Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) A/B/O Part 2!

A/N: Hey guys! Part 2 is finally here and it gets wild as heck lol. I had too much fun while writing this! I’m sorry for the super long update and I’ll be posting more stuff later! I’m on a roll today! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

 Warnings: Angst. Mentions of sex. Everyone pretty much goes bonkers. 

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“Ms. Y/L/N,” Friday chimed.

With a small groan, you forced your eyes open. It was supposed to be your day off, meaning you could sleep as much as you wanted for as long as you wanted. Why was she calling you now?

“Yes, Friday?” you murmured. She always found a way to bother you, especially during nap time. Delta’s needed more rest than everyone else, but of course, nobody knew that but you. You hadn’t told anyone about your true status yet.

“Mr. Stark requests your presence in the common room.”

With a tired groan, you threw the covers from your body and sat up.

What could possibly be going on this time? Did Tony blow up another suit again? It took weeks to get the oil out of your nails, much less your skin. Did Peter run out of webs mid swing again? You loved the kid almost like a little brother, but the kid needed some kind of rockets in his shoes for safety. You made sure to scold Tony on that; he wasn’t exactly a responsible crime fighter. You understood now what Pepper went through.

You slipped on the nearest form of clothing you could find before making your way towards the common room.

The sounds of hushed whispering rung throughout your ears. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Was Tony having guests over? Why didn’t Friday mention that to you? Looking down at your clothes, you felt a blush break out on your cheeks. You were nowhere near dressed for guests. It wasn’t anything near provocative, just an oversized sweater and leggings, but still. You didn’t like drawing attention to yourself and you strongly disliked strangers.

Entering the room, you spotted the entire Avengers assembly. Literally.

You recognized Thor, who stood taller than everyone else, speaking with Bruce Banner quietly. You spotted Vision and …were that Scarlett Witch? Jesus, she was even prettier in person. You may or may not have read her file religiously.

You saw Hawkeye standing next to the redheaded assassin herself, Black Widow. Immediately, you felt your instincts kick in slightly. She was a suitable alpha, no doubt. Her red hair made her pale skin seem almost vibrant and those eyes…god she was so perfect. With a subtle shake of your head, you pulled your mind out of the gutter. As nice as she was, you were still wary of the woman. She was extremely intimidating.

In the corner of the room, you spotted Falcon and Ant Man standing side by side. You could tell how nervous the two looked about the whole situation. You couldn’t blame them, from what you heard about the whole airport thing that happened in Germany, you’d be a bit nervous, too.

You smiled when you spotted Peter standing by himself, his hands in his tucked into his pockets casually. At least you knew him. Even though Peter was a newly legal Beta, he still remained one of your closest friends. He didn’t know about your whole…status problem yet, but he something told you he knew there was more to you than what you were telling him. But being the polite person he was, he decided not to push it, to your relief.

When Tony entered the room, everyone instantly got quiet. You had a feeling you’d be receiving some really bad news this evening.

“Alright, I’m sure you’re all wondering why I called you here,” he began, clapping his hands together. You could spot the subtle sweat beading across his forehead. Why was he so nervous? “I can assure you right now, I’m not dying!”

Everyone seemed to relax a little bit at the news. Jesus, he had a way of being the biggest drama kind on this earth.

As Tony continued, you felt someone’s eyes on you. Ignoring it, you kept your gaze on Tony.

“Why are we here, Tony?” Rhodey asked, crossing his arms over his chest. A cliché alpha mannerism. You snorted softly at the realization that your instincts hadn’t kicked in at the sight of him. Maybe he wasn’t as alpha as he thought he was. Alphas were so fragile underneath the whole macho exterior.

Again, you could feel someone’s eyes on you. And it was honestly irking the life out of you. You couldn’t possibly focus on Tony while whoever it was stared at you like that. With a causal turn of your head, you caught sight of Natasha glancing over at you. Her blue eyes were set on your body, trailing them up and down. Suddenly, you felt so small.

You felt the arousal slowly growing between your legs, making you blush. Before she could look back into your eyes, you looked away quickly. That wasn’t a very practical idea after all.

“We’re here because I’ve decided that I was a little bit hard on Rogers,” he admitted, avoiding everyone’s gaze. But when he looked up at everyone’s smirks, he sighed.

