and nodded, standing up.

“Yeah. I had this weird Napoleon obsession back in grade school.” She weaved through the desks, “He seemed really interesting to me. So I read all these books and shit about him. Which honestly was the most reading I had ever done in my life and gave my mom some very high expectations.”

She sat on the desk next to Marlowe, “We had this historical figure day, and I dressed as Josephine. I forced the guy I had a crush on to dress as Napoleon. Sadly we did not live happily ever after.”

Marlowe smirked, “What did he run off with Marie Antoinette?”

Liza fake gasped, laying a hand across her forehead and throwing her head back, “Even worse! Sacajawea.”

Marlowe laughed. Liza smiled with pride.

“So no hard feelings about the detention then?” she stuck out her hand.

Marlowe shrugged, “Honestly, who gives a shit? There’s no worries unless you get me suspended.”

She shook Liza’s hand.

“Good to know, Ms. Richmond.”

“Of course, Ms. Havoc.”

Liza sat in the chair next to Marlowe’s, “So, do you know French?”

Marlowe gave her a confused look, before the lightbulb turns on in her head.

“Oh. Um yeah, a little bit. I’m far from fluent, but my mom has been teaching me since I was like three.”


“Yeah. I could hold a pretty decent conversation, but don’t expect me to handle any hostage negotiations anytime soon.”

“So if I get held hostage by an disgruntled mime, you can’t do a thing.”

Marlowe rolled her eyes, “If it’s a mime, we won’t have to talk really. Now a pissy chef, on the other hand, you’re probably going to die.”

“Oh great!”

Marlowe pursed her lips, “I wonder what would push a chef to the breaking point that he has to take a schoolgirl hostage.”

“Clearly it’s because I ordered French fries and French toast, and put ketchup on them both.”

Marlowe chuckled, “God even I want to kill you for that one. But how would that get you kidnapped?”

“So from what I understand the French apparently have a strong hatred for ketchup.”

“Because it ruins the dignity of the meal?” Marlowe offered.

“I think so.” Liza shrugged. “So, think you can teach me some french?”

“Really? Now?” Marlowe asked, raising an eyebrow.

Liza checked the clock, “Well yeah, we got thirty minutes. Show me what you got, mademoiselle.”

Marlowe grinned, Show me what you got?

The girls were sitting on the floor, their ties and blazers hanging on the desk chairs.

Marlowe was writing down the basic conjugation for Liza.

“So to say ‘I’m hungry’, it’s ‘J’ai faim’. Basically ‘I have hunger’ or something like that.”

Liza sat back on her palms, “J’ai faim…”

“Do you remember how to introduce yourself?”

“Je m’appelle Liza. Je suis une femme.”

“As far as we know.” Marlowe said, looking her up and down.

“Shut up!” Liza laughed, gently smacking Marlowe’s knee, “Uh…J’ai quatorze.”

“That’s good.”

Liza rolled her eyes, “And J’ai faim! Feed me!”

Marlowe rolled her eyes, “Uh no. But I will get some dinner with you.”

“Oooh is this a date?”

Marlowe stood up, “No. I am not calling for personal reasons.”

Liza cocked her head in confusion.

“Welcome to Night Vale…” Marlowe said.

“Nope.” Liza said with a shrug.

Marlowe’s eyes widen and she smiled wide, “I’ll show it to you at dinner…when we get our phones back.”

Liza went back to her original desk, just as a different teacher returned. This time it was Mr. Granger.

“Okay girls.” he said, unlocking the cabinet where he put the girl’s bags and phones, “You are free to go. You learned your lesson?”

Liza smirked, “Eh, if anything I want to go to jail even more.”

The teacher rolled his eyes, “Yeah well if you do, have some bail money saved up and a decent alibi.”

Liza grabbed her stuff and gave a two finger salute as she left out the door, “Noted.”

Marlowe followed behind, grabbing her things.

“Oh, Marlowe, I wanted to mention that we decided to wipe this from your record.” The teacher said.


“Yeah. We know how Ellard can be. And I don’t want one little detention to wreck your scholarship.”

“Oh my God. Thank you!” Marlowe beamed, trying to hold back what she knew were going to be tears of relief.

“Just stay out of trouble.” Mr. Granger said, holding the door open.

“No problem.” Marlowe ran out the door after Liza.

“So what was Mr. Granger talking to you about?” Liza asked, smirking at Marlowe when she finally caught up, “Did he confess his love to you?”

“What? Ew, no.” Marlowe rolled her eyes, “That is just extremely illegal.”

“Illegal my ass. I’d still chase after him. I swear, senior year, all the girls are gonna flood his office with their panties.”
“Oh god!” Marlowe laughed, “That poor, poor man.”

“But what was he really talking to you about?”

“Just that he took my detention off my permanent record. Because he knows Ms. Ellard is a massive bitch.”

Liza covered her mouth from her laughter, “Oh god, I hope she didn’t hear you say that, the woman is always lurking.”

Marlowe rolled her eyes, “I don’t care. She’s probably used to hearing that from everyone else.”

“I’m sure of it.”

