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How would Genji and Hanzo react to their SO saying that they love them in Japanese?

This is honestly one of the cutest things ever, thank you so much…..


  • !!!!!
  • Will probably take him a second to process the fact that you said it in japanese
  • But when it does sink in, he’ll get super excited
  • Immediately starts sweet-talking you in japanese, especially if you don’t speak it fluently
  • Lots of hugs and little smooches
  • You’re so cute oh my god he just loves you so much
  • He’ll probably ask you to say it again because it sounds so good in your voice


  • Like his brother, he won’t immediately realize that you said it in japanese
  • He’ll probably just say “i love you too” in english and you’ll have to get his full attention and repeat it
  • The second time around he’s like !! i’m an idiot
  • But it’s kinda hot
  • He’ll probably most likely blush
  • Expect him saying ‘i love you too’ in japanese and then long passionate kisses
  • He’s flattered you put in the effort to do something nice for him, and will try to find some way to repay you

My heart is heavy as I type this.  I went back and forth with should I post a picture or not. (decided not to - sorry its just too hard)  He was 23 years old when he passed on the 7th of this month.  He battled Leukemia for just a couple of weeks.  It took him quickly.

My family is in the process of planning out the funeral services. I wasn’t going to ask for donation, but I am going to put the link out there just in case anyone would like to donate a little something along with blessings, love, and light. Do not feel obligated to make a donation.  This is simply for the ones who feel the need to do so. I accept all of your messages, texts, and emails of condolences.  It is all golden and comforting to my heart.

The passing of my brother has not been easy, but at the same time peaceful.  It is a bittersweet thing because I know his soul is with God and he is living out the remainder of his life pain free and without the weight of his depression.

He had such a carefree heart, he didn’t care what others thought about him.  He knew he was different because of his learning disorders and being mentally 7 years delayed.   He wore his funky T-shirts with pride, he spoke what was on his mind.  He was a beautiful soul with a love for animals, wrestling, Godzilla, and a genuine sense of humor.  I will forever miss the silly things he would say and his random text messages.

Make a donation to my brother’s funeral expenses.

For @neonthewrite’s prompt: http://neonthewrite.tumblr.com/post/147147987780/r-r

I just loved reading it so much that I had to draw it! Adorable little sleepy Bowman was too much to handle ^~^

Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge- Week #7

Prompt: Oh my god, you’re in love!

Summary: You, after a talk with your best-friend Dean, realize you have feelings for Sam.

Characters: Reader x Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Warnings: language?

Word Count: 741


“That was an annoying hunt.” You groan, lowering yourself into the booth with Sam and Dean.

“I’ll get us some drinks.” Sam suggests.

“Hell yes!” Dean exclaims as his little brother gets back up and walks to the bar. “Something strong, please!”

“Same for me.” You call after him. You turn back to Dean and sigh, leaning your head back.

“You ok?” He asks.

“Just tired and sore.” You tell him.

“Need to get laid?” Your eyes snap to his amused green ones in horror. 

“No.” You tell him.

“You totally need to get laid.” He states, smirking.

“I-I do not!” You repeat.

“Fine. I believe you.” You sigh, thinking the discussion is over. You should have suspected something else was coming because Dean would never let a discussion about sex drop completely. “So, hypothetically, which guy in this bar would have the best chance with you?”

You groan, closing your eyes and dropping your head onto the table. “Where is Sam with the drinks?” You mumble.

“What about that guy in the black coat?” You pick up your head and see a tall man with a long, black coat flirting with another woman. You look at Dean and he realizes his mistake. “Sorry, how about him?”

Dean points out another guy, but your attention is diverted elsewhere. Your eyes catch sight of Sam waiting at the bar. A blonde is sitting next to him and they both laugh at something in the conversation. 

A weird feeling bubbles up in your stomach, a feeling you haven’t felt before. You want to look away, but you eyes seem to be locked on Sam’s form. 

“Yo, Y/N, you with me?” Dean snaps.

“Uh, yeah, sorry.” You nod, not moving your eyes. Dean keeps pointing out men and you shake your head, not even looking at them. 

The blonde has moved closer to Sam and somehow has made her breasts even bigger than a second ago. You narrow your eyes before you realize Dean has stopped talking. 

You turn to him expectantly. “You done?”

“You like Sam.” He says, straight-faced.

Your eyes go wide and your mouth opens. “I do not love Sam.” You tell him.