“Okay, maybe I was a bit dramatic about it.”

Someone let out a snort.

“What I’m trying to say is, I was wrong. Incredibly wrong about the entire situation. Rogers, although he can be a little shit sometimes, is a strong asset to this team. And without him, we’ve pretty much got nothing going for us.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, much to his dismay.

“Hey! I did pretty well those couple of ti- anyways,” he cleared his throat. “I’ve decided to try and make things right; for the sake of the team. I offered Cap a place back on the team.”

Everyone let out small approvals at the news. You even cracked a smile. This was so mature for Tony, you were so proud of him.

“He agreed to come back on one condition.” Everyone practically leaned in with anticipation. Peter even stood on the couch to get a better view.

“He’ll come back, but only if Barnes gets a place, too.”

You felt like one of those cartoon characters. Your jaw practically dropped straight to the floor. Peter instantly looked down at me with wide eyes. But Rhodey, though…he was not having it at all.

“Are you high?!” he shouted, clenching his fists in fury.

“I wish I was,” Tony said under his breath with a sigh. “No Rhodey, I’m just trying to fix things for once.”

“And by fixing, you mean letting the man who killed your parents live under your roof?”

That’s when shit hit the fan.

“Hey, Barnes was brainwashed!” Scott shouted. “He didn’t mean any of that!”  

“Oh yeah? Well, why didn’t he just walk away?” Rhodey retorted. “He could’ve at any point. He’s a damn master assassin!”

You glanced over at Peter, feeling a bit fearful. He gave you a reassuring smile, patting your shoulder gently. You absolutely hated confrontation. Especially when it involved your work.

“Tony!” Rhodey exclaimed. “At least think about this for a couple days!”

“Yeah, about that,” Tony said, glancing at his wristwatch. “I kinda already agreed to it. They should be here any minute.”

Your eyes nearly flew out of your head. You weren’t too sure about this. You knew Steve was a trustworthy man, but this Bucky guy…you were a bit wary of this. The only thing you knew about him was that he murdered a lot of innocent people, including Tony’s parents. Tony told you the entire thing personally after he’d nearly drank himself to death one night.

“Mr. Stark,” Friday chimed again. You all instantly went quiet. “Mr. Rogers and Mr. Barnes have arrived.”

“Oh, cool,” he sighed. “Send them in, I guess.”

The elevator chimed mechanically, opening swiftly.

That’s when you felt it.

Your vision instantly blurred, creating kaleidoscope like patterns. You placed a hand on whoever was near you for support. Whoever the person was, they placed their hands on your shoulders, steadying you. The next thing you know, you’re on the ground surrounded by everyone. You feel hands cupping your face, forcing you to look up. Natasha stared back at you, her blue eyes widened with worry.

The heat between your legs was unlike anything else you’ve ever felt. It was almost unbearable. You felt a wave of arousal hit you at full force, preventing you from thinking straight.

Natasha leaned in far too close, inhaling deeply. Her eyes snapped open, her eyes completely dilated.

“Delta.” She whispered, licking her lips hungrily.

“Delta.” Peter repeated, his eyes dilating as well.

“Delta!” Wanda gasped, prowling closer to you with matching dilated eyes.

“Delta.” Sam followed behind her, his nostrils flaring.

You looked over at the elevator, past all the people slowly crowding around you.

Bucky’s eyes were completely dilated, his breaths coming out in short puffs. He was the one. He was the perfect mate and you wanted his knot and you wanted it now. You didn’t care if everyone watched; you needed him more than anything. You didn’t care who was in the way of your alpha.

“WAIT WHAT?” Tony practically squeaked, staring at you with wide eyes. “What do you guys mean delta? She’s not…oh no.” he inhaled, catching your scent of wild berries and pine trees. Of course you were a delta. Jesus, he was so stupid not to notice. You had no scent up until now.

Natasha dipped her nose into your neck, inhaling harshly. You let out a small whine, gently trying to push yourself away from her. It was no use. She was an alpha, far too strong for you.

Bucky let out a growl, snapping everyone’s eyes from you to him. The gears in his metal arm shifted threateningly as he clenched his fist harder. Your eyes instantly went to his, begging silently for him to take you away.