“But that’s super nice of him…wait….why the hell is it still on mine then?”

“Are you here on scholarship?” Marlowe asked, looking at Liza.

“No…but I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say that you are?”

“Yup. Mr. Granger doesn’t want me to get screwed over, so he kinda bends the rules a bit.”

Liza narrowed her eyes, “The year just started. What rules has he had to bend?”

“Just a few deadlines got extended. Some test grades got boosted by a point or two.”

“Holy shit!”

Marlowe shrugged, “He was a scholarship student too, so he’s really going easy on me. It’s not necessary, but I appreciate it.”

“I’m sure. That’s super cool of him to do all of that.”

Marlowe laughed, “Yeah…”

A girl ran up to Liza and Marlowe, “Hey you broke out!” She grabbed Liza’s arm and held it with a vice like grip.

Liza smiled at her, “Yeah. I shanked a guard, started a small riot. The usual.”

“Wow, nice.” the girl rolled her eyes, unimpressed, “Anyway, onto more important and interesting matters.”

Liza gave an over dramatic look of offense.

The girl continued, “Did you hear about Ellie and Nona?”

“No what?” Liza’s eyes went wide, clearly into the gossip.

“They’re going out!”

“Whoa seriously?”

“Yeah. I just heard about it, but they aren’t really telling people yet.”

“Except for you?” Marlowe said.

The girl shrugged, “Eh. I heard it from someone in class.”

“Of course.” Liza said, rolling her eyes, “Yeah. Oh right, Clara.” she motioned to the girl, still attached to her arm, “Marlowe.” she gestured to Marlowe with her thumb.

Clara gave a small wave, “So how was detention?”

“It was great, I learned French!” Liza said happily.

Clara looked confused, “….um…how?”

Liza pointed to Marlowe.

Clara nodded, “Cool. What did you learn?”

“Hola! Me llamo es Liza. Como estas?” she said in a terrible accent.

Clara’s eyes narrowed at her.

“Kidding! I basically learned the French version of that and some other stuff.”

“Do you remember any of it?” Marlowe asked as they reached the dining hall.

“Yeah. I remember je faim!”

Clara rolled her eyes, “Of course.”

“Do you speak French?” Marlowe asked.

“Kinda.” Clara waved her hand, “I learned some in grade school and I’m in a French 2 course right now.”

“Oh.” Marlowe responded as they got in line.

Clara rolled her eyes, “I’m basically only going to use it to talk shit.”

“That sounds about right.” Liza said, pulling food onto her tray, “So how’d you find out about Ellie and Nona?”

“Well it was obvious from the beginning that they were into each other. But sophomore Liza caught them on a date at the shopping plaza.”

“Seriously?” Marlowe asked, giving a skeptical look.

“Mhm. Apparently they were acting all cutesy and close to each other.” Clara stuck her tongue out in mock disgust.

The three paid for their food and went for an empty table.

“I know you told me they’ve been into each other since their sophomore year. And honestly it was only a matter of time.” Liza said.

“True. That slow burn is a bitch.” Clara said, taking a bite of her dinner.

Across the dining hall a girl shouted, “Yes! Pay up!”

The girls at her table all groaned, pulling out their money as Nona and Ellie blushed happily.

“But it’s worth it.” Marlowe said.

Two weeks later Marlowe woke up to a marathon of text notifications. All texts from Liza and Clara telling her to wake up and meet them outside of the school library. It was nine am on a saturday. She should’ve been sleeping until eleven. But it was a new school, she needed to make some friends besides her roommate Wendy. She was already barely in their shared dorm as is and it was only October. Marlowe got up and shuffled to the bathroom.

Half an hour and twenty texts later she arrived at the library to find Liza and Clara talking about Superman vs. Thor.

“There you are!” Clara said, smiling happily, “We’re gonna go get some cheap coffee and dick around the shopping plaza until our feet bleed.”

Liza smirked, “Looks like you’re gonna need the coffee.”

Clara grabbed Marlowe by the hand and Liza walked closely behind.

“So I watched Welcome to Night Vale.” Liza said. Marlowe looked back over her shoulder, Clara still holding her hand, “Really? Did you like it?”

Liza shrugged, “Kinda. I got through three episodes and it didn’t really stick with me. I might just be a visuals person.”

Clara spoke up, “I told her to give it more of a chance.”

Marlowe turned her head, “You listen to it?”

“Yeah! I’m hooked on it!”

Marlowe beamed, the two continued to talk about the podcast until they reached the cafe.

Clara offered (demanded with slight threats) to buy all of their coffees, “It is my job as the eldest person here to make sure you get a balanced meal.” she said with a wink.

Liza rolled her eyes, “Yes. Thank you oh so wise sophomore.”

When Clara left to get the drinks, Liza quietly said, “Sorry about that.”

“About what?”

“Clara. She’s really affectionate with new people. I think I got more physical contact the day we met than the entirety of my life.”

Marlowe chuckled lightly, “Yeah I kinda pieced that together. I thought she was your girlfriend at first.”

Liza laughed, “Nah. Just a very handsy roommate.”

