The One That Got Away | Kim Donghyun

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character: kim donghyun

genre: angst

word count:1540

summary: donghyun left you heartbroken for 8 months, then he called you

*i have uploaded this on wattpad and this will be continued if you want me to :)

It has been around 8 months since Donghyun has broken up with you and it hurt still. You never thought he would cold-blooded cut you off like that.

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I Will Wait For You

It was not hard for me to fall in love with you. You are so easy to love.
The hardest part is being away from you, but I know that the best part is when we will be together again.
I’m longing for that moment. God knows how much I miss you.
We may be apart, but my love for you stays stronger and sweeter.
When I feel alone, I close my eyes and I can feel your arms wrap around me, your tender kisses and sweet whispers of “I love you”.

My Love, all I ever need is you and all I want is to hold you forever. To laugh with you, to share each moment with you but for now I will wait for that sweet moment.
When it comes, I will hold your hands forever.

‘To The Hell And Back.’

Requested:Heey! Can you write an imagine with theo or liam based on the song how you get the girl by taylor swift?


Note:I choosed Theo for this one because I felt like it was more of a Theo’s thing than Liam’s and basically because I adore to write imagines with Theo..Anyways I changed the beggining a little but I hope that you will like it so if you do let me know..Enjoy!:)))

It’s been three months of my constant tossing and turning around in my bed every night,three months of this stupid pain that I felt for the person I should be hating the most..But instead of that I love him just like the first time I saw him,maybe even more..But he’s gone and I have to try my best and move one somehow..My thoughts were interrupted when my phone started ringing loudly,I groaned and picked him up from the nightstand I answered not even looking at the caller ID ‘Halo!’
'Hey Y/N it’s me Liam,ummm can you come to the Scott’s house?'I looked at the clock 'Liam it’s 3 in the morning whatever it is I’m sure that it can go without me.’
'I know it’s late,but please Y/N it’s important for you to be here.’ I let out a sigh 'Fine I’ll be there in few.'He also let out a sigh 'Thank you.’

I was finally reached to the Scott’s house and before I walked in I let out another sigh and putting a fake smile on my face..As I walked in Liam hugged me tightly 'Please,please don’t be mad.’ I smiled slightly 'Umm Liam I can’t breath.'I tapped him on his back and he pulled away 'Oh sorry.’ We started walking toward the kitchen 'And why would I be ma-'I didn’t have the chance to finish my sentence when I saw him standing there with the unsecure look on his face and suddenly I felt like whole room started spinning 'Th-Theo?'He smiled but I didn’t returned the smile not that I didn’t want to it’s just I couldn’t…I looked at Liam 'How’s he here?’ He rubbed the back of his head 'I brought him back.’
'You did what Liam?'He looked at the floor then back at me 'I’m sorry but he’s the only one that can help us.’
I let out a sigh 'Fine,but if he comes near me I swear that I’m going to kill him even if I’m just a human.'I looked back at Theo and he was kind of sad but I also remembered that he is a great actor so I couldn’t let him see my struggle to keep the straight face and not burst into tears..Liam nodded his head and I walked back to Scott..'How can I help you guys?’ Scott smiled softly 'How are you feeling Y/N?'I didn’t know what to say for a second but I knew that I couldn’t lie to him 'Honestly I’m feeling like shit,but I will be okay.'He nodded his head and hugged me 'Everything is going to be fine,you are going to be fine.'We pulled away and I nodded my head as a'thank you’.

