tfw you’re just gal pals

tfw your secret is so obviously about her you can’t even look her in the eye


Jonathan Kirven Photography © , “Warrior Of Nations” Focusing on Africa

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“Know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” 

  — Sun Tzu

Do you wanna summon satan?,Come on lets cut some throats, 
I never kill anymore, lets find a whore, Or maybe kill some goats! 

We used to kill some virgins, but now theres not, any that we can find. 

Do you wanna summon satan?, or maybe just a demon, ok fine 

Do you wanna summon satan, or sling our blood around the walls, 
I think some company is overdue, ive startded talking to the great Grand'rhal! 

it gets a little lonely, all these dead bodies,just watching them covered in flies! 

Elsa please I know your in there, satan is asking where youve been 
he says kill people ,and im trying to,but I need you ,just let me in 

we only have till midnight its just you and me 
who are we gonna kill?do you wanna summon satan? 

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Episodes I’m still waiting for:

  • Sam and Dean swap bodies
  • Human!Impala
  • Sam and Dean become babies, Cas has to babysit
  • Sam and Dean hunt down a spirit into our universe because a fangirl played that stupid Supernatural ouija board and they’re extremely offended about it having their faces plastered on the cover
  • Gabriel returns, transforms the bunker into a labyrinth a la Indiana Jones’ for shits and giggles
  • Chuck personally delivers a basket of puppies for Sam because “it’s god’s will” , let me fucking dream guys
  • Something is killing drag queens at a local bar, the boys rock paper scissors on who’s gonna dress up to infiltrate the squad and save the day
  • Reverse French Mistake: Jared, Jensen and Misha get way too drunk after a con night and accidentally open a portal into the SPN universe. Sam and Dean gotta save their drunk asses and send them back home with the help of poor Cas who is constantly getting smothered by Misha

        kissing death and

                                                                  losing my breath

(to the new hades & persephone)