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Pepperony Week 2018:

In the first scenario, there is no world-ending event. It’s just that Obadiah Stane has got the suit and arc -reactor and if he is not stopped now, the only thing that’ll happen is arc reactor technology will fall into wrong hands and a new arms race would be launched. It is no apocalypse, there isn’t an alien invasion, half the universe won’t die… Even then, Pepper pushes the button, knowing that it will likely kill Tony. Because Tony asked her to and because she could (despite what the fandom presumes) take a decision for the greater good. She is willing to allow him the dignity of his choice.

In the second scene, Pepper is being tortured by Killian for Tony’s co-operation, and her reply is that he will not cooperate. It is not the typical superhero girlfriend’s monologue of “my boyfriend will kick your ass and save me” or “you will never succeed”. It is a statement of fact: Tony will not cave in to their demands and use his genius to aid them.  And she is right, Tony comes to rescue Pepper, but he doesn’t think of co-operating even for a second.

The fandom always tries to paint Pepper as this person who is disapproving of Tony being an Avenger/superhero. But the truth is, she is more supportive of his choices and is ready to make incredibly tough decision than half of the Avengers. The fandom just ignores the fact that Pepper is willing to sacrifice both Tony and herself for the greater good.

She doesn’t dislike Tony being an avenger because he prioritizes it over her/relationship. She dislikes it because Tony prioritizes being a superhero over his own mental health/well-being. Pepper wants Tony to prioritize himself first (not her).

wlw vs mlm: an example

so I know Cassie confirmed 4 lgbq+ characters in TLH (one of them being Anna) and correct me if I’m mistaken but in the time I’ve been here and from what I’ve heard, most of the time, apparently:

Matthew is gay, Thomas is gay, Alastair is gay and Charles is gay but no, Lucie is straight!!! Cordelia and her are just best friends and parabatai!!! Okay.

Full offense but I think it’s a little messed up that I live in a society where today I overheard two men talking about how Hurricane Florence is going to raise bacon prices because of all the pig farms and how they were far more concerned about the rising price of a luxury food instead of y’know the Millions Of Animals Left To Drown In Cages

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u say it aint about followers but your checking ? im confused :[ the codes r free so you arent even giving up ur monie

its just a standard giveaway procedure sorry that when youre getting something free to at least follow the person giving away a $50 pack for free ://

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Victor's a 100% man.It's lgbt, not lgbt+ whatever shit.

Well, guess what? At the very beginning, there were just the gay men, as an organisation. Then lesbians fought to be included in the movement and it became LG. The bisexuals followed, forming LGB.

Likewise, the next acronyms followed as diverse groups found their voice and found they dealt with similar experiences and issues. The actual current name is LGBPTTQQIIAA+.  Long, I know. That’s what the ‘+’ in LGBT+ stands for and the ‘+’ is there whether you want it or not. 

The organisation is meant to support all minorities of different genders and sexualities that may and do suffer discrimination as a result. The L, G, B and T people don’t get to exclude them because they were there first, just like gay men don’t have the right to exclude lesbians and gay men and lesbian people shouldn’t have the audacity to try and exclude bi people (tho, surprise, they do, acronym or not, so perhaps acronyms are not the problem here, perhaps some people are just shit)

You don’t have to support my non-binary Victor headcanon. This is fiction. Fiction is meant to be up for individual interpretation. However, when will tumblr folks stop being extremists and closed minded about real life issues, if I may ask?