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i'm a big fan from portugal so forgive any ignorance!! is your city of cleveland named for the president. does there exist other important usa cities named for presidents. washington of course is known.

Hello Portugal!  I’ve always wanted to visit Portugal.  It looks pretty awesome.

No, the city of Cleveland, Ohio is not named after Grover Cleveland.  It was founded before President Cleveland was born by a veteran of the Revolutionary War whose name was actually spelled “Cleaveland”.  Somewhere along the way, the city planners screwed up and start spelling the name of the city incorrectly because…well, because it’s Cleveland and unfortunate things just tend to happen there.

As for the second part of the question, there are many cities and towns, counties, rivers, lakes, and mountains named for Presidents.  Four that stand out besides the national capital of Washington, D.C. (and the State of Washington) would be the four state capitals named for Presidents: Lincoln, Nebraska; Jefferson City, Missouri; Madison, Wisconsin; and, Jackson, Mississippi.