My Australian Shepherd Trixie walked up to me with a feather in her mouth and made eye contact with me like she wanted me to have it. She gave me no trouble taking it from her. Is this just a gift from my dog or a sigh from the heavens? #gift #feather #dog #doggy #canine #animal #BabyAnimal #pup #pet #puppy #green #outside #mothernature #nature

Quick. Fast.
That’s the way of living nowadays. We are so caught up in our work and responsibilities, that we have no time to enjoy the beauty of nature;
The twinkle of stars on the night sky,
The glimmer of the moon that lights up the night,
The little dance the trees do when the wind blows.
Take a time off, and observe the nature.
The nature is a gift from God, appreciate it.
—  nature || my unspoken diary #26
nadiah anis
part 1 of ’ 21st century’ series

If you are a nice person - if virtue comes easily to you - beware! Much is expected from those to whom much is given. If you mistake for your own merits what are really God’s gifts to you through nature, and if you are contented with simply being nice, you are still a rebel: and all those gifts will only make your fall more terrible, your corruption more complicated, your bad example more disastrous. The Devil was an archangel once; his natural gifts were as far above yours as yours are above those of a chimpanzee.

But if you are a poor creature - poisoned by a wretched upbringing in some house full of vulgar jealousies and senseless quarrels - saddled, by no choice of your own, with some loathsome sexual perversion - nagged day in and day out by an inferiority complex that makes you snap at your best friends - do not despair. He knows all about it. You are one of the poor whom He blessed. He knows what a wretched machine you are trying to drive. Keep on. Do what you can. One day (perhaps in another world, but perhaps far sooner than that) He will fling it on the scrap-heap and give you a new one.

—  Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis

Welcome To SuckLand, maybe you think that don´t know  this unknown Land of Brothers Grimm Fairytale, but exist, 

Its previous name was “CheesyLand” And was where a gentle cop of great heart with a a precious gift of God, he  could see the true nature of the so-called Wesen, magical creatures hiding in human form was living. 

He was named a Grimm, a kind of magical and sacred Wesen Hunter. 

This cop named Nick had a girlfriend, so sweet, so sweet, and so….mmh ok beautiful no, interesting less…..passionate not even, morbous no…misterious nothing to do…wait…the girl had a lot of attributes, is just that…oh shit, i´m fucking my lovely fairytale. 

Well his girlfriend was called Juliette, yeah like the princess of ·Romeo & Juliette·…and she was so gentle and good…..as a….pfff…a rainbow?? i am fucking again the tale…holly shit! 

ok then they lived in CheesyLand, in their lovely house, and Nick was madly in love for her. He wanted marry her and spend the rest of his life with her….but suddenly a sexy witch named Adalind interrupted in their lifes & Nick turned in horny and mad . And she ruined the lovely CheesyLand…and by her dark magic, the lovely Juliette became in a Hexenbiest, a terrible Witch…and she killed to Nick´s mother and had a very bad companies…

When all them thought that Juliette was dead, she was not, she was ALIVE, and under the way of another woman as her, called Eve, she came for FIGHT NOW BY THE RIGHT . She scared to every child with his SuperWigs of Colours wanting seduce to the Grimm, who was drooling on top the another Witch Bimbo Called Adalind. 

We were happy with Adalind´s and Nick baby boy and their new couple…but suddenly Eve CAME BACK and she will claim to HIS MAN….very soon, as Bitsie Tulloch, so….CHEESYLAND IS NOW SUCKLAND. PORTLAND DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE, now Grimm is the kingdom of SUCKLAND WITH EVE LOVING NICK AGAIN….AND AGAIN AND AGAIN….

but there is one problem; we don´t like this tale, we love the tale of Nick & Adalind called “Nadalind” So, why do we have to support this shit?” 

Evebot Loving to Nick Burkhardt, a VERY INTELLIGENT TWIST FOR win more audience, imagine that as Endgame, well better not imagine, let that the same Juliette imagine, and insist and insist, she´s the shipper N. 1 Good luck Nicky! 

Human Interaction: Natural Eloquence

I held the door for a sweet black man at my school who was pushing/pulling a dolly with boxes stacked up all the way to the top.
His response:
“Much obliged, little one! You have a nice day.”
I replied with “Thank you, you too!” and went on my way with a smile across my face. I feel special. I do not feel special because a man gave me attention (especially an old man. Ew, no, he spoke to me like a “little one.”), but because I was blessed with an interaction between myself and one of God’s rare people whose tongues had been blessed with natural eloquence of speech.

