god is with you

I don’t know how many more times I’m gonna have to say it

Either someone just really likes the bi flag or they’re laughing at us

About D.Va, D.Mon, and what might have gone down in the flashback to the fight with the giant Gwishin

D.Va at the start of the fight is focused, angry, concentrating on the attack

She flies past a some red lights, maybe one the Gwishin’s optics

There’s a mechanical roar same as the kind we later hear right before an omnic fires off a big attack

D.Va looks up in shock

as D.Mon calls out “I’m hit!”

It looks like D.Mon was the first one knocked out of the fight, despite being probably the most heavily armored


What if that hit Yuna took was actually aimed at Hana

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you ever think about how sad great-uncle prenderghast was…you ever think about how he and norman seeing ghosts was a gay allegory and how it contributed to his death…you ever think about grunkle p