“Gotcha.” Marlowe said, blushing slightly.

Clara returned with a tray of coffees and muffins, sliding into the seat next to Marlowe.

“So Marlowe, I need you to answer a question for me.”


“Thor or Superman, who would win in a fight to the death?”


Clara pat Marlowe’s hand, “A woman of good taste.”

“Oh shut up.” Liza grinned, taking a sip of her coffee.

After a few weeks, Marlowe found herself hanging out with Clara and Liza almost everyday. Hanging out in their dorm room, sitting together at lunch when they’re schedules synced up. Talking with Clara about mutual interests, and studying with Liza.

It wasn’t long before her heart started skipping beats, after two weeks of butterflies rising in her stomach,  Marlowe pulled Liza aside aside after class.

“Okay I need to ask you something.”

“What’s up?”

“What do you think the odds are that Clara likes girls?”

Study Sessions at the Library with Wonwoo Would Include...

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  • Wonwoo is such a special boy 
  • He’s the quiet, handsome, clueless type
  • His dark sharp eyes make him appear as the cold, stark cool type, like those cool guyz in anime you would have crushes on
  • But in reality, he is always confused
  • This means it’s very hard for him to pick up on things
  • He gets distracted easily, but when focused he makes a hard worker
  • He is also the quite, independent worker. It’s hard for him to concentrate and get tasks done efficiently in large groups 
  • So working in groups of 2-4 is best for him
  • This doesn’t mean that he isn’t social, because he is a very social person 
  • It’s just he’s more of the onlooker, the one person laughing at everyone else’s jokes rather than joining in
  • But when he does, either he says the most witty snark comment, or he makes a complete fool of himself
  • Which in turn is why you find him so cute and attractive 
  • Wonwoo is super nice, he is really caring and nurturing 
  • He’d be the type of friend that would stay up into the wee hours of the night to talk to you about your problems
  • Good advice giver
  • Wonwoo loves the library, he enjoys the atmosphere, and the smell of books
  • Wonwoo doesn’t hate studying nor does he enjoy it, he doesn’t like being forced into doing things he’s not interested in. But you wont find him complaining over it unlike our lovely maknae <333333
  • But when it comes to studying with YOU god damn this boy
  • Okay okay…. here we go 
  • Wonwoo would be the type of person to stare at you while your studying
  • He would get lost just looking at you; while you’re writing and silently reading your notes
  • He wouldn’t get much done just watching you, but when you ask him questions to check if he’s on track. He would snap out of his trance and focus, trying to impress you with his nerd study skills
  • Okay lets start off with a sweet story shall we…
  • On a cold January afternoon, you had texted your friend, Wonwoo to see if he was available to study at your local library 
  • You had texted him around 12:30 pm and received your reply at exactly 12:31. Yes, yes, that is how keen he is when it comes to you
  • Like I said the weather was cold, and I mean CANADIAN COLD 
  • But you didn’t bother to wear much layers, just your winter coat and boots
  • Wonwoo on the other hand, wore everything he needed, moderately of course. He wore his thick winter jacket. (the one in OFD goddamn) His black gloves, and a little tuque (beanie)  how CUTEEEEEE oml
  • You two lived in close proximity to the bus stop, so you met up there. 
  • You didn’t talk much, just greeted one another, Wonwoo is too shy for small talk
  • You bored the bus, but there were no seats available so you had to stand. You couldn’t reach the handle bars, so you had to lean on Wonwoo for dear life YES *whispers “yyyyees”*
  • There was this pregnant woman, who kept wiggling her eyebrows at you and giving you the Lenny face in approval. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • You got off the bus and entered the library, once there, you took your seats. Wonwoo took of his coat and reviled a dark grey over sized sweater WHICH MEANT SWEATER PAWS BETCHES
  • You began studying right away and cracked open your textbook. “Hey, did you finish reading page 342 and 343 of the textbook?” You asked looking up to meet his gaze
  • He paused for a brief moment and scratched the back of his fluffy dark chocolate hair. “Ye-yeah, I did.” He stumbled over his words, pouting, he pulled out his notebook. 
  • You watched him from over the table, waiting for him to flip to the note, you reached over and accidentally BRUSHED HANDS WITH HIM 
  • Wonwoo not only goes red, but he freezes. You have now disabled Wonwoo good job reader. I don’t know if the boy even has a reboot button…
  • You blush and swiftly grab the notebook, avoiding eye contact, “uh, sorry.” You mutter. The thing is you had a crush on Wonwoo ever since you met in 7th grade. He had moved to your city and enrolled in your class. You remember you thought he was the most handsome boy you ever seen. You would watch him play soccer at break, secretly. And here you are now, him practically being one of your best friends 