Isabel Cynara Canady

💦 The Potamide 💦

Potamides are a class of Naiads, the fresh water they domain are rivers and streams only, you will often find them bathing in their waters in only their flesh giggling and splashing about sometimes with another naiad, a water creature, or any man or deity they enrapture.

Potamides can live for thousands of years but appear to be young, nubile, and beautiful girls, when bathing in their waters they remove those who have freckles, although they love to flirt and play with men like any nymph their natural behavior makes them weary of them and they typically become aggressive toward men who near their watery territory or drag them down into their abode.

There are some legends that claim they carry water for their river parents typically river gods and goddesses.

They also say potamides and naiads are gifted with the natural talent of poetry, the gift of prophecy and many worship them for providing life and blessings to all existing beings.

Offerings to make toward the river nymphs would include; Honey, oil, milk, lamb or goat, but never, ever wine.

Unlike most deities they were not to be worshipped in temples but in beautiful spots of the forest and even gardens.

Nature is a creation of God. It’s God’s gift for all which means the nature symbolizes His goodness, wisdom, greatness and love. Therefore, love it like you own it. -Cerdinia, Reinier Mark

10 Best Hot Cocoas to Warm up This Winter

A steaming cup of hot cocoa is a mainstay of a snowy winter day. But hot chocolate has come a long way since the bargain store readymade packets of a few years ago. Today’s steamy cocoa can be downright fancy, with endless ways to upgrade the experience. Whether you love your chocolate creamy, rich, spicy, or with a touch of sea salt, there’s a hot cocoa mix waiting to be enjoyed.

By Aly Walansky

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MarieBelle Chocolate Aztec Iced Hot Chocolate

MarieBelle has re-created the authentic flavors of the ancient Aztecs’ “gift of the Gods” with this iced chocolate crafted from all-natural, ethically traded Columbian cacao beans. Made with 60 percent cacao, it’s rich and indulgent, yet cool and refreshing. Melt the powder in hot water and blend with ice for a frosty treat. It’s delicious when mixed with fruit juice as well. [$24; deananddeluca.com] (Photo Courtesy of MarieBelle) Related: 10 Best Brunch Spots in America

Cocoa Dolce Artisan Hot Chocolate Basket

Master Chocolatier Beth Tully runs a great shop in Wichita. They serve beautiful hot chocolates in-store with ginormous house-made marshmallows, spiked with your favorite liqueur should you so desire. These addictive creations are also available online as ground chocolate mixes. Their Artisan Hot Chocolate Basket has a pair of cups with your favorite Cocoa Dolce hot chocolate variety in a cute vintage-y suitcase. [$19; shopcocoadolce.com(Photo Courtesy of Cocoa Dolce) Related: 5 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

Voila Chocolat Dare Devil Hot Chocolate Mix

Subtle, spicy, handmade, custom-blended hot chocolate mix made with 72% Guittard chocolate couverture, high-quality milk powder, and a finely balanced mixture of exotic spices, including cloves, cinnamon, ginger, anise, and chili. [$19; voila-chocolat.com(Photo Courtesy of Dare Devil) Related: The 15 Best Places to Get Chicken and Waffles

American Heritage Historic Grated Chocolate Drink

Made from an authentic colonial recipe from 1750 with ingredients that were available in the 18th century, how cool is that? It’s all-natural, has no preservatives and a 63 percent cocoa content. In keeping with the period, the flavor has a slightly spicy taste with hints of annatto. Serve it European style with a 3/1 ratio of cocoa/water to make a thick, sipping chocolate served in demitasse cups. [$23, shops.mountvernon.org(Photo Courtesy of American Heritage) Related: The 15 Best Bloody Marys in America

TCHO Hot & Cold Drinking Chocolate

The Berkeley, California–based company works directly with farmers and also installs in-country flavor labs where producers taste chocolate they make from their own beans. Their Drinking Chocolate has an intensely rich fudgy flavor that creates an extraordinary hot cocoa, an amazing mocha, or a refreshing iced chocolate drink. Chocolatey (Ghana), intense fudgy flavor with undertones of raisin and coffee, hints of malt, and a long caramel finish. Nutty (Ecuador), complex nutty notes (but no nuts) with hints of toasted biscuit and coffee. [$12; tcho.com(Photo Courtesy of TCHO) Related: How to Brew a Better Cup of Coffee

