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do you think garp and sengoku ever have a drinking game of "take a shot everytime luffy does something extremely problematic for us" while going through reports and end up completely wasted within like an hour


once garp realized who sabo was and it was revealed to the public that he and luffy are brothers they were gonna add sabo to the drinking game (since technically the game was “take a shot every time garp’s grandson fucks something up” and sabo is his grandson too) but they realized if they did they’d literally just;; die of alcohol poisoning 

Matthew 4:19 “Follow Me,” Jesus said. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Isn’t that what Jesus did? Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God, but made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant. He said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Are we ready to follow such a great example?

o k k i d s it’s story time with Damien

so it’s my younger cousin’s birthday today, and I fly out to see @jaegerhugs tomorrow morning. My cousin is 8 and obsessed with Tangled. But not in the way everyone assumes. He wants to be Rapunzel. Yah, adorable right?

So I took him to the Disney store from my flat before I travel home later today. It’s pretty busy in there, parents and kids all over (I’m 5′3″ and look about 11 if I didn’t have my piercings in, so I don’t look like a parent at all) and, ofc, he gravitates straight to the Tangled section. There’s two little girls there with their mothers, and he’s kinda floating a distance away, looking at the dresses and biting his nails. I keep telling him to go on, pick a dress and let’s try it on, but he keeps shaking his head a lot. I let him wander round the store, and he finds a Tangled cup with Rapunzel and her mother on the front (cue the most adorable excited squealing from him ever), and he keeps looking, I reckon hoping that the mothers and their kids would move on eventually. We end up stood in the middle of the shop like a right couple of lemons, and he’s still looking to where the two girls are. I ask him why he doesn’t wanna go try a dress on, and he says

Because those girls will think I’m weird.”

Oh nonononono. Cousin Damien will be having none of that pish. I told him to stay put and wandered over, looking through the dresses. One of the girls looks up at me and goes “You want to be Rapunzel?”

“I do,” I tell this confused little creature, “But looks like they don’t have my size. Shame, she’s a very badass princess.”

this girl’s face lights the fuck up and she launches into, literally, an analytical spiel about how awesome Rapnuzel is, and how she’s her favourite along with Merida and Mulan because she’s so cool and fights for what she wants. 

“boys don’t usually like Princesses” is the next line

oh BOI here we go. 

I just smile, nod, and say “Well I like princesses very much, and so does my cousin.” 

he’s kinda tiptoed over at this point, and is shyly looking out from behind me, terrified that this little girl is about to react the same and be like bah you can’t like princesses here have this

OH NO NO NO MY FRIENDOS. This wonderful child shrieks in delight and combs the railings for a dress that looks like it might fit my cousin. She picks the right size mind you, which is impressive because most days I can’t figure out the leg to the waist of a pair of trousers, and hands it to him. he’s a giddy, grinning mess at this point, probably on the verge of tears, and this little girl grabs his hand, announces to her mother that they’re going to try on the dresses, and pulls him away

awkward, because I’m now left with the mother, but she’s smiling from ear to ear and tells me “he’d get along great with my son, though he’s more of an elsa fan”

I see so much about how older generation parents try to wrangle gender conformity into kids, but she’s the most woke mum I’ve met in a while, and it makes me happy that, someday, I’ll be raising kids the same way :)


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That Feeling When...

you are reading a really good book and it’s super solid and you are reading page after page nonstop…and then you get to the end and it just……ends…leaving things unresolved, with nothing to keep you company except your own bitterness and disappointment:

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You found yourself walking around the grounds of Alexandria just taking in what was left after the saviours took over. You did this every night just before sunset since you can remember, you’d take a few moments out your life just to take in what was gods creation. It made you feel normal again, it felt as though nothing had happened.

It had been a few months since you had been locked away by Negan and he would come by every time he needed to see you. He’d showed up whenever, sometimes in the middle of the night or when he knew Rick and the others were on another run for him getting tipped off by Simon.

 The sun hit your face, making you put your hand up to shade your eyes, trying to watch the rest of the sunset.

“ y/n we really need to talk ” you heard Ricks voice behind you, he had just came back with the others from a run. He walked over to you, watching your expression change dramatically. 

You hadn’t really had a chance to talk to anyone, since arriving back and you were feeling apprehensive on how people would react. No one knew you were sleeping with Negan, well that’s what you thought. You turned to face him, biting your bottom lip.

“ it’s a little awkward isn’t it, me being back, it just doesn’t feel the same no more ” whispering so you wouldn’t cause attention. 

“ I cannot have anything affecting our plan, I don’t know what that was there with Negan a couple of months ago but it needs to stop before you get into deep, we already know what we’re doing so you can step back now until the day we fight the saviours ” he raised his voice a little moving forwards. 

“ I cannot… you do realise that he will notice something’s going on, he hasn’t caught on yet, Negan’s smart, and when he does find out about all of this I’ll be dead ” you replied trying to play it off, you didn’t want anyone finding out what was going on with you and him.. 

“ We answer to Negan, at this very moment I belong to him, he ain’t gonna be fucking happy, I can see what I can do but I can’t promise anything ” you nodded.

Rick nodded in agreement, taken aback at this new attitude of yours, he turned looking demoted walking towards the truck that was parked at the main gate. You felt like you actually achieved something, being more confident than you had ever felt and you liked this new you.

Later that night when everyone was asleep you started walking towards the main gate, you heard his familiar whistling, a small smile crept upon your face knowing exactly what he wanted. You opened the gate slowly to be greeted by a walker, you pulled your knife from your waist and pierced its skull, slamming it to the ground. Turning around, dusting yourself off, there he was leaning against Alexandria’s wall grinning from ear to ear. Thankfully no one was on watch.

