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THE LAST PANEL IS JUST SO GOOD IT'S ALIVE AND FLOWING AND GOD I LOVE THIS UPDATE (ESP THE MINA PART) BUT THAT LAST PANEL !!!!!(sorry for the yelling, seeing this as I just woke up put me in such a good mood)

aaaa!!! thank u my friend…. :‘0

Who Did You Call!?

Three nights in a row now Keith was woken up in the middle of the night only to find Lance not in bed besides him.
Normally Keith wouldn’t be too worried about this, just whenever he asked Lance about how he slept all he got was a forced smile and a guilty “fine”.
Keith did trust Lance.
He trusted and loved him more then anyone else on this god forsaken planet.
He never even considered his boyfriend could be cheating on him until Lotor showed up.
Lance had once told Keith before they got together that his dream guy was tall, with long hair and is good looking enough to be a model.
A week ago Lotor had moved into the building.
The amazingly tall man with the body of a Greek god and the flowing white hair of a princess.
The super model that only seemed to own booty shorts and not a single shirt.
The guy that left Lance speechless just by winking at him.
Keith knew he was hot headed and tended to jump to conclusions so he tried talking it through with the most rational person he knew.
His brother Shiro.

“He’s been keeping secrets from me and sneaking around at night. I tried talking to him about it but he just won’t talk to me.” Keith whispered into his phone.
Yet again he had woken up only to find the bed empty where Lance should be.
Not knowing what else to do he called Shiro, despite it being 3am he had answered straight away.
“I don’t know what to tell you Keith.” Shiro yawned “if you think he’s cheating on you then you have to confront him, it’s better to apologise for being wrong then finding out he’s been dating guys behind your back.”
Keith nodded “yeah… first thing in the morning I will.”
“You know it’s probably nothing, I’ve never met a more loyal guy then Lance.”
Keith smiled “yeah your right, thanks Shiro.”
“No problem, night”
Keith hung up and settled back down in his pillows when he hears it.
“Hey it’s Lance again. I’m sorry I called you so late but I… I just needed you so much today.”
Keith turned over so he was face down on the pillow to try and hide the face he was crying.

The next morning Keith could hear Lance making breakfast while he was preparing himself for the confrontation.
Right now there was no doubt in Keith’s mind that Lance was cheating on him. He took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

Keith stormed in on his boyfriend “who the hell were you calling last night?!” He demanded.
Lance jumped up when the door was slammed open “n-no one Keith I swear!” He smiled but looked guilty.

“On come on I heard you’ ‘hey it’s Lance again’ didn’t sound like no one!” Keith snapped grabbing Lance by the collar.
Lance didn’t say anything, his eyes darting to his phone laying on the couch. 
Keith dropped him picking it up, keeping his glare fixed on Lance as he redialled.
The phone rang twice before a woman’s voice came from the other side.

“Suicide hotline.”
Keith stared numbly at Lance as tears began to fall down his tanned cheeks. He hung up and tossed the phone aside.
“I… I didn’t want you to worry. I’m sorry I-”
Lance was cut off by Keith running at him and wrapping his arms around Lance like he could keep him there by pure will power.
“Oh God Lance. I’m so sorry I love you I love you so much! I’m sorry I didn’t realise! I’m sorry I thought the worse!” Keith sobbed as Lance wrapped his arms around the shorter man.
The two sank to the floor on their knees hugging and crying with each other.
“I won’t call them again, just please don’t leave me.” Lance muttered burying his face into Keith’s soft hair just taking a moment to breath in his scent.
Keith looked up at him cupping his cheeks with his hand as he kissed him on the nose.
“I will never leave you. So please don’t leave me. If you need to call them then you fucking call them as long as you tell me as well. Because I love you Lance and I can’t live without you.”
Lance sniffed “I love you too.”
Of course that didn’t solve everything.
Lance still tried to hide how he really felt at times.
But he had a stable and loving relationship that helped make the bad days not seem so dark.
Keith was his rock and as long as he was there he may just be able to carry on.
For him.

Drop all expectations and ideas. Stop the doing. And just Be. When the movement ceases you will find inner peace. Just stop for a moment and let everything fade away. In stillness you become in tune with the flow, and reveal the True Eternal Self.

Here comes July.

1. You can’t buy your time back so don’t waste it on something that is not important.

2. Belajarlah untuk mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada masa lalu dan hal-hal yang tidak betul.

3. Refrain yourself from hoping too high because too many times it will hurt you & let just live with what we have.

4. Try to change to be better or else we will stuck on the past and get left far behind.

5. Stop missing & dreaming & longing to something we didn’t had.

6. Don’t expect or hope for unrealistic things like “jangan pernah berubah”. Things always change. Be prepared.

7. Heavy hearts weigh us down so let it flow.

8. God doesn’t do coincidence. Good or bad, there must be a reason. He always have plan for us.

9. Carilah kebaikan walau dalam perpisahan sebab mencari keburukan takkan mendatangkan apa-apa malah bakal merosakkan hati sendiri.

