iplayedgod asked:

/flops in your inbox bc i just wanted to say 1) thank you so much for following me, like bless ur face. i'm honored tbh. and 2) thank you for sorta basically giving me the courage to actually try writing an oc. i've wanted to for a while and just haven't had the guts, but i love your oc siinnerr and yeah. you're lovely okay bye.

[ !!!!!!  oh god, thank you so much.  i actually ??  recognised your oc
  from all the little posts you made prior to his creation & i was !!  so ex-
  cited to see him & follow back !!!  & he’s so fascinating already, & so
  extraordinarily well-written, i’m just !!  so glad you took that leap & ma-
  de him – so glad i could help ??  lend courage for that ??  you are do-
  ing an AMAZING job & i am so thrilled, tbh.  i love you a lot, man.  tha-
  nk you, & i hope you have a great, great night.                                         ]