A little reminder

Can we be honest about PMS for a second?

It’s brutal. Maybe it’s just me. It turns me into something resembling Satan himself and I absolutely hate it. All of my emotions are running around in my head like little chickens with their heads cut off while I’m a weeping mess.

If you’re anything like me, let me remind you of a few things tonight.

  • You are not your emotions
  • Those emotions do not equal truth
  • It’s perfectly fine to cry. Even over stupid things. Even over nothing at all. It’s perfectly alright. 
  • You are not ugly
  • You are not crazy
  • This is not a forever feeling
  • If the same jeans you wore yesterday aren’t nearly as comfortable today, you go ahead and put some stretchy pants on girl. 
  • Give yourself heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps of grace

Y’all, it’s tough. I’m reminding myself of these tonight as I cry over ice cream cake that wasn’t the flavor I wanted. I’m giving myself grace and you already know I’ve got those stretchy pants on. We’ll make it, girls. 

Musibi is the old way of calling the local guardian god. This word has profound meaning.
Tying thread is Musubi.
Connecting people is Musubi.
The flow of time is Musubi.
These are all the gods power.
So the braided cords that we make are the gods art and represent the flow of time itself. They converge and take shape. They twist, tangle sometimes unravel, break, then connect again. Musubi - knotting. That’s time.
—  Kimi no Na wa. ( Your Name )


“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.
   When you cross rivers, you will not drown.
When you walk through fire, you will not be burned,
   nor will the flames hurt you.
This is because I, the Lord, am your God” 
Isaiah 43:2,3 New Century Version

I’m going to share a couple pet peeves and solutions with you. ☺️ I hope that you will follow, as I don’t have too many pet peeves, and this is part of my vision for improving global wellbeing. 💖 I really don’t like the word ‘fight’ or any of it’s relatives like battle, hack, etc.; especially when used in phrases such as ‘fighting cancer’. I define these words as a very strong opposition or resistance. Opposing or resisting cancer, which is typically nature’s way of waking you up to your behaviors / patterns that aren’t serving you or LIFE in general, isn’t the easiest way or even a way to perfect health. (There are times that it’s clear what causes cancer, such as radiation. I’m referring to the times when western doctors can’t find an external cause.) If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with what most western doctors label as terminal, I recommend taking a look at your life and checking in if you’re living it in a way that respects ALL of nature, including your own body, mind, and soul. If not, those opposing behaviors need to change, if you’re looking for a cure. I recommend studying and practicing universal laws if you are looking for answers on how to live and thrive. 😉 I realize that when most get to being labeled 'terminal’, that there may not be enough time for you to stop thinking, feeling, and doing all the toxic stuff you’ve been doing for so long, in an instant. The solution is to ALWAYS listen to your body along the journey of life. 👂 If you feel ANY dis-ease in your body, this is nature’s way of gently telling you that something that you’ve been experiencing does not serve life. Surrender to LIFE (nature), instead of resisting. Learn to be like water, and ADAPT with the flow of life. Embrace and celebrate nature’s messages, even if initially they cause you pain. 🙌 Nature is only trying to make your life easier, but if you keep ignoring its signals, nature will destroy you, sooner versus later… Humans canNOT ever outsmart nature. The answers and cures to all of your ailments are withIN each and everyONE of YOU. 🌟 My additional related pet peeve is using the word 'cancer’ in phrases such as 'cure cancer’ and 'cancer awareness’. We should be grateful for cancer, because in most cases (unless an external cause) cancer is a last chance for you to live your life differently, aka serving all of life/nature, so you can truly thrive. Nature is telling you, “I’ve sent you all these messages, yet you kept ignoring and trying to suppress me, so here’s your last and biggest wake up call to be a better human!” We should instead use phrases such as 'have perfect health’ and 'perfect health awareness’. As a writer I have always been sensitive to language. As a meta and quantum physicist, I understand how powerful words are because ENERGY / God, which is the only thing that exists in the whole entire universe, flows where YOUR attention goes. So ask yourself please, do you want perfect health, or its opposite? ~ Sorinne

Jellyfish- Spirit Animals


Keep your faith strong and know that life will supply everything you need. 

Practise the art of non-resistance, going with the currents and movements of life rather than fighting them.

Be a little more cautious at this time with any work you’re doing in the spirit realm

Be sure that you’re getting enough water throughout the day

Organise your work and home so that you’re more efficient and effective, doing a little bit each day


You’ve been struggling with something that hasn’t yielded much progress or any results.

The group your with, or your family, is out of sync with each other, causing unnecessary disturbances and upsets.

There is considerable disarray and fragmentation at work or at home.

You;re involved in a conflict with someone where there seems to be no resolution because each of you is being stubborn and intractable


You have absolute faith that you’ll be provided for no matter what. You’re very sensitive and responsive to the natural rhythms of the earth and easily flow with them. You prefer living with a group of people or within a harmonious community, one where everyone tries to be cooperative. You’re very organised and like to manage and coordinate events that require these kinds of skills.

@dannisdays jellyfish for you <3


ok so I’ve been going on a webtoon rampage lately so I’m wondering is there anyone else in this lonely world who reads:

  • One Last God Kubera
  • Tower of God
  • Divine/Godly Bells
  • The Flow
    Black Haze
  • God of High School***
  • unTouchable***
  • Automata***
  • The Gamer***
  • City of the Dead Sorcerer***
  • Abide in the Wind***
  • Gepetto***
  • Oh, My God!***
  • Dal-Sez***

Recs are also welcome!

(Huh, they really like “god” in their names….)

edit: I’m adding *** to the webtoons I don’t follow anymore.


I want an all-human AU where Stiles’s parents are divorced and his mom (not Claudia, some other meaner woman) sends him off to boarding school in Georgia or something, where he meets Scott as his roommate. The fic starts out with Stiles being miserable at this no-nonsense behavior school, and the other kids are assholes who decide to make him and asthmatic Scott their punching bag, so Stiles makes a plan to escape and find his dad in New York. Scott wants to join but knows he’d slow Stiles down with his condition, so he gives Stiles his small stash of savings and tells him to “make me proud and break out of here, dude. Pay me back when you find your dad.”

So BAM Stiles manages to escape via awesome cunning plan and he’s dashing down the wintery streets to the train station (he was sent to boarding school for a reason so he’s super badass and mischievous and uses this to his advantage to travel distance) BUT THEN after obstacles (being forced to jump train, wander on foot, eventually jumped and robbed by a gang) he runs out of money in Vermont.

So he’s stumbling down the street all tired and dirty and he uses his last five dollars to order a burger at some 24-hour diner at three in the morning. He savors it, tries to ignore the way that hot-but-creepy waiter guy is eyeing him distastefully (he hasn’t showered since like, that gym in North Carolina), and eventually decides that he’s going to steal from the register on his way out (and then just pay the diner back someday. Probably).

And so…

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