god's sticky notes

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Take my fave stream doodles. Featuring “zombie Roxas stare”.

“What do you see with your nobody eyes”- @tuesdayinthedass

barbaesparza  asked:

I hope you have a good day today! Just imagine Sonny leaving post-it notes everywhere with just a smiley face! 😂

Thank you lovely!! <3

What a dork. He so would.

Rafael gets sticky notes on his morning coffee mugs that have smiley faces and hearts written all over them and, “Sonny, did we acquire a time machine, because I’m certain you have the mental capacity of a fourth grader?”

But then he starts getting sticky notes on his desk calendar, on his to-go cups of coffee that Sonny leaves discreetly on his desk, on the covers of the law books he frequents when he needs brushing up on various precedents, and they all say sweet things like, “I love you, Rafi!” or, “Kick ass in court today!” and honest to god, sometimes those little sticky notes are all Rafael needs to get through the day. 

Especially because the thought of his Sonny, his sweet Sonny making sure he gets his little encouragements throughout the day, no matter how busy his own schedule is, is a thought that has his heart beating just a little faster and his chest a little tight.

7 Days of Productivity 7/7


Today, I read (and tabbed) some pages of my English exam guide

I also wrote some (very messy) notes on more English Language

God those sticky notes are ugly sorry.

Finally, I finished my Chapter One accounting notes

Over this week, I’ve definitely learnt how to use my time better (even if I didn’t complete my required tasks every day). I actually kinda started looking froward to doing homework as weird as that sounds. 2 hours ended up feeling like absolutely nothing, and I got it over before lunchtime.

I actually got used to doing homework every day on the holidays.

I also learnt how to schedule more realistically in the future. I now know what speed I do things at.

Hopefully I do something like this again soon. I’m not sure. But I’ll definitely try to take this productivity with me. Next time I might try to aim for 3 hours a day on weekends/holidays.