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You know... sometimes I think people make Ignis out to be more stiff than need be. He is serious, reliable af and chooses fancy words, but he's just a young man. He laughs, he makes peace signs for photos, puns, high fives, fist bumps Noctis, had his glasses stolen by a Chocobo for goodness sake. It's why I like reading posts like Ignis memeing. Sometimes people choose the gallant stiff smart guy approach and boost it to a thousand. Welp, everyone has fun but some Iggy diversity is good stuff.

I 99% agree with you, my anonymous dude! (The 1% is because I’m a shameless thot who’s weak to every version of Ignis.) I do kind of wish that the game had made Ignis and Gladio slightly older to match their faces/builds/voices, but what can you do- and I kind of headcanon it as growing up in wartime (and in the royal court) forcing them to grow up quicker.

But anyway yeah, he speaks very formally compared to the others, and out of the four bros he’s definitely the one most inclined to react with like, Courtly Manners, but he’s also the 22-year-old who makes terrible puns, has an adorable dorky grin, and can’t stop himself from snorting at silly photos of his friends. I know you didn’t technically ask at all, but you caught me in the middle of trying to turn disgustingly self-indulgent headcanons into something readable, so this was a welcome distraction very ready to babble about Ignis, so have (a tiny SFW bit of, because nobody has time for all my shrieking) my personal Ignis headcanon:

  • was already a serious and intelligent child obviously, but grew up under massive pressure to be a good role model for Noct, but under all the eloquence and courtly decorum, there is absolutely a nerd with a terrible sense of humor
  • definitely always has a plan for things, but does get flustered if you throw him off script. gets better at hiding it as he gets older, but there were many moments of like, six-year-old Ignis going NOCTIS NO when Noct is being a typical four-year-old (and at least once when Noct is being a typical sixteen-year-old ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  • he does thrive under all the pressure for the most part! the verbosity and dignity definitely aren’t just an act for him, they’re a huge part of who he is, but he does tend to shut down under stress- I see him figuring out better coping mechanisms sometime between Brotherhood and pre-departure.
  • at least one of these mechanisms involves dumbass memes, either the really wholesome kind of the absolute dadaist nonsense kind. If Lucis has a reddit equivalent, he’s the commenter with the puns that everyone begrudgingly upvotes
  • he’s so used to being treated as older than he is and being The Capable One in any situation, he lowkey does not know how to react to being taken care of. has a super hard time with not being in control, but also is so easily pleased by people doing things for him. so easy to love I’mma stop before this turns into shipping

so as much as I love Perfect Collected Sex God Ignis, I equally love Awkward Easily Flustered Ignis and Secret Memelord Ignis and even Pocket Spaghetti Ignis thanks Discord. ALL IGNIS(es? ii? opodes?) ARE VALID JUST LEMME READ ABOUT ALL OF THEM Seriously just give me all the Ignis content and I’ll be a happy Kaelyn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m sorry this got way longer than you probably wanted but

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What do you think of the phrase “God prefers kind atheists over hateful Christians” ? (I'm an atheist, but I believe that everyone has the right to believe in what they wish to and nobody has the right to put others down for what they believe in, and I've been meaning to ask you a version of this question for a while. What are your thoughts on the matter?)

God loves everyone equally. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That phrase ain’t nowhere in the Bible, which makes it completely irrelevant.

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So you believe that God does not love everyone equally? If not, then we should stop letting people believe that. Stop telling them "God loves you" unconditionally. This is pervasive in Christian circles. We need to root out false teachings. Stop telling children this simplistic version of Christianity and tell them the hard facts. God does not owe anyone anything. That "God loves the world" does not mean each person in it.

I agree. The gospel is “repent and believe on Jesus”.

(That said, one can’t explain the gospel without the love of Christ. How are we supposed to say this other than “God loves you?” Without getting into some weird Schrodinger’s Cat scenario where “I mean… God loves you if you’re elect… but idk if you’re elect or not so maybe he does maybe he doesn’t.”)

What is really the difference with us today and the Nephites and Lamanites from the book of mormon?

One group was following the “false traditions of their fathers” while the other group was following their Heart and what was true to them.

Are we any different today? Could it be a “false tradition” passed through generations to be hateful to a specific group of people and to be close minded and ignorant?

I, for one, am choosing to follow whats right; what’s truth. I was taught that the Love of God is for everyone, despite their choices. And among many other things, I chose to be open and follow truth and my heart.

I am incredibly saddened that most of the Mormon LDS Community Individuals, chose to preach LOVE and actually DO HATEFUL THINGS.


The CHANGE starts with one’s self.

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thoughts on atheists?

Jesus once told a story of a shepherd who had 100 sheep. During a bad storm, one of them escaped and ran away. It was not his “best” sheep, it was a tiny dirty weak sheep and so the other people said “Well, you have 99 other sheep who are more worthy than this one, just forget about it.”. But this shepherd, he loved all his sheep so much, so he went out in the storm and searched and searched and called its name until he found his tiny lost one again - and when he found it, he wasn’t angry, he didn’t punish it for running away, he was overjoyed and full of love for his little lost sheep.

