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Dean: Goes to sacrifice himself for the greater good, stops the darkness with nothing but his words and his humanity. Saves the universe from certain death, saves God and Darkness by extension. 

Show (via Crowley): But it took the power of God to stop the Darkness. 

Me: Are you nuts? What kind of retcon is that? What power? Chuck was dying, everything was dying, and Amara changed her mind only after listening to Dean. Dean influenced the primordial darkness into changing her very nature and in essence saved the entire creation. Why can’t you acknowledge Dean’s sacrifices and achievements for once, damn you. 

haxuss replied to your post“No. that-“ Eyes close. An exasperated sigh. Keith…

Now I’m thinking about how TINY a hummingbird would be in Antok’s hands and AAAAAAH

( antok voice ) what the FUCK is this

In the interest of duality, recently I encountered a malevolent spirit or what some people might refer to as a ‘demon’. In recent times my first instinct would be to do battle but this time I was overwhelmed with compassion and understanding. Even though I could see that this spirit had, in a sense, been feeding off of my negative energy…I could also see its divine purpose. There were times in the past when it tried to destroy me but I survived. So I humbly bowed my head in respect and thanked it for all the lessons.

 If all beings are extensions of God, then all beings are here doing Gods work. So when I think about transcending the concept of duality, thats doesn’t mean that good/bad, or dark/light doesn’t exist…its just means that everything has a purpose even if you can’t see it at first.

  • psychic: (reads my mind)
  • my mind: now the real question in the wicked + the divine at this point is: who do the gods answer to if not to necessity itself? here you can draw a line that divides the pantheon. first there are those who live these two years solely for their own pleasure, enjoying themselves boundlessly. sakhmet leads that group along with woden, lucifer, baal, baphomet and even inanna to quite an extent. on the other hand we have the members of the pantheon who feel a clear obligation to their fans and/or the world: amaterasu, dionysius, the norns, tara and the morrigan. except for morrigan all of these gods have struggled extensively because of their feeling of duty. for them serving their fans means damaging themselves. oh and then there are persephone and minerva who are in a grey zone at the end of this arc but really this begs the question: does a deity have an obligation to its worshippers, its creations? do artists have a responsibility to their fanbase? do individuals owe the world anything? and if yes is it truth, love, compassion, total self-destruction? in greek mythology before there were the titans or the gods there were ananke and chronos: necessity and time. so now that ananke is dead and little time remains, what does that mean for the pantheon and more importantly what does it mean for their relationship to the rest of the world? with laura's death and persephone's birth we abandon all human characters in wicdiv and i'm wondering what that means in the great scheme of things
  • psychic: what the fuck

I can’t help but think that Steve would have no idea how normal friends interact.

Like… he’s really only interacted with Bucky as a friend (I figure any interaction he had with the Howlies was influenced by the fact that he’s their CO and there was a war on).  And he and Bucky were everything to each other, and that had to be way  more intimate than regular friendship.

I need a fic where Steve has no boundaries.  He doesn’t knock, he just shows up at any time and expects to be welcomed, he steals food off of people’s plates, roots around in their closets for clothes, borrows an ungodly number of books, crawls into bed with them when they’re both sloshed, totally doesn’t understand why a person wouldn’t hang all over their friends, especially if they’re gods/supersoldiers/wearing extensive body armor. Like… they’re friends… why wouldn’t he be doing this???

And someone needs to have a sit-down talk with him about what is friendly and what might be considered intrusive.

*whispers* and then I want him to go to Thor every time he just needs physical contact and friendly cuddles and stuff, and they end up as more like brothers, because Steve/Thor is my unending favourite brotp


Corpus Christi, a celebration of giving and receiving. Michoacan, Mexico

In the Meseta Purepecha (Michoacan), the  celebration of Corpus Christi rests on an older indigenous festival related to the agricultural cycles, giving thanks to the generous land for the good harvests of the year, and calling to the gods so that there should be rains in the coming season. 

At the end of the procession starts the CH’ANANTSKUA , the festive time when members of each profession throw the products of their labor to the air,  offering them symbolically to the Gods and, by extension, to the people (coming from the neighboring villages) who are gathering there, receiving the gifts falling from the sky (from the Gods…) with their open arms.

Photography © Florence Leyret Jeune

Greek Gods AU - Grandpa

No one’s quite sure how it started but, after the revelation of the identity of Anakin’s father (and after Obi-Wan, feeling absolutely ridiculous, gave a detailed slide presentation to the empty air on How To Be A Good Parent as well as Demi-God Psychology and Interactions) someone sat down and drew up a family tree.

Chaos is the great-great-(add or subtract a few ‘greats’ depending on their godly parent) grand-entity of the Greek Gods - and, by extension, their children.

It wasn’t long before most of the camp referred to ‘Grandpa Chaos’.

No one expected Chaos to be delighted with said title. And, per the lessons it had learned from Obi-Wan’s detailed instructions on How To Be A Parent, actually start acting like a grandparent to all these lovely demi-god kids.

Remember how long you’ve been putting this off, how many extensions the gods gave you, and you didn’t use them. At some point you have to recognize what world it is that you belong to; what power rules it and from what source you spring; that there is a limit to the time assigned you, and if you don’t use it to free yourself it will be gone and will never return.
—  Marcus Aurelius, Meditations: A New Translation (2:4)
talking about xkit to my boyfriend (dominoeffect28)
  • me: I really hope this update is an april fool's joke because this is fuckin ridiculous. I might even have to resort to mobile.
  • scott: what about that xkit guy you were telling me about?
  • me: he's just a college student doing this for free. That is why he is revered as the tumblr jesus, but his powers are limited with so many expecting fixes only hours after the update's release
  • scott: ah. he faces the problem all gods have: Intervene too much, and the people demand your intervention. Do not intervene, and they lose faith.
  • me: Exactly. This guy has built an empire, but when it comes down to it, he's just a college kid with exams and limited income, bearing the weight of avoiding copyright violations and pleasing the thousands of tumblr trash children.
  • scott: He should have abandoned you long ago. He's the hero tumblr needs, but not the one it deserves.
  • me: a true saint among heathens
  • scott: a chick-fil-a among dairy queens.
  • me: long live xkit.
the price of existence is reality

summary: dan is what some might call a megalomaniac; he dreams of delusions of power and grandeur, believes the world around him is a controlled web of existence, an existence of which he is king. in other words, dan’s got a superiority complex the size of the moon.

genre: mainly angst, some fluff

word count: 9.2k

warnings: swearing (lots oops), general existenialism???/ references to megalomania as a mental illness

a/n: i worked quite a long time on this and for once im actually happy with the results!! it was extremely fun and intriguing to write, and its a little different but i hope you enjoy <33 this fic was hugely inspired by moreorlester’s artwork which has kept me up several nights in a row because of its beautY, please just study it u wont regret it aLSO there are bits of french in here sorry if they are inaccurate google translate is a chienne

dont kill me for text post references and thorough use of metaphors throughout this i love life and also thankyou so so much again to amy for helping mé extensively at 2am with this fic and betaing for me, i lové you so much <333

playlist for the fic || info on megalomania 

- ♥♥♥ -

Dan sees through tainted eyes. Toxic eyelashes brush his cheeks every time he blinks, capturing endless snapshots to be preserved in his webbed kingdom of megalomania, of which he rules with a fine elegance. His smirk is worn like a crown, and Dan holds his chin high with the knowledge that he is a spider, and the world is his web.

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