“ baby, come here and give me a kiss ” he pointed to you, a grin forming on his face. He pulled you towards him, placing soft kisses on your neck, slowly moving so your lips met each other. 

He moved his hands towards the belt on your jeans making you moan a little. 

“ Negan not here please ” you took a breath, moving away from him, making him frown. 

“ haven’t you heard of been a little adventurous, stop teasing and let me fuck that god damn sexy body of yours ” he attacked your neck gradually moving down your body planting kisses on your stomach. 

Never did you imagine having a quickie behind a wall during the apocalypse , it defiantly wasn’t on your bucket list but neither was falling for the leader of the saviours. You were too caught up in yourself most times pre apocalypse, you never really had a real relationship, to be true you hadn’t even slept with anyone before Negan, he was your first at the prior age of 26. Sure you had connections with boys when you were younger but never had a romantic relationship, you had first kisses but nothing else.

 The first time you thought you were in love was when you first bumped into Ricks group, you had been on your own for a while after you got separated from your family you had to make it on your own. You had seen a deer rummaging through the trees and you had to kill it, food was your first priority, shelter next. After you had gone after the animal, you’d stumbled right into a heard of Walkers and you tried to fight them off but got your foot caught in a lose root in the ground. You’d fallen and couldn’t reach your weapon, that’s where you seen him. His toned body and them toned arms, oh god you fell in love with him then but you didn’t even know if he was someone you could trust. 

“see you next time darling, but before I go, I’ve got a proposal … come back with me and become my wife, you’ll be treated like fucking royalty ”  he asked.

“ let me think about it “ you replied, if he only knew what was going on you thought.

“ you know I don’t like fucking waiting, just say yes, all I know it’ll be better this fucking place ”  he smiled, pulling you closer to him.

“ soon, I promise, now go “ you pushed a little away from your body but he pulled you closer kissing you softly, stepping back he smiled walking towards the woodlands next to Alexandria. If only he knew Ricks plan. Shit was about to go down and you were having second thoughts about it all.

You stumbled back to your home that you shared with Rick, trying to not make a noise so you wouldn’t cause attention to yourself but being you, you tripped over the sofa in the front room whilst walking into the front door.

“ shit ” you shouted, awaking Carl, who had ran down stairs pointing his gun at you. He looked at you suspiciously, walking a little closer to make sure it wasn’t someone else.

 " shit Carl, its me “ you reassured him, waving your hands in the air. 

” what you doing up so late “ he questioned, laying his gun on one of the kitchen counters.

 ” I couldn’t sleep, got to much on my mind, go back to bed, I’ll be up soon “ you ordered him. 

You turned to go sit on one of the sofas in the living room, feeling anxious that the war was getting closer. 

You knew it had to happen but all these feelings coming out to Negan, you were having second thoughts. You rubbed your temples, running your hands over your stomach feeling physically sick. 

” shit, shit, fucking shit “ you whispered, realising what you had to do.

If you didn’t do it soon, everyone would find out your real plan.

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Bless the God that made you Thanks to the people who raised you Thank your for simply existing You are such a wonderful blessing Don't you know you light up everyone's day I hope this blog NEVER EVER goes away -your fellow 🐥 💖Anonnie96💖

OH MY GOD im crying anonie youre so cute!!!thank you love !!! i love you !!! have a beautiful week!!! ily!! <333333

entry level collecting: coins, records, stamps

mid tier: old photos, antique books, dolls

high tier: daguerreotypes, other people’s journals, 19th century scrapbooking materials

God tier: jewelry made with the hair of your lover in a past life, and old wedding gowns, which you collect with the hope of finding the one you wore at the altar in 1643

  • dolokhov: now wait, why don't you just give it up now
  • anatole: 💪 🔫i will not 🚫give it up 👏✋️ i must get natasha 💯🔥and take her away 💪👏just as a duck 🦆 was made to swim in water 💦 god has made me 👍as i am ✋️🦆quit dawdling ✋️🚫BALAGA 🕺🏻is here 👏💯everyone 👏raise ☝️a glass 🥃

Oh my god. It made me cry. 😢😓😪😭😥🤧

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Do you ever find it hard combining a norse world view with most witchcraft information? The correspondences seem off, like the moon is always a goddess, intuition, etc. Any resource tips?

I don’t actually! I’m comfortable with the fact my moon is Mani and my sun is Sol. I don’t think Norse mythos really clash with witchcraft at all to be honest, I think it clashes with certain branches of witchcraft like wicca and I think because of that a lot of people think it’s hard to mesh with the craft.
The difficult part is honestly finding correspondences and resources on the Norse pantheon. I just base most of my craft of the stories and the gods and what I know about plants. I don’t know if that really makes sense? There’s not a lot of resources (I’ve found) on combining the two, it’s mostly about offerings and how to commune with the gods.
I made a post a few days ago you can find here and there’s a post here about some variations of traditional magick in the mythos. Sorry if this wasn’t more helpful!


Your breath reeks of crown royal and someone else’s laughter
You still need God too
Forgive me for the times I have made God out of you
I was never supposed to worship hands that I could touch
But couldn’t feel
It looked real
It looked right
I stopped praying
Because I forgot the sound of my own voice
I was unsure that God would recognize it
Or that he’d want to hear what I had to say
I am just a woman
A failed lover
A mess, to say the least
A body, to say the most
At least that’s the picture you painted over the mirror
And told me was my reflection
I hope they see me now
I know God hears me better
I don’t wonder if you do
I don’t want to hear you.
Your breath reeks of I miss you’s and things that are like glitter
Both of which wear off.
Wherever and however this finds you,
I hope that it is warm.
As for me?
Well you see.. …

Impromptu caption poetry by me. 03/16/17 5:18 pm
Photo by @karen__santos