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He pretends that he forgot about it, only to reveal that he’s had this huge surprise party in store! He seemed calm about it, but little did anyone know that he was more excited about it than she was. Kota would get Mc surprise Mc with a a little party at home, inviting all the guys. For her birthday, he’d get her Joe Watabe merchandise, and a couple of movies.

Takashi: Takashi would try to hide that he was planning something, but he’d give it away. He’d leave little notes around, ask if she’d want anything, and ask if there was anything specific she wanted to go.
For her birthday, he’d try to bake a cake, but he’d end up messing up a bit. Of course, Mc ate it anyway!
As a present, he arranged a song for her, and got the guys to sing her Happy Birthday!

Kyohei: Go big or go home, am I right? He’d probably Eisuke-Ichinomiya her whole birthday. At nighttime, he planned out an entire light show for her. The lights eventually spelled out, “Happy Birthday, My Love.” It was a bit cheesy, but beautiful none the less. As a present, he gave her a necklace, and a a coupon for, “Keeping me from work! I, the Kyohei Rikudoh, will arrange my schedule so I can spend the whole day with you!”

Nagito: Where did Nagito go? There was no sight of him…Mc decided to go out to the living room.
Inside, the room was filled with decorations, and there were multiple of Mc’s favorite foods arranged on a table.
More specifically, there was a…giant cake? In front of it was a card, and a button. Out of curiosity, Mc pressed it.
Immediately, Nagito POPPED OUT OF THE CAKE!!!
As a present he got Mc…Well he claimed to give himself, but he actually got matching shirts! His had, “Sin”, while hers had, “Not guilty”.

Ryo: They went on a casual date to their favorite places! The bookstore, the cafe that held their memories, and they walked around hand in hand around multiple shops, mainly browsing items. It wasn’t to extravagant, but it was definitely sweet. Near the end of the day, they’d eat at the restaurant Ryo took Mc to early on in their dating.
As his present, Ryo got Mc a new notebook, a pillow to rest her laptop on, and a bracelet.

Iori: Iori would first get her into a new dress that he bought for her! He’d first take Mc to a fancy restaurant! Iori spent the whole day treating her like a princess. After this, he’d escort her to his private jet! They had a little mini date inside. Of course, Iori was treating her like a princess, but he didn’t have his prince act on.
The present he got Mc was a glass to put her orange juice in and he got her new shoes.