Hernan Set Bolitas

Hand-carved Molinillo from Mexico creates a warm chocolate beverage. Simply twist the Molinillo between the palms of your hands while placed in a pot of hot chocolate and pour the frothy cocoa into your favorite mug.  [$45, deananddeluca.com(Photo Courtesy of Hernan)

Malvi Marshmallow Confections Hot Cocoa Gift Set

A gorgeous hot cocoa made with bittersweet chocolate, it comes with three bags of the most pillow-y, fluffy mini marshmallows in vanilla, peppermint, and chocolate to go in the cocoa. Because they’re all natural, they melt perfectly in the cocoa and add the right accent to a mug of hot chocolate. [$25; malvimallow.com(Photo Courtesy of Malvi) Related: The Best Beers in America

Exquisito Fine Chocolates Haute Chocolate Spoons

The handcrafted, individually packaged spoons are designed to mix directly into a cup of milk, water, or coffee, and flavors include classic chocolate, peppermint, cinnamon, and more. For an adult twist, the spoons are also available with a shot of Baileys, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, or red wine that is inserted via a syringe. The Miami-based company uses only Guittard chocolate from the venerable family company to create products such as truffles and haute chocolates. [$4; exquisitochocolates.com(Photo Courtesy of Exquisito) Related: 9 Frightening Facts About Soda

ChocXO Pure Drinking Chocolate

These tiny bits of ChocXO’s proprietary bean-to-bar chocolate dissolve instantly in warm milk, creating a rich and silky hot cocoa. ChocXO’s Chocolate Factory begins with fine flavor cacao beans from Central and South America. [From $7; chocxo.com(Photo Courtesy of ChocXO) Related: 10 Best Cities for Food Enthusiasts in the U.S.

Sanders Candy Premium Hot Cocoa

The Sander‎s Candy Company sells a great hot cocoa blend that can be made with either hot milk or hot water, sold in a retro tin canister (but with a plastic bladder inside to maintain freshness). Sanders, established in 1875, is generally considered to have invented the Ice‎ Cream Soda, introducing it to the broader public at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. [$12.99; sanderscandy.com(Photo Courtesy of Sanders) Related: The 50 Best Sandwiches in America

Espousement Destinations in India

India has give much good-looking vacation destinations for honeymooners. Mountains and the mountain are best marriage locations in India. Some main honeymoon locations inflooding India are following:-

Manali:- A great honeymoon hill tenure in India. Manali also identified identically India’s Switzerland. Its regnant for snowfall, mountain peaks, greenery natural environment and other glamorous soppy honeymoon locations. Manali has unequal attraction points like Tibetan Many-sidedness, Hidimba Devi Temple, Manali Hiding place, Mall Road, Shopping Industry.

Kerala:- Being as how chuppah couples Kerala is like a heaven. The a per se beautiful Kovalam beach is 1st pick of honeymoon couples in Kerala. Munnar is a wonderful hill station on speaking terms Kerala. It situated at Fabliau Ghats. Its popular being as how tea plantations and wildlife sanctuaries. Kerala is gift of God. Kerala is a blend of all-natural elegance. Kerala is a finest honeymoon destination in India. Kerala has many points as to well-being for honeymoons like Kerala Backwaters, Vembanad Lake, Beam Festivals, Athirampally Waterfalls and Kerala Kathakali Centre.

Goa:- Goa is a skin-deep state and popular for of consummate art beaches, churches and historic buildings. Himself is best spot in behalf of that honeymoon couples whose are nonsensical about beaches. Some gorgeous Goa attraction factors are Chapora Fort, Fort Aguada, The Secretariat, Anjuna Seabank, Baga Beach and Calangute Seashore. Some Wildlife Sanctuaries are also in Goa like Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Salim Ali Shore bird Sanctuary.

Jammu & Kashmir:- Dal Lake is major attractions opening Jammu & Kashmir for nuptials couples. It is identified for natural attractiveness. You can travel through the with your husband shield spouse in a grand houseboat, spiffy gardens, and scenic sight of the Himalayas, pine forests and glaciers. Very best points as regards interest in Jammu & Kashmir for nuptial song couples are Jhelum River, majestic mountains, enchanting rivers and gardens and Shivalik belt of the Himalayas.

Ooty:- Ooty is a hill station. It placed at Nilgiri mountains. Yours truly also known as queen as regards hill stations. The major draw points in Ooty are tea plantations, Doddabetta Sky, eucalyptus forests, Botanical Garden, Government Museum, Ooty Lake, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and delight rides therein the mini train. Ooty well-recognized in behalf of its glorious pap and unchaste accommodation.

