You know what I hate? Someone new being hired and the boss giving them the best hours and disregarding you, who has been there longer, and making you keep the worst hours.

God, I forgot how crappy it was dealing with bosses and coworkers. This I did not miss. Now I’m stuck with my same hours and the new girl is getting all the openings- ie: better tips and you’re out of there much earlier.

All I know is, this new girl had best not leave the shop a huge mess when I get there in the evenings. Seriously I’d make her butt stay and clean up before I start working. Especially with her being a teenager and me dealing with illness I am not cleaning up and doing someone else’s job.

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"make him look like a dad" you misspelt grandpa ;)

(but he’s such a dad I can’t) I MEAN HES LIKE BOTH HE JUST LIKE- D;

Who’s more daddy – namjoon or seokjin? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh god that word…..be killing me….but I get what you mean and it’s still Namjoon o.o” (cmon he called someone babygirl and all those pre-debut tracks how can I not).

Cooking Jin or Eating Jin

GDODJSKFDLJ This is so hard to choose D:::::::: I LOVE BOTH SO MUCH AND I MISS COOKING JIN AND IM SO STOKED FOR COOKING KING!!J!!!!! but EatJin. The way he emotes and the noises he makes when he eats just makes me so happy and makes me full (but also hungry). I love how he just eats what he wants and he knows how happy it makes us ;u; 

Young Forever or Butterfly Prologue version~

But um…I guess…UmMMGMMSD…Young Forever. The topics it touches on about the boys knowing that an audience may not be there with them forever and how I can feel their passion as artists through the song really gets to me ;u; (I bawled when the MV dropped ngl.)
- Kylie

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Why does everyone think Shinohara would be proud of Suzuya? I mean yea they worked together and such. But they all make it seem like more then just that. Its not like their family or anythig so he should caer as much as everyone seems to think.

Ohhhh honey. Oh bless your heart. What manga are you fucking reading.

Did you miss the part where Shinohara was the ONLY investigator who stood up for Juuzou? The part where Shinohara was the one who convinced them to even let Juuzou be in the CCG? 

Did you miss how chapter after chapter, Shinohara would patiently and gently explain things to Juuzou, over and over again, because Juuzou didn’t go through the academy?

 Did you miss the fact that Shinohara looked out for Juuzou, taught him, tutored him, stuck up for him, encouraged him, and believed him when no one else wanted to, when literally everyone just thought of him as a problem?Did you miss the fact that he figured out ways to work with Juuzou’s trauma and developmental issues instead of against them?

Or did you miss the way he helped Juuzou study and brought him snacks?

Did you miss how fucking proud he was of Juuzou when Juuzou passed his exams????

Did you miss how he cried when Juuzou lost his leg? How he sobbed and apologized? The pain on his face? How many times does Shinohara fight in TG? How many times does Shinohara sob in TG??

Did you miss the look of absolute relief on his face when, for one shining moment, he thought that the fight was over, that both he and Juuzou had survived?

Did you miss the fact that his own wife said:

Did you miss this entire fucking panel????

Seriously anon, really, what manga did you read??????

Joe Dempsie has made an actual official press conference statement today, saying that he would love to return to Thrones, and that he thinks Gendry’s long absence is now sticking out like a sore thumb 



Submission from anon

I thought I’d send you this for your entertainment ;) Hope you feel better soon! 

Okay, she would do it slowly. This was not a plaster you just rip off, this was something she had to approach carefully, she knew that much.

Mary Winchester was not a stupid woman and she knew her husband long enough. John was not a bad man, or unkind, or close minded. He just… he just needed time to adjust to new things. My god, had he been offended when she had bought a hybrid car! Nothing like that in his garage! But after a while even he had to admit that it was very silent and probably better for the environment than the muscle cars he collected.

But this was different. This was not a car she just bought and put in front of their house for him to get used to. This was her child, who would actually care if John glared at him for weeks every time he walked by.

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I never thought a year from now we’d end up like this. Days going by without you talking to me, and yet I message you everyday “good morning” or “have a good day” and “I love you”. Maybe I’m pathetic, but I mean all of those things. I can’t begin to explain the pain in how much I miss you, I know it’s only been a couple of weeks but it feels like it’s been months and my heart is broken and the only time I feel okay is when I’m too distracted to feel at all. You tell me to get over you, that we can visit once I’m over you, but God do you not realize how in love I am with you?

