anonymous asked:

I'mma just going to go ahead and join you on the floor there, 'cause Seb just done deaded me today. I mean, c'mon!

Seb please you can’t just publicly call Steve Rogers a power bottom, oh my god

sheikamiibo  asked:

any dating advice plz?? *blushes* 😣 halp x3 i need a waifu ❤ when i die x-x and go to anime heaven!! :3 XD *wags tail* *bops your nose* x)c sowwy 2 b0th3r u!! >O< !1!

1st u hav 2 b faithfull 2 ur anime waifu hooevr she iz!!!1! den u c a smexy anime girl n u say 『DATS MY WAIFU!!!1!』(p.s.s. i usd teh japanese marks bcuz im COOL lawlawl) N den she will luvz u 4evr adn 5EVER!!!!!!!!!!! 8DDD also wen u go 2 anime haven u get big anime eyez so make sure u NEVR cheat on ur waifu or u woll NEVR get teh big anime eyes =“( N u might not evn go 3 anime heavean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDD”“X TTATT GUD LUK nd let me blez u wit a RANDOM PLUSHIE XDDD itz tacowaffle!!!1! ^u^ (sry itz imaginarey lololol) =3~