“Yeah, you do.” Dean smirks. “And, sweetheart? I said you liked him. Not loved.”

You feel your cheeks burn and you go to refuse but Dean shake his head. “Nope, you can’t convince me otherwise. You’ve been staring at him the entire time he’s been at the bar. And you’ve been sending the dumb blonde death stares.”

You scoff and look down, but Sam catches your eye again. You let yourself glance at him and before you know it, you are out of your seat and walking towards the blonde.

“Hey, Sam.” You call. Sam turns back in confusion get to him. You send the blonde a glare before turning back to Sam. “Drinks?”

“Oh, crap. Sorry.” Sam laughs. “Forgot.”

“It’s fine.” You shrug, though you feel as if you hate the blonde even more.

“Excuse me?” The blonde taps your shoulder. You turn to her with a pissed off expression. “We were in the middle of a conversation.”

“And now you’re not.” You tell her. You stalk back to the table with a resting bitch face. 

Oh my god, you’re in love.” Dean states. 

“I am not.” You remind him. 

“And jealous. Wow.” Dean laughs. 

“I am not jealous!” You refute. 

“Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart.” Dean scoffs.

“It’s true!”

“What’s true?” Sam gets back to the table with drinks.

“Nothing.” You sort of sink into the booth, thinking back to your previous actions. 

“Ok…” Sam mutters, giving you a scotch. You thank him quietly before taking a sip.

“Sorry, by the way.” You tell him. He gives you a confused look that sends shivers down your spine. “For messing up your chances with that girl.”

“It’s really fine.” Sam laughs. “Didn’t really like her anyways. Too pushy.”

“Ha.” You chuckle nervously. You take the scotch and drink the entire thing. “I’m gonna run to the bathroom.” You announce, practically running away. 

You get to the bathroom and lean over the sink, looking into the mirror. You suddenly can’t get Sam out of your head. The way his hair sits on his head, the way his face scrunches up in confusion. His smile that always makes you want to believe that everything is ok…

Oh my god.” You breathe. “I’m in love with Sam.

For @one-shots-supernatural ‘s spn hiatus writing challenge. I know this is sort of crappy, but it’s my first Sam fic. Hope you enjoy!

So when I came out to my 7 yr old brother he told me he loves me and it’s okay even though he doesn’t really understand and today he’s 9 and now he said he doesn’t like when ppl are gay. So my question is who has been teaching him homophobia. My question is what has he been hearing. And now my mom is screaming homophobia is wrong in the eyes of God and I’m really stressed because his little 9 yr old mind is gonna keep that….

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I have fallen in love with your blind karamatsu fic. Never has a fanfic made me cry so much- or any piece of writing in general. I must have wept twice every chapter. And you portray the brothers so accurately! It's just amazing. And I had the mental image this morning of after Kara gets out of the hospital, they all pitch in and get him a little seeing eye dog- maybe a corgi or a shiba. Can you imagine his face the first time he reaches out and feels it lick his fingers?

Oh my god, that is way too adorable. I love it. I accept this headcanon and thus dub it canon. It shall have a ficlet all its own once I’m done with the main fic itself. Bless your heart.
And thank you for your message, I’m glad people still like my fic

You know when you remember all past theories that most of TG fandom was and see that 90% of it became real in this chapter?
Kaneki is MY GOD.
Eto my queen!
Banjou fidkfosjskkdodks 😭❤️
And Touka worried about his little brother. ❤️❤️
Arg! I just know that I know nothing and I’m gulping outbreaks why I am the only one awake at home. OMG, Ishida-sensei can overcome all my expectations, I love you very much! foskfoakdoamdoandosndiskskandoansksjskszldoqndoakekakcoandkajdks’m freaked out.

Note: Relieved why the Ayato is well…. I hope. 😭😭😭

thunderstorms & pizza

this also just came to mind ;)

