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Does it ever seem like people are too shallow, negative or cynical to be around? Maybe that’s how you think about a guy you used to be date/talk to, or maybe that’s how your co workers or classmates seem to act…or maybe you’ve noticed this in your friends or family.

It can be easy to get in a habit of thinking that “that’s just the way they are.” It can be easy to think of them as just bitter people and the only answer is to just ignore them at work or avoid them when you’re hanging out with mutual friends. Maybe you can’t help but ask yourself when they’re not around: “did she really say that?” Or “why would she post something like that on Instagram?”

We all have been a place where someone else’s decisions/actions/attitude affected us. However, no matter how frustrating this can be at times, we must never let other people’s actions affect what we’ve been called to do:

…Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. - Matt. 5:16

When you let your light shine for Jesus, there’s nothing that could ever put it out. Not a weird attitude from a boss, not an awkward situation with a family member, and not conflict within your friend group or relationship. Keep shining your light. Pray daily, asking the Lord for the Holy Spirit to strengthen you to keep being a beacon of light even when darkness is all around.

If it seems like people can be too shallow, negative or anything else, remember that you don’t have to go down to that level too. Instead, you can see them as a person who is hurting just like the rest of us who might just need to hear/be reminded of how much of a better life Jesus provides! Pray for them. Set an example of what it looks like to not let life steal your joy because you know that joy is found in the Lord. You might not feel like you’re doing much, but remember, we don’t shine our light so others can say, “oh wow, look at her!” We shine our light so we can be a reflection of Jesus, knowing that God is the One to transform that person. Keep on shining your light. In Jesus’ name, darkness will never win!

Words by @morganhnichols for #thedevoco