Tbh one day Alex is going to walk up to Magnus and say “you look terrible, you look like you rolled around in the mud” and Magnus is just going to slowly turn to him and say “you look like the joker puked all over you” and I’m so excited like blitz please help these lost souls they don’t know what they’re doing

don’t be a dick

so my sister, god bless her, inadvertently brought to my attention that someone on Instagram was stealing my poems. let’s be clear, that’s a real dick move. these are my thoughts and feelings that I have taken the time to put into words so just don’t take them. write down your own shit. I am not on insta or anything other than tumblr for that matter so if y’all see something you know is mine could you maybe let me know? I get that I can’t prevent it from happening and tbh I am surprised it happened at all but I would like to keep the plagiarism to a minimum. it really rubs me the wrong way that people think it is okay to do.

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Th Same Anon About The SepticCrank HC. Mark had made Ethan and Jack fly out to LA and While Mark had all the skits, it was very funny for Jack,like Ethan wearing a school girl's outfit while Jack was watching behind Amy. Jack was liking the outfits Ethan had to wear and would immediately kiss Ethan after Mark was done shooting. Jack was having fun watching Ethan have fun it was funny but still very cute seeing Ethan getting a bit sad in the don't laugh challenges when he didn't make Mark laugh.

im cryign v quietly as i read this god bless

like………jack doesn’t even care if somebody calls them out on his pda with ethan tbh bc???? ethan is definitely adorable and jack is so smitten that he can live with endless teasing of him kissing ethan 24/7???

“My first niggling doubt about Ted’s personality came when he forgave Meg so quickly for betraying him to the police. True, he had loved her to the extent he was capable of loving, and Meg had never humiliated him. He was the dominant partner in their relationship, and he had humiliated her again and again. But he never viewed her betrayal as an act of revenge on her part. I think she may have been the one woman in his life who helped fill even a small corner of his barren soul. Although he could not be faithful to her, neither could he exist without her.

And so, because he needed her so much, he seemed able to obliterate any vestiges of resentment towards her. Because it was essential for her emotional support, he could forgive her for her weakness”

“Ted’s psyche so dominated Meg’s that I am amazed that she was ever able to break free, and I don’t know how free she is –even though she is married to another man.”

- Ann Rule from her book, The Stranger Beside Me, about Ted Bundy’s relationship with long time girlfriend (and at one point fiance), Liz Kloepfer. Kloepfer is often referred to in Bundy literature as Meg Anders or Liz Kendell.

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Oh my god. I am so happy to find someone that loves and cries over Hunk as much as I do. Thank you so much for all the Hunk HCs/drabbles/anything I AM STARVED FOR HUNK also I find them extremely accurate. TBH my BF is actually similar to him and like... That NSFW reverse cowgirl/entire thing is same with him AHAHAH;;

mod flux: READING THIS MADE ME YELL LMAO thank you so much omg…this made my day!! I’m sorry for being so incredibly slow with all the (rly good) Hunk requests we have, but i’m glad other people like my hcs for this beautiful boy! Hunk is a rly good and important character to me so I think very hard about anything i write for him. you stay beautiful anon, hopefully more content coming ur way soon!!

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❤️ ? :0c

okay listen here folks i would die for this here tumbler.org user like???? funny, pretty, nice, amazing, and talented as all??? i love u tbh you make me so happy n excited n bouncy n i love hearing you laugh it’s a #blessing like honestly @god what did i do to deserve them thank you 💖💖💖


IT HAPPENED AGAIN !!! they were so lovely again & I’m not 100% sure if they remembered me but they smiled really big when they hugged me (I asked for a hug because I didn’t get the chance on Monday). the candids of me meeting them are the funniest things I s2g I look so stressed and overwhelmed it makes me laugh. also dan’s sad dimple makes an appearance in our selfie and I could never have asked for anything better tbh 😍 they were in a bit of a rush bc they were late boarding their flight but they tried to be as accommodating as possible to all of us !! I love them so much and I’m so happy I got to meet them again before they left Sydney :)
btw that last pic is deadass the funniest thing I’ve ever seen God bless

tbh I think my favourite bit of Dunk and Egg is at Butterworth’s wedding feast when Daemon’s pulling out all his best knightly innuendo and Peake finds them like, 

“oh my god Daemon we’re trying to start a rebellion here”

“but I wanna sit on his dick” 

“no Daemon. rebellion now, dick later.” 

while Dunk just stands there completely oblivious to both the rebellion and Daemon’s innuendo. 



High Touch Concert experience:

So the night before I was praying that Yongguk would at least notice me or take my phone and take a selfie with it but God really out done himself and was basically like “Hmm Key has been really goin through some tough times so let me hook her up” and he blessed me with the experience of meeting BAP themselves. I was really chill tbh like, sure I was shaking a little but that’s all good because I spoke to them and they spoke back and they reacted to me so well I just….. Okay I can’t remember the order in which I met them. All I know is Zelo was first and Yongguk was last.
Yongguk: I looked him straight in the eyes and told him “You’re my favorite” He chuckled and showed that gummy smile I love so much and said “Thank you, you too” and I’m thinkin how am I your favorite? Unless he remembers he pointed and winked at me at the last concert. But hell I’ll take it.

Daehyun: I told him “You sing very well” and he smiled and said “Haha Thank you”

Himchan: I forgot what I was going to tell him so I panicked and giggled and told him “ I love you” he chuckled and said “I love you too”

Youngjae: I told him “You’re beautiful” and he chuckled and noded.

Zelo: This dude is so fuckin tall like gotdamn, what on earth does he eat???? I told him “You’re good at twerking” he chuckled and said “Thank you”

Jongup: He was so damn cute I was gettin ready to jump over that damn table and give him a hug but I would have gotten in so much trouble if I did that so I didn’t XD I told him “You’re really good at dancing” and he lite up so much when I said that he smiled real big and said “Ah thank you”

I got to give them all high fives and my hand lingered on Yongguk’s the longest because, I adore the guy so much. He is my number one. Basically he gives me life and his smile just brightens my day and his voice calms me down and for his attention and voice to be directed at me just made me beyond grateful and happy. B.A.P really means the world to me. Their music really brings me out of the darkest places and really just touches my heart.

Sir yes sir

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