Rest of Our Lives (TEASER)

In little over 12 hours I got a new Misha x Reader one shot for ya. It is written for @splendidcas‘ bday challenge and it will be out 9pm CET/3pm EST.

Misha grabbed your hand, dragging you towards the door as you looked over your shoulder to see Jensen and Jared waving and smiling at you.

“So you are kidnapping people now. Is that is?” you half-heartedly protested as Misha opened his car door for you, making him laugh and wink at you.

“Y/N/N, I don’t kidnap, I just temporarily borrow a person” Misha teased, making you giggle and shake your head at him. You were still a little worried for you coffee shop as Misha drove you down the street towards, God know what destination, but you would be lying if you said you weren’t more than a little excited to be spending the day alone with your boyfriend. You hadn’t realized just how much, you missed him until you were sitting in his car, eyes resting on him as he drove, occasionally sending you a smile that made your heart skip a beat.

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Reapertale!Gaster belongs to @renrink

I hope it looks good enough…

If I could go back I would’ve grabbed your arm and brought you back to me. I would’ve kissed you deeper and longer than the one we had shared before. I would’ve skipped what I had planned that day for just that small hour with you. God, if I could go back I would’ve made sure you left knowing just how much I fucking loved you…
—  Late Night Regrets
  • *Yuri's about to skate*
  • Me: You can do it my beautiful pork cutlet bowl!
  • *Yurio's about to skate*
  • Me: Go, my son! Show mommy how much you shine!
  • *Phichit's about to skate*
  • Me: Soar our precious fandom child!
  • *Otabek's about to skate*
  • Me: You can do it baby! Make your country and boyfriend proud!
  • *Chris's about to skate*
  • Me: Oh god my eyes! Oh wait... he's being normal for once.
  • *JJ's about to skate*
  • Me: I hope you miss all your jumps!
  • *JJ misses all his jumps*
  • Me: oh... well shit. I didn't mean it... sorry?
Just wanted to share few (kind of) thoughts about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

and what some (most) people seem to complain about.

One thing, before I start. I’m Italian, so obviously English is not my mother tongue. I want to apologize in advance for the (many) possible mistakes I’ll make.

I really, really enjoyed this movie, not only because it’s been 5 years (!) since Deathly Hallows has been released (so many years, I’m gonna cry) and I missed Harry Potter’s world so much, but also for many other (and deeper) reasons:

  • Eddie Redmayne. God bless him. Most people know him for The Theory of Everything and/or The Danish Girl, which are pretty recent movies. But I’ve known him since The Pillars of the Earth (2010) and I can tell you he was already an amazing actor. Through these years he even improved his terrific acting skills. Just think about how detail-oriented he is and how every expression he makes is thought out and calculated. He’s so talented, yet so grounded and kind. We can really consider him one of the best contemporary actors.
  • Ezra Miller. This young man never ceases to amaze me. I’ve known him since We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) and, like Eddie Redmayne, he was already brilliant at that time. This movie has only confirmed my opinion. His acting is extremely expressive, he elevated the quality level of the movie. Especially if we think that he played an abused and damaged character (two of the hardest conditions to impersonate for an actor) with admirable accuracy and realism in a movie that isn’t supposed to be angst and that the public opinion consider to be affable and enjoyable. I’m so proud of him for having been able to do that.
  • Tina Goldstein. A very well-played character. Didn’t really like her at first, but I changed my mind during the movie. She’s strong and determined yet quite insecure. Katherine Waterstone could show each trait, suiting perfectly her character.
  • Colin Farrell. Do we really need to talk about him? Don’t think so.
  • The whole cast. From the freaking scary little girl singing freaking scary songs about burning witches, to the stupid Senate candidate. All the actors played masterfully their roles.
  • The set. New York, roaring ‘20s, I don’t need anything else, I swear.
  • The soundtrack. I loved every damn track from this wonderful score (also, Hedwig’s theme had me crying the Niagara falls tbh).
  • The beasts. Colourful, sweet, majestic and fabulous. Love them.

Am I missing something? Hope not.