Before anyone was able to touch you, Tony scurried past everyone and snatched you away from Natasha. Well, he tried to.

Natasha grabbed ahold of your legs as tight as she could, planting her feet onto the ground to prevent him from leaving. “God damn it, Romanoff!” he spat. “Get your shit together before I make Fury fire you!”

In a flash, Thor scooped the redheaded woman up from the ground and threw her over his shoulder despite her angry shouts.

“Ah, I remember my first encounter with a delta!” he laughed, snatching a kicking and screaming Wanda up as well with his other arm.

Tony began dragging you away as fast as he could, trying to dodge the crazed people that darted towards you.

Peter had managed to grab onto your arm, only to be snatched up by Clint and thrown into one of the coat closets. “Jesus,” Clint sighed, placing a chair in front of the door. “You guys are so embarrassing.”

You caught a glimpse of Bruce running out of the building, his body shifting inhumanly large. Oh god, he was hulking out. Vision and Sam were practically rolling on the floor as the android gathered the man into a headlock. “Let me go, you fucker!” Sam spat, wiggling in his grasp.

Suddenly, you felt a cold, metal arm grab onto your ankle, tearing you away from Tony’s grasp. You cried out with glee at the sight of Bucky practically dragging you through the hall, ignoring Tony’s shouts from afar. You jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his waist as he carried you away. Bucky raced down the hallway, zooming through the halls for any empty rooms. He didn’t care if it was a janitor closet, as long as he could get his knot inside you and fast.

You dipped your head into his neck, pressing small kisses along the warm flesh. He let out a growl, kneading the flesh of your behind. You let out a small squeak at his actions. Bucky smelled like heaven. His scent was a mixture of cinnamon and the ocean, your favorite two things combined into the perfect alpha. You tangled your fingers through his hair, breathing in his scent as if it were oxygen.

“Rogers!” Tony’s voice echoed from down the hall. “Get your friend before he impregnates my successor!”

Suddenly, you and Bucky were on the ground. Steve’s shield rattled against the ground beside the two of you. Bucky let out a string of curses as he stood. Before he could get to you, he was tackled to the ground by Steve. The two men wrestled on the ground, throwing punch after punch.

Not knowing what else to do, you crawled towards the men and pounced onto Steve’s back.

“What the hell? Get off Y/N!” he shouted, stumbling backwards. Before Bucky could get to his feet once again, you were snatched from Steve’s back and hauled away from him.

“What the hell is wrong with you two? You’re like rabid bunnies on Viagra!” Tony exclaimed, dragging you away with all his might.

You cried out as you got farther and farther away from Bucky. Your heat slowly became more and more intense the farther you were apart. You watched helplessly as Steve planted his shield on his friend’s back and sat on it, preventing him from following this time.

You reached out and grabbed onto one of the door handles and tried to pull yourself away from Tony, only to have him swat your hands away. Turning the corner, the last thing you saw was Bucky lying helplessly beneath Steve.

Tony practically threw you into the first bedroom he found.

Unfortunately, you completely missed the bed and landed on the floor with a loud thud. You picked yourself up and cradled your bruised arm, snarling at Tony. The older man let out a sigh of relief, plopping down onto the bed. It was a spare bedroom, but it would do for now. He just needed to rest a bit. He really did need to get back in shape soon. Gosh, Pepper would be cackling at him right now.

“You are such a handful, you know that?” he sighed, watching you intently.

You glared up at him, your eyes still dilated completely black. You were still in heat. Great.

Tony let out a small chuckle, staring out the small window. You let out a small growl.

“You know, I remember these days when I was a kid.” He recalled, watching the birds fly past the building. Your eyes widened. What was he talking about?

“You see,” he said softly. “My mom was a delta, too.”

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The One And Only

♥ Hi Guys, so I finally made it. This one was a request, thanks for sending it to me, I hope you guys like it. Feel free to leave some feedback, I appreciate it. Enjoy! Found any mistakes? Tell me I would love to fix them. Deutsche Version auf meiner Masterlist!

