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I hope this question is not too personal but what was your dark tea time of the soul like?

Dark Tea Time of the Soul? I have no idea if that was a typo or what but from now on I’m definitely going to call it that. 

Typically the term is “dark night of the soul” and it comes from the poetry of Saint John of the Cross. 

If you want an intense and metaphorical example, think of Jesus on the cross. Jesus was a son of God, a naturally gifted and awakening individual. His life had been guided by God’s grace and endless love. When he was brutally beaten, tortured, and crucified, he experienced anguish beyond anything he had before known. That is when he cried out “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

That was Jesus’ dark night of the soul. It is that moment in time in which all of your power, all of your understanding, all of your faith can do nothing to save you. To move through the dark night of the soul, you must not run away. But you also must not attempt to force your way through it. If there is one lesson taught by the dark night, it is surrender. 

For most people, myself included, the dark night of the soul is not a single moment but perhaps a few different periods of time in our life. If I were to look back and count, I would say I have experienced three. 

  1. The first was in college as a freshman. My father had just died the year before, I moved from a small and sheltered privileged town into a larger collegiate context, and I was utterly lost. My roommate would go out drinking most nights and was busy pledging a frat. All of my initial “yay college!” friends went separate ways into different frats, while I didn’t. I spent a lot of time alone in my room. The pain and confusion is what caused me to seek, and in seeking I came to meditation and the spiritual path. Things improved vastly from there, including college and my social life. 
  2. The second was after college. My girlfriend of six years and I split up, I had no career prospects, and I was living at home. Meanwhile my college friends were living in NYC and working on Wall Street. I felt as if the rug had been ripped out from under me and I woke every morning with a heavy dread in my gut. This was the time I discovered Sufi poetry, Tibetan buddhist teachings such as those given by the Dalai Lama and Pema Chodron, and Tonglen meditation. I was also seeing a therapist weekly, who was a great guy. It helped me to slowly soften my knots and release my suffering. It took two years. 
  3. The third is now. I’m finishing the end of a post-baccalaureate premedical program at Columbia, which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It has changed me in invaluable ways. But last summer I had an episode of muscle spasms from which I still haven’t healed. Since then I have been plagued with insomnia and continual bodily discomfort. It disturbs my meditation, lowers my performance on exams, and keeps me in a somewhat self-concerned mindset. I take the MCAT next Saturday and I finish my program’s last course by August. Until then, I am praying and doing whatever I can but I’m starting to discover how little control I have. 

The thing about the dark night of the soul is that it is a very good sign. Don’t get me wrong, it is hell. But it is the opportunity to permanently alter your state of delusion for the better. The first time around, it was my first real movement from the suffering of ignorance to the peace of clarity. The second time, it was the movement from an unconscious heart to a conscious Heart. The third time? I have no idea. It sucks but at this point I have no other choice but to surrender to the fierce grace that is guiding this time of my life.

None of it is easy but from the perspective of existential sanity, there is no other real choice. We either turn back to the comfort of delusion or we allow grace to smash our illusions and see what remains when the dust settles. 

Hopefully I’ll have something inspiring to share by the end of it all come this Fall. 

And thank you for this question, it has given me a much appreciated opportunity to reflect. 

Namaste. Much love. 

Worldbuilding: Dragonholm and Hidden History

Far to the south of The School is a strange place. It is a distillation of what The Headmaster wants for humankind.

Long ago when the gold dragon Cormwygr was young, what is now Dragonholm was a land of fertile beauty. It’s history is lost, all traces buried or destroyed. In those days magic ran freely before The Source restrained it to the small spring it is now. Sorcerer Kings and those who were the heralds of gods walked the earth, their magic a natural gift. It was not a pretty or perfect world by any means. Great wars changed the landscape and those who could do so created magical beasts and weapons to fight with. What is now Dragonholm was one of many kingdoms locked in conflict.

The regent of the land was friends with Cormwygr. They had fought together, celebrated together, had grown to be family. The regent honored Cormwygr by asking him to be the protector or his children, and their children, and their children’s children, and so on.

Rumors had spread of a great army coming to raze the land. The regent made the choice to hold them back with a great wall of ice, and Cormwygr was the only one he could trust to mark the boundaries of the great spell. Upon placing the last guidestone on the earth, what is now Dragonholm was beset with a terrible frost. A winter harsher than any the people had seen battered them and kept Cormwygr at bay. The gold dragon hoped that when the raging winter settled, he could go deep into the vast country to save his family.

When he finally could access the interior and the palace years later, he learned the awful truth. The spell was powerful, and required a great sacrifice. The regent had given his life to cast it, and in doing so damned everyone. There was no sorcerer powerful enough to stand against the storm. Every man, woman, and child within the interior had died of exposure in a few short hours.

Cormwygr mourned his dead family and made a promise to never allow this again. He set out and went on a quest to bind magic and make it a force that could be controlled. After nearly two decades of study, and another of construction, The Source was built. It was a grand stone arch seated in a place that would bend magic against itself and work as a leash. Cormwygr had created the keystones, or virtues, to keep the means of controlling The Source divided up. He gave them to individuals of mortal races that he felt would use their powers for the most good. Over time the keystones became corrupted with the evils of men’s hearts and were lost.

Magic bound, the sorcerer kings and godhands found their power greatly diminished. No longer were they able to shape the world at a whim. Cormwygr watched as their empires crumbled. In the rubble he selected new heirs to magic, brought them to the source, and had them pass through it, so they might draw upon its power. He found humans that were willing to follow him, and lead them to his former home.

