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Kisses {Harry Styles Smut}

WORD COUNT: 10k y’all!!!

this is my longest one shot, it took up like 20 pages on microsoft word lmfao !! anyways it took me a bit longer than usual bc i went through a slight block (rip) but it is finished and i’m quite proud of it!! feedback is much appreciated, it rly motivates me!! ok that’s it i hope u enjoy :-)


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for @aarondingel and @dairxoxo

aaron finds it hard to tell robert how he feels, it took him months and months to finally say ‘i love you’ aloud - but that doesn’t mean he didn’t want to say it, he just couldn’t find the right way so whenever he wanted to aaron would write it down, do a little tally and keep reminding himself of how much he does love robert. 

the older man finds it one day, once their married and things slow down, it’s buried under the bed and at first he has no clue what it’s about but then he reads the dates, they trace all the way back to 2015 and he sees the writing underneath, all the tally lines that clutter page after page and the countless ‘i love you’s that are messily written in aaron’s writing. he has to catch his breath and smile, hands a little shaky as he understands, is reminded of how much aaron’s always loved him. always.

It starts with a fight, well a row really, over absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.

They’d been in the pub, Robert had been a bit handsy after having too many  and Aaron hadn’t been in the mood for it. But they’d caught Leyla’s attention and it didn’t take long for the teasing to begin.

“Oh look at ya both.” Leyla had said, a smile on her face as she watched Robert smile even wider, genuinely just happy to be sitting in the pub with his husband, hand firmly on the younger man’s thigh. “You look so loved up.” She said, her eyes almost softening.

Robert attempted to kiss at Aaron’s jaw but the younger man pulled away, sprouted an excuse about Robert having too many as he pulled a hand through his sweaty hair and admired the way he had rolled up his blue shirt.

Robert frowned, it made him feel weird inside but Leyla hardly noticed the dismissive way Aaron had just behaved. Instead she just smiled again, maybe tipsy herself.

“I mean - that’s love isn’t it?” She said, watching Robert look up still almost adoringly at his husband.

“Well we are aren’t we?” Robert tilted his head up towards Aaron. “In love?” He said softly, watched Aaron look down towards his pint like he hasn’t even heard.

Robert gulped, felt himself start to sober up as the silence dragged on. “I love him.” He said, almost to himself before he was getting up and practically running out the pub.

Now he is in the kitchen, attempting to twist open a bottle of whiskey or gin or anything else brown he finds in the bottom cupboard. He doesn’t know where Aaron is, didn’t look back as he stormed out feeling like someone had just slapped him round the face, like his husband had just slapped him round the face.

The door slams and Robert wills himself not to look up, not to even pay attention to him at all.

“Why’d you run off like that?” It’s Aaron’s voice, he sounds worried, almost a little confused.

Then he steps forward and comes closer towards where Robert is standing, where he is finally slamming a glass down and necking back whatever it is he opened. It’s scotch he thinks. It burns his throat, makes him shake his head involuntarily.

“Robert?” Aaron gulps hard, doesn’t want to do this, doesn’t want to have an argument.

“I’m going to bed.” Robert snaps, steps forward and attempts to swiftly pick up the bottle before moving towards the stairs. He misses and the bottle shatters across the floor making him swear.

“Let me do that.” Aaron’s voice is too kind, to gentle and Robert backs away.

“Go away.” Robert says, “Go back to the pub or -”

Aaron blinks, suddenly holds Robert’s arm and sees just how upset he is. “Rob? What’s wrong with ya?”

Robert straightens his back, “Me?” His eyes widen. “It’s you with the issue, I mean - God it’s so clear you don’t even like me let alone love me eh?”

Aaron’s eyes widen then, his heart hammers in his chest and he has to shake his head. “Robert don’t be stupid.”

Robert scoffs. “Just admit it. I mean - it’s true isn’t it? You couldn’t bare saying you loved your own husband in the pub just then?” It’s scary, how quickly his eyes become wet. “Because you don’t.”

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anonymous asked:

In Modern Glasgow, Jamie and Claire go see Joe about their troubles conceiving a child. Could we see a few moments that led up to that decision and how they supported each other since they both want children so badly?

Modern Glasgow AU

“Claire! There you are!”

Claire Fraser looked up from her medical journal, perched at one corner of the crusty table in the ER’s dimly lit break room. “Dr. Abernathy?”

The kindly American doctor allowed the door to creakily swing shut, wiping his sweaty forehead on the back of his scrubs sleeve. “It’s a madhouse out there. I know you’re on a break, but would you mind pitching in?”

But Claire had already risen. “Of course – lead the way.”

It was spring – the first truly nice evening since the previous autumn – and, seemingly, an occasion for people to do whatever they did that landed them in the emergency room. Claire was just finishing up her second year of medical school, and had been lucky to land an internship in the emergency room at one of Glasgow’s leading hospitals. Learning the art of triage.

Dr. Joe Abernathy was on a long-term exchange from Boston – his specialty being OB/GYN – but on a night like tonight, everyone and anyone with advanced medical training seemed to be needed.

“What have you done tonight? I thought it was your anniversary?”

Joe quietly laughed and shook his head as they walked down the hall together – quickly darting around the nurses and orderlies. “Well it was – still is, I guess. But I somehow had a gut feeling that things would be crazy around here tonight – it’s the first full moon of the spring, after all. And it’s fun to be doing sutures and setting broken bones – God knows I haven’t done that for a while!”

By now they’d reached the nexus of the ER – overflowing with half-drunk men bleeding from various places on their bodies, mothers clutching wailing children, and a smattering of elderly people.

Nurse Murdina Bug – who reminded her so much of Mrs. Fitz – appeared at her elbow, clutching a stack of clipboards. Deftly she handed one to Claire and nudged her and Joe toward a small area to the side of the waiting room, where patients waited amid partitions separated by thin curtains.

“Here ye are – I thought this woman would be perfect for ye, Claire. She’s seven months pregnant – complaining of cramps and bleeding. Dr. Abernathy – ye can lead, but I’d like Claire to observe?”

“Of course,” he smiled at the red-cheeked nurse who always had a kind word and smile. “Lead on.”

Claire glanced down at the chart, and Murdina pulled back the curtain, and then she and Joe met Amy Higgins.

“Good evening, Mrs. Higgins – Mr. Higgins,” Joe greeted the nervous-looking couple. Amy sat up straight against the headboard of the bed, tracing the large curve of her belly – her husband stood right next to her, face ashen with worry.

“Hello,” they said softly.

“I’m Dr. Abernathy and this is Claire – she’s a second year medical student and one of the finest I’ve ever seen, if I may say so. You’ll be in good hands with us. Now tell me – what seems to be the problem?”

Claire thanked God yet another time that she had found an internship so close to her and Jamie’s flat – just a fifteen minute walk and she could be home. And after pulling a double shift, full of blood and broken bones and screaming children and just a little bit of heartbreak – she wanted to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine, drink a restorative cup of tea, shower, and go to bed with Jamie – in that order.

*Be home soon,* she texted him as she turned onto the main avenue about five minutes from home.

*Waiting for u mnd,* he replied immediately, followed by ten heart emojis.

How he always brought a smile to her face. A smile which he kissed with such sweetness when she finally strode through their front door, and he swept her into his arms, and time stood still.

“Have you been drinking?” she whispered against his lips a bit later, after he had set her down on the edge of their kitchen table.

“Aye,” he breathed, kissing the tip of her nose. “We got word a bit after noon – Scarlett went into labor this morning. The bairn came around two – so Rupert’s got three now, in less than three years. Can ye believe it?”

And then a most profound feeling of fear and regret – and shame – surged through her heart.

Of course Jamie felt the change in her. He reached down to take her clammy, trembling hands in his.

Her pulse picked up – rapid breaths in and out. Vision blurring.

“Claire?” he whispered. “*Mo graidh* - ye’re scaring me. Did something happen today?”

“I’m having a panic attack,” she observed – voice absolutely detached. She closed her eyes as the room began to spin.

Her senses sharpened – and she heard Jamie swallow.

“Claire? Claire – what can I do?”