The next day we were trying to catch one of the Ghost Riders but that didn’t go to well and we also figured it out that Mr.Douglas was working with them..I tried not to be around Theo that much but since I was human and Scott didn’t let me fight with them that leaves me being here with Theo in the police station waiting for everyone to come back..Honestly now I prefer fighting than being in the same room with the boy that broke my heart in a million pieces..'You know that you have to talk to me one day Y/N.’ I turned my back at him and mumbled 'Yeah but it doesn’t mean that day is today.'But anyway I know he could hear me..I saw him standing up from his seat 'I’m sorry.'I turned around anger all over my face ’.Ohh you’re not sorry Theo,you just need attention that’s all.’
'That’s not true..I loved you and I still do..And I know what you have been through all these months.’
'No Theo,you have no idea what have I been through because you hurted me in most horrible way someone can hurt a person,you used me as your bait beside Liam so you could get to Scott and sure you went through hell too with your sister I don’t doubt that but..You don’t know that I had to put a smile on my face every freaking day even when all I was feeling is this stupid pain in my whole body just so the people won’t notice how miserable I am and hating the feeling that I wasn’t good enough for you..And instead of hating you I still love you and it’s killing me slowly day by day.'By now I was a crying mess but I honestly didn’t care anymore he deserved to see the pain he left behind..Suddenly I felt his arms around me and I broke down even more hugging him back..He kissed me on the side of my head and when he spoke I heard his voice break he was also crying 'I’m so,so,so sorry baby..You were enough for me I was just stupid chasing the power that I didn’t realize that I was losing you and you were never the bait..'We pulled away and he put his hands on my cheeks 'Do you hear me Y/N,never I loved you to much for hurting you..but 'guess I did anyways not even realizing it..and yes I went through hell but I will do it again..I will go through hell and back for you if I have to just for you to be safe and I’ll do everything it takes for you to forgive me because I love you and I’m not letting you go..Not now,not ever.'He wiped away my tears and I couldn’t hold it anymore so I kissed him…God I swear that he’s going to be the death of me but I don’t care because suddenly I didn’t felt that pain in my cheast and I guess this is a sign for the new beggining..We pulled away and I looked him in his eyes 'Seriously Raeken if you hurt me again I’m going to kill you and I’m not kidding.’ He smiled. 'Good to know baby,good to know..'We both smiled and he kissed me and then hugged me again 'God how much I missed you.'I hugged him tighter 'I missed you too.’
'So baby what do you say we go and talk about this in your bedroom?!'I smiled and tapped him on the back 'Don’t push your luck.'And with that I heard him laughing..Like I said maybe one day this boy is going to be the death of me but for now he’s everything I need to feel alive and I couldn’t ask for more.

The One That Got Away | Donghyun (PART TWO)


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character: kim donghyun

word count: 765

genre: angst

summary: donghyun left you heartbroken for 8 months, then he called you

“God, you don’t know how much I missed you.” He leans down and ghosts his lips on top of yours.

What the hell is going on?!

Your heart was beating extremely fast as Donghyun brushes his lips against yours. You felt the tips of your ears turn beat red. You missed this feeling of Donghyun’s lips. You missed the smell of his cologne.

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Forget About Me

Request: #3 with jaebum 😍

3) “You smile. I smile. That’s how it works.”

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Got7′s JB x Y/N

Type: fluff

I shuffled around in the kitchen in my small apartment and huffed as another piece of moist hair flopped onto my forehead. It was unseasonably hot in Seoul for the middle of October and I felt like I was suffocating with all of the windows in my apartment all but nailed shut. I pushed up on the glass to the window behind my sink and groaned as it didn’t budge. Readjusting my grip and letting out a few grunts did the trick as the glass was freed from the track below and sprang upwards, letting in a slight breeze. 

I heaved a sigh and leaned back on my counter, proud of my small accomplishment. Although I had let the sidewalks of my city into my kitchen, it was nice to have an occasional cold wind blow through my cramped space. My air conditioning had been on the fritz for weeks now and opening the one small window turned the area from a sauna to something a little bit more bearable. 

I happily tapped at my phone to once again begin to hum to some music as I cooked. One of my favorites, Don’t Forget by Crush, began to fill the four walls of my apartment and I smiled at the smooth sound of the singer’s familiar voice. I couldn’t tell you how many times I had listened to this song. 

It made me think of my love life, which was mostly the tragic musings of a teenager, but there were some incredible sparks peppered in that I wouldn’t be able to forget if I tried. I thought of my own current relationship and felt myself getting teary eyed as I chopped at the vegetables in my hands. 

“Damn onions,” I grumbled, flipping on the sink and washing my hands before I began to rub them over my saddened eyes. I sniffed a few times, closing my eyes and allowing my body to sway to the music. 

I was in a relationship that was for the most part, long distance. Yes, he was occasionally located in the same city as me, in the complex across the street no less, but we might as well have been worlds apart. His work kept him so busy, and my life wasn’t any less stressful with the students I taught and the lessons I had to prepare in my free time teaching English. All that we hung onto was our love and the time we did get. 

“If you and I become estranged someday, if we could never meet each other…don’t forget, don’t lose,” I whimpered, my eyes remaining shut as I sang. “Even if you are holding another’s hand, if you are somewhere I cannot go…don’t forget, don’t lose.”

A crisp, clean voice cut the air, and I didn’t need to open my eyes to know who it belonged to. “Hope the moment sitting face-to-face and looking at each other would last forever. Actually I’m worried time would envy us. Don’t change, always by my side. Together forever my love.”

