Understanding the Gods, and their followers

can your hear their calls? do you follow the subtle hints and not-so-subtle nudges? do you listen to what they whisper in your heart?

do you love your god/s? so much that you give to others all the guidance and support you have received from your faith? 

or do you keep the love of your god/s to yourself, ignoring and refuting all who who reach for them, who felt the same call as you?

do you deny your god/s new subjects to love, just because you don’t like someone? is it a higher power in which you place importance, or just the parts of them you love in yourself?

be aware that not only should you be devoted and faithful to to your beliefs in your life, but also allow the strengths and values of your god/s to flow through you and be shared for others who have yet to find where they belong.

tell me, what kind of divine being wishes to be isolated from the world, because a few followers believe that their worship and practice is personal and exclusive? 

show me, what is it that your god/s truly mean to you?

Take it Slow
  • Take it Slow

“Take it Slow”

GOD: “human, listen. I’ve had you since the beginning. you have much work before you’re finished. you have everything for this mission. you have knowledge, wisdom and vision. even your ancestors’ souls. so go. but take it slow.”

Forget it! I really gotta get it. Not another minute. Not another second. Like I’m racing ‘gainst the time. Ignore the inner shouting, aint no second doubting, aint no think about it, if I think about it then I might just change my mind. They killing all my brothers, shunning all my sisters, worrying my mothers, locking up my fathers; what’s the future of my race? Man, I ain’t tryna talk, ain’t nothing to say, I ain’t tryna wait, get that mess up out my face, man! What, you think I can’t, man? Think I ain’t a man? I know a couple soldiers and none of them saints, man! What you think we playing, this game to you? You stole everything from us, what we owe you fools? I gotta choice to choose. Ain’t nothing to lose. So I strapped my shoes, then I said my grace, then I hit the streets, ran to the police, then they aimed at me, gun to my face. Bang!

Thinking while I’m bad; thinking while I’m sad, thinking while I’m mad …
Coast …
Thinking too fast; thinking too fast; thinking too fast …
I . must . take it slow …

GOD: “human, what are you doing? I need you search deep within. not everyone is your friend, but together you all can win. first unite, organize, then fight; and conquer. keep your sight, and go, take it slow.”

Naw! Drama outside, so I’m watching tv. Ain’t nothing but the news and it’s getting to me. Ain’t nothing but the blues and it’s clear to see. Ain’t no chance for ya life if you’re Black like me. So I’m posting online for the world to see. ‘Y'all, we getting stuck deep, and we must break free!’ But, I ain’t serious so I act carefree; facetime, snapchat, now they watching me. 'Cause it ain’t happen here, it ain’t happen near, I don’t have no fear, I don’t trust my ears, I don’t trust my eyes; I don’t trust my neighbor, I dont trust them haters, they’ll rob me later, we ain’t on the same side. Team dark skin, team no friends, team I win; in my religion, you’re not forgiven! I don’t wait, you’re too late, you’re too gay, you’re too fat, you’re too slow, you’re in jail, we ain’t the same … but we all in hell. Damn!

Thinking while I’m bad; thinking while I’m sad, thinking while I’m mad …
Coast …
Thinking too fast; thinking too fast; thinking too fast …
I . must . take it slow …

GOD: “human, awaken; lead the people, don’t leave them forsaken. human, wake up; the world is filled with hate, I need you filled with Love. human, focus; search within yourself, you’re here for a purpose. human, be free; use your mind, use your heart, use your voice; speak!”

My people, where are we and where do we go from here? We are the golden ones living in a vital time. How do a people get themselves in spiritual turmoil? But submitting themselves over religiously. How do a people remain in such physically, emotional and psychological disorder and malfunction? By improper mental placement, and by giving up all their rights to seek wisdom and gain understanding. My people perish from the lack of knowledge. You should know that before reading the bible; you should know that before attending college. You should know that before we demand peace and compassion from an apathetic and soulless people, we must at least first see ourselves as equal, and see ourselves as important, and see ourselves as family; and Love, enrich, teach, uplift, protect, guide, inspire, and empower us. For us. Black Power! And that is not about violence, but the obstruction of violence. Black Power, baby! Black Love! Black GOD! Black people, they are already quick to shoot or quick to unplug us. So we shouldn’t be quick to kill or quick to judge us. Take time to think, 'cause GOD is Love; Love is patient, so should us. Love ya sis and Love ya bruh; and when we link up, then we rise up. We must unify, clarify and see eye to eye; ya feel? Forreal. The time of the ReGeneration is now! But please, take it slow and think …

“Now hold up, I ain’t trying to stunt man,but these Yezzy’s jumped over the JumpMan…Did Moses not part the water with the cane? Did Noah make the arc, when I made it rain. Did Yezzy not get signed by Hov and Dame. And went to Jacob’s and made the new Jesus chains? In Jesus name, let the crowd say. I’m on fire aye, that’s what Richard Pryor say. And we annihilate anybody that violate. Ask any dope boy you know…they admire Ye”


tHO CAN YOU IMAGINE FORD SLALOMING (ON ONE SKI) — WITH HIS FLOOFY HAIR FLOWING IN THE WIND (he would be wearing a long-sleeved swim shirt btw)