Slowly she looked down at their joint hands – distractedly admiring how the J tattooed just inside her right thumb perfectly lined up with the C tattooed just inside his left thumb.

“It’s what *I* can do – or, rather, *can’t* do,” she said, so quiet. Lost.

Jamie gently cupped her flushed cheek with one of his hands, tilting her chin so that his eyes met hers. Waiting.

“How come I can’t get pregnant, Jamie?”

He physically reeled back. Shocked.

“What?” he croaked. “What – what do ye mean? These things take time – ”

“We’ve been married almost two years. We’ve *never* used protection. And I’m still not pregnant.”

Now he stepped a bit closer – eyes still locked on hers. “Aye. So?”

Tears welled.

Where was this fear and pain and sorrow coming from?

“We’ve made love a thousand times, Jamie – but never conceived. Statistically that’s – that’s terrible. Beyond terrible.”

He pursed his lips, and swallowed. “What are ye saying?”

“I’m saying that I don’t think I can get pregnant. If I haven’t already – I’m not going to.”

Now his eyes narrowed – and color flared on his own cheeks.

“How *dare* ye say that?” His voice rose – not in anger, but in emphasis. “Are ye giving up, then? Giving up on our dream of a family – of a house full of children?”

“I’m surrounded by women who get pregnant as easily as sneezing – I treated a woman today who has been married for three years and is pregnant for the second time. Rupert and Scarlett met not too long before we did, and she’s been pregnant non-stop since they married.” She closed her eyes, chest heaving with feeling. “Why can’t that be me? How come I can’t do that?”

Jamie leaned and wrapped his arms around her so tight. She buried her face in his shoulder, and all of a sudden let out a sob that shuddered through her entire body.

“Sshh,” he soothed. “Sshh. My love – my heart. Let me comfort ye.”

And she clung to him, mourning the life she didn’t have – and feared she would never have with him, this incredible man who deserved so much more than she felt she could give him.

Sometime later he carried her to their bedroom and helped her shed her sweaty scrubs. They burrowed under their plaid quilt, naked, but not wanting to make love – just craving skin-on-skin intimacy. Oneness.

“I want so, so badly to give you children,” she whispered after a while. “And I’m so afraid that I won’t be able to.”

“We can always adopt,” he replied softly, thumb tracing the contour of her hip, dipping into the hollow of her navel. “There are so many needy children in this world – we could give one a proper home.”

“Yes,” she breathed. “Of course. But – but it is selfish to say that I want a child that’s part you and part me? That I want our lovemaking to create a product of our love? That I want to grow and shelter a child inside me? That – that I want to make love when I’m pregnant? And – and that I want to feed you, so close to my heart?”

His thumb skimmed up her side to swirl around one areola, watching in fascination as her nipple puckered.

“Those arena selfish things,” he said after a while. “Lord knows I want to see you pregnant – show it to the world. Have a daughter that looks like ye, or a son that looks like me.”

He shifted his hips a bit closer toward hers, tracing his hand down her side and then cupping her lovely round arse, anchoring her to him.

“Are ye telling me ye’ve given up on that dream?”

She jerked her hips against his, seeking friction.

“I want you inside me,” she pleaded.

He stilled her against him. “No, *mo nighean donn* - no. Not now. We need to talk about this.”

She closed her eyes. He watched her – would keep watching her for as long as it took.

“No – no. I haven’t given up. But I don’t think we can do it on our own.”

He pressed his thumbnail into the sensitive flesh of her lower back. “All right – so what do we do?”

“I’ll ask Joe. We should both meet with him – he’d give us an honest answer. And then we’ll know.”

He leaned in for a long kiss. Full of strength, and promise.

“I love you,” he breathed against her lips. “I will love you until the day I die. No matter if we have no bairns or adopt fifteen or you carry a few of our own. I have *you,* Claire. That’s the most important.

“I so, so want a family with you,” she whispered. “I want what I didn’t have.”

“So we shall make one together.” Gently he eased onto his back, letting her straddle him. “Full of so much love that we won’t know what to do with it all.”

She leaned over to kiss him. “I love you, Jamie. I – it just keeps growing. I can’t believe how much I love you. How lucky I am to have you.”

He nudged up a bit. “God blessed me with you – and God will bless us with children. He may just need a bit of help from your friend.”

She reached down between them, stroked her thumb back and forth to prepare him, and took him inside. They both gasped. Yet she held still.

“You astound me,” she whispered. “In everything. Always.”

“It’s because I love you. How could it not be so?”

Impatient, he rolled his hips. Helped her take power in that moment – so that she could take power in the days and weeks to come.

And prayed that their firstborn would have her eyes.

PROMPT: “You think you could do better?” and “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.”

Sequel to this winged Gavin and Ryan oneshot~

For @justisaisfine - thank you so much for all your generosity and support <3 <3 <3

“It’s beautiful,” Gavin breathed, as they reached the top of the canyon.

Ryan nodded, but his eyes weren’t fixed on the rising sun and the colourful dawn sky. They were trained on the side of Gavin’s face and how his hair shimmered in the gold light, how it brought out every fleck of colour in his eyes and the dappled pattern of his wings. When Gavin turned towards him with a wide grin he quickly glanced away, cheeks heating. If Gavin noticed, he didn’t comment.

“Come on,” was all he said, and tapped Ryan’s arm before leaping forward. His wings unfurled and he swooped into the canyon in a gentle glide. Ryan stared after him, transfixed for a moment, as always, by the other Valkyrie’s fluid grace. Then he shook his cloak off and let his own wings free, leaping to join him.

They didn’t usually come out here this early.

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Written for @jlvidro


The stars sprinkle across the inked sky like sugar dust, hundreds of small glowing dots that Vegeta knows he could never reach.

He remembers trying to touch them during long expeditions to various planets, whichever one Frieza demanded that he, Nappa and Raditz purge, but no matter how close he got to them, their burning embers always echoed past his fingertips until he ultimately gave up trying.

But here, here underneath the brilliance of a full moon at midnight, he feels like he can finally grab them between his fingers, if he wanted to.

Stars, thousands of them, more luminous than any that he’s ever witnessed.

They’re in her eyes, in the spaces of her pearlescent teeth. They’ve replaced the pointed nail of her fingertips, embedded in the shine of her porcelain skin, even buried underneath the words she’s just spoken:

“I had a dream about you.”

She says it so carelessly; the words rolling off of her tongue like rolling waters until it puddles down to her feet. Vegeta is frozen into silence at how… how tender she’s said it. Like some silly admission from an adolescent girl. Like in those ridiculous movies that she watches.

He had been lying on his back, his unwavering gaze targeted on the sky so maybe she could get the hint. Maybe she would change her mind on sitting with him out here and head back inside. Maybe she wouldn’t stick around and make him question if he really hated all Earthlings. Make him forget that he’d sworn off anything more than a necessary fuck now and then from a pricy hooker in some corner of the galaxy.

But of course she didn’t. Of course she sticks around, mumbling some irrelevant shit about her day or her parents or some bitter comment about her former partner. He fought the urge to tell her he didn’t give a damn - - - which by all means is perplexing enough to him. There’s no way in hell that he would entertain such worthless chatter from anyone else. But with her, he doesn’t mind.


She had grown silent for a few minutes, and Vegeta found the silence…unnerving. He had grown accustomed in the past hour or so to hearing her voice, even if it did make him want to run his fists into the nearest crater. But the sounds of the night creatures replacing her chirpy voice only aggravated him more, and he felt compelled to ask her a question so that she could fill the void of silence between them.

But then she had said that ridiculous thing.

He’s looking at her now, with one bushy eyebrow pushed to the top of his head to his widows peak, his lips slightly patted. He doesn’t understand why he’s so taken aback by her statement, but he finds himself patiently waiting for her to continue.

And on cue, she does.

“You had done it, had finally done it.” She stretches her legs on the lawn and rests and elbow on her knee, gobbling Vegeta up with those large, blue eyes of hers. They looked like planets, like her planet. Little craters that Vegeta would have loved to destroy just for fucks sake, but now he just stares back into them like they’re an oasis. “You left and came back, and when you came to me your skin rivaled the sun. It was just like Gohan said. Like what he said Goku looked like. I was so proud of you.”