And now let’s talk about what so many of you seem so keen to complain about:

  • Johnny Depp. For God’s sake, are you really complaining about his presence in the movie? Fight me. First of all, he’s one of the greatest actors this damned planet has ever seen. He’s played so many roles, so different one from another and succeeded in every of them. Second of all, I figured out most of you criticize him not for his acting skills, but for what happened with Amber Heard. What does that have to do with it? Also guess what, we do not know what really happened! There aren’t any proofs proving what Depp was accused of. (Obviously I am NOT saying that beating a woman or whatever is fair, I’m just recommending you not to jump to conclusions and judge without knowing facts). I think you need to learn how to separate the person from the actor.
  • The lack of black people. Jfc, the fucking President of MACUSA is a black woman. Now, with this I don’t want to insinuate that there were plenty of black people, I’m just suggesting not to overstate the question.
  • The contextualisation. For all of those who “Rowling seems to have forgotten all the situations that were going on at that time in USA (ex slaves, natives, etc.), it’s so superficial”, shall I remind you that this movie is actually a slice of life and doesn’t represent the whole situation of the entire wizarding world in USA? It’s just a point of view, besides Newt’s one. Moreover this is the FIRST of FIVE movies, can’t you wait? Maybe in the next one those questions will be solved.

I think I’ve finished, but before the very end, I just wanna ask you: why, for once, can’t you just enjoy a good movie, with a really pretty plot, amazing actors and stunning special effects?

To the one who managed to read until this point, thank you, you were very brave. I’m sorry for the length. And for the bitterness, hope I didn’t go too far and didn’t offend anyone.

Okay, I’ve really finished this time. All the love.

Because I’m feeling sappy and thankful...

I just wanted to like thank you guys for giving me a chance and sticking with me since I started writing on here for you guys. Never did I ever imagine I’d end up with 2,365 followers on here, never did I imagine that I would make such incredible friends and have a group of followers who genuinely care about me and are excited for my next story. 

I’ve been writing and reading fanfiction for years, I have always written it for myself as a way to practice my skills but I never intended to ever share it with anyone. As a reader of fanfiction I have always found writers that I love, found stories that are an incredible adaptation of the source material and have anxiously awaited the next update or the next story from a writer. I never thought that I would be a writer like that for other people. Every single time I have someone tell me that they have notifications on for me, they ask to be tagged in fics or they just tell me they enjoy my work I get so unbelievably happy. 

I have been lucky that my work has been so well recieved by you guys and I am grateful to you all every day for sticking around and not being scared off by my ideas. I’m blown away when I’ve gotten some nasty anonymous messages and then so many of you quickly jump to my defense and tell me not to listen to them. You guys are the greatest and I am just so damn lucky. 

There are a few people I wanted to thank in particular:

@daveeddiggsit I started reading your work long before I even made myself another tumblr (I had deleted my old spn one) and found you by looking through the hamilton tags. I was blown away by you and immediately bookmarked your blog on my phone so I could check for updates and new stories every day. I never imagined that I would end up being such good friends with you. Thank you for being there when I need you, being someone to scream about Daveed with and just being an amazing friend

@imaginebeinghamiltrash thank you for being such an amazing friend. We talk daily and I absolutely love talking to you as much as we do. You make me smile, you cheer me up when I’m sad, you remind me to sleep and eat when I forget and you help me when I doubt myself. Never stop being as amazing as you are. 

@and-peggy-yall you are the past version of me, one of my closest friends on this website and I love you so much. You’re always the best to talk with, you made me sob because of the outsiders which I still love and hate you for introducing me to it. You’re so supportive and I can’t thank you enough for being such a great friend. 

@hamiltonsquills you are there for me every single time that I talk about being unhappy about something on this blog and I love you for it. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and caring so much about me I love you mon cher. 

@wrotemywayoutimagines my darling little sibling, thank you for always being there when I need you, thank you for standing up to hateful anons for me and just being an incredible friend. 

@love-doesnt-discriminate thank you for being there every time I need encouragment or cheering up. You are an incredible friend and I love you for it. 

@adothoe thank you for being someone I can have fun with and joke with. Thank you for being an incredible person and friend. I love you. 

@secretschuylersister thank you for being the kindest person, for helping me when I was insecure about my writing and always having something lovely to say about me and my writing. You are amazing person and I love you

@fragmentofmymind thank you for being there for me, for being super, super nice and approachable. Thank you for being such a great friend, i love you. (Also i know we haven’t talked in a little bit I feel very bad about that and will message you soon just know that I love you)

@musicalmiranda Thank you for being someone I can talk about obsessions with books with and being there to encourage me when I needed it most. Thank you for being a great friend.

