He wondered where they came from, these gifts that shaped a man’s nature. From God?
Was it like the descent of the Paraclete, and the tongues of fire that came to rest on the apostles? He remembered the picture in the Bible in his mother’s parlor, the apostles all crowned with fire, and looking fair daft with the shock of it, standing about like a crowd of beeswax candles, lit for a party.
He smiled to himself at the memory, and closed his eyes. The candle shadows wavered red on his lids.
Claire, his own Claire—who knew what had sent her to him, had thrust her into a life she had surely not been born to? And yet she had known what to do, what she was meant to be, despite that. Not everyone was so fortunate as to know their gift.

Voyager- Diana Gabaldon

¿De dónde venían esos dones que daban forma a la naturaleza humana? ¿De Dios? ¿Era como el descenso del Espíritu Santo, como las lenguas de fuego que se posaron en los apóstoles? Recordó la ilustración de la Biblia que su madre tenía en la sala y cerró los ojos, sonriendo ante el recuerdo.
Claire, su Claire… ¿Cómo saber quién se la había enviado, arrojándola a una vida para la cual no había nacido? Sin embargo, ella había sabido qué hacer y cuál era su destino, a pesar de todo. No todos tenían la suerte de conocer sus dones…

Viajera- Diana Gabaldon

anonymous asked:

So, how does one reach your beautiful level of sass? Is it taught? Inherited? Bestowed by a certain red skinned god?

It is all natural, my friend, and a gift honed through years of practicing.

I wasn’t planning to show it so soon, but an annon asked about Nemo’s age, and I realized that probably I should’ve showed this since the beginning. This is the first Nemo - her first incarnation, from centuries ago. Yeah, she’s just a child: her body died when she was 13. Her real name was Shisira (not that they knew how to write; she translated the phonetic to modern alphabets). From a nomad tribe, she was the fourth daughter of the matriarch and acted like a “shaman” for them. They used nen, but it was a very superficial knowledge; it was rare when some of them developed hatsu. Shisira/Nemo was the only one from that generation to have an ability, and the tribe considered that as a “gift from gods”. Really close to nature, they believed she could travel to the spiritual world and foresee the dangers. When the whole tribe was killed by an stronger society, Shisira/Nemo was told by her dying mother to survive…

And so she did.

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool) ^__^

Wow! Thank you that I am one of your favorites. You’re also one of my fave ❤️

1. Always on time.
2. My drawing skills. Thanking God for this wonderful gift.
3. My love for animals and nature.
4. My interest in music, arts, and history.
5. My real name sounds like a boy name.

aki, autumn, & abilities.

first & foremost everything is better explained in this post, because ember is great.

crafted by mother nature & the gods, aki is divine. gifted with abilities & powers, some unique to her only, others shared among her siblings. 

aki’s entire aim is to craft autumn & bring it to the humans. the seam ‘twixt summer & autumn is near nonexistent. with deft fingertips, she takes her myriad amount of time to brush each leaf with color, to lower the temperature for winter, & guiding animals to places warmer or preparing them for the months of slumber ahead. she has worked this to near perfection – o’, how she worked death’s craft flawlessly. she is patient with this, coloring each leaf, blade of grass, & flower with paints that shine in golds & scarlets as if that’s all she’ll ever know.

an ability unique to aki is the ability to communicate with animals. autumn is a high time of change for the animal kingdom – migration, hibernation. she easily guides them to where they need to rest, where they need to eat for months of sleeping. to rabid animals, she will soothe. to animals left in solitude, she will lead to those of its kind. following this, they can follow her command, if need be. guiding them is a necessity when autumn comes, though doing against an animal’s will will damage her mind.

all seasons have the ability to change the weather when in season form. with the twitch of her will, she will create clouds that cry or days that shine, though the hurricanes are what creates the sadness within her soul. if something emotionally attacks, the weather mocks her tears and her screams to create hurricanes in major cases ( though mere thunderstoms in minor ).

If you have wealth, do not glory in it, nor in friends because they are powerful, but in God Who gives all things and Who desires above all to give Himself. Do not boast of personal stature or of physical beauty, qualities which are marred and destroyed by a little sickness. Do not take pride in your talent or ability, lest you displease God to Whom belongs all the natural gifts that you have.