I think this is one of the most beautiful metaphors the bible gives us. Atheists may run away from God and they may not seem especially “worthy” to some christian people - but God loves all His children equally and He will not give up on calling their names and hoping for them to finally come back home.

We Christians (who are just humans) may be annoyed with atheists - I have to admit I’m not free from that. (I personally don’t mind the “Well, you can’t know God exists” atheists too much but I do feel upset at the “Religion is cancer!!” kind of atheists sometimes) - but humans are like that. We are flawed. But God isn’t.

God loves all His children - including atheists.

We are different and we can make a change.

WE ARE NOT THE SAME. I am not obligated to wear makeup just because I am a woman. I am not obligated to wear dresses just because I am a girl. I am not obligated to like pink just because I am feminine. Just because I like to hang out with boys, it does not mean I am flirty. Don’t assume that you know who we are. I hate the way people think that I should act like this and that based on my gender, personality, and race. This is stereotyping. It is what people do when they give the concept of who we are just because of what we appear to them. Stereotyping is wrong and it is alive and well. I don’t want our future children to undergo the wrath of being stereotyped in society, I don’t want them to be labelled just because some kids don’t know who they are. I want to be part of the change. I want us to prevent and avoid stereotyping, together.

Stereotyping traps many individuals in their shells afraid of what the society will label them. These labels dictate how a person should live according to their gender, religion, personality and race. Stereotyping is when men think you should not lift heavy things because women are weak and feminine. Stereotyping is calling people weird if they do not have the same songs saved in their playlist. Stereotyping puts on a mask on our identity weakening the person we were born to become.

As a part of the generation today, we are well aware of what consequences and effects it brings us as an individual. We don’t personally like being stereotyped, but why are we doing it? In an article “Awareness of racial stereotypes happens at an early age has consequences.” Published in berkeley.edu. Carol Hyman show us how stereotypes could start in early ages. When I was a child, my parents taught me that God made and loved us equally giving us different personalities and abilities to add color to the world. That even if we were born with different colors and races we should love and protect each other as God did to us. Sadly, in that span of time, people in my school stereotype me as one of the shy people in the crowd, afraid to say anything, a weirdo. It creates the confusion in our minds that we have to fit in the society to survive. That is why the person we are right now is from the experiences were experienced when we were younger. It creates the domino effect making me ask, “What happened?”

Eyes opened, we have to be open-minded and accept each other regardless of how different we are. In Colossians 4:6, “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone”. Words are more powerful than we think. We do not know how much one word affects others. These labels are hurting the whole being of a person. We don’t like to hear other people talking about us, right? This is one of the many negative effects stereotyping has. It lasts for who knows how long. Who are we to judge?

According to a study in University of Toronto “Stereotyping has lasting negative impact”  led by Professor Michael Inzlict of Psychology, “Past studies have shown that people perform poorly in situations where they feel they are being stereotyped,”  We are still afraid to speak up because they we might be stereotyped too. It affects our decision-making in life. We chose not to talk because of the fear that holds us isolated in the small box of stereotypes. Best people in the world don’t undergo the same norm as we all are making them really successful despite of all the hardships along the way. It doesn’t only have that negative impact on the person receiving it but also to the person saying it. Some studies found that positively judging others effects how enthusiastic, happy, kind-hearted, courteous, emotionally stable we are and vice versa. If you only make an effort to stop judging others negatively, your own well-being and happiness will improve greatly.

Why stereotypes are bad even when they’re good?” a new study by Aaron Kay stated, “people exposed to the positive stereotype rated that possibility as higher than did those exposed to a negative one.” Making other problems in society today such as racism, sexism and even discrimination.

 In short, Stereotyping does not benefit either. The growth of our self-confidence starts when we’re young and if we are being stereotyped, we begin to cage ourselves away from the harmful thoughts of society. But that is how society works, it’s an endless cycle. It’s scary enough that stereotyping causes bigger problems such as discrimination. We can’t put a stop to this but we can change by letting people know to value others for who they are. Especially the kids today, we should teach them to respect each other’s religions, cultures, personalities, and race because they are the future of our society. This change helps our society grow better. Remove the labels and free ourselves can you and I be the change?

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You said God loves everyone equally, but do you really believe in, trust or even love a god who loves a murderer child rapist as much as he does the same child?

Yes. Because God sees and loves the person buried underneath the sin. He wants them to repent, be cleansed, and turn their life around. He will never give up on them because they are His child and He wants to restore them.

That is true unconditional love. Who am I to say that someone is not worthy of God’s forgiveness when I’m a miserable sinner myself?

How could I trust a god that does not love so deeply, so perfectly, so beyond anything that I could ever hope to understand or deserve?

“But I say to you,” says the Lord, “love your enemies…do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you” (Matt 5:44). Why did he command this? To free you from hatred, irritation, anger and rancor, and to make you worthy of the supreme gift of perfect love. And you cannot attain such love if you do not imitate God and love all men equally. For God loves all men equally and wishes them “to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim 2:4).