Request:  Hey! I love your writing, and I was wondering if you could do a fluff/smut fic with Steve where he secretly has a huge crush on the reader, she’s been with a guy but he breaks up with her because shes a virgin and won’t sleep with him and Steve comforts her and confesses and they make love and Steve is a super sweet gentle and loving and all around takes good care of her and they cuddle afterwards? (sorry I know that was suuuper specific but I’ve had the idea for a while) Thanks doll!

  • Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
  • Summary: After you broke up with you boyfriend you realize how is the one for you!
  • Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, virgin!Reader, written from Steve’s Pov
  • Words: 2025

I leaned in the doorway of my bedroom like glued to the spot. My eyes rested on the woman of my dreams, which slept peacefully in my bed. Gentle moonlight fell on her and she looked so beautiful.

‘Y/N, if I only could call you mine’

I shook my head and looked at her. She was the perfection in person. Wonderful from head to toe. I loved her more than anything else, since ages but we were nothing more than best friends and I was simply too cowardly to tell her what I felt for her. Bucky kicked me regularly in the ass, said I should finally let me grow a pair and tell her. Now I had a chance, the question was if I would grab it? Y/N stumbled into my apartment a few hours ago. I had sat on the couch with a cold bottle of beer and bathed in self-pity as she knocked at the door.

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me and john (@sixxxxxxer) were talking about heathers which led to talking about how toxic michael/jd is so yeah here something written by me and edited by him:
Michael, Jeremy, and Christine had somehow ended up in the small town of Sherwood, Ohio on their roadtrip. Of course, Michael forced everyone to stop by a seven eleven once they got into the town to refuel his car and get snacks. “Be right back!” he promised, closing his door while Jeremy groaned and Christine bid him farewell. He whistled a tune and strolled inside.

A boy in a dark trenchcoat towered over a girl in blue. It looked ugly, from what he could see. Michael avoided it and started to shop for the trip. He approached the slushie machine and caught the brunette exiting the gas station in fit of rage, now standing by his PT Cruiser, talking to his friends.

Michael, concerned something might happen outside, walked up to the boy to asses the situation, and immediately could sense something was off. After all, who the hell fights with their girlfriend in a seven eleven?

The trenchcoated male scoffed.

“My girlfriend just broke up with me.”

He had a weird smile on his face, like he wasnt actually upset.

Michael didn’t respond. He didn’t want to interact with this dude. He started generously pouring himself a cherry slurpee.

“God, she is so perfect.”

“That’s great dude,” Michael shot a red straw through the plastic top, grabbing the cup and dismissively wandering towards the cashier, “I’ll just get going-” “And to think i wasn’t going to kill her!”

Michael dropped the slushie in favor of surviving another day, taking a step back towards the door.

“Shit, I didnt mean to say that.” The newfound psychotic murder man chuckled calmly as he reached into his pocket for something, presumably a weapon, Michael never wanted to see, “You don’t seem like much of an asshole, so it’s a shame I have to kill you.”

“Dude, what the fuck-” Michael bolted for the door, not bothering to pay for the abandoned slurpee, “Theres a crazy dude in there!” He wheezed, announcing to his friends to lock the car.

“Oh, my ex,” Blue Girl groaned, as if this was a normal fucking occurence, “yeah, we better leave…”

“Hoodie kid!”

The dude had a gun. Of course he had a gun. Thanks, God, Michael thought.

Despite himself, Michael jerked forward and punched the armed offender swiftly in the face. His tall frame swayed before falling onto the ground face first. He went limp.

Christine squealed as she exited the car, followed by Jeremy, “Hell yeah! Go, Michael! The evil is defeated!” Jeremy patted him on the back and smiled.

The girl in blue turned to him, “That may have been a little extreme, but according to him, extreme always seems to make an impression.”
so now this is a thing. thanks again to @sixxxxxxer for helping me edit this and convince me to write this akjdksf

anonymous asked:

HC's for Muu, Kouen and Sinbad discovering that their cute, five feet tall and apparently harmless wives are seasoned war veterens capable of beating the living daylights out of them (even when using Djinn powers) with only a sword like it was a walk in the park? Your blog is my favorite imagines blog :) Thanks!