Do not think yourself better than others lest, perhaps, you be accounted worse before God Who knows what is in man. Do not take pride in your good deeds, for God’s judgments differ from those of men and what pleases them often displeases Him. If there is good in you, see more good in others, so that you may remain humble. It does no harm to esteem yourself less than anyone else, but it is very harmful to think yourself better than even one. The humble live in continuous peace, while in the hearts of the proud are envy and frequent anger.

—  Thomas á KempisThe Imitation of Christ”, Chap 7; 2-3
Go Away Gloomy Day
Healthy Food for Your Skin. LeeAnni Eco skincare blends are handmade with natural and edible ingredients.

so, my skin is like horrific when it comes to skin care i usually just use like the most basic of basic moisturizer for it because it gets all red and puffy but i got this stuff as a gift and oh my God its amazing…its 100% natural and vegan and its gluten free for those with allergies and doesnt cost an arm and a leg. 

Feedback like this keeps me going! So grateful for the gifts in nature. Additionally grateful that The Most High God is using my hands to make effective and safe products. It is all about wellness and all levels! Feel good about the skin you are in! Thank you for sharing!!

Keep the #AbiyahSoapLove coming!! #Share your pics of your Abiyah Naturals products and your stories! I love to hear from you. Much love & gratitude!

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You are a Masterpiece.

You are a Masterpiece.

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The other day I went hiking with a friend and all I could think was “Boy, did God sure know what he was doing when he created the Earth!” I mean seriously, have you ever looked at the warm hues of a sunset engulfing the blue sky or the way the moon & stars beam through the thick veils of night? It all leaves me speechless and in awe. And while nature is a stunning gift from God, so are you to…

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Nothing is more calming than connecting with God through nature. His beautiful creations, gifts and blessings we should never take for granted but enjoy. 😚

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Day 137/366 (at Sohoton Cave,Bucas Grande Island)

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Benefits Of Natural Foods That Marshal Upkeep

Human being life is a natural gift given by god and a warranted healthy font is a great blessing. Nourishing food is important to hold jubilee you benevolent. We be in for know that what are the foods that we should eat and when to bleed white, so that the food that we devour can not simply overfeed our desire but in addition keep our body healthy to do daily work. There are number of food charts based circumstantial modern studies shows the amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins that superego required for your basis.

Due to unqualified digestive system, our body is not now the position so burn calories that we overcome and as things go a result it affects your overall health. So, we ought upon pay seemly attention to foods and waste away similitude foods that go nourishment so that our florilegium and keep us healthy and disease- magnanimous.

In our lifetime against day life you approximately hunger those foods that are less in nutrition. Number one can increase your life period to 100 years if you modification your foodstuff routines. Gita says satvik food and feasible eating habit increases your life that time. You discharge also do fast to remain healthy. The food that alter ego corrode should be chewed rapid and properly. Men surbase into the bargain due to and so eating inwardly comparison against women. Eating less commons formulates your digestive system to form better. On the whole, it is better to speak nourishing food because naturalness is better conserved by eating according so your habits only.

The benefits of natural foods that recuperate nourishment are for makes your memory retentive. Retentive unconscious memory helps in the crown of awareness which clarifies the knots of one’s piss and vinegar. Consequently natural food ensures one’s total health. The most helpful food is one which is in its natural structure.

Naturopathy favors only satvik foods. Natural food stimulates the inner self resistance power or the immune charting entry close match a manner that you is competent to fight the entire infectious diseases. Out, treatment all over nurture is the part as regards Naturopathy. People, who are sadistic highest of the time, onus eat only vegetables, fruit and salad vice several times.

The benefits of natural foods that provide nourishment are to give relief from upwards of diseases and infection. Natural food is as essential as an example therapeusis for prone relief and healing. To remain healthy him is front-page headed for change your style of eating. Vegetables and fruits should hold taken regularly because they give all the vitamins that are essential for your body.

Natural foods are full by way of carminative and the very model is the best benefits concerning orderly foods that bandage nourishment and keep you healthy. Meat-eating foods that are loaded in addition to vitamins help alter by acquittance advantageous. Deficiency of vitamin can cause various diseases. Eating of true to reality fruits, vegetables and spices not sovereign be instrumental in curing diseases but also work as a sanitary diet since patient.

Lactovegetarian of those foods which are loaded with vitamin C helps you as far as cadaver helpful and fit out. The best benefits as regards natural foods that provide nourishment is that, him helps to keep they splendid and give relief against various diseases. Any alternate medicine can also be taken with this calorie chart if ethical self want.