realizing you should’ve gotten rid of a friend years ago is the worst because now it’s a lot harder to walk away

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I'm starting to feel like God doesn't exist anymore?? Like I pray but I never hear anything or see any results and I've started to wonder if there's a difference between something that you can't see, touch or hear and something that doesn't exist at all (God). I mean I know that ppl say to read the word or whatever and prayer will be more effective but reading the Bible feels like a chore for me. I guess what I'm asking is how do I grow stronger in Christ (or Christianity or whatever)?

Hello Dear Heart. I just answered a very similar question here, which is proof that you’re not alone! To address the specifics of your question, however, I’d love to add a few things… 

1.) Seeing results: God always answers prayers. Always. His answer can be three things: yes, no, or wait. We forget that “wait” is also an answer that he gives. True, it can be the hardest answer, but it is almost always the best answer. God will only do what is the best for you. Sometimes that means he says don’t pursue that because I have something better coming your way. Wait for MY timing. The other thing that we have to remember is that God is all-knowing and we are humans with barely of speck of knowledge or wisdom in comparison. If we could understand God, he wouldn’t be God. Sometimes, because God knows all, our questions don’t make any sense. It would be like a child asking you what shape yellow is. It’s not that the question is too hard to answer, but that there is a fundamental misconception at the foundation of the question that makes an answer that the child is looking for impossible. That’s how it is with God. Sometimes our questions are a little like that child’s. He always answers them, but we’re not listening in the right way because the answer is not in the way we expect. So ask yourself a few questions- Are you asking the right questions? Are you actually listening to God’s answers, even if it’s not the response you desire or even expect? 

2.) Seeing, touching, hearing: I believe that the revolutionary war happened. I wasn’t there and I don’t know anyone who was, but I can read about it because of the people who were there. Even though I have never seen a picture, I’ve read primary documents that talk about it. Even though I’ve never touched or heard anything that happened during that war, I can see the effects, namely in the creation of the country I live in today. That’s how it is with God, but in a much more important way. I wasn’t at the creation of the world, but I certainly see the impact of a creator in the infinitely complex beauty all around me. I didn’t see Christ die on the cross, but I can read the first-hand accounts of the people who did (several of them actually). I have never heard or touched the Holy Spirit, but I can feel him working in my life and see his impact in the lives of others. The thing is, seeing isn’t believing. With something this real, it’s not even a necessity. I know that God is real because at my core I was made to know it. 

3.) The Bible is living and breathing. It works in our hearts to bring us closer to Christ. Read it. Even if it feels like a chore. Invest in it through churches and mentors and small groups and friends. It was meant to show you the character of God, and he’s the one you need the most right now. Pray and tell him why you don’t believe. He’s not going to be angry with you. His grace covers that. There are some days when I just have to cry out Help my Unbelief (Mark 9:24). That’s ok. God works in my doubts as much as he does in my strengths. 

I’m praying for you. 

-31Women (Beth) 

Astral projection and science?

I first heard about astral projection in Paulo Coelho’s book “Veronika Decides To Die”. It seemed cool, but I was skeptical as to it being a real thing. Recently, I’ve been watching videos on astral projection because I want to do it myself. I don’t know how similar lucid dreaming is to astral projection, but I have had many lucid dreams. They’re always boring and I can’t control anything - and astral projection is described as the opposite of that.

People who have had astral projection experiences say that it’s something you can understand only if you have had an experience. Me - being scientifically minded - of course I’m going to be skeptical. But a true scientist is also open minded, so I’m willing to consider the possibility that there are higher dimensions and souls do exist (god I cannot believe I’m saying that). Those things have not yet been disproven.

Will science ever be able to explain everything? Perhaps, or perhaps not. Psychology is a slippery area. In fact, it could be debated as to whether psychology actually is a science or not. Reminds me of the song “Science and Faith” by The Script: You can break everything down to chemicals, but you can’t explain a love like ours.

What’s ironic though, is that I am a little bit scared to try astral projection. Like, I’m a scientist (at least I consider myself to be), I should not be afraid of the unknown! As Marie Curie said “ Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.” 

It’s just that the ramifications of such an experience would be out of this fucking world: Does death really exist, is there an afterlife, and what is reality? I for one actually want to die, because I don’t wanna live forever - that would get excruciatingly boring.

At first, it seems easy to dismiss astral projection as a hallucination or some sort of trick on the brain - but many people say they are conscious during their experience. So then, how do you differentiate that from everyday “reality”? I don’t believe you can…


i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018

the most purifyingly beautiful sound you'll ever hear
  • the most purifyingly beautiful sound you'll ever hear

aka Armin’s precious laughter

from the snk drama cd! Armin, Eren and Jean share a moment of laughter and god how I wish I knew what they were laughing about because I want to know what caused Armin to bless us with such divine musicality *o*


i just like drawing jimin (photo cred)