  • Things settled down after that though, you two started to act more normal around one another as you continued to study. You would ask some questions every now and then, but you weren’t really sure if he was giving the right answers or not. Sometimes you had to get up and sit down beside him to explain things more clearly for him to understand. You tried to avoid looking too deep into his eyes, because you were scared they might catch a hint of what you were feeling. 
  • You could feel his warm breath against your neck as he would speak, it sent shivers down your spine (in a good way) 
  • He would often give you that dazed look, you know the one where he is lost in his own world. Or so you thought, the entire time he is truly thinking about you. And rather being lost pondering about cats or something, he is thinking about how beautiful, kind and smart his best friend is. 
  • He truly admires you and your hard work. This is why he has always liked you since 7th grade
  • Wonwoo would have to lean in a little sometimes to catch what you are saying, it is a library after all. 
  • When ever you would say something funny, Wonwoo would giggle quietly, giving that signature Wonwoo smirk, the one where his little nose crinkles and my god shoot me now
  • Did I forget to mention his sweater paws, the library was very cold, so Wonwoo would often paw the sleeves of his sweater to stay warm. 
  • You on the other hand were shivering, but you didn’t try to make it obvious 
  • Wonwoo would have a look of concentration on his face while studying ***inset gif above for visual*** His side portrait was MUCH WOW MUCH HOT VERY YES
  • It was about time for you to leave, but you were hungry, so you wanted a snack. You asked Wonwoo if he was hungry; “Hey, are you hungry, you want to get some food before we leave?” 
  • Wonwoo cups his paws hands together and nods like a child AAAAWWWEEEE
  • So you go to the cafe that is like across the street and order some food and hot chocolate. The warmth from the cup makes you smile. WHICH IN TURN MAKES WONWOO SMILE HEHEEHEH
  • You pack up your things and zip up your coat. Wonwoo takes your empty cup and recycles it for you. “Thanks,” you say shyly. You follow him out into the cold, bearing what’s to come. 
  • Wonwoo turns to you and notices that you were pretty cold. He removes his gloves from his hands, you eye him in confusion as he hands you his gloves to wear. “You look cold, so take these.” He says, you could barely hear him, but you understood, taking the gloves and putting them on your hands. “Thank you,” you say smiling to the ground. 
  • The gusts pick up and Wonwoo pulls your hood over your head. 
  • You two walk to the bus stop in silence. As you bored for the ride home, you now are given the chance to sit down. Wonwoo takes a seat beside you. You pull out your phone and plug in your earbuds into the headphone jack. You look over to Wonwoo, who was staring straight out into space again, with that look u know what im talking about .
  • He looks over at you and you gesture him to take a earbud to share. You sit back and enjoy the warm ride home as Wonwoo skips through preferred songs
  • As you get off the bus, Wonwoo turns to you, “You want me to walk you home? I mean, it’s getting a little late, and we live almost in the same direction so…”
  • You stare up at him for a second, before nodding, you follow behind him closely as you walk home. Wonwoo starts talking about how his friend Mingyu found a cat under the porch??????? IDK 
  • You would just listen to the sound of his voice, not really paying attention to what he’s actually saying. 
  • Sooner or later you two find yourself at your front door, you turn around to say good bye, but just as you take your first step you lose your balance and slip backwards. Wonwoo with his quick reflexes, reaches out to catch you. He wraps his arms around your sides to balance you. “Woah, are you okay?” His voice full of concern. 
  • “Hahaha, I’m okay, I’m okay. “ You awkwardly straighten yourself, and apologize. Your face is now glowing bright red. You feel pretty stupid for almost falling when there was a fucking railing right there. 
  • “No, no it’s okay Y/N just be more careful next time.” He says while letting go of your arms. He pats your head, “I’ll see you tomorrow in class Y/N.” He says waving a good bye, smiling in his signature way that tugged at your heart. 
  • Half flustered, you remember the gloves. “Wonwoo! Your gloves!” You shout, removing them and waving at him to catch his attention. 
  • He turns around and replies, “keep them, I don’t want you to get cold tomorrow.” 
  • You face begins to glow a deeper shade of crimson, you bite your lip as you run into your house. You observe him as he turns around and walks home, hands in his pockets, dazed out again, typical Wonwoo. 

