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I've gone through your entire voltron meta tag and oh my God I just cant even...I'm turning into a conspiracy theorist. Also the biggest mystery in the entire series for me would still have to be Shiro. First of all I feel like he knows more about the empire than he lets on, secondly I feel like haggar did more than just give him an arm and a scar (druid shiro/robeast shiro) because why else is would he be their greatest weapon when VOLTRON. Mostly: WHO IS SHIRO REALLY? we know almost nothing.

lmao I’m so sorry anon,, but I just can’t get enough of Conspiracies 

Listen,, I love Shiro. Like, I love him so much. But you’re right, he’s a mystery. There’s still a lot about him that just doesn’t add up. For one thing, he has no backstory at all. None. Out of all the paladins, Shiro is the only one who never expresses any interest to return to Earth or his family. Even towards the end of season 2, when everyone’s saying what they’ll do after Voltron–go home, find their families, ect? Shiro says nothing. And I think it’s especially strange he’s so indifferent to homesickness, considering how he was already away from Earth for a year. His family thinks he’s dead, probably had a funeral–and that just?? Doesn’t concern him?? It’s kinda weird. 

Also his amnesia is very?? Plot convenient? Like, we already know that the galra are capable of altering memories and fabricating fakes ones so, I think it’s very likely they have something to do with Shiro’s missing memories. Especially when the druids are known for mind tricks, and Haggar took such a personal interest in him. 

And again there are other strange things about Shiro’s capture–like, why were he and the red lion held on the same ship?? Why was the garrison so adamant about covering up his disappearance, and how much do they really know? What is it about Shiro’s arm that makes him their “greatest weapon”??? What really happened that whole time Shiro was “Champion?” 

And I mean, I think Shiro’s observation here is a very good point

Because, before he escapes, he’s strapped down to the examining table again. It looks pretty obvious that this is where they removed his arm–I mean, you do see a giant blade in the background there. So if they already made him Haggar’s “greatest weapon” then?? why is he back on the surgical table again?? They must be trying to add more modifications right? Whatever they had planned for Shiro, I don’t think they were quite finished yet. 

But even if they weren’t done with his “transformation,” I’m certain they’ve altered Shiro more than they’ve let on. Like, when Shiro’s in the astral plane, and he starts dying. You see the stars all blink out one by one, and then Shiro’s body itself reacts–starts to glow like that 

You know what all those geometric lines crisscrossing up and down his body look like, especially when they glow that pink/purple galra quintessence color? Yeah, it’s just like when Shiro activates his arm. 

Except, instead of just being on the arm, you see those lines go all the way up into his head, which seems really…suspicious…and makes me wonder if he’s maybe more of a robeast than he appears. I think nearly dying probably triggered some kind of reaction with whatever quintessence and modifications the galra added. Maybe a last resort safety measure or something 

And I really hate to say it but, there’s certainly a lot of foreshadow with Shiro and the galra empire that seems to be coming to a head. Even the parallels with him and Zarkon aside, Sendak still plants this idea that he’s a broken soldier, tells him that they’re “both part of the galra empire.” Shiro is constantly grappling with this notion that he’s exactly the kind of monster the galra tried to make him. And while that obviously isn’t true, overcoming that has certainly been a big part of his character arc. And again, if Shiro does need to leave the team and go rogue for some reason, I definitely think Keith being torn between siding with him or Allura/everyone else has already been foreshadowed. 

There’s also just the fact that “Kuro” is a thing that exists. And whether he manifests as Shiro’s response to druid mind control or a clone as some sort of “back up project” well–I’m thinking we might see more of him 

Shiro is undoubtably a good person. But he’s also such a terribly unfortunate person, and even after all the galra did to him, I don’t think he’s quite out of the woods yet 

Okay but can we talk about Alec Ryder for a second

Because this is a character that had so much potential. He arguably could have had greater character development than nearly everyone else in the game. So here are my thoughts on what we could have had. Warning for spoilers, and I’ll put an * next to a number if I do an extended thought on something below a cut.

  • Alec not dying. Yeah that would be amazing.
  • Imagine he’s somehow incapacitated. His legs or back or chest or something injured. Imagine finding him laying in the dirt, him conscious long enough to say a final word. Holding him long enough for rescue to arrive. 
  • Imagine the terror of waiting to see if he’ll survive his injuries. Imagine him indeed surviving, but unable to continue as Pathfinder. Maybe he can only walk/limp around, no more running or fighting. Imagine him giving you the role of Pathfinder then. 
  • Alec standing up for you at the Nexus when people doubt your ability. Telling you you can do it, he believes in you.
  • Alec being there to talk to. side times to talk with him, to either patch up your relationship and start over or refuse to do so. 
  • “I know I’ve never been a good father. But I want to change. It may not seem like it, but I’m here, and I always will be. If you wan’t to stay distant, that’s okay and I understand. But if you want to work on this, heal things between us… I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you.”
  • Alec being there to discuss specific missions with. (*1)
  • Alec being there to ask for advice. (*2)
  • Alec helping make strategies for dealing with the Kett.
  • Alec being proud of you when you make peaceful contact with the Angara.
  • Alec meeting your LI, I mean that would have been AMAZING. (Alec meeting Jaal oh god I cant even)
  • And then: Alec growing as a person.
  • Alec being at your sibling’s side all the time, waiting for them to wake up.
  • Alec using this downtime to reflect. He starts learning how to express his emotions, how to talk to his children. Learning how to deal with his emotions, how to handle them honestly and in a healthy manner. Learning how to move on.
  • Alec talking to you about the memory triggers. Letting you talk, or scream, or both. Admitting the mistakes he’s made. Making up for those mistakes. (*3)
  • Alec helping to keep people on the Nexus and Arks inspired. Keeping you up to date, bringing matters to your attention when necessary.
  • Alec fighting during the end battle. (*4)
  • Alec telling you he loves you just before the final mission.
  • When you think hope is lost, when you’ve fallen, when you think it’s over: Alec’s voice comes through your implant. Alec inspiring you to Stand. Alec inspiring you to Fight.
  • Alec telling you he’s proud of you when it’s over.
  • Alec letting you go back out there. knowing how dangerous it is, but waving you off anyway. Trusting you to come back home alive.

Because Alec had amazing potential. His character’s growth could have made so much of an impact, and growing a real relationship with him throughout the game could have had a lot of emotion and laughs and wonder and everything in between. 

Alec deserved so much more than an early death and an eternity of regret.

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god i cant even take the discourse anymore. there's just zero nuance, the concept of intersectionality has been done away with, sex negativity is at an all time high, there's this pervasive idea that your identity is built from suffering (a model which REQUIRES suffering to continue to be valid), theres a bench mark of the amount of oppression you need to face in order to be validated, and thesecond a person from a group regs dont like meets it, this is denied and ignored. im done i cant anymore

I mean inclusionists technically won considering most lgbt+ organizations include aspecs and others are becoming more openly supportive each day. Aphobes are just beating a dead horse.

Imagine this. What if tonight we will get the scene where alec is pushing magnus into the bedroom and the episode ends there? They will actually do the do after the “it’s not only you who is vulnerable”. And we get to see malec waking up together in episode 2x08? Just imagine this.