Aww thank you! Glad to hear that^^


  • would stare at his wife with wide eyes
  • would gap like a fish that´s out of water, trying to find the right words to respond to what just happened
  • ´she- but, she is- wow
  • needs to take a deep breath before embracing his badass wife- she took part in a war, something that he never knew about and therefore something that he could not help her to cope with
  • will be worried about the impact that the war leaves on her: even when you come back from a war, the person you were before will be long gone
  • tries to ask his wife cautiously to let him handle the fights while smiling to show her not to beat the living daylights out of him
  • cause she is sure as hell capable to


  • you think Kouen does not know? ha, jokes on you
  • he noticed the swift moves of his small wife and knew that she has a strong will- she is capable of keeping Judar in check after all
  • her capability to defeat a djinn user might have taken him by suprise, thou
  • smirks proudly when he sees her form walking away from the training grounds with a spring in her steps
  • ´god, she is so perfect´
  • it is possible that his wife might not be able to do those springs the next day- or steps in general


  • the discovery will cause a spark to ignite in his golden eyes
  • is not interested in the new information at first, is more likely focused on the way her normaly cute face turns into one of a war goddess
  • he knew that a woman that tame him and get him into marriage has to be amazing,but the embodiment of the definition of perfection was not something that the king of Sindria expected
  • yet, it describes his wife perfectly right now
  • questions will be asked later
  •  now, it is time for some quality time
You have a 19+ rating on a video and you're considered innocent (BTS)

Namjoon: -he liked the song and the video. You showed off all your talents dancing, singing, and rapping your heart out. They were just too sexy for little kids to enjoy- “baby’s got jams”

Jin: -well you were more revealed than he liked. Many people saw tattoos that only he and a few other friends knew about. But not even the boys knew about them.- “So babe about the outfit, I liked it. But the tattoos may send people into a state of shock. Your innocent image is gone”

Suga: -he didn’t like that your group did a song about drugs and sex. Especially when you were the one in the bed with another man.- “no baby the song is catchy but I don’t like you being in bed with another man”

J-Hope: -you dressed adorably and the other were all sexily dressed. But you were the one belting out dirty lyrics making an interesting contrast. He had really no problem with it- “I wish you had the outfit the others had. You would look so sexy but you had to dress so cute and have a potty mouth instead”

Jimin: -he was in heaven, everything about the video made him happy. You acted like yourself instead of a innocent little girl the other’s knew you as. Slightly perverted, sexy, and just plain odd all at the same time- “god she looks so perfect. She’s my little rebel”

V: -you had gotten to work with Jay Park and everyone knows how that works out with him. So seeing you lay on a bed in lingerie for a video shouldn’t have bothered him because of the acting. But your mainly naked body near another man was scary- “that man better not try anything. This is the first thing she’s ever been in majorly. How much more will I have to deal with?” 

Jungkook: -the boys talked about the outfits the most. It was most different from the oversized garments you usually wore didn’t show off any assets. But the tight clothing sure did- “I’m well aware of how she looks. I bet her figures the reason for the higher age requirements. All the dirty thoughts teenage boys have about her”  

BTS reacting to their idol crush playing a main role in a romantic drama with another member

1291 words. For a freaking reaction. This is getting out of hand& well now try to imagine how long it takes me to write a chapter for a fanfiction. 

Request:  bts reaction to his idol crush playing a main role in a romantic drama with another member

Rapmonster: Would try to ignore it.  But at some point all the other members have visited the filming side and it would be weird if he wouldn’t visit, too and GREAT he had to chose the day where you have to shot the only kissing scene in the whole thing. And you’re completely embarrassed because a) you and your filming partner are buddies but nothing more(!!) and b) because there is that super hot guy who has been staring at you for the last 10 minutes.  So as you’re about to kiss there suddenly is just this enormous crash. And you shoot apart and when you look over the super hot guy is just standing there, a sheepish smile on his face as he starts to apologize. So you get introduced to him (“That’s Namjoon, our band leader…also known as god of destruction”) and to his surprise you start helping him and the stuff with cleaning up. Somewhere between small talk (“I listened to your music, it’s really good”) and putting a band-aid on his finger after he cut himself on a shard he manages up the courage to ask you for your number.

