Happy Hobbit Day, everyone! I have a lot of fond memories of the Hobbit fandom - I got more confident with my writing and actually started writing actively thanks to you guys, I got to meet a lot of great people, and overall had a good time. <3 So here’s to all of you!

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I like to think the paladins weren't watching Keith make the vlog, so Lance sees Keith leaving and is like "hey man" but Keith just storms past with his head down and Lances like "... mkay" and then he remembers ooh Keith just did his vlog TIME TO BLACKMAIL and first he's like HE GOT MY CHEER HE JUST REFUSED IT THE SHIT but then "oh. Oh no." And he's just like "gotta blast" to the training deck and just hugs him like ITS OK BRO "Lance what are you doing" YOURE SAFE NOW

and i feel god in this chilis tonight

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I'm trying to get a relationship with God, but I don't really know how. I've tried to read some of the Bible every day and pray, but I don't know if it's working, if that makes sense? It seems like so many Christians seem to feel God so present in their lives, and I'm trying to, but I don't. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey kiddo! You’re not doing anything wrong at all.

I once had a youth pastor who said he had never “heard God speak” before. But he still had an amazing strong faith. He had doubts, but they made his faith even stronger, because he held on to God through those doubts. I remember his teachings more than those of any other church leaders because they always felt so real and rooted in God to me, he was always seeking God, even when he felt like he wasn’t hearing back.

Everybody experiences God in a different way. Just like you use a different voice with say, your mom versus your little cousin (see: Moses and the Actual Speaking Burning Bush). For some people he speaks with an audible voice, for some people he speaks in dreams, for some people he speaks through everyday life happenings. Often times that’s how I hear God.

God speaks through answered prayers, through the right person at the right time, through words or lyrics, your Bible, he’s everywhere! Try spending time throughout or at the end of your day asking yourself where you saw God.

Just because you don’t feel like you’re “hearing” him doesn’t mean he’s not with you.

You seem like you’re seeking God with everything you have, continue to do that, and trust that God is with you and he will lead you down the right path.

1 Corinthians 16:11 “Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his face continually”

(If anybody else had advise, feel free to add)

I love you lots and so does God! Come talk to me if you have any more questions! I’ll be praying for you and your faith, have a great day :)


Noah Cyrus - Again ft. XXXTENTACION

GOD. DAMN. the feels.

Yesterday was the first lunar day of the month. These days are special for us. We take particular care of the 신당 temple and present a buffet of offerings.

However since I don’t have the full sized temple yet, I am able to keep the offerings simple - fruits, liquor and candy!

After the initial Bows of Greeting, I got to work and performed my Daily Rite of Gratitude (which is another 108 bows). I continued to pray and meditate to the chant of the heart sutra. Even as I was cleaning and getting everything ready, I could feel my gods abuzz with excitement. It was our first special lunar day together!

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does prayer have to be a huge 'heavenly father i call upon u 2day...' thing?? cause sometimes im just like '@God can u help me not be such a little bitch??? also thanks for bread, i love bread. amen.' sometimes i start off praying and somehow start ranting to god about feminism/veganism/capitalism and i feel like God is like 'i hear u, and i totally agree, but go 2 bed!!!'

Lol prayer is good in whatever way it works for you. Like same tbh 💚💛❤💜💙

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I am so sick of trying to explain things (esp related to feminism) to men, having them dismiss me bc I don't have proof, then when I find and send them studies or whatever they just go "lol I don't want to read that cuz I don't care but Im still right" Why are they so proud of their ignorance and laziness??

I have no idea, but god do I feel you. I’ve been through this soooo many times, especially talking about male violence. I think it comes down to hating feminism, not wanting to listen to women who are right, not caring about women, wanting to be smarter than women, and/or thinking they know better and do not want to hear anything to the contrary.

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Kinda irrevelant, but.. I totally feel TERRIBLE for Chimoruki, I hope she and pisces will be really okay :L I knew the fanbase defenses Dev of all costs, but this time they went insane. Threats... it's awful. And Dev's response about "chimo laying down with dogs" and his "I GET HATE TOO DAMMIT"-like response... Congrats to him, he digs his own grave for his oh-so-fame-and-career and many people wouldn't want even to touch that meme game. And he wonders why some people dislike him or YS...

God forbid that people feel sympathy for anyone other than him, because he has to pull the “poor pitiful me” card once again (and from what a couple users have stated, he essentially copy-pasted his response to all of them). No one there has personally attacked him either directly nor indirectly, and haven’t said anything about him beyond valid criticism (which - believe it or not - is nowhere near the same as harassment and personal attacks). Also, nowhere does he even acknowledge that he encourages this to his fans with his apeshit reactions to anything even slightly critical of his game or his character, because he somehow has it worse and nobody else is allowed to feel like shit.

- Mod Sega

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what's your favorite writing trope? love all your work btw!!!!!

i’ve been thinking about this for days and i still don’t know the answer bc i love cheesiness so much????? i love the trope of “yeah we’re only friends of course i have no–oh shit oh god are these feelings oh lord” and the bad boy with a heart of gold trope and so so many more that i can’t think of rn idk why???? ugh i love tropes so much

also … i’ve written before about pidge having a breakdown and low-key identity crisis the first time she kills someone. but imagine. imagine she feels powerful. imagine it’s the first time in the last year she hasn’t felt scared or lost or out of control. she feels like she’s actually taking her life back. and she’s horrified with herself. shiro comes to talk to her, tells her its normal to feel scared or ashamed or guilty, that it’s natural in war and she shouldn’t lock herself away because of it. she feels sick. god, but she can’t get it out of her head, how she felt like a force to be reckoned with.