i can hear my mom on the phone right now laughing and inviting her friend over to dinner.. i swear to Fucking god im going to  STAB MYSELF

so I first watched bleach about two years ago and that was then time I first heard the opening song (asterisk I think) so apparently I downloaded it and now I accidentally stumbled across it and it like turned on and I’m like

oh no

old feelings are rising from my heart oh my god nooo

I remembered the time bleach actually slightly scared me and had this air of dark mysteriousness instead of shounen power up stuff

I mean not get me wrong I love ichigo he’s one of my favorite characters and when I started watching the show I simply loved it and the concept and i was all ‘oh my god they’re stabbing each other! omg!!1!1!’ and i didn’t know how soul society and real shinigami looked like then and I had different thoughts in mind really

  • Glynda:Ozpin we need to do something about Team RWBY
  • Ozpin:Really? Why?
  • Glynda:Miss Xiao Long is in the infirmary after a heated argument with Miss Schnee. Witnesses say it came to a head when Miss Xiao Long shouted, "What are you gonna do, stab me?"

Can I punch a ten year old in the face? I just came across my little sister’s diary and she talks about being super upset her ‘boyfriend’ dumped her by saying he’d never loved her but had loved her best friend forever, so guess what, I’m not fucking happy with that mother fucker.