Vegeta can’t help but to hang onto her words like it’s his final lifeline. It isn’t as if he needs her confirmation, as if she has some magical elixir underneath her words that will help him ascend. But… there’s something about the way she says it. Something about her words that hold an honest conviction, like she believes it even without seeing. It indeed makes him feel like a god. It’s so sincere, her words, that it’s enough to make him ask:

“Was I strong? Stronger than Kakarot? “

She grins at him with enough arrogance to rival his own. “You were so strong. I remember feeling afraid, worried that you had gotten too powerful. But after seeing you like that, seeing you so confident and happy, it made me admire your tenacity. That’s how I know.”

“Know what?” There’s a tiny alarm that rings loudly inside of Vegeta’s head, one that demands that abort those conversation and fly off of Capsule Corps entirely. He feels the familiar pull of his defenses begin to trigger, but then she smiles at him. It’s a simple thing, really. It can’t be any more than what she’s given to any of those other asswipes that she acquaints herself with. He refuses to believe that the stars in her eyes have settled there just for him.

“That you’ll do it. That you’ll become a super Saiyan and kick those Android asses.” She punches wildly in the air, and Vegeta scoffs at dramatic display. “I’ve seen it now, you know.”

“But you were dreaming.”

“Yeah but… “she lowers her hand and begins to draw tiny circles around her knee with her finger. Vegeta swears he can see her skin glowing underneath her nail as she traces small figure eights. “Dream Vegeta isn’t any different from real Vegeta. The dedication is the same, and so is the drive. I was convinced youd get there before, but now I’m absolutely certain. It’s only a matter of time. “

No, no, no, no. Absolutely not. She shouldn’t be saying that to him. That should be her worse nightmare. She shouldn’t radiate as she talks about him reaching the ultimate power. She should cower away the second a tendril of hair glows golden. She’s out of her mind if she thinks It’s okay to stare at him like that, like she really is proud.

And he shouldn’t care if she is or not.


… he does.

A little, anyways. Like how his chest is heating up at the thought of landing on Capsule Corps grounds bathing in a sea of lightning. How mighty he feels to not only have bested Kakarot, but to have her see him like that. See him for all he’s worth outside of picking on the weak inhabitants of this planet. See that he earns every bit the title of Saiyan prince. He’s not ready to admit it aloud, but the thought is doing wonders for his ego.

He doesn’t even realize he’s been staring at her since she’s made her admission. He doesn’t let his brain slow down his assessment of her face, or the swelling of his pride at her prophecy. It isn’t until she scoots closer to him that he realizes that silent minutes have stretched between them. That she’s been holding his stare as intensely as he has with her. That he’s seeing those stars shoot across her eyes and into the hollows of her cheeks. That her lips part to say something, but instead she lets them hang open, tiny wisps of cold smoke dancing from them.

He watches as her hand comes close to his that is resting on the ground at his side. He feels that pull, hears that alarm, but his body has gone slack. He lets her brush her fingers against his own until her hand is covering the top of his. It’s warm where he’s cold, wet where he’s dry. It’s odd, and he can’t say he’s comfortable with it, but he doesn’t move. Doesn’t breathe. Just doesn’t.

He’d be lying if he said he hasn’t wondered what would be like. That for the past few days he’d begun to wonder what would happen if he just reached out and touched her. Wondered what would happen when fire collided with ice. Would her skin shrivel away like his fingers were tiny, burning suns? Or would she melt into his sins until they both dissolved into the fiery magma of hell altogether?

None of that happens, just milky skin sitting on top of ivory. He looks down to where their skin touches. It’s all wrong. No, he shouldn’t be allowing this, and especially not with her. She’s already gotten too close. She’s already asked too many questions. She’s already gotten to know parts of him that he swore to never say. But her hand is warm…. Her hand is warm… her hand is warm and her skin is made of stars.

“I can’t wait to see you as a Super Saiyan.” She winks at him, and Vegeta feels the rest of his resolve shrinking. Shrinking like the space between them. Shrinking the gaps in between his fingers that she’s laced with her own. Shrinking like tense muscles in his face, or the alarm in his head, or the pull of his defenses.

Shrinking like the morality of everything he knew. Everything he’d sworn by.

So he lets her do it. He doesn’t ask any more questions, and she doesn’t demand anymore conversations. They sit there, her hand on his, his eyes on her, their minds far away from whatever normal they thought they knew. He doesn’t mind it as much as he’d thought, her touching him like this.

Because her skin is made of stars, and he finally gets to touch them.

anonymous asked:

What about Marcel dresses up in costume to get Louis' attention but Louis prefers how Marcel usually dresses?

hello anon!! thank you so much for the prompt and sorry it took me so long to write it.  I just want to let you know that I wrote a very similar marcel ficlet from the opposite perspective about a year ago, which i think maybe turned out better. So you should check that out if you are interested! :))) anyway, here we go:

As soon as Louis sat down at Marcel and Niall’s table in the library he started interrogating Niall about what Marcel was going to be for Halloween.

“Is he keeping it a secret from you, too?” Louis asked, leaning forward over his psychology textbook with narrowed eyes.

Marcel fought against a smile, like he always had to when Louis pressed for information about his costume.  This time, Louis was obviously trying to take advantage of the fact the Niall was a notoriously bad liar, clearly not having also taken into consideration that one didn’t necessarily need to lie to keep a secret.  

“No,” Niall said with a lift of his chin, “he hasn’t kept it a secret from me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you.”  

Louis’s mouth dropped open and he shot Marcel an exaggeratedly offended looked.  “He gets to know, but I don’t?”

“He’s my roommate,” Marcel pointed out, still trying and failing not to smile.

Louis gave Marcel another look, like that wasn’t a satisfactory explanation, but slumped back down in his chair, ostensibly to do his psych reading.  Marcel knew it wouldn’t last long, though, based on how violently Louis’s knee was jiggling under the table.        

“What could possibly be better than Lumière?” he blurted out, less than three minutes later, throwing his hands up.   

Marcel barked out a laugh, pushing his glasses up his nose.  The year before, he’d gone to Veronica’s Halloween party dressed as Lumière from Beauty and the Beast, complete with gold sparkling body suit and makeshift posterboard candles on his head and hands.  It had been a giant hit – particularly with Louis – and had inspired Marcel, who didn’t usually like to attract attention to himself, to go even bigger this year.

Marcel was going to be Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror for Halloween, and he’d been withholding the information from Louis for the better part of a month, telling him it had to be a surprise.  Marcel liked to pretend he was exasperated with Louis for constantly asking about it, but he knew it was obvious he actually loved the attention.  It was probably depressingly obvious how much he loved attention from Louis, in general.      

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It's the first of Halloween time for witch mercy

Witch Mercy time.

Previous Witch Mercy AU Chapters: 1, 2, 3

Witch AU on AO3

It took the Witch Hunter four tries to even reach the front door of the midwife’s cottage. Every time he stepped toward it something more important seemed to come up in in his mind. Make sure the village had a Dovecote–it did, a humble dovecote, but one where he would be able to send word back to Adlersbrunn and the Bishop quickly if the need arose. He shook his head and approached the cottage again, and again found himself walking away. Best to check the other villagers, question around for other unusual phenomena—no he had already done that several times now. He walked toward the cottage again, found himself turning on his heel—he should check the other village gardens for blighted crops—no. Now, this was getting ridiculous.

It took him another try and he could hardly even remember the reason why he walked away that time, and by then the rain was coming down in full force and it really was a miserable experience. “Go back to the city,” he felt a whisper, “Go back to your Bishop and tell him there’s nothing out of the ordinary…” He shook his head. It was a perfectly reasonable suggestion, however the fact still stood that he had not yet checked the midwife’s house, though for the life of him he could not understand why he seemed to keep putting it off. The rain was beginning to soak through his cloak when he remembered an old wive’s tale. He took his cloak off and turned it inside out, shuddering at the wet exterior of the cloth now heavy on his doublet, and he walked up to the front door of the house with ease.