diavolo-relatable  asked:

Hoooow abooout dance instructor winmin? Like Erwin's giving Armin dancing instructions. You can make it smutty if you want. 8) ((omg i'm imagining them both in tight leotards help))

I write too much winmin smut this was a well needed break hot damn leotards

Armin had a crush on his dance instructor. That he couldn’t deny. And his instructor has an interest in him.

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So I was crying over the Nice Day for Derek book and then I stumbled across this picture and I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry.

This was supposed to be crack, but apparently I can’t write crack, so have some talk of butts with a large helping of feels. 

Okay, so it’s not like Stiles purposefully goes looking for this shit. Except that, yeah, he totally goes looking for it. He’s always been wired… differently, and ever since the Nogitsune clusterfuck ended he’s been suffering through the worst case of insomnia in recorded history.

He has to keep his brain busy, or else he’ll go crazy. Again. And at four AM on a school night ‘keeping busy’ basically just devolves into trolling youtube for funny videos of cats, and buying random crap on society6 and etsy because he got bored sifting through the mediocrity he was finding on Amazon. If Stiles is going to buy stuff he doesn’t need just because he can’t sleep, it’s at least going to be something handmade. And possibly having to do with robot dinosaurs wielding lightsabers. He has standards.

When he comes across this particular hand-embroidered throw pillow, he doesn’t even think about it, just clicks “buy,” and then opens a new tab to google if cross-stitch porn is a thing. 

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When They Lose the Kids- TW Preference

Oh god, someone shoot me, please. My wrist hurts so bad, and I can barely type and it’s actually bothering me.

GIrls are next 


Scott was panicking, he had managed to lose your four-year old in a crowded mall, and he couldn’t find her. At first, he thought she might be hiding in one of the stores, but when he checked every store she could have gone into and didn’t find her, he started hyperventilating. He was running around, calling out Allison’s name, tears dripping from his face. He had already lost one Allison, he couldn’t lose another.

About another hour went by, and he gave up, sinking to the floor with a sob. He had lost her, and you were going to kill him.

“Daddy, why are you crying?” He heard a sweet voice, and looked up, looking at the little girl right in front of his face. He smiled in relief, pulling her into a really tight hug, ignoring her pouting and whining.

“I thought I lost you.” He mumbled, pulling back to look into her mother’s eyes, relief flooding his own.

“It’s okay Daddy, I’m not going anywhere.” She reassured him with a kiss to his cheek, a laugh bubbling in her throat. He smiled and hugged her again.


“How do you lose a three-year old?!” You screamed at Stiles over the phone, pulling into the driveway of your shared home.

“I don’t know! He’s not in his room, and I can’t find him.” You groaned, shoving the door open before hurrying into the small house. Stiles was freaking out, looking in cabinets and under the table. You glowered at him from where you stood, anger rising in your chest.

“You are so irresponsible!” You yelled at him, slamming your car keys down. “You can’t even watch yourself, so I don’t know why I even asked you to watch Ian.” Stiles shrank down underneath your harsh gaze. “I can’t trust you with anything, can I? Cause you always let me down!”

“Mommy, mommy, mommy!” Your little boy cried, running out from a closet, his arms wrapping around your waist. “Please stop fighting. It’s not Daddy’s fault.” And then came the dragon tears, the big fat ones that always made you feel guilty. You sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry Little Man.” You cooed, looking back up at Stiles with an apologetic look. “I’m sorry, I know you’re trying your hardest, but I can’t lose anyone else in my life.”

He nodded understandably, walking up before wrapping his arms around you. “It’s okay.”


You and Isaac weren’t together anymore, so it was understandable that he flirted with other girls. What was even worse was, he used your two-year old son to pick up chicks. You hated when he did that, but there was nothing you could do, after all he did have custody over Boyd over the weekends. So when you got a call at your work from Isaac, you began to panic.

“He’s not here.” Isaac kept saying, over and over again. “He’s gone, I can’t find him!” He yelled over the phone.

“Isaac, where are you?” You asked, trying to calm him down. After he didn’t respond, you got up, grabbing your coat before hurrying out your workplace. Your boss would be pissed off, but something was wrong, and when Isaac panicked, he never got anything done. “Isaac! Where are you? I’m coming.”

He breathed heavily. “L-Lydia was having a party, and I lost him inside.” You growled, getting in your car before speeding off, not caring that you were breaking the speed limit.

When you got to Lydia’s house, Isaac was pacing outside, relief flooding his face when he saw you. You growled at him as you shoved past him. “Boyd!” You called, pushing your way through the dancing bodies. “Boyd!” You called again, looking around.

You spotted a head of curly hair, and those blue eyes and you cried in relief, running towards him before scooping him up in your arms. You weren’t sure if you were crying because you were happy you found him or scared he had gotten lost in the first place. But that didn’t matter, because before you knew it, you were screaming at Isaac, drawing attention to the two of you.

“What the hell is your problem? Bringing a two-year old to a drinking party! You make me sick, I’m so glad I dropped your ass when I had the chance.” You had tears rolling down your face as you sniffled. “Stay away from us Isaac, and don’t even think about coming to pick him up next week, because I want you out of his life!” And with that, you turned and stomped away, a crying baby on your hip and a sad Isaac staring after you.


Losing one kid was bad enough, but losing two was even worse.

Derek had taken Ethan and Aiden to the park, letting the two five year old twins play around when all of a sudden Aiden disappeared. At first, Derek tried to track his scent, but it was like it disappeared, and what made matters worse was when Ethan turned around and disappeared. And now, Derek was panicking. You were going to kill him when you found out.

“Ethan! Aiden!” Derek yelled, looking in the slides and behind trees, but he just couldn’t find them. He slumped forward, burying his head in his hands with a panicky breath.

“Dad. Are you okay?” A small voice piped up, and he blinked, letting his head raise to look at the two boys standing front of them.

He got mad, grabbing the boys roughly by the arm before hugging them tightly. “Where the hell did you go?” He was angry, but he was relieved.

“Bathroom.” Aiden answered honestly, tilting his head. “I’m sorry, but I had to go really badly and I didn’t want to go alone so its my fault.”

“I don’t care.” He growled, hugging them tighter. “As long as your safe.”


