welcome-to-snilis asked:

You better tell me all about your gig. I swear to god.

It went AWESOME!!! I have fangirls apparently that wanna date me which I found funny, I- and I quote - “am hotter than the sun and seem like such good boyfriend material. Idk. It was hella weird. Uhh I was on a lotta songs, I invited 20 ppl and only 2 showed. It was breakhername’s bday last thursday so we celebrated. Videos should be on youtube by tomorrow. My bass player was talkin mostly to a drummer and I felt a lil jealous but tried not to show it. Uh songs I was on
Seek and Destory (vocals)
My Hero (third guitar)
Misery Business (rhythm)
Paranoid (rhythm)
Whatshername (lead vocal)
Basket case (lead vocal)
Wasting time (guitar/backup)

It was hella fun and I can’t wait for the next gig :D

Update time

The sugar Gods have been so awesome to me over the last two weeks! Law is officially my Sd,4 k a month and I’ll be seeing him once a week going forward. I met Embroidery at a high end Galleria for dinner and shopping during the week,we ended up running into his immediate family;they were sweet but it was awkward.He surprised me with more jewelry on Saturday so I may post it later.I don’t really wear jewelry so it kinda serves me no purpose.lol.We meet again for dinner later tonight and he asked if he could bring me a “surprise”,of course I said yes.He’s more of an unofficial bf who wants to make sure I’m taken care of,he always wants to go shopping,asks me if I have any bills that need paying,and wants me to travel with him to Paris before the end of the summer.I just have no clue how I can explain Paris to Blue. Lastly Blue proposed about a week ago,we went ring shopping last weekend and my diamond (2.5 ct)gets here tomorrow.I get to pick which ever Jeweler I want to actually make it into a ring.I officially live with Blue which makes it stressful in regards to seeing others,but he knows I start my internship this morning and told me to “hold on to” his debit card for things I may need going forward.My mom loves Blue and he’s now a client of hers,she knows I still have guys on the side and told me to slow it down.My dad’s the biggest cheater in the world and I totally take after him in that regard,if Blue and I actually continue to vibe well the next few months I may just cut every body else off.I’m constantly changing the names in my phone and asking friends to “cover” for me so I can meet other dudes,the last thing I want to do is slip and get caught.Life is awesomely crazy and I’m embracing it.Toodles! xoxo