“Jaebum,” I said quietly, a smile growing on my lips as I opened my eyes. JB was leaning against the sill outside, smiling in to my kitchen from the sidewalk. 

“I heard a beautiful songbird as I was walking by,” he sighed, his eyes hidden in his smile. “I thought I’d join her for one of her favorites.”

“Get in here!” I gasped, my hands balling into fists at my sides in excitement. I half hopped, half skipped to the front door and waited as the handle turned slowly and my boyfriend appeared. 

“Jagi,” he hummed, his arms open. I collapsed into his body and took handfuls of his sweater into my palms. I couldn’t let go of him. His familiarity immediately calmed me as he backed me into my apartment and shut the door behind him, finally wrapping his arms around my waist. 

“Jagiya, I don’t know if I can breath,” he chuckled, running a hand across my hair absently. “So tight, cutting off air.”

“Sorry,” I whispered. “Actually I’m not sorry…I missed you.”

“I missed you too, silly girl,” he chuckled. “Did I scare you?”

“Why would you scare me?” I asked, my eyes widening as I leaned back to look at him. 

“You know, strange man, singing at your open window? Or is this what you’re used to when I’m not around?” he asked, making one of his trademark derp faces. 

“Oh yes, Jaebummie,” I chuckled. “Matter of fact, I usually invite them in as well and let them know I miss them.”

“Well frankly I don’t know if I’m alright with that,” he said, pursing his lips, eventually breaking into a smile. 

“Yah!” he gasped, taking me into his arms again and spinning me. “God, you don’t know how much I missed you.” He attacked my face with kisses as we continued to walk backwards into the living room and plopped us both onto the couch. 

“Jaebummie!” I gasped, pushing him away so I could look at his handsome face. “What are you doing back in town so soon?”

“I wanted to see you,” he sighed. “You smile, I smile. That’s how it works.”

“Although that’s an incredibly cute response,” I cooed, cupping his face in my hands. “What are you doing home?”

“Our second date in New York got cancelled,” he sighed. “Nothing about us, just some promotional and managerial mistakes we couldn’t avoid. I didn’t really mind to be honest. Of course I’m upset to disappoint ahgase…but I have an ahgase here too.”

“You do,” I nodded, tucking my head beneath his chin and closing my eyes, listening to the muffled thud of his heartbeat. 

“But I have to ask…why are you listening to those sad love songs…crying in your kitchen?” he sighed, rubbing circles with his fingertips on my hip. 

“I was just…thinking,” I sighed. “If you and I aren’t together…if we can’t handle this life…if you’d forget about me?”

“I could never forget about you,” he sighed, pushing his face into my hair. “But want to know the best part?”

“Hm?” I hummed. 

“I won’t have to forget about you because I’m going to see your face every day, for the rest of my life,” he whispered. “I promise that.”

“And how can you promise a thing like that?” I croaked, my voice breaking at every syllable. 

“Because me being around makes you happy. You smile, I smile, that’s how it works. Remember?”

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Not So Lonely Anymore

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Summary: You get lonely when Wonwoo is out promoting so he decides to get you a surprise for when he’s not there.

Requested by wonwooslegs

You flop onto your bed and sigh. Wonwoo is finally coming home tonight, and you don’t know how much longer you could last without him. Wonwoo’s schedule has been very busy lately. If it’s not a talk show, it’s a music program, if they’re not promoting Adore U, they’re in the studio practicing for their next comeback. You haven’t seen Wonwoo in a month after he left but it seems like so much longer.

So to say you missed him was an understatement. Without Wonwoo around you didn’t do much besides carry out your usually daily activities wither it be school or work. When Wonwoo was home you guys would always go out to do something on the weekends. But when he was gone, the weekends were uneventful. You stayed inside watching movies or just sleeping counting down the days until you could see your boyfriend again.  The last full day you spent together was the day before he left. You guys went the mall and he bought a necklace. It was supposed to remind you that he was always with you, even if he wasn’t there physically. You promised to never take it off.

You also remember that same day you dragged Wonwoo to the pet store. You’ve wanted to get a pet and once you came across the kitten section you squealed.

“Wonwoo can we please get one? Oh please?” You gave your best puppy dog eyes, hoping to persuade him.

“Y/n, are you sure you want a cat? Why don’t you want something more interesting, like a fish?” Wonwoo teases. You roll your eyes and press against the glass that separatrd you from the kittens.