@tempfixeliza I know we’ve only spoken the one time but I can’t tell you how grateful I was when you came to me and helped me when I was so insecure about my writing. It was incredibly kind of you and I’m very grateful for it. 

@anonnymousefangirl thank you for being there to stick up for me, indulging me with STTTG questions and being there for me when I need it. You’re amazing and I love you.

God, I fucking miss you so much. It hits me randomly during the day. I’m with people who actually care about me, laughing, smiling, being happy and then out of nowhere it hits me that you left. You left and it didn’t even hurt you. Not talking to me isn’t even fucking hurting you, because I was just another girl to you. I was just another one of your fucking toys.
—  How could I be so stupid?
Earth 38 Barry Allen x Reader Part One

Fandom: The Flash/Supergirl

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Kara Danvers, Cisco Ramon

Word Count: 690

Inspired by this imagine by @vividimagines  (x)

Prompt: Imagine being from the same Earth as Kara and Cisco and Barry instantly being attracted to you.

A/N: This was so rushed and so terrible I think I might throw up, but whatever! Hope you guys enjoy!

“Kara, I swear to god, what did you leave in your apartment now? We have to go! I can’t miss Chris Evans being hot!” I was whining like a child. Kara was dragging me down the hall, using her strength to pull me. 

“We go up the stairs so much I might as well skip leg day at the gym.” I grumbled. I know it’s immature, but she needs to see just how displeased I am.

“I’m sorry, okay?! I just don’t want to have to pay for $3,000 popcorn when we have some at home!” Kara took her keys out of her pocket to unlock the door, only to drop them onto the ground. She sighed and quickly picked them back up.

“You are so clumsy, sometimes I wonder if it’s even you out there fighting bad guys!” I said pushing the door open. I quickly stopped in my tracks in the door frame when I saw two guys standing in the middle of Kara’s kitchen looking very lost.

“Um, Kara? Are there supposed to be two strange men standing in your kitchen?” I asked, not taking my eyes off of them. Kara was still rifling through her bag.

“No, why-” She was cut off by the sight of them. A huge smile spread over her face as she saw them and she dropped her bags. 

“Barry! Hi! Why are you here?” Her face suddenly turned serious. “Is there something wrong in Central City?” He smiled and laughed, shaking his head.

“No, we just wanted to come visit again. We were travelling through the Earths, making sure everything was as it was before I, you know, changed the timeline…” He looked down at his feet awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck.

“But, ummmm who is this, lovely lady?” The shorter one said, attempting to lean back onto the kitchen island.

“I’m Y/N. Who are you guys?” I asked, still cautious. Listen, I don’t care if Supergirl thinks that these guys are swell, they just showed up in a locked apartment on the tenth story. That shit is not right.

“Right! Um, Y/N, this is Barry Allen, the Flash, and this is Cisco Ramon, also known as Vibe. I told you about them after I came back from fighting the Dominators. Barry, Cisco, this is Y/N, my best friend. She is also known as the Black Mamba.”

“Whoa, you have superpowers? What are they?” Cisco bounced up and down excitedly, waiting for my answer. I smiled at his childish attitude. It was like looking into a mirror. If that mirror made me a dude. And a geek. And nothing like me.

“I can borrow other people’s powers. I have no idea where a name like ‘The Black Mamba’ came from…” I cleared my throat before shooting a stern glance at Kara. 

“But it seemed to stick with people.” Kara sighed loudly.

“Look! I just suggested the name in passing! Ms. Grant seemed to like it, and you know when she likes something, she does not change her mind.” I playfully rolled my eyes at her exasperation with me. This always happened. 

“But we have to leave now if we’re going to have enough time to go see the movie and buy the tickets. You guys wanna come?” Kara offered to the two of them.

“Yeah! Sounds good. What movie are you guys going to see? It’s not a chick flick, is it?” Barry asked, whining a little at the end. Kara and I looked at each other before laughing loudly.

“Are you kidding me? I’m like the biggest geek in National City! We’re going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” I said, throwing one of the bags Kara handed to me over my shoulder. Their faces lit up with smiles.

“You guys have Captain America here too?! Man, this day keeps getting better and better!” Cisco said.