b/n = brother’s name
s/n = sister’s name
e/c = eye color

although quite typical of a summer night, the thunderstorm going on at the moment seemed to feel different. rather than feeling cozy in my house, I was a little uneasy. the power still was on, thank god, but I walked downstairs anyway to grab some candles just in case.
“holy fucking shit!” I gasped as a balloon from my sister’s room had floated downstairs and was trailing behind me. “what the hell, oh my god.” I giggled, and a roll of thunder sounded, shaking the plates in the kitchen.
for some reason, my phone was without a case for the time being, and it started buzzing, causing me to jump and smack my elbow on the island.
c/n was calling. I pick up immediately.
“hey, c/n!” I breathe.
“you ok?” he laughs. “you sound in pain…”
“yeah, no I’m good, just cracked my elbow on the island.” I pout with a hint of laughter.
he laughs, then says, “well anyways, I’m kinda stranded because b/n took the car. can you pick me up?”
“yeah of course? where you at.”
“the pool…”
“oh my god get in the bathhouse!” I say, sliding my shoes on.
“y/n, I’m not stupid. I am a trained professional you know.” it’s like I can hear the smirk growing on his face.
“as am I! I’ll be there in like 7 minutes.” I say, rolling my eyes.
“aight, see ya then. thanks, y/n.”
“byyyyyyyyye, c/n.” I hang up and drive to the pool. when I get there he runs out immediately and hops into the passenger seat.
“hey y/n!” he says, out of breath.
“hey! how did you get stuck here alone?” I giggle.
“so I was closing up and b/n was here but everybody else had already left. being the fucking chotch that he is, he left before I locked everything.”
“what the fuck!!” I laugh. “bitch!”
“seriously, he’s terrible.”
“well, I feel ya, s/n is the same.” I say, pulling out of the parking lot.
“nooooo, s/n’s so great!”
“well, you don’t have to live with her…” I explain.
“no, I still don’t believe that she’s bad.”
“welp, then you don’t believe the truth.” I laugh. “do you wanna come over?”
“if possible, yeah. we have like no food at my house.” he laughs.
“alrighty, perfect.” I say, and we take a left to my house.

“ok so we have like, frozen pizza….” I say, rummaging through he freezer. “hmm… we have other stuff in the fridge but it’s just like chicken and veggies and stuff…”
“pizza works.” he smiles.
“turn the oven to 425…” I read from the package.
“oh, leave it to the master chef here,” c/n says, “I don’t need directions.”
“yeah you do! you don’t want it to burn…”
“I think I know what I’m doing here.” he winks, and throws the pizza in the oven.
“okayyyyyy, whatever you say so.”

“so what do you w-” I begin, but the lights flicker and then go out.
“looks like no frozen pizza tonight…” c/n laughs.
“awwwww! well we could -”
“play tag?” c/n asks.
“are you 5 years old?”
“no, I’m most definitely not 5 years old but tag in the dark is fucking amazing.” he grins.
“fine.” I sigh.
“alright I’ll be it.” he says, and starts counting down.
“shit, this is actually terrifying!” I whisper, then run away.
he chases me up the stairs and down again.
“why do you have to do cross country?” he asks, out of breath already.
“sorry about that…” I joke, “sucks to be you.” I say, then turn the corner to go back into the kitchen.
“SHIT! OW!” I laugh. “GAHHH that hurts why am I laughing?”
“what happened?” c/n asks, and the light goes back on.
“ayyyyye! Frozen pizza again!” I say, “but the island is the perfect height for my hip bones to smash into… and that’s exactly what just happened.”
“do you need me to kiss it better?” he asks. I look deep into his lovely e/c eyes which are boring into mine. I smile.
he kneels down and removes my hand from my hip, slipping my shirt up slightly before he leaves a gentle kiss.
“better?” he asks, standing up.
I decide to take my chances.
“partially.” I say, and he gets my hint, moving closer to me. he cups my face in his hands and connects our lips. I reach up and let my fingers tangle into his hair, wrapping a leg around his. his hands move down slowly, tracing down my back until he reaches my thighs. he picks me up and sets me on the island, keeping our lips together. I tug at his shirt and feel him smile. he breaks away for the slightest second for his shirt to come off, and reconnects our lips. it could last forever, but of course the smoke alarm goes off and we separate quickly.
“DAMN IT, THE PIZZA!” he laughs, and pulls me off the counter. we run over to the oven and to our luck, the pizza’s on fire.
“what do we do?” he asks.
I grab two tongs and pull it from the oven.
“open the door!” I giggle. his smile gets bigger.
I whip the flaming pile of crust and cheese and sauce onto the patio, and we stand at the door watching it go out.
“y/n, you’re fantastic.” he says.
“why thank you.” I wink, “and I suppose you really aren’t the master chef.”
“hey! I still am, everyone has their flaws.” he pouts, acting hurt.
“it’s ok, you can say you’re bad, I won’t care.”
“never.” he smirks.
“so about before…” I begin.
“yeah…” he says awkwardly.
“I, well, I kinda liked it…” I say.
he looks up. “then I kinda liked it, too.” he winks.
“maybe more than kinda?” I ask.
“maybe we should try it again?” I question.
and with that his hands are back on me.