“Aw, I like that one! See the all black one with white paws! It looks like he’s wearing little booties. Ah so cute~“ You say excitedly.

You want one that badly huh? Wonwoo takes a mental note before dragging you out of the pet store much to your dismay.

Your phone makes a noise and it pulls you out of your day dream. Checking your phone you see you’ve received a text message from Wonwoo. You couldn’t help but to smile at what it says.

From: Wonwoo

I’m at the airport about to board the plane, I’ll be home soon. Ah, and I have a surprise for you~

You realize that Wonwoo will actually be home after so long makes you feel giddy. You’ll finally get to see his smile, not through a screen but in person. You’ll be able to wrap your arms around him and hold him tight, begging him not to leave you for so long next time. You finally get to make him breakfast again, even if you have to wake up early.

Checking the time you see that’s it’s 7:30 so his plane should land around 11. You take a quick shower and pop in a movie. To lazy to to cook, you order some take out. About 30 minutes into the movie your food arrives and you dig in. You decided the movie was boring and you could feel your eyes start to get heavy.

It wouldn’t hurt to rest for 45 minutes..

Feeling a light shake of your shoulders, you open your eyes slowly. Your vision is blurry but as soon as you come to your senses you see Wonwoo hovering over you. You scream in delight while jumping on him, showering him with kisses.

“Oh my god, you don’t know how much I missed you! I’ve been so lonely here by myself.” You pout.

“I know you’ve been lonely and I’m sorry I have to leave for such long times but..” Wonwoo drifts off mid sentence.

“But what Wonwoo? You’re not leaving me again are you?” You ask sceptically.

“Of course not! Well not anytime soon at lest… But like I was said I have a surprise for you.” He says with a thoughtful smile. He goes to his pile of luggage and pull out a carrier and you already know it’s some sort of animal. “Remember those kittens we were looking at before I left? Well…”

“You didn’t..” You ask in disbelief. He just smiles and unzips the pet carrier. The same black kitten with white paws you were ogling at the pet store steps out and looks around at it’s new surroundings. “You did!” You pick it up and hold it giving it all of your attention. “I can’t believe you actually got me it, but why?” You ask.

“Because I know how much you’ve wanted one, and hey now when I’m gone you’ll have some company.” He says. You gently put the kitten on the floor and run into Wonwoo’s arms for another hug.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Words couldn’t described how much you loved this boy. He was so caring towards others, and loved to surprise them. You give Wonwoo a kiss on the lips and towards your attention to the kitten.

“You really love it that much?”

“Of course I do, I’ve wanted one for so long!” You exclaim playing with the kitten.

“Not more than me though, right?” He asks playfully with a little bit of jealousy mixed in.  

“Of course not silly, I could never love anything more than you.” You reassure him, giving him a quick peck on the nose.

I really hope you this is what you wanted and enjoyed it~
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Imagine you have a professor called Sebastian Stan at university

‘I know it is a silly homework, but for next class you are going to write an essay about your weekend. Yes, it seems we are in high school but it may be easier for you to apply the vocabulary you have learned on this kind of essay. Ok, that is all for today. See you on Monday.’ Says Professor Stan.

It is Friday, finally, and your classes are over. All you can think about is the party you have tomorrow. 

University is consuming you, literally. When  you were in high school you 'enjoyed more life’ if that could be said: you went out more. But now, you want your degree as soon as possible. Therefore, you are really focus on your studies and you do not go out much. However, tomorrow is one of your best friends’ birthday. Not only are you going to the party because she is your friend, but also because the parties she throws are awesome. There are lots of people in there and there is her oldest brother too. Yes, he is cute, but for you is like an older brother. You even know some of his friends due to you have spent time with them. You like boys: they are not as problematic as girls and they are so funny.


You are wearing an off the shoulder top and a skirt, and you paint your lips dark red. You are a pretty girl, but today you look completely different than any other day.

'Hi, Emma. Happy birthday!’

'Hey, Y/N. Thank you. How much I missed you! Look at you, I did not know my best friend hides a hot girl in her. You look awesome.’

'Oh, just shut up.’

You give Emma, your best friend, her present and talk for a while in her bedroom. Then she tells you: 'come on, let’s go to the living room. There is my brother with the guys.’

'Nick, look who is here.’ Emma says.

'Hey Y/N! How are you?’

'Hi Nick! Hi guys! I missed you!’

Fortunately, the relationship between you and the guys has not changed, even though you have not seen them for a while. You talk and joke as if you still see each other every day.  

