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I give you happiness.  That is my power.  I let people experience my joy.  My captivity.  My suffering.  My separation.  And finally…despair!  Show me your fury.  This is the pain of being powerless.  Your loved ones being taken away before your very eyes!

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Haven’t been uploading stuff so I figured now would be a good time to throw some drawings up I kinda forgot I did. This on, I uploaded on DA but didn’t here, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. A 20 minute doodle I did of Moana a couple of months ago. Such a lovely movie, it was! And of course, me being me, a little idea kinda popped up in my head that’s almost AU-ish. It’s one I think about from time to time when I’m being lazy or watching the movie again, but probably won’t do much with it in the future. But whatevs, here’s the idea anyway to those who might be curious:

Moana is mortally wounded in the final confrontation with Te-Ka before being able to return the goddess’ heart. To save her as a show of appreciation, the goddess performs the Hongi, in a literal form of Ha,“the breath of life”, and the spiral upon Te Fiti’s chest tattoos itself upon Moana’s skin and over her heart. By receiving the breath of the goddess to restore her life force, Moana is both figuratively and literally “God Touched”, and by extension, becomes a bit of a demigod herself.

Aaand yep. A little plot bunny, if all. Don’t be surprised if a few more random sketches and drawings pop up. C:

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Could you do “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.” with Jason Todd? Good luck doll <3

Prompt: 31. “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”

Thank you for all the help and support! I really hope you enjoy this! <3


You paced back and forth in your apartment. Picking at your nails out of nervous habit. ‘Why were you so nervous?’ you may ask. Well the answer was the simple collection of three names: Jason Peter Todd.

The infamous Red Hood and leader of The Outlaws. He could be described as many thing. Handsome, cunning, witty, fearless. Well fearless unless it came to you. When you’re mad, you can strike the fear of God in anyone.

And right now you were a combination of pissed, nervous, and all out fear for him.

Three days ago was when The Outlaws were supposed to come home from a mission. However instead of receiving your boyfriend, you received the most cryptic message from Roy.


“Won’t be back today. Something went wrong. Add three days.”

And that was it. Radio silence for three days. You’d gotten messages like this before, but you’d get updates through out the time extension.

God knows what happened to them or if they were alright! Jason could be dead, or dead again, for all you know. You were ready to call Bruce no matter how pissed off it would make Jason.

You were so nervous you had begun to seem sickly. Everyone asking if you were alright. Today your boss even sent you home early with pay because he was worried.

“Please be okay” You whispered, pacing feet still in their rhythm.

Glancing at the clock every-so-often. 12:50…. 12:51….. 12:52

Every passing minute feeling like hours as your anxiety increased.

It hit 1:00 and you were sick of standing there helpless. Grabbing your phone you scrolled through the contacts until you found Bruce’s number. Thumb hovering over the contact.

Just about to click the call button you heard the bedroom window slide open. Dropping the phone on the couch before running into the room. Your tense body relaxed upon seeing blue eyes and a white streak in otherwise raven black hair.

Jason’s eyes immediately shot to yours. He knew you were mad, how could you not be?

“[F/n] I’m so sorry” he walked toward with open arms. But you weren’t letting him off that easily.

“You’re sorry?! I thought you were dead Jason!” you yelled, infuriated. You hated his ‘sorry’s. He said it every time he came home late or when he knew you were mad.

“Three days Jason! Nothing other than a cryptic message telling me something went wrong. Do you know how badly that tore me up inside? I couldn’t work! I couldn’t sleep!“ emotions boiling over as the anxiety and nervousness depleted.

“Please, I’m sorry. Our position was compromised and we had to lay low before we could finish the mission. I wanted to contact you but we couldn’t risk the message being intercepted. I’m so so so sorry babe.” he pleaded keeping his eyes locked with yours.

“I’m an ass and you deserve to be mad in every way. I should’ve found a way to get a hold of you. I’m truly sorry [F/n].” His voice was genuine and he was terrified he had actually done it. Made you sick of him.

You could see the worry through his unfaltering gaze.

Emotion, Gentleness, Kind, Loving…. Words you’d use to describe him. Words you were seeing now.

Taking a deep breath and regretting the outburst, you encircled your arms around his waist,head buried in his chest.

“I’m not mad, I was just scared I lost you.” you confessed and his arms wrapped around you, feeling his nose nestle in your hair.

“I’m sorry I’m such an idiot” his grip tightening.

“You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot” smiling into his chest as the words got muffled by his shirt.

“I love you [F/n]” his tone was soft and delicate, something even rare to you.

“I love you too Jaybird” looking up to meet his blue eyes again. Smiling he leaned down placing a chaste kiss on your lips.

It was true… he may be an idiot, but at least he’s yours.

In the interest of duality, recently I encountered a malevolent spirit or what some people might refer to as a ‘demon’. In recent times my first instinct would be to do battle but this time I was overwhelmed with compassion and understanding. Even though I could see that this spirit had, in a sense, been feeding off of my negative energy…I could also see its divine purpose. There were times in the past when it tried to destroy me but I survived. So I humbly bowed my head in respect and thanked it for all the lessons.

 If all beings are extensions of God, then all beings are here doing Gods work. So when I think about transcending the concept of duality, thats doesn’t mean that good/bad, or dark/light doesn’t exist…its just means that everything has a purpose even if you can’t see it at first.

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someone told me that we could learn things from bible stories. but what can we learn from the story of judas iscariot?

