Mana Ashida, 2012 Vogue Japan





OOOH KARLY I HAVE A PROMPT FOR YOU but you don’t ahve to do it if you’re busy with school/college/work/family or if you feel uninspired or if you just don’t feel like it okay? no pressure uwu oKAY the prompt IS!! Roytim! Valentine’s day ovo

Ugh, that fanfic where Sam vehemently assures Dean that Sam knows Dean would die before hurting him, and “you’ve clocked me in the face a few times, when I was being an idiot and I deserved it, but you’d never really hurt me.”

And that during the detox, Sam sees Dean: “and you tell me that I’m a monster and you hate me, and you wish you’d never come to get me from Stanford, but Dean, you have to know, none of that is about you, okay? It’s all me, it’s about my insecurities. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

…Otherwise known as, “guaranteed way to get me from 0 to seeing-red in 0.5 seconds”


I suppose Sam arguing against trusting Gordon right off the bat was “deserving it”. Just like Sam deserved it right after being possessed by Meg for two weeks. And naturally Sam deserved it after Dean found out about him exorcising demons with his powers. How could I have ever thought these were anything but Sam “being an idiot” and “deserving it”, right??? That wacky me, I crack me up sometimes you guys.

And I mean obviously Sam hallucinating Dean telling him he’s a monster and that Dean hates him is completely unfounded - it’s not like Dean ever actually called him a monster for real? What, did Dean ever tell him something like, oh I dunno, something crazy, like, if Dean didn’t know him, he’d want to hunt him? It’s most certainly not like Dean ever expressed distrust and suspicion of his powers, or ever made a point of rubbing Sam’s face in how many ways Sam let him down, amirite? Clearly this is all about Sam and his completely unreasonable insecurities. Completely unreasonable. Nothing to do with Dean at all.