The Witch Hunter pinned his edict from the Bishop on the wood next to the door of the midwife’s house, then his hand went to the door. He felt it instantly. A whisper of magic. Nothing terribly malicious. It was a good-natured, “Nothing to see here,” “Nothing of value in this old place,” “The rain is so cold… wouldn’t you rather be in your own home by a nice fire?” “Don’t waste your time here.” A spell, he figured, that would do well enough against nosy neighbors and children and burglars, but not against him. He was, after all, a professional. He drew a consecrated iron rod from the interior of his boot and touched it to the door. There was a fizzing, burning sound and the whispers left his mind. So the midwife knew some of the old arts, but nothing malevolent yet. A week in the stocks at the worst. He tried the door handle, found it locked, sighed, gave a glance to his edict from the bishop, and kicked the door open. He gave a sharp glance over his shoulder at the villagers who were watching, slowed by the spectacle of his actions as they themselves hurried out of the rain, though at one glance from him they hurried on their way. With that, the Witch Hunter stepped over the threshold.

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Warm Me Up pt 16

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The piercing ring of a cell phone made Nico sit up in bed so fast he felt dizzy. He groaned as the sunlight filtered through his French windows and staggered over to shut the curtains, making his room dark again. He stumbled around, his head throbbing as he searched for his phone.

The screen was bright, and he winced, but Nico answered and grumbled a tired, “Hello?”

“Are you sober now?” came Will’s crisp, angry voice.

Nico fell back into his bed, shutting his eyes. “Yes, I think so,” he answered.

“Jesus Christ,” he hissed. “So, how many people did you make out with last night?”

The first thing that came to mind was to shout, “None!” But then he realized he barely remembered what happened. But it hadn’t been very good the entire time. He remembered the alcohol hitting him hard, he remembered panicking, he remembered stumbling. He had no idea who had made him panic or how he got home, or what time he’d gotten home.

“I didn’t kiss anyone,” he finally answered. “Thanks for thinking that of me.”

“Don’t do that. Don’t turn this on me. I know you! I know how you get when you’re drunk!” Nico winced as he shouted and groaned into a pillow. “Are you even fucking awake?”

“Stop screaming at me!” he shouted back, despite his headache.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did your excursion last night leave you fucked up and confused? Then maybe you should stop getting so drunk any time you get the chance!”

“Oh my God, Will! I’m sorry that I don’t have a fucking stick up my ass that keeps me from having fun sometimes, okay? Yeah I drank, so fucking what? I’m a teenager, I want to have fun! It was fucking New Year’s- everyone gets drunk!”

There was a long pause on the phone, but Will hadn’t hung up. “You’re unbelievable,” he whispered so softly Nico barely heard him. His breaths hollowed and a heavy feeling settled in his chest. “No, I don’t need alcohol to have a decent time, Nico. I thought maybe you didn’t anymore either. But I was wrong. Feel better.”

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For I Have Sinned

give all your love and praise and thanks to @karlabaza for the GORGEOUS graphics she’s made for us for Smut-A-Palooza. 


Title: For I Have Sinned
Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The confessional booth just got a lot more interesting
Imagine confessing to Demon!Dean pretending to be a priest.

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angryzilla  asked:

12. “I heard you scream. Nightmares again?” // Thesival?

“I heard you scream. Nightmares again?”

Percival looked up from his cup of coffee, bleary eyed and tongue heavy inside his mouth. He stared at Theseus for a second, before hanging his head low. “Yeah.”

“Hey,” Theseus said, stepping closer. He held a cup of tea in his own hand, and he took a sip from it, burning his tongue as he searched for the right words. “I’m cool with it. I just think, maybe you should talk to someone about this, and I’m just saying - I’m right there.”

“Yeah,” Percival repeated. “Yeah, I know, Thes.”

“It’s just…” Theseus hesitated, before deciding honesty was the best answer, manliness be damned. “We been roomates for over a year now, you know? Best mates, even. And seeing you like this…” He took a deep breath. “My offer still stands, you know.”

“Which one?” Percival asked with a hollow smile. “The one where you kidnap me and drag me to your car to make me see a psychologist, or the one where I should sleep in your room because it is supposed to make me feel better?”

“Both,” Theseus said nervously. “But mostly the latter. The former too. If you want I can call the doctors for you, come with you to appointments, even, but I can’t keep just… watching you as you refuse any help. I love you, man. You don’t deserve that shit.”

Percival smiled again, tight lipped. He looked far more lonely and sad than any guy had the right to be at nineteen, and Theseus felt at a loss for what to do. “It’s not the end of the world, eh, mate?”

“No, of course not,” Percival said dryly. “I just -” His voice wavered. “I just fucking nearly killed my brother, you bloody wanker - oh, God, Theseus, Theseus, what the fuck!” Percival buried his face between his hands and let out a muffled scream.

“You didn’t do it!” Theseus said sharply, his voice booming as Percival broke down into sobs in front of him. “You didn’t do anything, Percy, this crazy woman did! You couldn’t have known!”

“I should have noticed!” Percival shouted, on the verge of hysteria. “Every evening that woman came to fetch him at school and brought him home where she was supposed to help him with his homework, feed him and then I’d be there at nine to pick him up, and instead she beat him where I couldn’t see, fed him the worst she had in her pantry and brainwashed him! My little brother, Thes! Even my bloody father didn’t notice, and he’s a fucking cop! What the fuck is wrong with our fucking family!”

Theseus didn’t know what to say.

He could only repeat, weakly, “It wasn’t your fault.”

“Credence has to go to therapy now,” Percival sneered. “He’s bloody nine. I can’t fucking believe this.”

“At least she’s been arrested,” Theseus said without great conviction, feeling weaker by the second in the face of such pain. He was a bit better than his brother Newt was when it came to understanding people, but he was still young, and he wished he knew what to say to make Percival feel better. His words sounded empty to his own ears, threads of hope they hung onto to ignore the fact that Credence was fucked over, and that Percival’s family was being torn apart once more. “There’s been too much evidence of abuse, it was even in the newspapers. Her own daughters will have to find a new home.”

“Thank God for that,” Percival muttered. “I don’t even want to imagine what they went through.”

Silence fell again.

“And she seemed okay, you know?” Percival said after a while. “Hell bent on religion, that’s for sure, but Queenie Goldstein is pretty much the same about being jewish and she’s the most adorable person to ever exist. Right? I trusted that cunt. I paid that cunt, and this is what we get.” He shook his head. “Didn’t want to follow my dad’s footsteps just out of principle, but I think I fucking will. If only to notice such scum in the world before it’s too late and get rid of it. A policeman.” He smiled and looked at Theseus. “How does Officer Graves sound?”

“…Sexy,” Theseus admitted with a sigh. “Look, Percy - I’m sorry this is happening to you.”

Percival shrugged again. “Not your fault. I’m sorry for being such a shitty friend and roommate.” He swallowed his coffee in three gulps and gagged. “Motherfucker, that shit’s cold! Disgusting!”

Despite himself, Theseus laughed. “Alright, drama queen. Don’t forget your croissant. Left it on the counter.”

“Not hungry,” Percival said as he rose up.

“Baby, you need to eat.”

“Pet names won’t make me want to eat more or sleep with you, mate,” Percival said, but Theseus could see the hint of a genuine smile on his face.

“Can’t keep a guy from hoping. Seriously though - I don’t care if you hit me in my sleep or some shit, I’m a tough guy, can handle a few kicks and all that jazz. I just don’t like hearing you go crazy when I know I could help. Not to mention, I think the room next to ours might hate us just a bit if this continues.”

Percival snorted. “Last time, we heard them fucking till two in the morning, they can handle my screaming.”

“Well I can’t,” Theseus said. “To be perfectly honest, I’d rather hear you fucking.”

Percival laughed, and Theseus felt happiness bloom in his heart. He’d made him smile!

“I’d rather be fucking as well,” Percival said at last with a grin. His cheeks were pink as he looked at Theseus, and Theseus was reminded that Percy looked way more adorable than he had the right to be. Theseus wanted to kiss him. “And I will once these exams are over.”