Emma leaves you with the boys as she is with her other friends. You are comfortable around them as you can talk about anything with them: about sports, about life, they even warn you about other guys. You love them, you really do.

'I will be here in a minute guys. Dean is coming with a fried.  I am going to wait for him outside.’ Nick tells you.

You continue talking with the rest.

'Do you know what happened to Sam while he was playing Pokemon Go, Y/N? He falled into the water.’ Alex tells you.

'Whaaaat? Ahahaha. Come on guys, you are grown up to play that game. God, how much I missed your stories.’ You say.

'Well, that game makes me remember my childhood. I like it guys, what can I say? Sam confesses.

'Hi guys! Hey, it is so good to see you Y/N!’ Dean says.

'Dean! Hi! Look at you, you look so good.’

'Thank you! You too. I must confess you are awesome tonight, Y/N. Guys, he is a friend of mine. You met him the other day. I think you do not know him yet, Y/N.’

You are checking your phone while Dean is talking, as soon as he wants to present you his friend, you look at him again.

'Y/N, this is Sebastian.’

You cannot believe what you see. Your professor at the party. Your professor in your environment, in your world. 

'Hi’ you say in a lower voice, surprised.

He seems surprised too.

'Hi, how are you?’ Sebastian says.

They sit down by your side. Oh, my God. You do not know what to do. His presence surprises you and you do not know how to act, react. Luckily, Nick says: 'I am going to buy more ice, guys.’ Immediately you tell Nick: 'wait, I am going with you.’

It is no weird that you go alone with Nick to somewhere. He is like your older brother so, it is very common for you two, even for Emma.

Being away from  the party for a while makes you feel good. In fact, it is great because you can talk to Nick. He has been a great support for you. He is the brother you never had. You two know each other so well. It is fantastic to know someone like him.

After half and hour, you return to the party. Now, you get into the house through the patio. You see that Nick’s friends and Emma are playing drinking games. You can control yourself with alcohol, it is not that once you drink, you cannot stop. So, you decide to join them. 

'Guys, I am in.’ You say.

'Ok, Y/N. Tell me, higher or lower?’ Emma tells you.


'Nope. You loss.’

'Oh, I need more practice. I lost my ability in these games.’ You drink a glass of beer.

You play for about 15 minutes and then, you decide to get in the house again. While you were out with Nick, you decided to stay calm. Your professor Sebastian is the intruder here. This is your environment, your world, not his. Therefore, you decided to enjoy the night as he was not there. 

You sit on the couch again with the other boys and of course, Sebastian is there. He seems he is having fun. That is another thing you like about men: it is so easy for them to integrate and to be integrated to a new group. 

'Hey, Y/N. We were talking about you.’ Sam tells you.

'What? What are you talking about?’

'Well, we were telling Sebastian about all the crazy things you have done together with us.’

'I do not think he is interested in knowing that stuffs.’ Why the fuck are you talking to him about you?!? Obviously, they do not know he is your professor. Much better.

'Hey no, it is fine. It seems you are cool.’ Sebastian tells you and he smiles at you.

'She is really cool. You better know her, Sebastian. She is even a nerd.’ Dean says.

Oh, as if Sebastian does not know that. 

After a while, the four of you: Sam, Dean, Sebastian and you decide to go to the front yard. You sit on the entrance stairs. Ten minutes passed when Nick appears and says: 'Sam, Dean come a minute, please.’

Ha ha ha. What a joke. It seems they know he is your professor and it seems they know you think he is hot (as the rest of your class.) 

You start talking to break the ice. 'So, when did you meet the boys? I am sorry you have to listen to all that stories that you do not even care.’

'I met them in Dean’s birthday. And it is ok, really. Of course it is weird to see how different you are here from university.’

'Oh, is that good or bad, Professor?’

Sebastian laughs. 'Really? Are you going to call me 'professor’ here? So I will call you Ms. Y/L/N’

'Ok, I do not call you 'professor’ and you do not call me by my surname. It sounds awful. I think you learn my surname because I practically live in your office during your office hours. Well, I live in most professors’ offices.’

'Yeah, because of that and because of your grades. You never forget a brilliant student.’ He keeps looking at you while he smiles.

'Well, thank you.’ You feel a little nervous but as soon as the conversation goes on, your nerves disappear completely. The last thing you would imagine was you talking with a professor at a party about life. It is a relax chat: you talk about series, movies, you even mention some of your old boyfriend stories and Sebastian, his girlfriend stories. You get to know that he is single. How is it possible?!? 