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your tags on the last post xD oh my god


Skype Nonsense
  • PSM:we're not in agreement
  • JesterDK:Only because you're clearly stupid. Hahaha
  • *** JesterDK says, while having a really dumb text conversation with a brother about how Sebulba is secretly the best character in the Star Wars movies (with almost no justification. Hahaha) ***
  • PSM:oh my GOD
  • PSM:I can't fucknigf believe you
  • PSM:ahahahaha
  • PSM:HA!

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Hey! Could you do a casifer x reader where she is the winchesters younger half sister (maybe related to Adam?). And he thinks her soul is beautiful and is just kinda fascinated with her and when he's rescued and taken to the bunker she gets him to talk to god and god reveals later that she is lucifers alternate vessel. Like Adam was Michaels. Can u make her shy and sweet? Maybe have her talk about Adam a little? How protective and kind a brother he was. How she misses him too maybe?

Originally posted by ba1n3s

(Accurate representation of my initial reaction to your request)

I will gladly write this, and I am happy we’re getting a bit of love for everyone in this request, but it has wiggle room for slight angst. I honestly cannot wait to write this!!

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Big Bang for the kpop group thing!!

Put a kpop group in my ask box and I will tell you which member(s) I would:

  • Kiss: GD
  • Hug: All of them! But specially Dae, he seems squishy.
  • Marry: GD
  • Live with: GD
  • Be the little sister/brother to: Dae!
  • Bring on a picnic: All of them!
  • Take a romantic walk with: GD
  • Keep as a friend: All of them!
  • Hit a lot: Sorry, Seungri. I still love you tho. It’s playful
  • Give a massage whenever he/she wants to: GD! God how original i am with my answers.
  • Do anything for: No one. This is a huge promise.


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“Our story began a little over 5 years ago. My husband and I decided we wanted to start the journey to foster in hopes to adopt one child, but God had other plans he sent us a sibling group of 4. We are happy to say last week we finalized the adoption of all 4 and are now a very happy forever family of 7! These precious children have forever changed us. I have a bio daughter Bree and the way she opened her heart and has bonded and loved her brothers and sisters makes me so proud!! We thank God for putting us on this journey and for our HAPPY BEGINNING!” -Fender Family

i got tagged by @sayaberry !! thank u aaaa

rules: tag 10 followers you wish to know better

birthday: july 18th!! which is as of right now 20 minutes away ;)

gender: agender

relationship status: single but i still call kai my gf all the time lol

zodiac sign: cancer

siblings: an older brother

favorite color: aaaAAAA light yellow probably, pastels in general are my shit and grayish colors too god i love colors

pets: my little menace slaine shes a very furry black and white cat and shes the worst i love her she has a squirrel tail

wake up times: 9 am usually, since i shower while my dad takes my brother to work at 10 and it gives me enough time to stare at a wall to wake up

lemonade or iced tea: lemonade !!

cats or dogs: cats but dogs are so good too

day or night: night even tho im such a paranoid bitch i can hardly handle the nighttime

coke or pepsi: pepsi. coke tastes like sadness

text or call: texting for sure im so awkward on the phone

met a celebrity: myself ;)

smiles or eyes: i guess this means if i like someones eyes or smile more? mmmm i love everything about people and faces so thats one i cant pick on

chapstick or lipstick: neither i just lick it off

city or country: city

last song i listened to:  Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ok im gonna, try my best im breaking the rules a little and tagging people i know by name off th top of my head @nohrvore @vendetto @dollhousewiki @rivalcobalt @starfoxsnes @candybunnys @lilypoise @boi-boutta-succ @pastarrie @psiie BOOM I MANAGED TO DO IT NYAYAHAH

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god knows i'm not a rarepair person but nursery/ransom is so pure,,,,,, so gentle,,,,,,,,,,, i didn't even know i needed it but i love it

!!!! sorry i didn’t get to this sooner my brother just won state baseball. 

they are so pure. 

it starts with Nursey having this crush on ransom and he’s very “do i want to date him or be him?” it turns out he really really wants to date him. 

except Nursey is a little intimidated hes just a frog and Ransom is a junior and a really attractive junior at that, and he has that thing with Holster, are they dating or???

andi can’t finish this i just got horrible news sorry but i like this some one else do this.