god bless this man and his existence

In Church, to every five females there is one man….and what does that tell us about our men??? Why are there always more females in church then men? Can females have options too? In this case no!!! I just don’t want to get desperate and settle for any God fearing man, and I witness females do this.  Yet I believe that God showers us with his blessings and for a female to find that man that fits her perfectly in church, is a blessing.  

I also see some indecisive men, who is interested in several God fearing females. This is dangerous because he often loses when he takes too long to choose. The female that would of been perfect for him either loses patience or gets disgusted and later becomes uninterested.

I would never compete for a guys attention because if he was for me then it would be simple. I believe that courting and chivalry still exist, I just haven’t met that type of man yet but I believe that God is saving him for me.

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Hi Tori I know this is incredibly random but I just needed a place to get this out and you're always so kind so I thought I'd do it here: I really want a girlfriend, but I'm beginning to wonder if God actually has anyone for me. The thought that I'll never fall in love with someone makes me so sad and I'm really scared that my Cinderella doesn't exist. Many people have told me that, since being gay isn't exactly something that most Christians smile upon. Anyway thank you for listening. God bless

Hi honey! Well, the way I see it, God gives us desires. I desire to have a husband and a family one day, and I hope and pray daily that he is a good, God honoring man who loves me wholeheartedly. I have been single the last 21 years of my life, but I always hold out hope. Trust Jesus has a plan for you, love. I’ll bet she’s out there, you just gotta wait on the Lord and He’ll bring her to you. Keep the faith! <3

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OK confession time. Naruto is my bae but damn Sasuke ...his body type and his overall look is so my type.I swear when chapter 700 came out I was like damn it, I think Sasuke is hotter than my husbando Naruto. Shame on me. I'm utter trash. Please forgive me Hinata your husband is gorgeous.

Naruto and Sasuke are both just so fucking good looking as grown men everything is beautiful and the only pain is knowing they don’t exist in the real world and even if they did they’re taken men but God bless Kishi for aging them so well 10000/10 you wonderful man