  • St Maximus the Confessor, 400 Chapters on Love
Day 9

30 Day Luciferian/Satanist Challenge.

How do you feel about God? (aka TBUT, That Bastard Up There)

My feelings about God are complicated. There are times when I love God and times where I reject everything I know about the Christian God. Why?

I do not know if my understanding of God is too…childish or something. God is both light and darkness. I get that. God created evil and in the Book of Job, Satan is the servant of God. I get that too. Perhaps God is too much of a war God in my eyes. I run myself in circles where I forgive and love God and equal moments where my heart is screaming “no god, no masters.”

I could get behind Eru Ilúvatar, a supreme God that gave free will to everyone including Melkor (basically Satan). A Supreme God that loves everyone…but who is beyond us. I think that is my problem with YHWH. I could imagine a supreme God that loves us so dearly even when we do wrong. In a way, I imagine that is the ultimate love.

It’s hard to imagine supreme God who commits genocide or who would demand the sacrifice of a son. Apparently, God cannot forgive us or cover our ‘sins’ without the sacrifice of his son. God kills people for David having taken a census. Who the hell does that? YHWH apparently! It’s the Old Testament, old rules, blah blah.

It’s difficult for me to understand such a God. YHWH is not Tolkien’s Eru. YHWH is not a kind God. That’s why sometimes I wonder if my own understanding is too…childish. But all these reasons and so many more is why I reject YHWH. It’s why I am a Luciferian. The Devil is an ally against an unjust God who is rather mercurial at best.

Sometimes I love the idea of God but it is more the reflection of Eru that I see. A god that is forgiving, a god that is loving.

We admire Jesus for offhandedly making a cute remark about how it’s OK for children to interact with Him, but we simultaneously don’t want to accept refugee children within our borders.

And while many Christian American parents participate in the weekly emotional ceremony of dropping their children off for Sunday school classes and at the church nursery—causing many of them to cry in heartbreaking agony as their parents trudge off to participate in the service—immigrant children scream as government agents arrest, detain, process, and ultimately deport their siblings, parents, and themselves away from their homes.

And while we preach that God loves everyone equally, in the United States not all children are treated equally, and children of color and minorities will continue to be alienated, discriminated against, incarcerated, stereotyped, judged, and abused at disproportionally higher rates than others.

And while we praise our land as being a religious sanctuary of peace and opportunity, we continue to allow hateful rhetoric to be propagated against our Muslim neighbors, classmates, coworkers, and communities—and against their children.

And while we laud the value of hard work and the ideals of capitalism, we disregard the reality of income inequality and systemic corruption, ignoring the fact the millions of children are poor, hungry, and at a disadvantage—and will probably remain so for the rest of their lives.

And while we applaud ourselves as being wealthier and more economically stable than third-world countries around the globe, children desperately wait in overcrowded foster care systems—where an epidemic continues to go largely unnoticed.

And while we champion human rights we also turn a blind eye to the child sex trafficking happening within our own backyards.

And while we consider ourselves to be a modern and progressive culture, we still allow institutions and communities to denigrate people—and children—based on their gender, race, socioeconomic status, and their physical and mental attributes.

As followers of Jesus we should desire for every child to belong in our communities. To be safe, accepted, and loved. Because right now not all children do belong, and many are being forcefully and intentionally kept out.

We don’t want them—those particular children—in our kingdoms. For the sake of our comfort, wealth, security, time, pride, fame, and our own reputations we will willingly sacrifice these children…immigrants…refugees…humans…aliens…beings…populations…numbers…data…

For the sake of security we’ll keep them locked out, on the edge of starvation and living in desolation.

For the sake of wealth we’ll deport them back to war-torn and violent areas, where they’ll surely struggle to survive in a constant state of poverty.

For the sake of comfort we’ll refuse to provide public aid to them as their parents go from homeless shelter to shelter—transiently eking out an existence.

For the sake of time we’ll not interrupt our career, routine, and life to relationally help a child in need. For the sake of convenience we won’t entertain the possibility of adopting or fostering a child who is just waiting to be loved—who may go on waiting forever.

For the sake of our reputations we won’t allow our children to interact with those particular children or attend a school in that particular neighborhood.

For the sake of fame we’ll gleefully vilify an entire people group based on their religion, beliefs, or place of origin.

For the sake of pride we’ll refuse to admit to committing any of these previous evils, and we may even justify them to make ourselves feel better (or because we don’t want to feel guilty about supporting our preferred politician, policy, or opinion).

You are all amazing just how you are! Don’t ever let anyone put you down. Be proud of who you are, you are unique, you are all amazing :) Please don’t ever harm yourself, stand up and love who you are. You are the only “you”. And you are never alone, God loves each and every one of you so much just how you are, always. You are not broken, and you are not wrong for being who you are. God made some of us LGBT and some of us Straight. We are all amazing just how we are :) If you ever need someone to talk to, my email is pastormatt18@aol.com - I am here, always :)