Originally posted by baebsaes

Jin: Maybe the only one who would act like a normal human being about it. Would probably ask his fellow band member to be introduced to you and you two hit it off pretty quickly. (“wow what the hell do they breed perfect people with perfect voices in the basement of your record company?” - “oh my god shut up you are going to boost his ego even further”) But even though there is definitely some chemistry between the two off you he doesn’t want to make the first move while you are still working on the movie, since he thinks it could be awkward. Would be totally flustered and happy beyond belief when you finally ask him for his number.

Originally posted by baebsaes

J-Hope: Announces on a V-App stream that you and his fellow band member are working together, using the words “amazing”, “Prettiest girl to ever walk this earth” and “I am so jealous right now”. So 200.000 people already know about his crush on you before you do and the next day all your social media accounts are flooded with messages about the two of you. You go pretty fast from “who the hell is this guy” to “shit he’s cute” to “oh my god no he is also charming and funny what do I do?!”. So at that point it’s kinda obligatory that he comes to the filming site the very first day. After ten minutes you already post cute couple selcas (“let’s do this for the fans” also for my poor heart holy shit please don’t ever let me go you are so fucking perfect), and at the end of the day you’re already in love- and you have a date the next day so hell yes!)

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

V: Well, all the other band members know he has a crush on you. It’s kind of hard to miss, with your pictures on his phone, him quoting lines from your movies and talking about you all the goddamn time. So the first time he is at the filming site he tries to keep his inner fanboy on the leash, but that is kind of useless. (“Did I tell you about that friend of mine who is in love with you and kind of a stalker? Yeah, that’s him” - “You didn’t mention that he is cute how could you not mention that?!” - “Uhm because I’m straight and now I’ll just leave so the two of you can do the whole flirting thing”) At this point Taehyung is bright red and stammering and it is really cute and you try to help him out and make the whole thing less terrible for him by telling him you like their music. Out of sheer nervousness  he offers you to sing something for you and shit now you are in love.

Originally posted by buingkook

Jungkook: Would probably stick around the filming set whenever he gets the chance to, and pretty much everybody besides you knows he has a crush on you. At first he is just that kid you greet whenever you cross ways, but then he pulls some impressive shit (like dancing. Or singing or just existing who am I kidding here) and you two get to talk. He is super shy and nervous, but also incredibly funny and sweet, and he would confess to you in a really nervous and stiff way (“oh my god of course we can go out but you looked so serious I thought somebody had died!”) But he would also be a little bit possessive and you have to remind him once in awhile that this is just acting, and it is your job, goddamnit.

Originally posted by bwiyomi

Jimin: He doesn’t care. At all. That’s what he tells himself. And he knows it’s a huge fucking lie, but he would just try to ignore the whole thing. He leaves when the others talk about it and doesn’t even visit the filming scene (“I’d love to, but I am so busy right now! But you’ll do great! Fighting!”), but he can’t avoid going to the premiere. And at some point he just blurts out “Oh my god, she is so perfect, this is just unfair”- not knowing that you and like everyone in the whole room heard that. You turn around to look at him and make some smug comment, but then you look at him and go bright red because if anybody here is perfect it’s actually him. At the gala party afterwards you are introduced to each other and it’s one of the most awkward moments in your life because “Like are you going to talk? Or just keep staring at each other with heart eyes? By the way she is really good at kissing and I’ll text you his phone number!” The beginning is a little bit bumpy because  his “Would you mind if I really just stared at you for another few  minutes? I’m sorry, I’m still not over how beautiful you are” is one of the most genuine and embarrassing pick up lines you have ever heard.

Originally posted by rapperjoon

Suga:  Would try to tell himself that it doesn’t bother him. But he can’t help to be a little pissed, and he would act even more grumpy than usual. And no, it’s nothing, so can he please just be left alone and have some goddamn peace and quiet? It takes some time for the others to figure it out, but then they just set you up with him on a blind date. That would go something like: “Listen he is super grumpy and kind of creepy sometimes but below all of that he is really sweet and please can you go out with him, even if it’s just for the greater good? Also he sleeps a lot anyways so he is super easy to take care off!”  Eventually you agree, even though you expect some psychopath with shadows from below his eyes to his chin. But  when you meet him he is just this super flustered guy who is a little awkward at first and has a really cool hair color. The two of you hit it off pretty fast and at the end of the day you send a text to your filming partner, along the lines off: “Okay why didn’t you just show me a picture of him? Honestly now you could tell me he eats innocent children for dinner- and I wouldn’t even mind, his face is actual perfection.” That little shit decides to take a screenshot and send it to Yoongi, and yep, you are definitely replacing the face alcohol with real one for that one scene the next day.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Written in cooperation with sleep deprivation and a whole bag of chips. Requests are still open, so if you have any ideas for imagines or reactions or scenarios, they are very much appreciated!