He took his eyes away from her for three seconds, and poof! She was gone. At first, he didn’t panic, he had to keep a level head. She couldn’t have gone far, and maybe he was lying to himself for a little bit, because the little eight year old could haul ass if she needed to. He checked everywhere in the store, behind clothes racks and in the toy section, but she wasn’t there. He tried to keep a level head, but after searching and searching, he lost his cool.

“Hayden!” He yelled, jogging through the store, looking down food aisles and in the clothing section. Turning in a full circle he tried to focus his hearing, but he couldn’t find her heartbeat. “Hayden!” He called again, walking to the front of the store.

“I’m right here.” She mumbled, coming out of the bathroom with an annoyed expression. He sighed in relief, picking her up before spinning her around. “Dad! Put me down, you’re embarrassing me.” She growled, a small smile peeking on the corner of her lips.

“I don’t care.” He whispered, squeezing her tight. “Don’t ever walk away from me again. Something bad could have happened and I don’t think I could have handled it if something bad happened to you.” He swallowed his spit, tears rising in his eyes. “I can’t lose you like I lost your mother.” He whispered, cupping her face.

You're Alright You. Part Eleven

• What if … on the day of her release from the mental hospital Rae doesn’t see Chloe and the gang on the bikes…


Part One • Part Two • Part Three • Part Four • Part Five • Part Six • Part Seven • Part Eight • Part Nine • Part Ten


Part Eleven

We were laid in my Mum’s bed.

Under the covers, side by side, both starring up at the ceiling.

Our shoulders were the only parts touching. It was driving me freaking crazy.

How was I supposed to sleep in the same bed as Finn all night without committing a sex crime.

I don’t think I can do this.

I hope these sheets are clean. Oh bloody hell.

“Still awake?” Finn whispered besides me. How can I sleep right now?

“Yeah” As soon as we had gotten into the bed I was suddenly wide awake. I wonder why?

I am a sex addict with out the actually having sex part.

“Thanks for tonight”

“You what?” I hadn’t really done anything.

“With Archie, I doubt he would of told me what was up with him yet, if he hadn’t talked to you”

“You don’t have to thank me Finn” I just listened to him after all, Archie did the hard part “And he would of told you, he did tell you”

"Yeah” he huffed a little “You asked me if there was summet up with him at the weekend and I hadn’t noticed, I should of, he’s my best mate

"He wasn’t ready, to talk about it then”


Archie had been so brave to admit his sexuality.

Chloe had been brave to tell me who her mystery man was. Mr bloody Carrisford.

Maybe it was my time, to be honest. They do say things come in threes, don’t they?

“I need to tell yah summet” I couldn’t breath, what the hell am I doing “About the whole France thing”


I can’t do this. Chicken Shit.

“The thing is I’m not ready to yet” taking a deep breath I turned my head to look at him but he was still starring up at the ceiling, biting his lip “I’ve got some stuff, bad stuff and it’s not fair to not tell yah before…..” oh bloody hell.

“Everyones got stuff Rae” he slowly turned to finally look at me “and your tell me when your ready”

“It could ruin everything” I warned him “You could hate me”

“Oh” he reached over and moved some hair out of my eyes “I highly doubt that”

“It could” ‘cause I’m mad.

“Rae” he thought for a moment “Everyone has stuff, everyone has struggles and everyone has bad things that happen, It don’t change who you are in here” he pointed at his own heart “I know your good, I can wait for you tell me. When your ready. We’ve got plenty of time”


“Yeah” he smiled

What did I ever do to deserve someone like him in my life?


We must of fallen asleep soon after our conversation ‘cause I was woken up by somebody banging on the front door. Again?

“What the fuck is wrong with people today?” I mumbled and got out of the bed. Leaving Finn, who was still fast asleep by the way. Lucky bastard.

Archie had been woken up by the banging too though and was just scratching his head as I opened the door to the lounge.

“Thanks for getting it Arch” I told him.

“No problem Rae” he stuck his tongue out as I passed.

When I opened the door I just wanted to laugh.

“What the fuck Chop?” is he joking?

“You lot having a party without me?” he looked like he was gunna cry or summet.

“Hiya Rae” Izzy spoke from behind him and waved.

“Whats going on?” Chloe’s voice came from the lounge, behind me.

“You just woke us all up, cause you think we are having a party?” Unless it was a bloody silent party he must of known there wasn’t one happening in this house!

“The lights on!”

“One light, In the whole house!"I pointed behind me.

"Well, none of you fuckers told me yah had found Arch!” he was getting louder. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mrs Dewhurst’s curtains twitching. Nosey motherfucker. “And it’s only eleven thirty”

“Get in” I opened the door wider so him and Izzy could come in.

“Where the fuck have you been?” he demanded when he saw Archie.

“Just about” Archie sleepily told him. Just about? Really?

I guess he’s not ready to tell the rest of the gang just yet then?

“Just about? Me and Izzy spent three hours walking around the park and down the common looking for yah only to be told by your Mum that you had turned up at Rae’s house hours before!”

“Sorry Chop, That was my fault” Finn was rubbing sleep out of his eyes as he came into the room “I shoulda found yah before I came here”

“Damn fucking right you shoulda’ ”

“You ok Archie bug?” Izzy asked.