“Oh?” Theseus asked lightly. “And who will you be fucking?”

“My own hand, probably,” Percival said mournfully.

“Didn’t Seraphina ask you out?” Theseus frowned.

“Oh, right. Told her I wasn’t interested.”

“Oh. Why?”

“Just because. I’m not quite sure myself. It just didn’t feel right.”

“So…” Theseus asked carefully. “Is there someone you’re interested in?”

Percival winked at him. “I’m not telling you, Scamander. C’mon, get out of the way. I need to take the bathroom and pretend I am a functional human being for one more day.”  

Rough start || MONTY x READER

Heeeey, guys! I’m so sorry I wasn’t active so long, but I had a lot of things to do, but mainly, I had one of those periods where everything is dull, including writing… But I’m back, sort of! With my very first Monty imagine. He’s so sweet, I’m not even sure I’ve managed to capture his personality quite well, but we’ll see.

Based on two requests:

Anonymous said:
Please do “are you wearing my shirt” either jasper or Monty. They are my true loves


Anonymous said:
Hey could you do a “well this is awkward” and “please stay the night” with Monty. There really isn’t enough of him anywhere :( thank you my pickle :3 xxx

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Warnings: suggesting of sexual intercourse, slightly
Words count: 2,076

When I woke up that day, one thing I was sure about: I didn’t recognize any of my surroundings. The walls were a different, creamy color from my room’s, the furniture was too tech-y for my taste, and the bed I was laying in, it was just so soft! I had no idea whose bed it was, but the fluffy blankets cocooned me heavenly, and the silky sheets caressed my skin softer than…

Wait, what?

I jolted up and immediately realized it was a horrible idea, only becoming aware of my severe headache then, as if my head was slowly and painfully ripped in half with a chainsaw. I closed my eyes tightly, stroking my temples, putting pressure here and there, trying to make the ache go away.

After getting through the first shock, I remembered what made me spring up so haphazardly in the first place. Slightly afraid of what I may see, I peeked under the blanket, and with a squeak I realized, I was naked as a newborn. This, added to the numbness in my lower zone surely meant I had a better night than I remembered… Which wasn’t hard, really, seeing that I remembered nothing. Complete darkness, regarding what have happened… Or with who, which was a burning question.

It wasn’t usual. I wasn’t one of those girls who woke up in a new guy’s bed every morning, and seeing as I was no better than a debutante in this situation, I had no freaking idea what to do.

The spot next to me was empty, but the sheets were wrinkled and the pillow sported a hollow, suggesting someone was sleeping in here earlier. I reached out and touched the blanket – it was cold. He must’ve left much earlier.

What was I supposed to do? The ripping feeling in my head clearly ordered me to lay back and never sit up, ever again. To be honest, I did lay back for a few moments, tossing and turning, until my gaze went to the night table; there stood alone a glass of water with a tiny white Advil-pill. Whoever I had an encounter with – he deserved at least one good point for his consideration.

The pill worked relatively fast, and after a one hour nap, I forced my legs to the side of the bed and slowly but surely stood up. My vision was a bit fuzzy for a moment, but I soon overcame the dizziness and looked around for my clothes, feeling kinda awkward because of my nakedness.

I had to realize that my clothes were nowhere to be seen, not in the bedroom, anyway, and I wasn’t going to go out in the nude. There might be people out there, after all! I was about to wrap the covers around me and toddle out like a penguin, when I saw a red-blue tartan flannel shirt hanging on the side of a wardrobe.

Quickly rushing for the shirt, I took it off the hanger and put it on, buttoning up with relief. The cloth looked kind of familiar… but then again, almost every guy had one of these. It didn’t fit me at all, more so, I looked nothing like those women in the sexy movies when they put on their lover’s shirt and they look superhot, but whatever.

I was about to go out of the room when I heard the front door being opened and then closed. My heart jumped to my throat, as if I wasn’t supposed to be here, like a burglar caught red-handed or something… But, I’ve checked, I was on the 5th floor or something, so unless I wanted to jump to death, I had to go out.

With a deep, preparing sigh and a tough decision, I opened the bedroom door… Only to reveal one of my best friends munching on a cinnamon roll while taking off his coat.

“Oh my God! Monty?!” I shouted in complete shock. The boy jumped in surprise, as if he wasn’t expecting me – the feeling was mutual –, and his almond-shaped eyes widened.

“Good morning?” he asked unsurely, his words muffled by the roll in his mouth.

“Yeah, yeah… Good morning…”

My jaw dropped as I slowly put together the pieces of the puzzle… I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not, yet. I mean, I’ve known Monty for years now, he was incredibly smart, and he made good jokes, he totally watched all the shows and movies and read the books I did, and he was the sweetest and most adorable guy I’ve ever known, and he looked like an cute emoticon when he was smiling…

And yeah. I might have had a tiny-wee crush on him, which was unfortunate, because even if I had any chance with him earlier, I must’ve totally destroyed it.

The realization hit me harder than I expected, and I zoned out for a few moments, probably, because when I next realized, Monty was standing closer to me, a blush on his cheeks and care in his warm eyes.

“Umm, Y/N… Are you wearing my shirt?” Monty’s eyes roamed over me, the flush of his cheeks growing darker. Under his gaze, I felt my self-consciousness creeping into my bones, an uncomfortable pounding in my chest.

“Yeah, um… Well, I couldn’t find my clothes, but I was… Well, you know…”

Monty nodded, and looked to the side, embarrassed of his staring. “Your clothes got soaked, out there in the snow. They are in the dryer.”

“What do you mean they got soaked?”

“Well, you wanted to make snow angels, and long story short, you’ve made a whole army of them by the time I’ve managed to get you up from the ground.”

“Duh, I remember none of it,” I sighed, rubbing my face in shame. It wasn’t me, forgetting what I did the night before.

Monty bit into his lip. “ What do you remember?”

“Not much,” I confessed. “I remember going into that pub because Jasper finally proposed to Maya, and Bellamy bet me I would get drunk before him… but nothing after that.”

“… I think we should have this awkward conversation, the sooner the better,” he suggested with an uncomfortable smile, and I complied, equally as nervous and tensed. Monty herded me to the kitchen area where he offered me a paper bag, containing a few baked good, all my favorites. “Thought I should buy you breakfast,” he explained, shrugging cringeworthily.

“I’ll pay it back,” I nid-nodded, listening to the rumbling sound of my tummy, not unlike a thunder, and grabbed the paper bag, immediately starting to munch. “…As soon as I find my purse.”

Monty, without a word, pointed toward the coat hanger, where my purse was hung. I haven’t seen that yet.


“Don’t you dare trying to pay me back, though,” Monty smiled. “I own you after the night.”

His sentence was followed by surprised blinking and mad blushing from both of us; the sheer embarrassment burnt my inside as we broke the eye-contact. I had sex with Monty. Dear God and Baby Jesus, I had sex with Monty! This thought made my heart go wild, racing in my chest with mad force. I didn’t exactly know how to feel about it; after all, I didn’t remember a thing, but Monty seemed like he did… Geez, what was he thinking about me?!

I forced myself to look at him. Monty, seeing my worried expression, quickly added: “I-I didn’t mean that way! I was only referring to how nice you were being to me when we were with the guys… I had a pretty shitty day, because one of my bosses reviled my new program in front of everyone else, but Jasper and Maya were so happy, and… so was everyone else. I couldn’t ruin it with my drama, so I didn’t tell them. But you found out, anyway,” he smiled at me with thankful glee. I couldn’t help but mirror him. The more he told me, the clearer the night became; his words turned into pictures I had in the back of my mind but had trouble calling back.

I remembered the smile of Monty being ambivalent – both happy and sad, and me, as I called him out on that while we were alone. I remembered laughing so hard at one of the jokes Lincoln told about marriage that my side hurt. I remembered Monty offering to walk me home, since I was in delirium. I remembered my clothes getting soaked in a playground, my teeth bumping together in the cold, and… and I remembered soft, warm lips as they stroked mine.