“Well we have to go if we ever want to actually see the movie, let’s go!” Kara said, speed walking to the door.

I think I’m going to get along just fine with these guys.

Part Two: Coming Soon!

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friend: *looks at a framed photo on top of my fireplace* who are those people?

me: *walks over with tears in my eyes* That’s… that’s my family. Mama Jin, Papa Joon, Uncle Yoongi and Hoseok, and my three little brothers Tae, Jimin and Jungkook. And grandpa Si-hyuk is in the middle there, do you see how proud he is of our little family? God I miss them so much. 

friend: ….

friend: isn’t that the kpop group you won’t shut up about? 

me: *continues to stare at the frame, wiping away a single tear* 

friend: you’re fucking weird you know that?

it makes me so so sad that so many people are deterred by a shitty education system from realizing just how beautiful and incredible maths is and how many aweinspiring wonders they’re missing out on like, you just have to take prime numbers as an example!!

prime numbers (numbers that are only divisible by 1 and themselves) have been studied for so long (centuries!) and yet people still don’t understand the pattern by which they function

which makes the fact that they’re the basic building blocks of all other integers so incredible because it means that mathematics which, as a discipline, is built around patterns, order and clear defined rules, literally rests upon something that doesn’t seem to follow any of those things!!

and yet, despite our complete inability to ascertain the exact method by which they are dispersed among non-primes, if you graph their appearances (and there always are more primes, even if you theoretically counted to infinity), the curve is almost impossibly smooth and regular, which suggests there is some sort of pattern underneath the chaos that we just aren’t able to see yet

even more amazingly, twin primes (pairs of prime numbers that are separated by another number) may become rarer and rarer the higher up you count, but there is always eventually another pair of twins to be found no matter how long the empty stretch before that was

it’s so so so beautiful that in an attempt to bring structure into our universe (and that’s what mathematics is, the attempt to explain the laws that govern everything that exists), we’ve stumbled upon the fact that its very essence seems to both obey no law at all and exhibit a regularity that borders on scary

“there is no such thing as a complete lack of order, only a design so vast it appears unrepetitive up close”

“Why should you be Kuzco’s wife?” 

“I’m the daughter of the sultan of Agrabah, it would be for the best if our countries united.” 
“You might be royalty, but I have read enough books to know how to rule a kingdom. You definitely want my knowledge.” 
“Well, I have saved China. I can lead any troop in battle to success.” 
“Pff, I’m palls with the God of the dead, how much benefits won’t that give you?” 
“I’m the daughter of a God of the sea. Do you really want a mortal human as your wife?” 

You got some hard decisions there Kuzco, choose carefully. x3 

Make sure to check out Miss Disney 2017, which will be a Disney crossover roleplay set around the theme of Kuzco choosing his wife. :) The auditions are already flooding in, so catch up now and see which your favorite is.

 I’ve had the idea of making something with Kuzco choosing a wife for a while (like 2015 for a while), but just never gotten around to it, then miss disney posted the new contest and I finally decided to do it xD 

the parent trap pt5 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (5/??)


Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. what happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp?

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Aria gaped up at the red haired man in front of her. She had been in this situation before but only in her dreams. She never expected it to happen but yet, there she was stood before him.

“God, Melia, has it really been that long since you’ve seen me? Have you forgotten me?”

“I’ve just missed you, that’s all.” Aria grinned, practically throwing herself into her father’s embrace.

“I’ve missed you too kiddo!” He chuckled, crouching down to her height “How about on the way home, we go and grab a burger?”

Aria nodded eagerly, wanting to explore Riverdale as much as possible.

Amelia sat on the plane gawking at the sight of her uncle. He sat in his seat, watching some show about two twins in a hotel. She couldn’t take her eyes off him, fearing that if she looked away he would disappear. “You okay Ari? You need something?”

Amelia shook her head and let out a laugh “Just wondering why you’re watching a kid’s show?”

Aria sat in the passenger’s side of her father’s car, taking in the sights of his hometown. She couldn’t wait to meet her father’s side of her family. She looked up at him as he drove throughout the quiet town. She noticed the frown playing at his lips as his fingers tapped the steering wheel.

“What’s wrong, Dad?”

“Nothing, Amelia, I’m just thinking.”