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Dam I think baout that owl all the time and ok but like the moon is slowly drifting away from the earth as well and I like thag heh how would yoh feel aboit me calling you Harley? I'd I just feel it would be a nice nick name for you and stuff and I love you so much babe I want to compliment you like c razzy and kiss you god I wnat to kiss you I miss those long kisses you always guve me such short t easeing ones

I mean. The ocean is also slowly dying so whatever. We’ll disappear together. I can’t wait to kiss you baby I miss you so so so so so much like I’m going crazy I miss you and I miss the way you taste and smell and the way you feel and omg I miss you Omg and idc nick name me whatever

When Mommy’s Busy

Panda: It’s okay! I can entertain myself without Mommy! I can paint, and color, and watch movies!
Panda: *stares at phone*
Panda: Who needs Mommy 24/7!? Not me! Mommy will be proud I can handle myself just fine without her!
Panda: *stares at phone some more*
Panda: Why hasn’t Mommy text… did… did SOMEONE ELSE STEAL HER HEART!?! OH GOD WHAT IF SOMEONE ELSE IS BETTER THAN ME!? *starts to feel panicky*
Phone: Picka P Pickachuu!
Panda: *dives for phone*
Mommy: How’s my Little Panda?
Mommy: Awe Panda, it was just an hour.

Hi guys! I finally hit 11k followers last night [oh my god asdfdfgadf] and I have no idea how did that happen. I just wanted to do a little follow forever and to say thank you to all of you, wonderful people who make my dash such a beautiful place.

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Quotes from Sabrina’s Mother Part Two

I just got off the phone with my mom and told her how much everyone loved her scream quotes and she’s very excited about it and also gave me more quotes to share with you so

  • “if eli lives i will be in a wonderland of bliss and happiness i miss him already”
  • “My poor precious Noah is never going to want to date anyone ever again because everyone he loves dies and that better not give him reason to be the killer next season or else i’m blowing up production”
  • “i just really fucking hate kieran’s hair jesus christ”
  • “our precious virgin is no longer a virgin and really i don’t blame people for calling him death dick because seriously everyone died”
  • “didn’t they say they’d announce if there was a season three after the finale?! ITS ALMOST BEEN A WEEK THAT’S NOT RIGHT AFTER”
  • “I need a season three sabrina” “i know mommy” “no you don’t understand” “yes i do  mom, i feel this as much as you do” “no you DONT. UNDERSTAND.”
  • “Do you think they’ll fix his hair in the special or am i going to want to die”
  • “okay its almost been a week, that’s not right after. right after is the day after, it has almost been 7 days after, not the day after, that is too long.I NEED TO KNOW. WE NEED MORE. WE NEED IT SABRINA. okay i need to calm down and take a nap and not think about how they don’t know what right after means because i won’t stop”
hawaii five 0 rewatch update

I’ve just realized that mcdanno is probably one of the only non-canon ships that gets as much screen time that it does. people who write fan fiction, or create fanvids have SO MUCH MATERIAL to work from. like what other non-canon ship do you know holds hands on screen and says I love you and calls each other babe, hmm??? mcdanno does.

god bless mcdanno

raanpo  asked:

iwaoi, 22 ;) hello sabrina!!

OH MY GOD ALICIA I have missed you ;___; how have you been omg!!! and tbh it’s been a while since i wrote fic please bear with me LOL

22. “ I don’t know why I married you.”

Iwaizumi woke up to the sound of something shattering against the floor. He was worried for a split second, until he realized that the caramel-haired boy who should have been sleeping next to him, was no where to be seen.

He sighed, remembering that it was Saturday. And Iwaizumi knew what happened every Saturday without fail. He rolled out of bed, putting on the dark blue slippers Oikawa bought him for his birthday, and walked towards the source of the noise.

As soon as he opened the door from his room to the hallway, he could hear the TV just enough to know what channel Oikawa was watching. Iwaizumi continued to walk down the hall and started to notice the multiple “ow”s coming from the kitchen.

As he reached the kitchen, Iwaizumi reached the frame of the doorway and leaned against it, arms crossed as he looked down at Oikawa who was kneeling down on the floor, trying to pick up the pieces of the plate he had just broke. 

“So what was it this time?” Iwaizumi asked, trying not to sigh. Oikawa froze, and slowly turned his head up to meet Iwaizumi’s eyes.

He curved his lips into an innocent smile and answered, “Would you believe me if I said it was aliens?” 

Iwaizumi scowled, his face clearly saying it’s too early for this. Oikawa laughed at his response. “Okay so sadly it wasn’t aliens, but aren’t we lucky? Instead of being abducted and taken from you forever, I just broke a plate! Doesn’t seem that bad in comparison right?” He reasoned, knowing that Iwaizumi was sometimes a little cranky in the morning, depending on how well he slept.

Iwaizumi couldn’t help but flash a small smile at Oikawa’s ridiculous logic, only to hide it seconds after. He walked towards the clumsy boy and crouched down so they were at eye level with each other and softly tapped the top of Oikawa’s head, which caused Oikawa to look at him. 

Iwaizumi looked straight back at him. And despite being together for years now, Oikawa still blushed like he had the day he confessed. 