“Whats going on then if yah not having a party?”

“Its been a long fucking evening Chop” Finn spoke “Everyones tiered”

“Well I have brought some beers” he held up two bags “So how about we have a drink and a mini party, just us lot”

“I told you no parties”

Chop didn’t say anything just smiled a massive shit eating grin. Cheeky son of a bitch.

“Got any wine?” Chloe asked taking a seat on the arm of the sofa.

“Yeah, here yah go” he passed her one of the bags “You alright Chlo’? Looks like yah been crying?”

“I broke up with that guy I was seeing”

“Oh, sorry

"It’s alright”

I looked over at Finn, who was looking at me and rolled my eyes. Alright my arse.


What the bloody hell is going on here?”


“I told her no bloody parties!”


“Who the hell are you?”


“Oh fucking shit!” I jumped out of the bed me and Finn had shared, again.

This can not be happening.

“What was that?” Finn lifted his head of the pillow and looked me. He looked so sexy with his bed hair that if my Mum wasn’t currently shouting the house down I would probably try to eat him alive.


“Me Mum’s back!”

“Oh shit” he jumped up so fast he was lucky he didn’t fall over.

“Quick, get out of here, go in my room”

Before we could get across the hall to my room though there was my Mum, stood at the bottom of the stairs. Crap.

“Alright Mum?” I waved and Finn stood awkwardly behind me. His hair standing up in every fucking direction. Fucking sexy as hell. Damn him.

“Rachel Earl what the bloody hell is going on?” She sounded mad but it also kind of looked like she was trying not to smile.

“What do yah mean?” I smiled at her.

Rae“ she started walking up the stairs towards us "You know damn well what I bloody mean”

“This is Finn” I tried to distract her.

“Nice to meet yah love, Rae” she huffed “Why are there two lads an a lass asleep on my sofa when I specifically told yah no parties, gang activities and no boys?”

My bedroom door opened and Chloe popped her head out.

“Chloe love”

“Morning Ms Earl” She looked at me with wide eyes. I fucking know.

“Actually Chloe, its Mrs Bouchtat now” You what? “Me and Karim got married two days ago”

“Congratulations?” Chloe replied while I felt Finn reach for my hand. He always knows.

“What?” she can not be serious right now. She married him?

“Rae, we’ll talk about this later. Now get this house tided up before I get out of the bath” Well this is bloody bullshit “And Finn dear you can help Karim with the bags from the car, I might of gotten a bit carried away at the the duty free” I bet you did.

“No problem Mrs Bouchtat”

“You just spent the night in my bed with my daughteroh my god, someone shoot me now “you can call me Linda” huh?

“Ok” he was going red as she passed us and locked herself in the bathroom.

“Oh my god Rae, are you aright?” Chloe asked as Finn just tightened his grip on my hand.

“I better go down, to the car” and as far away from my mother as he could.

“Okay, yeah” I nodded and let go of his hand.

Once Finn had gone I pushed Chloe back into my room.

“What about Arch and that downstairs?”

“Oh fucking hell, they better go before she gets done in the bathroom”

“Come on, then we can go to the cafe or summer and have breakfast” You can have breakfast. I’ll just watch.

“I can’t believe she bloody married him, she’s only known him five minutes”

“The heart wants what the heart wants Rae” Oh please.


“So you and Finn shared a bed, hey” she was smiling at me.

“ ‘nought happened” I bloody wish it had.

She wiggled her eyebrows at me.

“It didn’t” I laughed “Not that I didn’t want it too”

“Your gunna need a fucking bib, have you seen him”

"Oi!” Well, she’s not wrong “Come on, lets go down”


Sunday morning I got woken up by Archie shaking me. Why did I ever want friends again? All they seem to do is wake me up all the time.

“What the fuck?”

“Rae, it’s me”


“Yeah, sorry but Chop has called a meeting down the chippie”

“Why? summet happened?”

“Dunno” he smiled “Don’t think its anything bad cause he sounded dead happy” happy? “Just told me to pick you, Chlo’ and Finn up”

“Do they know?”

“Doubt it, I rang em and said I was on me way. Called you too by he way but Karim answered and I don’t think he understood anything I said” Well thats about right.

“If this is about a house party or summet, I’ll slap him, with a wet fish”

“I would pay to see that”

“I’ll do it for free” I stood up “Just buy the fish”



Archie picked Finn and Chloe up in his car on the way to the chippie.

“Anyone know what this is about?” Chloe spoke from the back seat, next to Finn.

Finn though, well he stayed oddly quiet as me and Archie said no. Doe’s he bloody know?

I tried to catch his eye on the rest of the car ride but he looked out of the window the whole way. What is going on?

And as soon as the car stopped he jumped out and pretty much ran into the chippie leaving us all still in the car.

“He knows” Chloe pointed at him.

“Come on, there’s only one way we are gunna find out what those two are up ta”

As soon as we entered the Chippie, Chop was standing at the end of one table “Sit down” he pointed at the seats. Finn was already sat in one of em and Izzy was next to him.