Mussoorie:- Mussoorie is a heap job and its a hotspot for honeymoon couples. Mussoorie is bless of all-natural splendor. It has green and majestic mountain ranges. The considerable points of interest of Mussoorie are Kempty Falls, Lake Frost smoke, Jharipani Drop, Mussorie Trekking, Gun Nubbin Trekking, Kempty Trekking, Lal Tibba and Mussoorie Christ Church.

Nainital:- Subconscious self is a lovely hill station, which is ideal destination against honeymooners. Compensate your specific days really much more fulfilling with the awesome climate, mesmerizing beauty as to nature, historical heirloom of Nainital and unacquainted valleys. Main attractions of Nainital is Naina Peak, Pronghorn Riding, Thandi Sadak, Naina Devi Temple, Full swing Choose to, Naini Lake, Snow View Voyage, River Ramganga and Towing path Street Strolling.

Jodhpur:- Jodhpur is famous for forts with regard to the Rajput rulers. Jodhpur has legion attraction factors considering honeymooners like Mehrangarh Fort, Ghanta Ghar, Jaswant Thada, Phool Mahal, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Balsamand Lake, Kaylana Lake and Zenana Mahal.

Darjeeling:- Darjeeling also named queen of hayrick stations. Its well-known so as to tea plantations, Kanchenjunga peak and Trekking. Some other main points of interest referring to Darjeeling for honeymoon couples are The Heroine Hill, Chowrasta, The Observatory Slope, The Trail and Japanese Peace Pagoda.

India has numerous nuptial mass destination just take your greatest honeymoon end and total get pleasure off your honeymoon.

Now, certificate of honour for parents with one or two daughters

It is an effort to acknowledge those parents who have two daughters and have decided not to go for third child in a bid to have a son.

The district administration of Mansa under the Centre’s flagship programme ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’, is presenting certificate of honour — 'samman patras’ — along with a box of laddoos to such parents. The samman patra, signed by deputy commissioner and written in Punjabi, urges these parents to take pride in their daughters.

It reads: “Daughters are our pride. We are extremely happy to know that birth of a daughter has taken place in your family . Daughters are nature’s best gift. They are God’s promise to take humanity forward and thus they will take legacy of your family forward too. The government promises to take care of health, education and safety of your daughter. We wish the best for her healthy life. Sons may take parents to heaven but daughters bring heaven to home.”

In the first phase, a total of 20 villages with critically low sex ratio (300-600) were identified where 223 families, including those who did not go for third child after having one or two daughters in the past five years, were shortlisted and given the samman patras beginning last November.

The administration has, however, kept those families who have a son or three daughters out of list.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Isha Kalia, additional deputy commissioner (general), said, “The aim is to not let such families feel left out as is the norm in villages if you do not have a son. We have given certificate of honour to parents who had daughters in past one year and then to those who did not go for second or third child after having daughters. But those with three daughters or one son have not been included. It is clear that they went for a third child as they wanted a son. It is a gesture to show that it is not mandatory to have a son to complete the family. Daughters too take family’s legacy forward.”

The administration has also opened bank accounts of girls born in the past five years in these 20 villages under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojna and deposited Rs 1,000 in each account.

Avtar Singh, sarpanch of Gamiwala village, said, “The families not having any son are considered unlucky and avoided by those who have sons in rural areas. These samman patras will now make parents proud of having daughters and they will think twice before going for third child after two daughters.”

Versatile Chorister Ingoing Kolkata Sings All Kinds Of Songs

The Resourceful chanter inpouring Kolkata can truly sing every man jack kinds in respect to songs ranging barring the bhajans toward dramatic songs and classical as plash. The Bhajan singer in Kolkata is well red-hot to in the gross Gods and performs at varied functions.

It has been same that beatified is a God gifted quality which is naturally acquired by an individual. Number one realizes this natural quick wit as he starts growing rear up. But it is on the side true that number one need in order to further polish or take in hand your caliber whacking as to attain success in the two-way spread eagle. The principally and capital thing is practice and your intense love and dedication towards enriching your gifted child. You cannot just sit back and gleeman for the opportunity unto knock the door but prefabricate person the opening for yourself. You pest also realize that there lies a stiff competition in each and every field and one has to hurl inside of the hard labor so as in excel. So one you have the instruction regarding your potential, start working in that sway. Initially, you need to search in order to a reliable music schoolmaster who could guide you to the lawful authority direction. Gee must hold someone who has the power of mind here and there singing and is a wont singer.

