is what they call you;

is what you are;

—  they should concede to call you Ares | s.m.
Made in the U.S.A.

So this white guy comes up to the desk where I work at and he eyes my white coworker who was on the computer, then me, then him, and I knew he wanted to ask my coworker his question but I said “How may I help you?" 

 He was hesitant at first then straight up asks me… "Is there a secret section where you guys sell power tools made in the U.S.?" 

 I looked at my coworker like 

 so damn quick! 

 I simply pointed out where the tools were and he said that he was fine with the bins in his hands because they were made in the U.S. 

Lmao, a fucking SECRET section that specifically holds American made items…

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I bet when kakashi died fighting pein/pain, his ninken had never been more sad, then when he was revived, they had never been happier... What an emotional day for those pups!


I seriously need brain bleach. That is an image I never needed in my head. Oh my god. Like, I understand on an objective level that Chuck gets laid, but thinking about it is the worst thing that could have happened to me, oh my god, I bet he made weird faces, this is HORRIBLE.

WhyyYYyY would you fucking peas in Macaroni and cheese, you evil fuckin vegetable-loving demon. IT’S A FUCKING SIN. DON’T BRING YOUR SIN TO MY MAC AND CHEESE.


When god made me he said hey lets make this one gay so hes confused on who he is while hes young. Also lets start his chest hair coming in at age 32 so hes confused about his body as an adult.


Can we just talk about how incredible dramatic this was?! This scene had me giggling from beginning to end. Lito has the funniest lines in the show and he delivers them so well. Imagine Lito like this everyday lol Poor Hernando wouldn’t know what to do with his bae. He was even more dramatic than he normally is and gods it made me laugh so much. He is such a likable character 😆😄
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So on today's episode of As the World Burns, witches were angry that no one want to use candles or wax because they liked the appeal of LED lights. Those who use LED lights are fakes. Really? Who fucking died and made you God? I challenge your authority. Come down to AZ so I can either shove you into a sequoia cactus or down an abandoned mine shaft, there's plenty of both.

Ten Years Playing Chocolate Shit With Camus
chocolate ice cream tastes good in
the noise of crowded echoing room conversation

who last saw camus
conducting an orchestra playing fish bones

i thought a joke was told
but it turned out someone is pregnant

sugar coats my tongue
i speak lightly so the heaviness won’t be defined

i over hear twitter feeds debating beyonce algorithms
a toilet needs to be flushed of all its moments

do you think god has a selfie made of clay
i ask a mummified women eating mint chocolate chip

nothing is easy on a tuesday
not even not giving a shit

in my pocket i feel something that should be important
ten years of my life ice skating downhill

i was called a detective
i wish i could find my cue

the ice cream is too much
the trash is obvious
but yet i hesitate
in the watchful eye
that can not stop me.

white kids in the media are made into gods but everyone else who isnt white is the white kid’s sidekick. never have i seen a poc kid be told that their difference is beautiful and elegant and no poc kid is made into a god. white kids are empowered, told that they are ethreal when in reality all white people are quite bland. someone romanticize dark skin, girls with hair everywhere not just on their scalp, the thick cultures that all poc people have. romanticize people are minorities, who are actually different and new and beautiful.


[old rose from titanic voice] it’s been 84 years…………..anyway here’s PART TWO OF THE DANCEBENDING ANIMATIONS featuring a breakdancing move, a bit of jazz dance, and some ukrainian hopak because 1) i couldn’t decide and 2) they look cool

[DO NOT repost, DO NOT take the watermark off, DO NOT delete the caption, do not do any of these things or i WILL find you]

(part one: katara)