Cormwygr used his magic to keep them warm and to help them excavate a place to live. Nestled in the earth his fire kept a great hearth of furnaces and pipes lit. It was part throne room and part hoard, the center and heart of the new city. With his warmth, they could live. With their cities and servitude he could provide them with protection and guidance and order.

Centuries passed and Cormwygr had become a god to them. He of the Nurturing Flame, He of the Benovolent Hearth. He felt no need to correct them. However, he had needs and he had other responsibilities. He used his powerful magic to sustain the hearth and left them for a year. He returned to renew the hearth and departed again. On the fifth year, he provided them with the gift of an heir. Cormwygr had given the people his Prince, a young dragon who would require their protection and would one day serve as Cormwygr’s hand. She was as wise as her father but lacked his wanderlust and drive, making her the natural steward of the humans.

As centuries passed, what was now known as Dragonholm grew great under the steady and firm hand of the guidance of the gold dragons. More cities were excavated with more princes to keep the populace protected and lead.

There are no sick or poor in the cities of Dragonholm. Every person has a purpose, every person is given what they need. There are few laws but they are firmly enforced. They are told stories of the mercy and wisdom of Cormwygr, of his benevolence and divinity. They are told how the Prince serves their holy father and the people. The princes serve the cities as the center of legal, social, and religious life.

However, there is no choice in Dragonholm either. One does as they are told for the good of the whole. Those who disobey are chastised and mocked. It is as bad to ignore the indiscretions of others as it is to disobey. Your obedience grants you minor luxuries and the allowance to have more children. Some cities have even instituted breeding programs by the Princes to improve upon the weaknesses inherent in humanity. Because of the scarcity of resources, one must do as they are told. One can never leave either, as the eternal winter means life outside is impossible. While the dragons are as good and wise as gold dragons are by their nature, they are still dragons. Many Princes have become contented and entitled, growing fat and slothful as their human worshippers provide them with everything they could want with no reason to leave their hearth. Each one of them, spoiled and doted upon, believes themselves to be the one true heir to Cormwygr when he eventually dies.

Dragonholm has remained isolated from the world for centuries. No visitors have come or gone from the great cities of the God Dragons for a very long time save Cormwygr himself to gift them with new Princes and to humbly accept their worship.

There are unsettling parallels with the gilded dystopia of Dragonholm with the city states in the human-run countries far to the north. From his position of headmaster, the ancient and immortal Cormwygr keeps his adopted children safe from the dangers of the world as best he can. He views Dragonholm as a perfect model for the rest of humanity and hopes to one day have the means to have the benevolent hand of his Princes keeping everyone protected.

God has deposited in us spiritual gifts according to our natural ability. Some may feel that whatever they do or have is insignificant or too small, but nothing is ever too small for Gods kingdom/his church. If you work diligently & faithfully with the little you have God will increase it by his supernatural power. He has not given us a spirit of fear, do not be like he one servant who our of fear & playing the victim hid his “talents” because it was too small [Matthew 25:18]. Work together with those who have more & let the glory of the Lord shine forth. Amen !!


“Jesus has the power of God, by which he has given us everything we need to live and to serve God. We have these things because we know him. Jesus called us by his glory and goodness. Through these he gave us the very great and precious promises. With these gifts you can share in God’s nature, and the world will not ruin you with its evil desires.”
2 Peter 1:3,4 New Century Version 

Mad with the pen

if not your friend

at least sorta kinda

someone to confide in

hes the all negro spritiual

blissful intent,

intense smile

melt an iceberg

to mother natures lament

Hes a god given gift

returned to its owner,

half horny goat weed eating

hes a loner

stay stoned, its better

new voice, old sweater

so cold he might freeze time

with a freestyle

• Romans 12:6 •
“In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you.”

God’s gifts differ in nature, power and effectiveness according to his wisdom and graciousness, not according to our faith. Our role is to be faithful and seek ways to serve others with what Christ has given us.

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Question 2: cloned plants Question 2 in my researches for Returning To The Garden of Eden pages- they have cloned marijuana and other plants- this is also how prescription drugs are made know to the consumer as “generic” also the way a cubic zirconia is made from a real diamond. -
MY QUESTION: does cloned plants such as marijuana show up in drug testing? And if so, how? I have not found any information on the pros and cons from natures gifts from God to manhandling not so gifted MAN.

20 Lovely DIY Ideas To Spice Up Garden with Pebbles Art

20 Lovely DIY Ideas To Spice Up Garden with Pebbles Art

If you are looking for inspiration for spicing up your garden, here we show you some wonderful artistic pebbles projects for you. Pebbles are a natural gift by God. They are excellent for unique garden landscaping ideas. Creating a beautiful garden pebbles art isn’t difficult, you don’t need to be artistic, or even particularly creative. Am I kidding? No, that’s true and available! Try these fun…

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Is it up to the players which gifts their characters inherit from their Godly parents? Do you have a list of possible gifts from each parent? Even if a rough one. That would be very helpful!

We have a list of all the gods used in this rp as well as the natural talents (gifts they’ve always had and always will have) and their abilities (powers that only activate once on the island and are only kept should they get a position). The list can be found here. Hope this helps!

I WANNA GO TO THE BEACH SO BAD!!!!! 😭😖🌴🌸🐋🐳🐬🐟🐠🐡🐚🐙☀️🌊🌈🌞🍍🍤🍉🚣🏾🏊🏾🏄🏾🚤⛵️🚢👙🔅🔆 I miss the salty air, the calming waves, the heat of the sun that can only be relieved by wading into the water, the sand, the boardwalk, and how lovely it was to not have an agenda, to just be there and enjoy the ocean. The beach is a gift from God and nature.