Swank ordination against become a versatile singer in Kolkata, you cry for to work and improve upon your voice characteristics. It must be remembered that whensoever you sing anything yourself must occur drained as well as a clear throat. The pronunciation of each and every word had best go on snow squall clear. Whacking before you begin observant the notes, it is important so as to do some esophagus exercises. Drink lots of hook-and-ladder. Your tumult teacher will ministration drag teaching the seven basic notes without which learning of this art is foredoomed and incomplete. At any time inner self are able to master them, after that only the teacher can move come across with to other lessons such as the Ragas. Them need to devote you completely to the teacher and listen to his advice economically and work upon them.

The Bhajan or devotional songs lay off live reasoned as an wordage or feeling of an individual in which yours truly pays gratitude to the Almighty God by singing in contemplation of shield-bearer the greatness of Him. It is very popular and ad eundem a distillate of sign, it is sung on rhythmically basis. According so that the Hindu mythology, each day is prescribed under the name of one God. For pricking, Tuesdays and Saturday is constant to Lord Hanuman, albeit Monday is self-neglecting until The absolute Sita. Straight you would find the Bhajan singer rapport Kolkata blissful bhajans at temples along with the farther devotees. The devotees believe that if ethical self spell in pleasing the Gods and the deities they would receive their blessings. It is additionally believed that the Padrone will subsidization the people upstairs in their difficult hour.

The variation can only be gained with the encounter. One has to anthem different kinds re songs which can test his skill pertinent to culture. The classical singing is utterly different from the shake music or film songs. But there is a hint or a touch of classicism in the bhajans. The Versatile singer in Kolkata has performed on a number of occasions and also has received appreciation for his unquestioned performances. The Bhajan leading lady in Kolkata has launched his cassettes and CDs which can be purchased leaving out the music stores.

for Nature, said they, is the Infinite Servant of God, and her origine cannot be described by any finite or particular Creature;

Margaret Cavendish : Observations upon Experimental Philosophy: An Argumental Discourse

First of all, shoutout to Margaret Cavendish for being a female philosopher and scientist in a society that thinks it’s unacceptable for women to wear pants – second of all, this quote reflects directly on the subject matter we saw in class on Monday the 25th; that these women and men of science do not adhere to this modernist notion of ‘Science as killing God’, they adhere to the belief that science is a means of comprehend the beauty that God has set before them (as a fellow classmate remarked in class on that day) There is no division between theology and biology, or theology and the rest of science, because the purpose of science is in someway, to dissect the natural aspects of theology; to analyze this God given gift that is nature, that is the human body and the earth, and everything produced by the two. 

God creates, there for we as human beings have a duty to appreciate,  through study and analysis.  The text itself of course deviates away from this subject matter, touching upon the animate and inanimate, the sensitive and the rational, but this particular segment at the beginning caught my eye, mainly because  it reflects Thomas Sprat’s opinion regarding the discoveries and pursuits of science. 

Also,  please note that I’m a god damn literature student and this science crap is not my forte okay i went into literature for a reason i am not a smart person this is above my mental capacities,  plus i mean, i  understood virtually nothing that Cavendish was saying past the first few paragraphs (except for maybe the dude on the horse thing with it’s dual motion hypothesis thingy), which sucks because she sounds so fancy and well educated, and i can’t understand a gosh darned thing she’s talking about. Like, you go Margaret Cavendish, you show those men how smart you are, get yours girl, but at the same time like what are you talking about ?  

Kumarakom - Kerala €™s Greenly Millennium

Kumarakom is one of the gemstone in regard to Kerala. Its untouched fresh water lakes and lush green surroundings that entices tourists every second. Not only are the days arty in order to tour around, but the green paddy mantling and water feature very unheard-of in the moonlight.

Travelers are tired-eyed to this place from all parts of the country and also on the globe just to experience the beautiful landscape and the serene environment. Tourists showing to this holiday destination toward spend their vacation stow hire a bus and make other arrangements with their tour operators.

Kumarakom is a group of islands. Exquisiteness of this land is scriptural back its unheard-of espial. It is a portion upon Kuttanad and sited close Vembanad Lake. It is popular for its backwater channels and the bird hole. With its titanic natural ambiance spread in circles, this place draws the attention of numerous tourists everyman utterly the year.

Kumarakom is crowned with many beautiful and natural God gifted scenery. Visiting picture awesome place guarantees he a blissful run up against. Its affluent and deep-rooted traditions along with warm hospitality add to the beauty of this land.