After half and hour, you decide that it is time to go. 

'I have to go too. I can take you home.’ Sebastian tells you.

'I do not think it is the right thing.' 

'Come on, what could happen? Suppose I am just a friend tonight. I am not your professor now. Come on.’

You bit your lip nervously. 'Ok. Ok. I am going to say goodbye to the rest.’

You get in his car and you feel good. You are calm as if Sebastian were just another of Nick’s friends. 

You continue talking as before and you even laugh. 

'Razorblade’ by The Strokes is in the radio. You ask Sebastian: 'can I raise the volume? I love this song!’

'Of course, I was about to do that. You like The Strokes? I like them too.Oh men, You are perfect.’

You just laugh and say: 'I love them. Well, you have good taste in music then.’

The rest of the trip you talk about music. Finally, you get to your building.

'Well, here we are.’ Sebastian says.

'Thank you for the ride. The last thing I expected was seeing you in a party and talking to you so friendly.’

'Yeah, the same happened to me.’

You two look at each other and you smile. All of a sudden, Sebastian kisses you and you kiss him back. This is different from alcohol. You can control yourself with alcohol, but now you can’t control yourself. As soon as you realize, you are sit in his lap. He leaves you a trail of kisses along your neck. 'You are so beautiful’ Sebastian whispers in your ear. God, this feels so good. However, you 'wake’ from this dream and you say: 'no, no. This is a mistake.’ You get out of the car as fast as you can. 'Thank you, Sebastian. I had a great night, but this should not happen.’


Monday morning. You are in Professor Stan’s class with your head down, trying not to make eye contact with him. You did not even look at him when you went to his desk to hand in your essay. The essay you have to do about your weekend. 

When the class is over and just a few still remain in the class, Sebastian tells you: 'Ms Y/L/N, come to my office, please. I need to talk to you about the essay you hand in at the beginning of the class. I think  there are some things that can be improved about your essay and about your weekend, for what I can read’ When you look at him, he winks at you. 

Sebastian, Professor Sebastian. How should you call him now? The only thing you know for sure is that he is going to drive you crazy and you like it.

I saw you somewhere then everything suddenly comes back. I felt my heart beats fast. I tried to hold you and God knows how much i missed you.

I saw you sitting in a pavement. It was like a time machine. It was like the first time when we first met. It was the same scenario when you looked at me and smiled and my world became slow motion. You really have this effect in me. It was the first time i felt my heart’s falling. Then i knew that i still love you. I was about to hug you and tell you how much i love you but then as soon i open my eyes. I am here at the four corners of my room, staring at the ceiling, feeling the beat of my heart. Everything’s just a dream. A dream i wish i didn’t wake up. Because everything about you and this feeling came back. In just a dream, all those times that i’m trying to forget you just vanished.

And now all i want is to go back to sleep and continue my dream. Because it feels so real, it feels like in my dream we’re still together, you still love me and you are still mine.

—  i wish everything’s real

nature30  asked:

Hi! Could you please do a story of Harry coming home after a bad day at the Studio and y/n in the shower so he decides to join her.

As he came home, he threw his stuff right on the floor, craving nothing more than to hold you in his arms. He knew you could make it better, all his problems would magically disappear when he was with you. „(Y/N)?“, he called out. He didn’t get an answer, so he wandered around the apartment and heard the shower running. As he looked in the bedroom, he saw your clothes on the floor and he quickly decided to get undressed as well and join you in the shower. You didn’t notice him until he opened the door of the shower and stepped into it. „Well hello, Harry“, you said, not really that much surprised since he had done that before. „Hey baby, I missed you all day“, he said and hugged you tight before he gave you a long and loving kiss, his hair getting more wet with every second. „Did you wash your hair already?“, he asked and you nodded. „But let me wash yours, okay?“, you said before grabbing the shampoo bottle and putting a good amount of shampoo on your hands. He had to bend down a little so you could reach the top of his head. You massaged the shampoo into his scalp, making him relax immediately. You just had the right amount of pressure to make him give completely in, getting all weak and distracted by his exhausting day. „God, you don’t know how much I missed you“, he said as you were done and he had rinsed his hair out. He engulfed you in a tight hug, your bare bodies touching in an intimate yet totally innocent way. He felt safe for once, thinking that all his problems would work out as long as he got you by his side. The shower had always been a place of deep thoughts for both of you, and right now it came to his mind like it was the most natural thing. He’d never want to live without you again.

Really hope you like it that way (: -M

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