god's quiz 4


140513 - Ep1 Preview of God’s Quiz 4. Airing this Sunday, on May 18th!

[TV Daily] Donghae: Hi everyone! I am Super Junior’s Donghae, very happy to see everyone. I acted as the scary Han Siwoo in God’s Quiz 4. Will work hard with staff and present an interesting, touching and a little scary drama, Thank you

大家好!我是Super Junior的东海,见到大家很高兴。这次神的检测4中扮演可怕的韩时宇。会和工作人员一起努力,给大家呈现一部有趣感动又有点小恐怖的电视剧,谢谢

Cr: Blue_浅光SJ团站

Eng trans: elf_ninida