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xo, Elly

Back of a Cop Car

Sam x reader song fic based on Cop Car by Keith Urban!!

Fandom: Supernatural

Author: T

Warnings: Language is all

We drove right past That ‘No Trespassing’ sign

We sat on the tailgate And watched the planes take off

We thought we had all night

There was no need to rush

Sam’s P.O.V.

     I sped out of the driveway of the abandoned shack. Y/N and I had just slaughtered a nest of vampires.

        “That was awesome!” I laughed.

Y/N cheered and giggled from the passenger seat of my brother’s car. God her laugh. She was just so perfect.

        “Just tell her you like her!” I mentally yelled at myself. But before I could say anything, her seat vibrated multiple times. She lifted her butt out of the seat at took her phone out of her pocket. I caught a glimpse of who was calling; Dean. I turned back to the road, and heard a quiet, “Shit.” Y/N picked up her phone and answered it.

Y/N’s P.O.V

     I answered the call from Dean, “Hello?” His gruff voice came from the other end. 

     “Hey, sweetheart. Did you and Sammy get it taken care of?” I turned to Sam; he was smiling as he looked at the rad ahead of us. 

     I laughed, “For sure.”

     “Alright, I’ll see you guys soon then. Love ya, kid.” 

      “Love you too, loser.” I hung up.

Sam’s P.O.V.

     Ugh. I hate when she says that to him. Yes, Dean is my brother and Y/N has said that he will never be more than a brother that she never had to her, but I still don’t like it.

That’s when those cops came pullin’ up

And I thought, “Man ain’t this some shhh.”

Your daddy’s gonna kill me

But if I survive tonight I wouldn’t change one thing

     I saw blue and red lights flashing from behind us. I didn’t even notice that I was speeding until just now. “Fuck me.” I grumbled and pulled to the side of the road. But I could’ve sworn I heard Y/N mumble “Okay.” The cop knocked on my window. 

      “License and registration, please.” I dug my wallet out of my jacket and handed him what he needed. The cop checked them out but turned his gaze to the front of the car. “Sir,” he turned to me, “is that blood on your vehicle?”

  Oh shit.

      “Uh, n-no officer. It is not.” He totally didn’t buy it. He asked us both to get out of the car and then called for backup.

Baby I know it sounds crazy

But there was something ‘bout the way

Those blue lights were shinin’

Bringing out the freedom in your eyes

     Y/N came over to me smiling. “What?” I asked.

     “I don’t know. This is kind of a rush!” She laughed.

     Oh my God, she seriously has no idea how cute she is. Or how much I love her. And at this point, I don’t really care about going to jail. But they cuffed us both fast as hell and shoved us into the patrol car.

I was too busy watching you goin wild child

To be worried about going to jail

You were thinking that running for it

Would make a good story

I was thinking you were crazy as hell

     Y/N was still having the time of her life. That is one of the many reasons that I love her. Nothing can dampen her spirits! And that’s also why Cas, Dean, and especially Bobby like her so much.

        “Well, I was told to uncuff you guys, but you can’t leave until we sort this stuff out.” The cop took off my handcuffs and then moved to Y/N. I moved and looked Y/N right in the eyes.

You were so innocent

And you were stealin’ my heart

     “You are taking too long.” Y/N said. She grabbed the lapels of my jacket and put her lips on mine. I pulled her closer to me and held her waist.

“Yeaaah, Sammy!” Dean’s voice came from the other side of the window. That means he cleared everything up with the cops. Y/N and I walked back to the Impala with our fingers laced together. I stopped her.

        “One question before you get in the car….be mine?”

I fell in love in the back of a cop car

           “Always, Sammy.”

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