Iwaizumi couldn’t help but bring his hand to Oikawa’s face and brush his cheeks, as if trying to spread his blush across his visage.

“You know, there are times where I don’t know why I married you,” he began, making sure to pause before continuing so he could see Oikawa pout in the way Iwaizumi thought was just too adorable. “But there are also times where I can’t believe it took me so long to realize just how much I love you.”

Oikawa smiled, because now Iwaizumi was blushing. “And which one is this Iwa-chan?” He grinned, putting his own hand on top of Iwaizumi’s. 

Iwaizumi left his hand there for a while and moved it from his cheek to the broken plate, carefully picking up the pieces. “Go watch your documentary, I’ll clean your mess up,” he commanded, as if Oikawa didn’t just ask him  a question.

“Hmph Iwa-chan’s being stubborn again,” Oikawa complained, wanting an answer to his question. “For now I’ll watch my documentary, but you better be prepared for later tonight because I will get my answer!” He winked before exiting the room, and Iwaizumi just shook his head endearingly.

He couldn’t help but smile at that. As he continued to pick up the pieces, he spoke, under his breathe, “It’s really never a boring day with you.”

Send me a number and I’ll write the drabble for it!

anonymous asked:

you still give me butterflies when i think of you, and oh my god do i hate that. i hate missing you, i hate remembering you, after making myself believe that i forgot you. but i dont hate you, no matter how much i want to. i still love you and thats what i hate the most.

anonymous asked:

You know you don't have to write Sam, when you clearly hate him. Doing a fic just to torture his is so dumb. Can't you just write for the others so the people that actually love Sam don't have to see that?

Oh Anon I almost missed you. It has been awhile since you have told me how much I hate Sam/Jared and I seem to forget it when you don’t remind me. 

I did not torture Sam - I wrote angst. The torture was a tool to show of sides of that charater. I have made Cas kill the reader and actually killed Dean but god forbid I torture Sam cause you insist I hate him. 

Why don’t you go read all the fluff and smut I’ve written for the guy? Or better yet - fuck off my blog!

Seeing you today really made me happy. I hardly get a chance to actually talk to you, but the fact that we kept holding eye contact and smiling so blissfully at one another. I had a chance to hold your hand for a couple minutes, feeling the softness of your fingers as they laced themselves into mine, it gave me the adrenaline rush that I missed so much. And when we kissed, god, I missed the way our lips moved. How I would feel your hands hold onto me, and a little tug here and there would make me pull you even closer. You didn’t want to stop, it was like a goodbye. It hurt so fucking bad once our lips disconnected. I watched you saunter away, and right there is when I felt my heart break into two. I won’t be able to watch you walk away for the last time when the time comes, so right now, let’s just live in the moment and see where it takes us. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, my love.
—  S.V// @Sempiternal.Poet on Instagram

magical-girl-blair  asked:

one of the things that's annoying me about the prophecy is if it's in two years that is nowhere near long enough for them to have a baby, for it to grow up and train, and then become powerful enough to end the war. Like, am I missing something or reading it wrong??

yes, you are missing out….Arima, in the manga, wanted them to become 18 and be legal to get married/have a kid (4 years)….and it was Rokuro and Benio who negotiated with him and said they’d be as strong as the 12 Commanders in 2 years.

The whole reason Rokuro and Benio negotiated with Arima about this is because they both want to go to Tsuchimikado Island, home of the strongest exorcists and also the strongest impurities (that’s also where Yuuto is heading). Not just anyone can go to this island since it is like I said: home of the strongest impurities; if an exorcist from the mainland wants to go to the island, they have to be strong enough to survive on it.

Also, that whole talk about this upcoming prophesied disaster is anime original bullshit made up for the filler arc and it was used as a replacement goal instead of chasing after Yuuto at Tsuchimikado Island (since the anime made it unclear what happened to Yuuto).

Top 15 B1A4 Songs

tagged by the lovely @bae1a4-are-delicious (who created this tag <3) and the also lovely @b1a4letsflybana (i know it took me a while but i really wanted to do this tag!)

Rule: No title songs allowed!!

please note that seriously every b1a4 song is a gold mine so this was DIFFICULT


1) Wonderful Tonight (unplugged or just regular)
2) Good Love
3) You Make Me a Fool
4) My Love
5) Who Am I
6) You Are My Girl
7) Because of You
8) In the Air
9) How Many Times
10) Starlight Song
11) Wait
12) Road
13) It’s Going Well
14) Bling Girl
15) Beautiful Lie


ok so idk whos been tagged yet but i literally tag every bipo blog that follows me because i REALLY want more people to do this XD and even if youre not a b1a4 blog but you just love them GO AHEAD AND DO IT TOO! YES IM TALKING TO YOU I TAG YOU <3