“Sometimes you get run down. Sometimes life throws dirt in your eyes and it stings and you can’t see for a few minutes. Even after you get it out your eyes are all red and your vision is shitty… but eventually, whether through tears or maybe just time… you start to see even clearer than before. Life is not always good. Which is why music exists. Why i believe God exists. And why there’s always a pint of coconut milk ice cream in my freezer.”

Salamander prostrate before swaths of crimson–sacred heart casting bits of stone to ding–I slow I bitter/consternate and shiv–old horseshoed envelope holding instructions–first memory was my father arguing with my mother and driving off- Where have I been keeping myself? Why can’t I forget friends who tossed me? I am spiraling out of control–I worship at the shrine of the past–Why could god not exist? It takes so much to hold a hope. You almost burn your life out doing nothing else. I cannot be what a corporate anything wants. Sensations are not commodities. I am proud of the anger I have displayed. I am disgusted by my flippancy. Was political correctness so bad? They have cut down the sacred groves. I have lost the grail I was going to heal you with. Why is it cold in here? I have decided to sit beside and get nothing that I want. That is the only measure of love holding its weight.
—  Stimie

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what are you sputtering i'm a gypsy and it can be meant as a racial slur but not always ? not generally ? smh. it means a nomad ethnic group. educate yourself. thank god u only exist to me once on a screen. good riddance fucking bigot

lol who the fuck are you, anon? How the fuck am I a bigot? I don’t think you know what that word means. And frankly, anon, I don’t think you’re Rromani either. Fuck off, džukli. 

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Lord have mercy on me. God bless Lance. Should i thank the scriptwriter for having Lance or the audition dir for choosing Seb or Seb for being Seb or God for Seb's existence or Seb's parents for bringing him to the world?


you’re walking in the woods. there’s no one around and your blaster’s dead. out of the corner of your eye you spot him: kylo ren.

Satisfied (double audio)
  • Satisfied (double audio)
  • Sia vs Renee Elise Goldsberry
  • Hamilton Mixtape yo

LHS: Satisfied - Sia ft Miguel + Queen Latifah, Hamilton Mixtape

RHS: Satisfied - Renee Elise Goldsberry, Hamilton: An American Musical (2015)

(it gets better about 40 seconds in….. just you wait)


i just like drawing jimin (photo cred)

the most purifyingly beautiful sound you'll ever hear
  • the most purifyingly beautiful sound you'll ever hear

aka Armin’s precious laughter

from the snk drama cd! Armin, Eren and Jean share a moment of laughter and god how I wish I knew what they were laughing about because I want to know what caused Armin to bless us with such divine musicality *o*