Archie sighed, his head in his hands. It was normal for him and (Y/N) to argue but she had never walked out on him like that before. She had left him with both the twins, who, judging by the baby monitor, were starting to get fussy in their cribs. He forced himself up and made his way over to the Amelia and Aria’s room. Archie never quite knew how to calm Aria down, she always seemed to grow more fussy whenever she was in his arms. Amelia, in contrast, loved being in Archie’s arms. Whenever he picked her up, her tears would stop flowing and she would instantly stop crying, almost as if he had flipped a switch that triggered her emotions. He opened the door to his daughters’s room and was met with Betty who stood over the two girls, cooing at them.

“Mommy’s out right now girls. She’ll be back soon.” She spoke, her voice low, almost in a hushed tone. “You know, your mom loves you both and your dad very much, but I fear that she might be growing tired of arguing with him. You see, girls, we’re all very young, we’ve barely gotten out the womb ourselves. I guess you little blessings, just came at a wrong time.”

It was clear to everyone around them that there was a major strain on Archie and (Y/N)’s relationship. An argument would erupt from the simplest things. (Y/N) could breathe a little too loudly and Archie would groan and roll his eyes and Archie could blink a little too slowly and (Y/N) would burst out into fits of anger. It was also clear to everyone else that the couple would give anything to be able to fix that strain.

Once Betty noticed the girls had drifted off to sleep, she turned around to face Archie. “(Y/N) went off to talk to Jughead. She’ll be back within the hour.” Archie groaned and sunk to the floor “What did you argue about this time?”

“I told her she was spending too much time with her own family instead of mine. She’s just proven my point! She’s always with her brother and she’s always at her parents house. It’s almost as if she doesn’t remember she has two children of her own to look after.”

“Archie, you’re both sixteen. She’s obviously going to run to her brother and parents when something goes wrong. Maybe she would spend more time with your dad if you didn’t push her away so often.”

“I just don’t get it Bet, she always says that she loves me but yet we always seem to argue. I just want her to get to know my dad like I know him. I want her to seem like she’s actually making an effort to be part of our family because all she seems to do is run.”

“God, you’re angering me as well, Andrews. You shouldn’t be so stubborn then, because (Y/N) works so hard to keep you happy, Archie. It’s all she wants.”

Well, you tell her, the day she stops seeing her brother more than she sees me, I’ll be more happier.”

"Jughead’s your best friend, Archie, you don’t mean that. Do you know why she’s constantly with him?”

"Why? Are they planning on being the new Blossom twins?”

"You’re so stupid, Archie. She goes to him because she doesn’t want you to see her cry. You’re the one causing her to see her brother more than she sees you. You’re the one out every night helping Josie write songs. You’re the one who argues with her, pushing her away.”

"I’m trying to make a future for myself, for the twins, Betty. (Y/N)’s idea for her future, it’s so unlikely. At least one of us is being realistic. Don’t even get me started on how Jughead is encouraging her. He knows himself that she’s never going to make it.”

(Y/N) looked up at Jughead as she heard Archie’s words. Pushing his aside she stormed off, bumping into Fred as she reached the front door. He looked down at her and saw her tear stained face. “(Y/N), darling, what’s wrong?”

"It’s nothing Mr.Andrews. I just came back from my mum’s house and Jughead and I watched ‘The Fault in Our Stars’.”

Aria was greeted by a barking dog as soon as she stepped foot into the house. “Toby! Get down!” a voice shouted from the kitchen, startling Aria. “I’m so sorry Amelia, he’s probably just missed you. Four weeks is a long time for a dog.”

“Lillian!” Aria grinned, mentally thanking Amelia for letting describing the woman so accurately, but also mentally scorning her sister for not telling her about the dribbling creature in front of her, who seemed to eye her wearily, almost as if he knew she wasn’t Amelia.

“Your dad made sure I cooked your favourite for dinner tonight.” She grinned, making her way over to pat the young red haired girl on the back.

Amelia gasped as she entered Aria’s room. The room could’ve passed for a living room back in Riverdale. Their mom spoilt Aria more than she imagined. Her room had a desk, pushed against the wall, in back corner of the room was a door that seemed to lead a wardrobe. Her mind wandered to Aria and hope she had settled in well.

“Is mum home?” Amelia asked as she felt her uncle join her at the door. “I’ve missed her terribly and would love to see her.”

