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Any thoughts on poly ford/lardo/shitty?

Metamours can be seriously weird.  It’s like–Ford likes Lardo an awful lot and kind of can’t believe that Lardo chose her back; she’s over the moon at the chance to spend time with her.  But she… feels kind of bad that she doesn’t like Shitty that much. Which is to say, she respects him as a human being, and she appreciates that he seems to love Lardo with the same passionate intensity that she does, but… oh god, he’s such a Harvard Law white boy who thinks he’s woke, he’s a little exhausting to be around. And then she feels guilty for feeling that when he’s nice to her.

Which is to say: Ford feels a little weird about vacationing with Lardo in the Knight house on Cape Cod, following Lardo when she wanders into the family wine cellar to pick a bottle to drink in the evening, and stealing a large men’s Samwell Hockey hoodie from a peg in the back entryway and wrapping up in it when she and Lardo go out on the back deck to enjoy the evening.

Shitty’s internship kept him in Boston this weekend, but he told them to go and enjoy the house anyway, since he did go twelve rounds with Cousin Gloria to keep her from bringing her friends out on a weekend Shitty’d had booked on the family calendar for months.

Take care of our girl, he’d texted Ford. She needs a break.

So it’s weird, but Ford thinks she might be able to get used to it.

image of three of the gods of Harvard, engraved into the BioLabs exterior. in order from left to right:
Marcus Aurelius
Seymour “Babyboy”
Андрей Морозов “Тать В Ночи”

I was having dinner on campus with a language professor and a chipper freshman walked up and asked us how to pronounce “Dnepropetrovsk.” Then he says he has just been assigned a 2-year Mormon mission to Eastern Ukraine. He’s never studied anything related to any Slavic language or culture.

Does the Mormon church normally send its teenage missionaries to active war zones or is this kid just incredibly unlucky? I wished I could help him somehow, but the best I could do was advise him to start doing Russian on DuoLingo ASAP.

Assuming he makes it back to Harvard in two years, I hope I see him again because the only other Mormon missionary I’ve met went to Russia a pious and naive young man and came back an atheist and alcoholic…


Apollo (Attic, Ionic, and Homeric Greek: Ἀπόλλων, Apollōn)

He is the God of Light, in whom is no darkness at all, and so he is the God of Truth. No false word ever falls from his lips.

“band of brothers” + greek mythology


Thank you, thank you everyone who had supported me throughout these 6 years after being diagnosed and working towards university. Through the Grace of God I was able to to get in and I cannot be more happy or grateful. I am so, so humbled to be given this opportunity of a lifetime.

This truly is a chance for me to go to school in a way I can actually afford and work to make a difference for the lives of those with disabilities. For those of you who have come to me and shared how I have inspired you I hope that this amazing thing that has happened to me continues to inspire you. Never forget that even if you are disadvantaged in any way, through illness, disability, financial situation, etc. know that there are always opportunities for you to succeed. I was rejected from 3 schools before this (Oxford, Stanford, and Princeton) and this was my absolute last school that I had applied to.

I buckled down and prayed and trusted in God, that if this was the path for me that I would be given a chance. If it wasn’t then rejection would not have been a failure, it would have been enough that I tried and worked to overcome my limitations in life. If I hadn’t gotten in I would have no home next year, no money, and no plan of what to do next. This was a huge leap of faith! And while in hindsight I definitely recommend having more back-ups than I did, know that it is okay to believe and have Faith that things will turn out well!

Good things can happen, and just as I am blessed I pray with all my heart that you too will find happiness. Thank you all <3 much love and God bless!