“We really slept together, haven’t we?” I asked in a hushed tone and licked my dry lips. Monty nodded, slowly and carefully, poking his cinnamon roll. I groaned, and buried my head into my hands. “Ahh, I’m so sorry I can’t remember much…”

Monty’s lips twitched into a crestfallen smile. “I wish you would.”

It was merely a whisper, and at first I wasn’t even sure I heard him right, and I stared at him in disbelief. He must’ve taken my thinking silence the wrong way, because after a while he let out a shaky laugh.

“Well, this is awkward… More so than I thought it would be.”

“It kind of is,” I nodded, fiddling with the sleeve of my – Monty’s – shirt. Now that I thought about it, even though it was washed, it kind of smelled like him.

“Look, I’m really sorry, Y/N,” Monty stated hastily, nervousness taking over him. “I know I shouldn’t have taken advantage of your state. I was more sober than you, I should have said no, but… “He casted down his eyes, and muttered: “I was too weak for that. When I saw you laughing while you were sitting in the snow, I just had to kiss you. I just wanted to kiss you, really, really bad for a long time, and when I did, and you were in for it… I don’t know. I didn’t think anymore.”

Monty felt damn right guilty about his actions, but, although I couldn’t remember that much, I knew I wanted it, too. Thinking about it, I wanted to know what it felt like right now! Monty may have not been the most muscled or tallest or most handsome guy on the Earth, but he was gorgeous in his own, unique way. I felt like a piece of my life was taken away by that stupid alcohol by not remembering my first time with Monty…

“Don’t feel bad about it, Monty!” I reached to touch his hand on the table; his head jerked up at the feeling of my skin. “I wasn’t, like, totally wasted… Thought it’s still a bit blurry, I remember one thing: that I wanted you. And I still do.”

Monty’s eyes filled with hope upon hearing my words. “Really?”

A blush warmed up my cheeks, but I nodded. “Y-yeah… It’s kinda hard to confess, you being one of my best friends, but… I think I want more than friendship.”

“I’m really glad to hear it, Y/N,” he smiled. “There’s nothing I’d love more than to start something more with my best friend. Not Jasper, I mean. Though he has pretty eyes,” he deadpanned, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Stroking his hand mindlessly, I beamed, “So… what are we going to do, now?”

“Well… I kind of wanna kiss you again.”

“If you don’t, I’ll bombard you with my breakfast.”

Hiding my smile seemed like the hardest thing to do while Monty was getting himself to lean in, grinning like an idiot. When he did, and his lips captured mine in the sweetest, most delicate kiss I ever had. Monty placed his hands on my cheeks, warm and big and comforting, and I put mine over one of his, the other wandering into his soft hair, my fingers combing through his fluffy curls. The kiss was slow and full of emotions, ending with the both of us smiling and giggling.

“Do you want me to stay the day?” I whispered, our lips still inches from the other. Monty’s breath warmed up my face and neck, intimately, and I smelled his aftershave. I never thought I would.

“Stay the day? Please, stay the night!”

I did as he asked me to. Maybe the first time didn’t go exactly as someone would plan, but awkward starts sometimes result in mind-blowing journeys…

an empty gun

(so, uh. that letter in percy’s pocket, huh? sure did read kind of like a suicide note… sure hope someone in vox machina picks up on that… sure hope this severely traumatised early-twenties kid gets some explicit mental health support real soon…)

warnings for discussions of suicide, mild suicidal ideation, brief mentions of canonical torture, mental health issues


“So,” says Scanlan, when he finally finds Percy. He’s high up on the ramparts of Castle Whitestone, on the thin walkway that runs behind the crenellated wall, just… standing. Watching. His coat, still torn through with bullet holes and stained russet-red with dried blood, his blood, flaps faintly in the breeze. “I’m sure the others aren’t going to appreciate me telling you this, but we found that letter of yours.”

The air up this high is cold, far colder than it is on the ground, and the wind is something fierce. It bites at exposed skin, grabs and tugs at any loose items of clothing. Though Scanlan’s sheltered somewhat by the wall, waist-height for humans and head-height for gnomes, Percy’s hair is blown back against his scalp, the tails of his coat snapping audibly behind him. In the several long seconds it takes Percy to answer, Scanlan can’t help but wonder whether his words have been stolen away by the sound of the howling almost-gale.

“Letter?” asks Percy, eventually, absently, still staring that thousand-yard-stare out over the quiet streets of Whitestone and the misty forest beyond. He doesn’t seem entirely there, if Scanlan’s being honest – hasn’t since they brought him back. As though death has filed his edges down, numbed him. As though he’s missing something.

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Suppressed Feelings Part 2

Summary: After you and Cas finally confess your feelings to each other, you sneak him back to the bunker and show him how much you love him *wink wink*

Pairing: Human!Cas x reader

Warnings: fluffy smut

Word Count: 2k+ maybe? idk it’s long

A/N: this has been a long time coming!! this was my first time writing smut, so pls be kind and pls pls let me know how I did and what y'all thought! I really appreciate it :) hope its not too horrible!

Part 1

Originally posted by findyourownhappyending

The ride back to the bunker was quiet but filled with you and Cas stealing quick glances at each other. At one point, Cas decided to take your hand and intertwine your fingers with his. When you turned to look at him, he was already looking at you with the warmest smile you had ever seen.

Your heart was pounding.

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First Listen (Part 4)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Warning: Sexual Content

Taylor knew she should stop this. Every inch of her knew what she was doing was morally wrong, but she didn’t stop it because it didn’t feel wrong. It felt like everything she’d been missing. Because, yes, she loved Adam, but when he was sleeping next to her in the middle of the night, she wished she was awake watching Harry write songs. When Adam was making chicken and broccoli, she was wishing that Harry would call out for some froyo. All of this isn’t to say that she didn’t think Adam was amazing, that she wasn’t in love with him, but it wasn’t–it had never been–the same.

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anonymous asked:

Hi There!! Can I request an Angst/fluff scenario with hoshi Please?? can the scenario be about you two having a fight and breaking up which causes hoshi to feel horrible and overwork himself which leads to him getting very tired and injured so the boys decide to call you and tell you to go look after him? Thank you!

“You rarely have time for me and when you do, you’re practically not even there! I’m tired of feeling like I have no room or worth in your life, Soonyoung!” Tears were streaming down your cheeks as you yelled at him, your heart aching in your chest as the anxiety of the whole situation took over your body. He had been standing silently for most of the time, but now he clenched his hands into fists and held them close to his body.

“I told you the moment we started dating that I’d be busy! If you’re so bothered by the fact that I’m focusing on my career, then how about we break up?” he spat out and his eyes widened as soon as the words left his mouth and he saw the way your eyes widened. You bit your wavering lower lip and nodded, trying to keep any fresh tears from falling.

“I guess we should, huh. Goodbye,” you said through gritted teeth, barely even able to make as much sound, and stormed out of the practice room. Soonyoung took a step towards the door to go after you, but he stopped himself. He wasn’t worth you, anyway, not when all he could do was make you feel worthless no matter how much he loved you.

You could hardly get any sleep that night as you spent most of it cuddling your blanket and trying to make the tears stop, only to realize that it was futile. Soonyoung was the only thing on your mind and you cursed him, cursed the way he had hurt you time after time. Focus on his career? How was that an excuse to not as much as have an actual conversation with you when you actually did meet up? How was that an excuse to dismiss all of your feelings? How was that an excuse to–

You let out a loud sob, the memories of Soonyoung smiling brightly at you flooding your mind one after another. As angry as you were, the fact that you loved him so damn much was what hurt the most.

- -

If Soonyoung had been working too much during your relationship, breaking up with you didn’t make it any better. Now he had no distraction from work - rather, he used work as a distraction from you, from the painful thoughts of how he had lost you out of his own stupidity. He had spoken too fast, he hadn’t thought it through, he had–

“Shit,” he cursed as he lost his balance yet another time, bringing the count of the day up to five. He rubbed his bruised arm and got up again, looking at himself from the mirror, his usual bright, fluffy face now stained by hollow cheeks and dark circles. “You can do this, you’re Hoshi.”

Seungkwan looked at him from afar and shook his head sadly, an inaudible sigh leaving his lips.