“This would’ve been your room too.” Jughead spoke, glancing down at Amelia. “Don’t think you could’ve fooled me for a second, Amelia Andrews.”

anonymous asked:

Siri, imagine Aaron and Robert wanting to be intimate during a visit but being unable to. Someone sees and then Aarons attacked and Robert feels guilty about it. I wont be able to handle it.


oh god no but picture it

Robert gets the phonecall when he’s in a meeting.

He answers it because it’s usually Liv’s school. Chas’ number pops up on the screen and Robert curses inwardly. No matter how much she’s missing her brother, Liv’s acting out is starting to grate on his nerves. Robert doesn’t want to lose his temper, but he doesn’t know what else to do.

“I have to take this,” he says, looking apologetic. The couple he’s trying to schmooze into a contract don’t look best pleased, until he tells them his sister needs him. He slips off to a corner, hitting the answer button. “What is it this time?”

“Robert,” Chas says, her voice wavering, and Robert panics. His fingers tighten around the phone as Chas says, “It’s Aaron.”

Time seems to crawl to a stop, and Robert presses the palm of his hand to his eyes. “What?”

“There’s been a fight, love, and Aaron-”

“I’ll be right home.” Robert hangs up, knows Chas will kill him later, but he can’t think about that now. Thankfully he begs off the meeting, and agrees to meet up the next day, but he’s so distracted he doesn’t really know what he’s said. The trip home seems to take too long, even longer for him to actually push open the door to the pub.

Chas is there, eyes red, her hands clutching her phone. “He’s in hospital.”

“Why didn’t you tell me to meet you there,” Robert says, and then remembers; Aaron’s a prisoner, still, even in hospital. “What’s going to happen?”

“There’s a process,” Chas explains, leading Robert to the sofa. They sit down, Chas taking Robert’s hand. “Jason’s helping, seeing if he can’t help out. I promise we’ll get to see him.”

“Why was he attacked?” Robert asks, the hand on his knee is still shaking, and he clenches it into a fist.

Chas looks down at their linked hands. “Some of his cellmates found out he was gay.”

Robert’s heart skips. “He wouldn’t tell them, and we’re always so-”

Trailing off, Robert remembers his last visit; remembers taking Aaron’s hand, thumb rubbing over the skin of his thumb. It has been a fraction of a second, a blink and you miss it gesture, but someone must have seen.

“This is because of me,” Robert says, eyes wide, panic and guilt warring in his chest. “I took his hand, I was trying to help, but they must have seen.”

“Robert,” Chas says, other hand touching his face. “This isn’t you, love, this could have happened anytime.”

“But it didn’t.” Robert wrenches away from her, paces the length of the sofa. “This happened after my visit, because of what I did. This is my fault.”

Chas looks a step away from crying, her eyes red and wet. “Robert, love, I-”

Robert needs to know if Aaron’s okay, he needs to know if he’s - Robert’s ruined it, he couldn’t even stand not to touch Aaron for months, and now Aaron’s paying for it, will continue to pay for it. “I can’t go and see him again,” he says, quickly, certain. “If I stay away maybe they’ll think we’ve ended it and he’ll be safe.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Chas says, frowning. “Listen to yourself, that’ll hurt Aaron more!”

“No, Chas,” Robert shakes his head. “I’m hurting Aaron. If I stay away, he’ll be fine. Just - I need to know if he’s okay.”

Chas looks like she wants to say something else.

“Please, Chas,” Robert says, sagging a little. He just feels guilty, awful. “Can you let me know if they call back? I can’t do this, I can’t be responsible for this.”

“You’re not, love, I promise.”

“I am, though,” Robert says. “If I hadn’t touched him, they wouldn’t know.”

Chas doesn’t say anything to that, can’t, and Robert feels his stomach drop. He offers her a small smile, hopes it’s enough to persuade her he’ll be okay.

“Thanks,” he mumbles, slipping past her and up the stairs. The bedroom door - his now, not Aaron’s now - looms above him and every step feels like it’s taking forever. Robert’s heart clenches painfully. He doesn’t know how he’ll cope not seeing Aaron for months on end, but he can’t risk it, he can’t be the reason Aaron gets beaten.

He won’t be the reason.

hahaha i‘m fine