“Right you lot” Chop clapped his hands once we all sat down.

“What is this about?” Izzy asked. So even she didn’t know

“Well, I have been planning a surprise lads trip for the last couple of weeks”

“What?” So Archie had no idea either then.

“Lads trip?” If he was planning a lads trip why the hell where me, Chloe and Izzy here.

“Well, Finnley here said he wanted to take Raemondo along and I managed to get three extra tickets for all of you girls to join us”


“What for?”

“Knebworth baby girl” he smiled at me.

“Shut up” I almost shouted while Chloe and izzy looked confused “Are you serious”

“Dead serious” oh my god.

“Are you messing with me?” That is it, there is no way this is my life. I must of fallen into a coma and that whole pinching thing just doesn’t work.

“I ain’t messing with yah” he was grinning so hard I was worried his face would get stuck. 

“What is going on?” Chloe demanded.

“We’re going to see Oasis, at Knebworth!”

“Oh my god” I turned to Finn “It was your idea”

“Well, yeah but Chop did the leg work” he was so fucking incredible.


“No problem” He leant over the table and gave me a quick kiss.

“Oh here we go again” Archie said “All of you at it again”

I laughed and turned to see Izzy hanging around Chop’s neck as they made out.

Holy shit I am going to be in the same room as Liam Gallagher. I think I might pass out.



Pairings: NicoMaki, NozoEli, RinPana, and KotoUmi
Words: 4900+
Summary: The three stooges of μ’s causing some trouble.
A/N: Had to write something funny to make up for breaking my Under the Cherry Blossom readers’ hearts with my latest chapter. (Sorry)
21 Jump Street inspired, but also note that no drugs were consumed by our precious babies.

“Just admit it; we’re lost,” Nico stated, looking out the window of the van to a vast space of nothing.

“We’re not lost,” Eli replied, her hands gripped onto the steering wheel. “We just took a different route.”

“Yeah, we’re definitely lost.”

“We’re lost, nya!” Rin shouted beside Nico.

“We are not lost!” Eli assured her, using the rear-view mirror to look at the first-year. “We’ll get there. Don’t worry about it.”

“We’ll get there when we’re dead,” Honoka muttered, pressing her face against the window glass as her eyebrows scrunched up in annoyance.

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Serial Killer Calum Part 11

AN Yo I said I’d update over the weekend and technically it still is for me for an hour, but by the time I post it’ll be Monday . . As long as I don’t go to sleep, right :O so spoiler alert I’m placing a warning here, so if you get squeamish at stuff go away. Although I would think that if you’re reading a serial killer story you’d be ok with a lot of things. Oh and pay no attention to the weird guy in the middle of that picture. Anyways, this is really fucking long, so short author’s note ayyyy enjoy babes xx

Calum’s POV

It took a week from where we were driving to get to Ashton’s. It’s going to take another fucking week with both of these little assholes to get back to Sydney where I captured Y/N from. More like picked up. I am not ready to spend an entire week with Ashton and Y/N complaining the entire fucking way. My plan is to get to the closest airport so we can fly to Hemmings’s, leaving my car here. I’m going to miss it, but it has to be done.

“So you guys keep saying ‘Hemmings this’ and ‘Hemmings that’ I still don’t know who this kid is,” Y/N spoke up. “Like, what’s his first name, what kind of movies is he into, does his mom know about his illegal activity, that sort of thing.”

“How you put up with this chick for a week straight is beyond me, Calum,” Ashton muttered from behind me.

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some very specific tips for public speaking

ok so!! obviously as a group, we, proud tumblr bloggers, arent exactly a+ with public speeches. its ok though, bc mostly its just a matter of time, dedication, and practice.

however, these tips are gonna be very specific because i had exactly one exact specific problem since i started to read texts aloud in public, so i guess for about 7 years?? college and uni stuff, ok, we had to read. i did my qualification presentation by reading my speech out. im ok with crowds, and its ok when i improvise, but oh my god, reading texts. just shoot me. anyway, it all sucked and i found a solution like a couple of months ago, and i really really want to share it as soon as i can. 

the thing is, i read really fast. like, really Really fast, and im constantly getting ahead of myself right as i speak, like, i see next sentence and i process it right as i read the previous one, and i already kinda wanna start saying the next, and it all crumbles in one, and its a mess, and it can only be visualized as a train running into a giant stone wall full speed. fear not, theres a cure for that.

so, what u do is:

a) get ur speech and make it into 2 columns
b) make each line short, like, about 10 syllables max

this is what my qualification speech looked like, for example

u see? u visually divide ur sentences into shorter parts and it gets harder to run ahead of urself. nice.

c) print it out, etc
d) get a piece of paper and cover ur text except for the line that ur curently reading. its really hard to crumble a short line, and u cant see the next yet, so its like 100000% easier already
e) as u near the end of ur line, shift the paper lower to reveal the next one, and so on. real simple. u can do ut
f) go ahead and practice on that speech for like 40 times a day

u can do it ok its not as hard as it looks i beliebe in u i hope it helped ok