It didn’t improve much from that. Soonyoung spent most of his time in the practice room; whenever Seventeen finished practicing, he’d continue working on something of his own. He’d go to bed at 4am and get up at 6am, and honest to God Seungkwan rarely saw him even eat that much, which was worrying enough already.

Which was why it wasn’t exactly a surprise when they were practicing for Music Core and Soonyoung fainted, tumbling off the stage. The members were quick to jump after him, making sure he was fine. Considering that he had hit his head and didn’t regain his consciousness even when the members slapped his cheeks lightly, they concluded that he wasn’t fine.

- -

Your attention was quickly brought from the TV to your phone when you felt it vibrate next to you. You picked it up and frowned when you noticed that it was Seungkwan.

“Hello,” you answered hesitantly, the anxiety rising inside of you rapidly when you heard the ruckus on the other end of the line.

“Y/N, Soonyoung,” Seungkwan began and stopped to collect himself, which only worried you more, “he hasn’t been doing too well and he fell off the stage and is being taken to the hospital and… I know it’s a lot to ask, but could you go look after him at the dorm later?”

Your heart sank as you said the fastest “Yes” of your life before taking off without thinking twice - Soonyoung needed you.

You were by dorm way before Soonyoung arrived there, but when he finally appeared with Seventeen’s manager, with crutches under his arms, a few bandages on his face and dark circles around his sunken eyes, you broke into tears. You didn’t hesitate to run to him and hug him tightly, holding him as close as you had wanted for the two weeks you had been apart. The manager let go of Soonyoung in all silence as they figured you could take care of him.

“You’re such an idiot,” you sobbed, one time after another, and heard Soonyoung sigh heavily as he wrapped one of his arms around you. “How many times have I told you to take care of yourself?”

“I know. I’m sorry for worrying you, Y/N,” he said quietly, voice thick with sadness and the tears that were welling up in his eyes.

“No, I’m sorry, I should’ve been more understanding,” you said with a sniffle, feeling your heart slowly become more relaxed as your ears were focused on listening to his heartbeat.

He sighed again. “I shouldn’t have said what I said. I… I love you.” You raised your face up at him and blinked your tears away, clenching your jaw as you tried to keep any more tears in. “Do you think you could give someone like me a second chance?”

You didn’t think twice and merely leaned in to kiss him gently, your salty tears flavoring the kiss you had been yearning for. He held you close and winced as he put too much weight on his twisted ankle. You pulled away and apologized, smiling through your tears as you realized that you were supposed to be taking care of him.

“Let’s go in,” you suggested, and Soonyoung nodded with a smile.

When you finally got settled in the dorm, Soonyoung comfortably on his bed and you by his side, you talked things through. The tears were inevitable but there was one factor that made the crying a lot easier - he was there to comfort you, and you were there to comfort him.

“I love you, too,” you mumbled as you snuggled close to Soonyoung under his warm duvet after you had had dinner and you had made sure he actually ate. He didn’t have anything against eating since it was you feeding him, of course, although he had insisted on feeding you a few bites, too.

He smiled with his eyes closed as he caressed your back with his hand, hugging you close. It would all be alright.

- Kay

(I hope the way I went about this was okay~ ^^)

She’ll Always Be Mine (2)  (Jack Gilinsky Ft. Sammy Wilk)

Requested? Yes. 
Side Note: when she’s describing Sam that is purely for the imagine…I have no knowledge of Sam’s freckles and Scars and oh my god I wish I did.

You watch Gilinsky leave, feeling a shudder run down your spine, you look up at Sam and he gestures with his head towards Jack, “here’s your moment.” He murmurs with a fallen face, “go after him.” 

You scrunch up your nose, turning to look at him, “what?” You question tilting your head to the side. Your eyes search his sad expression and you sigh, “Sam…” you trail off, you could barely hear each other because the music was so extremely loud and the bass made your stomach flip-flop, “let’s go home.” You find his hand, and he immediately twines your fingers together so tightly it cuts off your circulation. 

You lead him through the crowds and to your car, he hops into the Jeep and you get into the passenger side. You sigh, staring at your tight black dress the entire ride home. Of course you loved Sam, but Jack seemed so in love with you and so desperate for you you’d be lying if you said you weren’t enticed by the opportunity. 

You look at Sam as he drives, he had a freckle on the palm of his hand. Every morning before work, you would kiss the freckle and he told you it was his good luck charm because he always had a good day when you did so. He had a sharp jawline, that you loved to kiss, right at the very top when it’s getting close to his ear is his sensitive spot, but the hollow of his neck is where you can really turn him on. He had a scar on his cheekbone, that barely anyone knew about or saw, but he always ended up being embarrassed of it because he thought it stood out on his face. One time, he even made you put concealer on it. He had the most beautiful smile, but he was good at faking it. 

Sam hated talking on the phone, and would much prefer staying underneath the covers all day than going out. As a matter of fact, it was one Sunday morning in January when he first told you he loved you. You always complained that January was the most depressing month of the year because the holidays were over and it was back to reality, so Sam made a new holiday…an anniversary. You and Sam were meant for each other, just as you thought you and Jack were but to be completely honest you didn’t know anything about Jack’s freckles, and your first I Love You with him was on a happy August day, it wasn’t on a day that you needed it. 

Sam parks the car and gets out without looking at you. He goes inside and leans against the kitchen counter, “Y/N, you know, I understand if you want to go back to him.” Sam states simply, “I mean, isn’t that how it works? The guy who doesn’t deserve the girl and treated her like shit gets her?” He whipped his head up to look at you, and flashed you one of his beautiful fake smiles, “go on, babygirl.” He pushes the keys across the counter and your hand catches them delicately. 

You look at the keys, feeling like you had the entire world in your hands, “Why’d I want to go back to that superficial douchebag when I have the most perfect boyfriend standing in front of me?” You question, “Sam, I’m not an idiot, I know what’s good for me, you’re good for me.” 

“Just because I’m good for you doesn’t mean I’m the one for you!” Sam argues. 

You sigh, “are you trying to get out of the relationship? Because I’m standing here right now saying that I choose you, because you aren’t the dipshit who I dated eight months ago.” You shout, annoyed, Sam was by no means going to make this decision for you. 

“Oh my god, babe,” Sam groans, “of course I want this relationship. I fucking love you.” 

“Good, because I fucking love you too.” You agree, Sam makes his way around the counter and presses your back against the countertop before roughly connecting lips with yours. You sigh pulling him closer by his shirt. Sam was the only one who was ever there for you even when things were completely shitty. Jack was only there when things were good at that never made a healthy relationship. 

“You’ll always be mine,” Sam breathes desperately against your lips. 

You exhale against his lips, “You’re an idiot for not believing that.” 

Two hours later, while you’re scrolling through your twitter, naked in bed with your boyfriend snoring lightly as he uses your stomach as a pillow you see a tweet, a tweet with only four words and one kiss. 

@sammywilk: She’ll Always Be Mine x 

A BIT OF A SHORT ENDING I’M SORRY…honestly at first I was going to have her choose Jack but while writing the first part I fell in love with Sam and how he was, and their relationship, and my response from you guys was Sam so it really wasn’t up to me and I’m quite happy with the way it ended! I would most definitely choose Sam because a) he’s fucking dedicated b) he loved her enough to let her go and c) the way he touches her is unreal oh my god. LOVE YOU GUYS. - bri x 

I can't walk - Luke Hemming and Michael Clifford threesome

You are to drunk so Michael carries you to his bed but you wake them up in your sleep. 


part 2

 It started with a bottle of vodka and a 12 pack of beers now we are drunk as shit.

Calum and i where sitting on the couch and the rest was scattered on the floor. My head started spinning half an hour ago but with my head on the arm rest and my leg over Cals lap made me a bit sleepy but felt better. Calum was drawing circles on my leg and Michael made stupid jokes so i got more and more awake by laughing.

