Pairing: Kanamari

Word Count: 3517

Summary: After two years, Kanan finally felt as though she was okay with how her first year ended, but with Mari’s surprise reappearance, Kanan finds herself thrown back into the drama of unwanted memories. Desperate, she seeks help from the only other person who would understand, 

Note: I’m sure this has been written two million times already and I’m sure the anime will explain their history, but I’m impatient so here’s what I want to happen following the ep 4 scene. I’ll write some more kanamari stuff when they’re fleshed out a bit more. 

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icarus is in love with the moon.
the moon,
racing through the sky,
bow and arrows
slung across her back.
a warning.

he longs for her,
stays up all night just to see
her leave him in the morning.

the sun becomes jealous.
his own sister, stealing what’s his.
he sleeps in the day now,
the sun complains,
much to the amusement
of the moon.

he misses him.
and, filled with heated rage,
he melts his love.

—  a what if. | a.n.
A little reunion drabble for you :)

He sees her first and the sight freezes him to the spot; she is kneeling by some strawberry plants, plucking the succulent red fruit and depositing it gently into a basket. Every now and then she places one of the berries into her mouth, and a look of pure bliss passes over her face. He thinks that at one time he would have been quite content to watch her forever this way, knowing that she is alive, that she is safe… but not anymore. She stands—and she still has not noticed him—and walks to the end of the strawberry plants, passing a bush with snow-white flowers. She pauses for a moment, reaching out to reverently touch one of the cherokee roses. As she does, she looks up sharply as startled and notices him at last. Tears swim in her clear blue eyes, and he furiously blinks back tears of his own. The fruit basket tumbles to the ground and a split second later she runs to his waiting arms. He holds her tightly, pressing every inch of his body to every inch of hers. It doesn’t matter that they are miles away from Alexandria; their home, no matter where they are, is in each other’s arms.  

My bird is molting, I’m covered in little white feathers.

In other news- another rotation down. I’m going to miss this last one (pet autopsies), I really enjoyed being able to give owners closure when their pets die unexpectedly, or to reassure them when they’ve put their pet to sleep for cancer or injuries that wouldn’t have healed. Now it’s on to cow / pig / goat / sheep / alpaca medicine for two weeks. Then I’ve got a two-week cancer therapy rotation, and then FINALLY two weeks off. orz

im so done i legit just want to close my eyes and sleep until high school and college years are done and wake up to find that even though i slept i still rocked all finals and passed all classes and i have a steady dream job with a dream income and a nice apartment with a dog…like i just want to fall asleep in my bed tonight and wake up in the bed i’d be sleeping in years from now, finally happy. everything worked itself out

Guardian Deities (that are the Guardian Deities of the Gates of the House of Osiris in the Field of Rushes, see spells 144-147 and 145-146 of the “Book of Coming Forth by Day”) from the second funerary papyrus of the Chantress of the God Amon-Ra, NesyKhonsu; XXI Dynasty, now in the Cairo Museum…
To the right, the end of the third scene with four seated mummiform Gods:
in the upper register (from right to left), the first God is falcon-headed and wears the Solar disk, and the second is human-headed;
in the lower register (from right to left), the first God is jackal-headed, and the second is hare-headed.

In the middle, the fourth scene with seven standing mummiform Gods:
(from right to left) the first God is human-headed, the second is jackal-headed, the third is falcon-headed, the fourth is serpent-headed, the fifth has the head of a donkey facing front, the sixth is uraeus-headed, and the seventh has a Solar disk with two serpents as head.
To the left, a huge Uraeus

okay so I’m rereading Small Gods for the first time since I was a tween and at one point Brutha steps off a boat and into the sea and 

pTerry you smug fucker. it’s amazing reading the ones I last read as a kid/teen because now I’m getting whole LAYERS of historic/literary references (and puns) that I missed before

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oh my god when red first came out i was like y'all girl at home is not a good song and i stg everyone acted like i killed someone jfc


You can trust God with your greatest questions, joys, doubts, dreams, grief, and insecurities. He is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do.