DAPHNE “Apollo, chasing Daphne, gain’d his prize  But lo! she turned to wood before his eyes.” H.P. Lovecraft, On the Vanity Of Human Ambition “Her strength begins to fail, and, ready to sink, she calls upon her father, the river god: ‘Help me, Peneus! open the earth to enclose me, or change my form, which has brought me into this danger’ Scarcely had she spoken, when a stiffness seized all her limbs;  her bosom began to be enclosed in a tender bark; her hair became leaves; her arms became branches; her foot stuck fast in the ground as a root.” Thomas Bulfinch, Bulfinch’s Mythology

“It was as though his body had been suddenly transformed into one of those many-limbed and many-headed effigies sculptured in Indian temples, and he contemplated the aggregation in a bewildered attempt to discern which was the original and which the additions—if indeed (supremely monstrous thought) there were any original as distinguished from other embodiments.”

H.P. Lovecraft & E. Hoffman Price, Through the Gates Of the Silver Key

“Out of the surface of her (Durga’s) forehead, fierce with frown, issued suddenly Kali of terrible countenance, armed with a sword and noose. Bearing the strange khatvanga, decorated with a garland of skulls, clad in a tiger’s skin, very appalling owing to her emaciated flesh, with gaping mouth, fearful with her tongue lolling out, having deep reddish eyes, filling the regions of the sky with her roars, falling upon impetuously and slaughtering the great asuras in that army, she devoured those hordes of the foes of the devas.”

Devi Mahatmyam

  “Although there are depictions of Kali as a maternal goddess, she is usually depicted as an old woman, made emaciated and bony by the constant bearing and feeding of life. She has an insatiable hunger for life and devours everything in her way. She often has tusks or puts out her tongue which is dripping with the blood of her victims.”

Eva Jansen, The Book Of Hindu Imagery: Gods, Manifestaions and Their Meanings

“Kali is another form of the goddess that is often seen in temples and pictures. She is usually pictured as nude except for being covered by her scattered hair. She has a dark complexion. She wears and apron of human hands and a garland of human skulls, and sometimes carries a human head in one hand, freshly severed and dripping with blood, and a long chopper in the other hand. The other two hands are giving blessings and offering protection. Her tongue is protruding, dripping with blood.”

Stephen Knapp, Avatars, Gods and Goddesses Of Vedic Culture

my little nephew has the most beautiful bright soul.. he has these drunken buddha eyes, and he’s only a year old and he talks to you with them. he smiles all knowingly.. you feel so calm around him. he learned how to say waheguru, and he won’t stop saying it. he is so tiny, and he laid his beautiful hand on my head and blessed me. he makes you feel so divine… i hope we raise him right, awake and aware. what a beautiful creation.. i can not get over him 

As fans we forget that idols are humans. I mean, we know that they are humans, but we forget that they have human feelings. We put them in a position where they are seen as “perfect gods”, but when we see them in “human form”  we get weirded out, some get offended and rude, others snap back to reality. What I mean is e.g.: we always see idols with perfect skin, thin, abs, always happy. But when we see them in their true nature acne, chubby tummy, emotional tweets/fan cafe posts, etc. Some fans get quite rude, making fun of how “deep” the idol is, how “gross” their acne is, how “stupid” it is that they don’t have abs. This is sad and disappointing. Many of us look up to some idols, seeing them as an inspiration. When labeling idols as “god like” you are not only taking away their humanity (their right on imperfections and emotions), but you will also be disappointed/angry/offended when you get hit by reality and figure out that the idols are simple human beings.

Through A Leopard’s Eyes

@smilingblossoms | Julia

“… This place is packed to the brim.” Invisible to the eye, the god walked among the zoo people in his human form, his leopards at his side. Passing through them as if they were nothing, he headed for the big cat section of the zoo. Stopping, he took some time to admire the other large felines. Lions, Panthers, Cougars, Bobcats… everything you could imagine, but his feet ultimately led him to the snow leopards.

Some of the other felines approached him, purring and rubbing up against the fence as he scratched behind their ears with a smile. 

“They do look happy, Dion.” Cyrus commented. “Mm.” Dion sighed. “I don’t see how mortal animals can be so content in a place like this. Being gawked at like they’re nothing then mere objects… it’s sad.” Calista had to agree. “I don’t get it either. Wouldn’t they be happier living freely in the wild or in a sanctuary like some humans build? I know Cyrus and I were happier after living in Olympus.” 

Cyrus’ ears flicked. “Every animal is different like every person or god or demon is. It was Lord Chiron who taught us that, wasn’t it?” Cyrus asked.

Dion sighed. “Yeah…” The centaur had drilled it into the orphans that nature was to be respected. To live as their parents did, they had to understand their place in life – and that was to uphold the light side in the balance scales. “… but I’ve lost sight of those teachings.” He admitted. 

Cyrus wasn’t surprised, and he didn’t blame him. He was sick of all the humans not seeing his master for who he was too, but the way Julia reacted last time gave him a bit of hope that maybe this time would be different.

Calista, ever a daddy’s girl, was skeptical and sided with Dion over Cyrus. “She should be around here, shouldn’t she?” The she-leopard asked. “Mm. Probably.” Dion had purposely let her in enough so that while he was invisible to everyone else, she would be able to see him and his leopards easily – but he wasn’t going to go looking for her. She had to come looking for them instead.

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Hey I just wanted 2 say ur mythosstuck posts give me chills! I have a question: When Dirk's the only god left, will the others still keep in touch? Like a faint yellow glow appearing around his lovers' heads as a sort of blessing from Jake?

Hey there! Thank you so much! 

Hmm, well hopefully if you’ve gone through my homestuck mythos tag, you’ve seen some of the awesome mythos posts by @khemi and @dirkar. This post by khemi talks about this a quite a bit towards the end. This post actually mentions Jake in that exact manner: “When Jake becomes more of a concept than a god Dirk can see him glowing in every human he courts and it feels right, complete.” 

But yeah basically the gods may have abandoned human forms, but they’re not really “gone.” They continue to exist in all the aspects of the earth where anyone is keen enough to look. Since Dirk knows them all personally, he is even more aware of their presence. He’ll hear John’s laughter in the breeze, see Roxy’s smile as he falls asleep, etc. And he talks to them a lot when he’s alone. And they talk back, just not in words. This is especially true for Tree!Jane, who he visits and talks to often. 

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the spoilers character is an entity that is similar to the queen of teeth gods but instead they are compressed into a human form and since their compressed they dont have the full extent of their power so they use the death of those in the communications cast to give them satisfaction ?


okay alright so a friend n i wanted a small Group of our own n’ we Came 2 a Conclusion we Were Gonna make one ! so i’m putting The Plot n open spots Underneath this in a Read More ., n’ if ur interested Either like this .. or IM me or Mssg me thru My Inbox ! i Will fill up the Spots as i Get mssgs .. So

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Can a physical person's twin flame be a god?

Sure! There are lots of incarnated spirits who currently have human forms and one may be known as or have a twin flame who’s known as a deity. It’s only a human perspective that deities are “superior” to humans–in actuality, we’re all beings of the Source/Universe at our very core and equal through this center of our beings. :)