“Are you drunk y/n ?” Ashton asked being the most sober of the 5 of us. I pointed my finger at him and slurred a yes at him which made me laugh. I stood up and fell back down trying to go to the bathroom. “What are you doing” Luke said while Michael laughed at my movements. “I wanna go to the bathroom” i cried out but had some difficulty with getting up. I looked at Michael in a help way and he got up with ease. He pulled me up and carried me in bridalstyle to the bathroom. I pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet. “Do i need to carry you to bed too?” He asked sweet and helped me get up when i was ready. “Yeah i don’t think i can walk home like this” he smiled and picked me up again.

 “You two going to bed?” Luke asked when he saw Michael walking me to the stairs. He nodded and Luke walked after us, up the stair and to Michaels room. “Are you really that drunk that you’re willing to sleep with Mike?” He mocked and Mikey puched him after he layed me in his bed. I tried to pull off my shirt but Luke came to help me when i sighed. “Pants too?” He asked and he pulled them off when i nodded. Michael grabbed a shirt and threw it at me. I giggled because it landed in my face and unclipped my bra. I saw Luke staring but i didn’t care the alcohol had the best of me right now. Michael got rid of his pants and shirt and told Luke to go to his own room. Michael helped me pull on the shirt and i fell down right after. “Are you okey with me sleeping in the same bed (y/n)” he asked pulling off his bracelets. I sat up and kissed him shortly then fell down again. “I’ll take that as a yes” he said grinning and layed down beside me. I pulled his arm over my waist and we fell asleep spooning.

 Luke pov

 I woke up and hour after i fell asleep to some weird noises and got up. Michael always held his door open a tiny bit and i heard the sound coming from his room so i peeked though the crack and saw Mike sitting up in his bed staring at (y/n). She was making the noises and it sounded a bit like small moans. “Pssst Mike” I whisper-shouted and he made a hand gesture for me to get in. I walked in an crouched down at the end where she was sleeping. “She is moaning” he said to me and then i heard it too. “I woke up to her moving around in bed” i grinned and got as close to her face as could. I heard a quiet mikey fall off her lips and i needed to keep my hand in front of my mouth to keep myself from laughing. “Mate she just said your name” he nodded and walked over to me. “Yours too” she rolled over and you could see that she had her hand on her boob and one under the waistband of her panties. Michael sat next to her on the bed and put his hand on her thigh. She moaned louder now and removed the hand from her panties.

Michael swiped his hand up and down her tight and iched up higher every time. But then she opened her eyes. I didn’t know what to do so i just stood there awkward but Michael didn’t remove his hand and looked at her with a smirk on his face. “What are you two doing?” She asked confused darting her eyes between us. “Well honey you had some loud dreams” she was quiet a few minutes and then realized was she had done. “Oh my god did you both hear that?” we both nodded and i sat down on the end of the bed. “So you dream about us?” I asked with a grin on my face. “What was the dream about princess?” Mike said but she looked embarrassed and played with the end off the blacket. “Well uhm… Do i really need to tell?” I nodded but Michael released a strong yes. “Luke and i talked about it before, were in if you are” i remembered the drunken conversation we had one time and to be honest i did get turned on my her moans. “Well i can’t deny i haven’t had those dreams before and though about it alot.” She said and Michaels face lit up. “So you’re okay with it?” Michael asked sweet. “Only if things are not gonna get weird after it” “promise” Michael and i said at the same time. 

 Y/N pov

 Luke moved over and kissed me while Michael sat between my legs and teased his hands upwards. I moaned in the kiss and Luke creeped his hand under my shirt and up to my boobs. Michael kissed my inner thighs and slowly rubbed my covered heat. “Tease” i sassed to Michael, and he finally took off my panties. I palmed Luke over his boxers and i heard him groan. He kissed down my neck and to my boobs. I gasped, Michael stuck two fingers inside and curled them up with a smirk on his face. “You like that babe?” He said but not like a question. Luke started kissing an nibbling my nipple and with all the pleasure building up i could only moan in response. Then Michael attached his mouth to my clit and my hand flew to his hair. I pulled Luke’s hair to and kissed him again. Michael sped up his movements and my breathing got more uneven. I put my hand under the waistband of Luke’s boxers and grabbed his cock. He gasped and pinched my nipple. I was very close now and they both knew it because Michael went even faster. 

 “Oh Mi- ohh” is all i could let out before i came. Michael sucked me clean and pulled out his fingers. My grip on Luke’s cock loosened while i was coming down. “Wanna taste yourself babe?” Michael asked pointing his fingers at my mouth. I nodded and sucked them clean. “On hands and knees love” Luke said with a low and husk tone. Michael sat against the headboard where i was previously and had his boxers already pulled down while slowly stroking his cock. I moved as Luke sat and kissed Michael while Luke was grabbing a condom. “Are you still okay to go on?” Luke asked sweet as he came back in my room. I removed my face from Michael and nodded my head. “Lets see what you can do with that pretty little mouth of yours.” Michael said and i licked up one tripe from base to tip and he groaned loud. Luke was rubbing his cock over my slit and suddenly pushed in fast making me moan on Michaels cock. Luke pulled out till only his tip was in and went in hard again. Michael pulled my hair in a ponytail and guided me slowly.

 Luke was going fast and Michael tried to get me deeper every time i went down. The vibrations of my moans made Michael let out groans and grunts. “Oh sweetheart you feel so good” Luke said and slapped my ass. I tried to scream but gagged instead. I was getting really close to cumming so i pulled Michael out and tried so regain some breath while slowly pumping him. “Come on (y/n)” Michael said harsh and pulled me on my hair again. Luke spanked me again and went faster. I tried to take as much of Michael as possible in and focus on him. “You’re close i can feel it” Luke said and started rubbing my clit. I looked Michael in his eyes and hollowed my cheeks while i slowly rubbing his balls in my hands. He whimpered and bit his lip hard. I felt Michael twitch in my mouth and tried to keep my orgasm in untill he couldn’t.

 I tightened my grib on him and swallowed around him. “I’m cu- Oh god” Michael moaned out loud and came in my mouth. Luke spanked me again and i came. My arms couldn’t hold me up but Michael caught me just in time. Luke came moaning my name and pulled out. I fell down and rolled over breathing heavily. “(Y/n) are you okay, oh my god did i hurt you?” Luke asked nervous and looked you over. I opened my eyes and smiled at him. “I feel amazing” i breathed out. Luke got rid of the condom and Michael held me in his arms. Luke fell down next to me on the bed and snuggled up in the blankets. Before i fell asleep i could hear Michael mumble ; “best sex ever." 

 part two


anonymous asked:

Hey! I absolutely love your drabbles and I've messaged you on ffn(FayeSk). I'd love if you'd write about Klaus making Hayley forget about her night with Jackson (ep 2X15). I mean hot smut! Could you write it?

(a/n: here’s one with some blood-sharing because I swear klayley needs to bloodshare at some point during this show, warnings: nsfw/explicit sexual content, bloodplay, knifeplay, setting:au future fic/au after 2x16)

She’s sitting at the edge of his bed.

Klaus releases a small yawn as he rolls to his side. He feels the end of his mattress sink in as his little wolf finds herself a spot on his territory. She stares at him, dark eyes observing the original hybrid while he slowly awoke from his uneasy slumber.

“What is it, Hayley?” Klaus mumbles softly.

The she-wolf looks a little tense as she catches Klaus’ bright blue gaze. She bites on her bottom lip, thinking about how desperate she must be, at this very moment. But, you see, she has no one else to go to. After all, Klaus is the only other hybrid in the entire world. So,evidently, Hayley didn’t really have a choice in the matter. “Nothing,” she says, while quickly averting her eyes. “It’s just,” Hayley shrugs. “I came here to apologize,” she finally confesses.

Klaus raises a brow. He’s caught a little off-guard by her sudden revelation. “What for, sweetheart?” He quips.

“For yelling at you,” Hayley quickly recovers. “I didn’t know you just had an argument with your estranged sister,” she remembers her long talk with Rebekah, and how guilty Hayley suddenly felt for ever wanting to impose Jackson become Klaus’ superior. “I probably caught you in a terrible mood,” she offers him a small smile, reaching a hand out and nervously fisting his sheets. “So, I’m sorry for being inconsiderate. I should have known better.”

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