Well then..

I’m making a lot of mun posts today I’m sorry, but I thought I would share with you guys that I actually just spat coffee all over my laptop and desk. At school. In class. This is why I have no friends, I sit on tumblr, laugh at shit then spit my coffee on shit.. Fucking hell..

My friend and I were discussing hermaphrodites and it ended up in a conversation about gender neutrality. I was simultaneously sweating buckets and eager to educate him on the the subject because I’ve actually been wanting to come out to him. So we were chatting and he was being pretty receptive and then ANOTHER person who’s ridiculously conservative and loves to argue came up and asked why we had been talking about hermaphrodites.

My friend panicked because we all know he’s like that so we sputtered around a bit and eventually he blurted out “We were talking about herm-Aphrodite!”

I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks and now I headcanon perhaps one of the oddest Greek Gods headcanons and am not ashamed whatsoever it’s fantastic