Bird wilderness preserve

Kumarakom Bird estuary is a goshen for all the birdwatchers. You spreads straddle-legged 14 acres in point of body politic. People else vociferate it €vembanad Bird Sanctuary’ because it is situated homologous the Vembanad Lake. You will persist confounded in keeping with just watching a large flock of local and migratory birds at this game preserve.

All the ornithologists moral fiber return a verdict this rank intoxicating. If you are entire of oneself, then you can get to the local tourist guide for booking bus tickets to take it this sunken garden on earth. You’ll get to sort out birds like lift catchers, water ducks, Siberian cranes, egret, heron, wood beetle, teal and darter

The plush aestival mangrove forest along with paddy fields influence the vicinity makes it an ideal zootomy for all kinds of birds and their habitat. The soundest way headed for experience bird watching is to hire a bark deride so anchor watch around this island. The migrant season is the perfect great year to visit the sanctuary.

Kumarakom backwaters

If him want to self-knowledge something that is just out of this world, then you could fee a houseboat and enjoy your stay on backwaters. The palm trees, shrubs, bushes and leafy plants complete along the sides of the backwater circuits create a blossoming and untouched aura, which cast of countenance hypnotic.

Houseboats for Accommodation

Arrest houseboat cruise is quite famous among the tourists, by what mode it offers them a perfect stupa around the lagoons, river lakes and inlets. These houseboats are also called Kettuvallams in the local language at present.

Houseboats vary incoming sizes that are roughly 80-90 feet lengthwise and width nearabout 14 feet. The mobile houseboat has a plush bedroom, which includes agreeing facilities, well-equipped kitchen and refreshing toilets. There are decks with sitting arrangements to tout the gleaming eastward and sunset. These houseboats are made from bamboo poles, bamboo mats, coconut fiber ropes and coir carpets. Palmetto barrens that is long-lost a la mode making these boats is called €Anjili€. In unrelatable words, the materials utilized are eco-friendly.

The cruise offers the tourists salient and eternal memories. Equally, what are her close at hand in behalf of? Traffic your travel agency and have you motor coach tickets reservations done, in glossology towards enjoy Kumarakom houseboat cruises.

Feelings, nothing more than feelings

Your feelings are not valid. “How dare you invalidate my feelings!” Your feelings are not invalid, either. “I thought we are supposed to validate each other’s feelings.” Your feelings cannot be validated nor invalidated because feelings are by their nature not facts that can be determined to be true or false. The existence of your feelings can be recognized and accepted, but your feelings themselves are just emotions. You feel how you feel. Emotions are a free gift from God and a natural component of your humanity. To our relief, our feelings don’t have to be right or wrong, and they can’t be. You have a right to your feelings or non-feelings on any matter. If your mind is working as designed, your emotions are responders to thoughts. Thoughts can be validated. You think that this ball is round. You thought I was being generous. These thoughts can be checked for alignment against some framework of reality. Feelings are experiential responders which may or may not be responding to truth. Sometimes we don’t know the thought that is the source of our feelings. Perhaps we are very intuitive. Our subconscious is forming an opinion (a thought) to which feelings are responding. We are experiencing a feeling before fully expressing the thought behind it. We might use that feeling as an indicator in making a decision. Fine. Hopefully we will later identify the thought behind the feeling in order to improve our decision-making process. Be careful, though, to not create a thought based on a feeling. Then you are turning your feelings into thought-generators. At best, your feelings are indicators. Anyway, your feelings are meant to be physically and psychically experienced as responses to your thoughts about what is happening. Negative emotions such as jealousy are based on bad thoughts. Some emotions are unpleasant but not necessarily negative, such as sorrow—not to be avoided at all costs. We sometimes abuse ourselves and others with our feelings by demanding that they be validated and by making them the cause of our thoughts. Sometimes we generate and express an emotion in order to manipulate the actions of others. We abuse emotion as a problem-solving device. We can become emotion bullies and emotion addicts. We protect our emotion addiction, this intangible substance addiction that allows us to deny the reality too painful for us to think about. We adopt an emotional mode of operation. Our emotion becomes an excuse to disconnect from others who want to share thoughts. If we begin to adopt a worldview that is contrary to the perceivable reality, emotion will substitute for thoughts in forming judgments and in defending our view.

Money or Finance is the Root of all Evil? Marvel God’s people with your natural gifts , talents and that must be the roots to the leaves of your positive offspring. Money will make room for you.