10. Nak hati baik, kena selalu mencari dan melihat kebaikan. Jadi carilah kebaikan walau apa keadaan pun, walau sedang menangis dan kecewa.

11. Cinta tak selalu tepat waktu, kerana cinta itu selalu tepat dengan takdir.

12. Life is about two things, to hold and to let go. When the time comes to hold it, hold it. When the time comes to let it go, let it go.

13. Berdamailah dengan kenangan. Jangan memaksa apa yang telah terhapus sebelum ini menjadi satu realiti.

14. To be rejected by someone doesn’t mean you should also reject yourself. Please, move on.

15. Anything that might hurt you would just make you stronger in the end. Please, move on.

16. You have your own happiness to think about. Please, move on.

17. It is true that love cannot last forever. But it is also true that heartbreak is soon forgotten. You just need to accept reality.

18. It hurts when it hurts, but the aching will pass. No pain last forever. Ia akan sembuh seiring masa seiring doa.

19. Please know who you are and be that person.

20. Please accept and love yourself.

21. Have courage to let go of the things that are not meant for us.

22. Don’t love too fast because the worst case scenario is to love someone so much only to realize, you should not have fallen in love.

23. Time can erase both joys and pains. I just hope whatever it erase, it is the best for us.

24. People always change. Knowing that mean you should keep changing too. That’s what being alive means. That you should not stay behind.

25. We are human. We screw up. We lose our way. still, we need to move forward. Force ourselves to keep learning. To keep trying. To be better.

26. Manusia akan matang seiring waktu dan perkara-perkara yang berlalu akan berganti dengan yang lebih baik, inshaAllah. Tabah dan kuatlah.

27. Time passes and feeling changes. But please, please, please, always make a du'a ; for you. For yourself. For your heart. For your life.

- sederhanaindah

p/s : i’m not writing for you to like me. I write so that you would like yourself more. Stay good, okay? You will be alright.

the sweet pan flute the is played by capricorn. she channels her sacred god pan for the secrets of the universe and the music of the spheres. she plays the tune that aligns with the cosmic sound of planetary orbit that has long been revered by indigenous cultures. she inhales the breath of god through the flute, and this was a great source of amusement for pan. before the catholics prayed with ‘our father’, the ancients chanted ‘oh breath’ for they knew that god’s love was accessible through our immediate everythingness. pan preferred the fresh mountain air to the static of civilisation, and at their core the capricorn longs to return to nature, find a tree of wisdom, to conquer that mountain, and just breathe. it’s easy for her to feel suffocated. through pan’s flute she exchanges the flow of god into sounds of space. pan was abandoned by his mother, and it relates to the theme of parents in the capricorns life where in some form abandonment occurs, largely with the father. she frees the musical talents of pan through the flute she plays that tunes a song heard only by the cosmos. this is why they hold her in such high and prestigious regard, capricorn is adored by heaven because all symbolic forces united in loving vibration and preparation for her winter solstice birth

(art: Jasmine Beckett)

BTS’ Spotify Playlists

– Updated 170411 –

Rap Monster’s Heavy Rotations

  • Perth by Bon Iver
  • Déjà vu by TWENTY88
  • Cleanin’ Out My Closet by Eminem
  • Rain by Razah
  • By Your Side - Remastered by Sade
  • About You by xxyyxx
  • Baby Blue by King Krule
  • U-RITE by THEY
  • Really Love by D’Angelo
  • CPU by Raury, RZA
  • Flim by Aphex Twin
  • Swim Good by Frank Ocean
  • One Mic by Nas
  • Karaoke by Drake
  • 143 by Musiq Soulchild
  • My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker
  • High And Dry by Radiohead
  • I Love You by Lido

SUGA’s Hip-Hope Replay

  • N.Y. State of Mind by Nas
  • What You Know - Radio Version by T.I.
  • POWER Album Version (Edited) by Kanye West
  • New God Flow.1 - Album Version (Edited) by Kanye West ft. Pusha T & Ghostface Killah
  • The Way I Am by Eminem
  • Losing Out by Black Milk ft Royce Da 5′9″
  • My Moment by DJ Drama ft. 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Jeremih
  • HYFR (Hell Ya F***ing Right) - Album Version (Edited) by Drake ft. Lil Wayne
  • This or That - Prod. by Statik Selektah by Reks, Styles P, Termanology, DJ Corbet, Freeway, Lil Fame of M.O.P. & Attica Bars
  • Ali Bomaye by The Game ft. 2 Chainz & Rick Ross
  • Bugatti by Se Hood ft. Future & Rick Ross
  • Notorious Thugs - Amended, 2014 Remastered Version by The Notorious B.I.G.
  • Work Out by J.Cole

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can you post the list of the songs bts have made playlist on Spotify ?(because i can't access spotify from where i live...)

Okay, I just typed them all out! I’ll try to remember to update this when Tae and Jimin’s playlists come out. If I forget, send in another ask and I’ll type those up too! I know how hard it is to not be able to access certain things because you’re in a different country. So please enjoy~
- Kristi
P.S. I typed it the way Spotify shows it, so it’s Title - Artist - Album

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