Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz

Karamel is finally happening

Finally today I watched the Supergirl episode and just a word: PERFECT.

All those Karamel moments killed me and made me live again:

The “she’s with me” that Mon El said sounds more like “hey, she’s my gf, stay away for her”.

When Kara realized that Mon El was jealous it was like “really Kara? I think we realized when Mr. Mxyzptlk appearsed” but it was cute anyway.

That little fight that they had in the DEO was so adorable & funny for me.

And then that momento when Kara push him away and she says that maybe they can not be together and then his face… breaked my heart literally.

And after all the fight happen and see how Alex/Maggie and Winn fixed their troubles: THEY KISS, THEY ADMITED THEIR FEELINGS, ACCEPT THAT THEY CAN BE TOGETHER AND THEN KISS EACH OTHER.

How can I survived after this? I mean, they’re finally canon. One of my OTPs is  happening and I can’t be more happy for that.

Oh, and the phrase “you are my kryptonite” was so sweet and made me love him even more.

I need someone to fangirling and talk about this

I know we probably won’t get it, but I’d really love if at the start of tomorrow’s episode we get Robron in bed, waking up together for their first morning as husbands - especially as it’s the last time they’ll be waking up together for…..a while.

I just think it would really work? It would be really fitting and poignant and heartbreaking and lovely.

I want to see them gazing at each other in a happy and sad way, not wanting this moment to ever end and not wanting to say goodbye.

It would add to the heartbreak, to see them happy in their little nest, together and close and safe and warm and knowing what the day will bring.

I’d just really love it if Emmerdale gave us that. They had that heartbreaking and lovely scene with Ashley and Laurel in bed the other week and I think it’d be fitting for Robron too; another couple desperately in love who are being torn apart against their will.

Just….it would mean so much to me and I know it’d mean so much to everyone else too.

Wild Speculation Wishlist: Amonkhet Gods, Colors, and Creature Types

OK, so my Wild Speculation Wishlist for Amonkhet basically boils down to three main categories, which I’ll list off in just a second, and then I’ll get into some specifics. 

Keep in mind that I’m not trying to convince anyone that my speculations here are correct (I’ll leave others to making realistic and reserved predictions) but these are things that I think would be cool, and that I could see as possibilities not outside the realm of plausible. 

OK, so everything below hinges on these three wishlist items: 

Five factions built around the three-color shards 

My main reasoning for believing this is plausible is the fact that we know Nicol Bolas is going to show up at some point, and I would be VERY surprised if he isn’t in his signature blue/black/red color identity. If Bolas is already going to push players to build around three colors, why not include the other four shards in the design as well? (Plus, it’s been almost a decade since we left Alara.) 

Two-color themes built around the ally-color pairs 

If there’s one design lesson I learned from the Tarkir block, it’s that designing wedge factions means that experienced players will want to draft enemy-color pairs, because that gives them the most flexibility to go with one wedge or the other, depending how the draft goes. Maro has also stated in the past that there’s not as much design space in the three-color shards as Alara gave the impression of. Putting some of that pressure back on ally-color pairs could take some of it off the shards. 

Tribal themes with anthropomorphic animal creature types 

In all fairness, my love for tribal-themed decks means that I could add “tribal themes” to just about any Wild Speculation Wishlist, and for those of you that have been around my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been dreaming about an anthropomorphic tribal set for a long time. But that’s not to say this idea doesn’t have ANY merit beyond just wishful thinking. We’ve already seen some art that suggests there are at probably Aven and some jackal-variant of Ainok on Amonkhet. And it looks like each of the gods have animal faces, so this could be the time!! 

OK, so with those three main categories acknowledged, I’m gonna break down my speculation into some more specifics. I’ll break these into groups using the primary color of the factions tying them together, and I’ll say the god, theme, common creature type, and rare creature I’d love to see for that faction. 

White-Centered Faction 

Cat God Colors: White (primary) Green (secondary) Blue (tertiary) 
God of Sight, with white representing light and truth, green representing knowledge of the past, and blue representing knowledge of the future 

Common Creature Type: Cats (leonin) 
Primary in white, secondary in green 

Rare Creature: An all-seeing Archon in White/Green 

Blue-Centered Faction 

Bird God Colors: Blue (primary) White (secondary) Black (tertiary) 
God of Judgement, with blue representing exactness, white representing order, and black representing retribution 

Common Creature Type: Birds (aven) 
Primary in blue, secondary in white 

Rare Creature: Classic Sphinx in Blue/White 

Black-Centered Faction 

Crocodile God Colors: Black (primary) Blue (secondary) Red (tertiary) 
God of Hunger, with black representing avarice, blue representing thirst for knowledge, and red representing passion and hunger 

Common Creature Type: Crocodiles (new race) 
Primary in black, secondary in blue 

Rare Creature: Nightmarish Demon in Black/Blue (maybe Razaketh?) 

Red-Centered Faction 

Hound God Colors: Red (primary) Black (secondary) Green (tertiary) 
God of Journeys, with red representing individuality and courage, black representing determination, and green representing destiny 

Common Creature Type: Hound (jackal-variant ainok) 
Primary in red, secondary in black 

Rare Creature: Crocodile-like Dragon in Red/Black 

Green-Centered Faction 

Snake God Colors: Green (primary) Red (secondary) White (tertiary) 
God of Fertility, with green representing vitality and growth, red representing love, and white representing life 

Common Creature Type: Snakes (more like the naga than the orochi though) 
Primary in green, secondary in red 

Rare Creature: Cobra-headed Hydra in Green/Red 

WHEW!! OK, that was a lot to unpack. If you’re still here with me, let me know what you think! Obviously I don’t expect to be 100% right with these guesses, but honestly I’d be happy with 10% right! 

How about you?! Any of these predictions you’d like to see show up in Amonkhet? 

A few days ago, I met with a college friend I had not seen in five years. It was as if no time had passed as we updated each other on what had happened in those years between the phone calls and visits we hadn’t made. There was still a deep knowing and comfort between us. Before I left, I made a joke about how I would do those years we shared in college differently, knowing what I do now. Those years were hard; I wished I had done more, been better. I was unsure of my future and lived like it. But my friend wouldn’t let me get away with the veiled shame I was casting upon myself. “Yeah, but this is how I saw you,” he said. “I always knew who you were.”

I realized that all of my good friends, the ones who’d been in the trenches with me across my life had this in common: an unwavering belief in me, even when I did not believe in myself. They saw past the me affected by external circumstances into the eternal me, radiating from within. They’d never been confused about who I was, even when I didn’t live like I was remarkable. As I left, full to the brim with the kind of comfort that only comes from spending time with a good friend, I realized this is what God is like. He doesn’t call me sinner or servant; He calls me friend. He doesn’t point to the past in condemnation as a method of behavior modification. He sees me with the eyes of an old friend, full of knowing, and compassion. He made me, after all. When He sent Jesus to the cross, they both knew what they were getting when they sacrificed His life for me. All wrath, satisfied; all shame, wiped away. Whenever I feel ashamed, I am able to sit with my oldest Friend and let Him remind me of how remarkable (how worth sacrifice, how worth knitting painstakingly with a purpose) I am. Our external circumstances will try to convince us out of our eternal identity – but our closest Friend rushes in to point us back to who we really are.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”
-John 15:13 (NIV)

—  by Alaina Stratton