The amazing thing about scripture, and by extension folktales and parables and the carefully preserved bones of stories that get passed down from mother to child and dressed up in new details with each telling…Is that everyone is going to get something different from them. The gospels are like that, intentionally so. Christians have four separate accounts of what happened, some eyewitness, some quite far removed, that keep the bones beautifully intact but don’t shy away from adding detail that might conflict with details in other gospel or only exist in a single retelling. But uniformity was never the point. A rich and accurate portrait of the life and works of the man called Jesus was, and when you deal with human hearts and memory, accurate takes more than one shape.

Judas is like that too.

In some gospels, Judas speaks, in others, he is silent. In Acts, he dies a gory and accidental death, in Matthew, he is driven to suicide by guilt over his betrayal, in Luke, John, and Mark, his death is never mentioned. Judas takes a slightly different color and shape depending on who is writing him. So. Judas is incredibly important to me, but I also know a handful of other people who love him desperately, and we all have different reasons for it. 

For some, Judas is a cathartic outlet for their own rebellion or anger at God, for others he is a testament to the fact that God (and by extension Jesus) loves us entirely, without shame or regret or disappointment, no matter what we do. I happen to love these two kernels of meanings desperately as well, but I think there’s one that’s even more important to me. 

When Judas draws near to Jesus in the garden, his mutiny churning in his stomach and hands curled into fists to keep them from shaking, I am there with him. When Judas presses his lips to Jesus’s stubbly face, hard enough to hurt, and draws away to find Jesus watching him silently with knowing eyes dark as a sea after a storm, I feel myself shrink back from that gaze. When Jesus takes Judas’s wrists and presses his thumbs into the other’s mans sweating, calloused palms in an unspoken gesture of comfort, I want to rip myself away from his grasp and run into the olive groves, to sob and tear my clothes and pray that the light of the sun never finds me. 

There’s an academic theory that archaic stories assume we will see ourselves as every character, they invite us to recognize ourselves in the warrior prince, the clever witch, the hoarding dragon. So in a very real way, we are all Judas. We are all inconstant and greedy, driven by fear towards a perceived greater good that we misunderstand because we cannot see as far into the story as the narrator always can. I find a lot of comfort in a character that recognizes just how much I cannot be relied on to be a proper disciple. When I sin, it feels inevitable in the way the youngest son finding his fortune where the old two have failed is always inevitable. But it doesn’t feel pointless and it doesn’t feel empty. It makes me want to pull myself up again and get back into the story. Because there has always been a part for me in this story, there has always been a seat at the table, even if I leave dinner early to go pick up my blood money. 

For the record, I believe Jesus would have forgiven Judas in a heartbeat if Judas would have given him half a chance. In my version of the story, I believe he already has. 


IronHawk (Three)

Welcome back to IronHawk!
This is a long chapter and ugh Tony is sad :( but everyone tries to be there for him. Also, poor Clint, and Banner is a good bro.

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“So doc, what’s the verdict? Can I go back on my pills yet?”

Tony sat in his doctor’s office, ankle crossed over knee, fingers tapping anxiously. The last few weeks had been… trying. It seemed like every day he became more sensitive to everything. Smells that never bothered him now made him sneeze. Certain fabrics irritated his skin. He couldn’t remember the last time he slept more than an hour or two, because his bed felt big and empty and foreign.
And he was overly…aware. Of everything.

The way Natasha smelled of satisfaction and pride after a night with Pepper sent longing zinging through his body. The way the Witch’s hips moved as she tried to catch Bruce’s attention made him want to do the same to-NOPE don’t think that. Even the way the Captain couldn’t quite stop the red in his eyes after a battle made Tony ache for the presence of an Alpha.

And that was the whole issue. While on suppressants, everything had been muted, even if he hadn’t realized it. The dynamics between any couple, much less alpha/omega pairs had been something he couldn’t care less about. But now it was all he could think about.

And Clint had persisted in basically ignoring Tony. Their easy, teasing friendship from before had disappeared since Tony’s-let’s just call it an incident. Since the incident-  and it didn’t help that Tony was feeling like he was hard wired to Clint’s presence.

Every time the archer entered a room, Tony wanted to sit up, straighten his clothes, bare his neck. And Hawkeye had ignored it all. To the point where other people were starting to notice. Natasha had asked twice if everything was okay between them, and so had Steve. Hawkeye had simply shrugged and ignored the questions.

Tony wanted to cry every time.

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Maaaan why is it so hard to talk to people, like I literally typed an entire message and then deleted it because what if they think I’m weird or intrusive or pushy and now I’m just like…you are too cool for me to be on the same planet as you.

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why do you exist? what god did humanity piss off to punish us with your tumorous existence upon this planet?

1) Subbing “cancer” out for “tumor” doesn’t make you look like less of a pathetic NEET fucker who thinks 4chan is still cool.

2) Humanity is an extension of God, part and parcel of the whole package. Maybe you should consider being a less pointlessly vindictive one, and instead seek to make the world a better place.

baek said he’s ugly but it’s the kind of ugly i want to wake up to, eat breakfast with, and stay up late watching disney movies on netflix while hearing his bad impressions of the characters like yeah bud we’re ugly but we’re happy and comfortable and ugly and together so what’s wrong with being ugly tbh and he’ll realize he’s not ugly when he sees me anyways

  • psychic: (reads my mind)
  • my mind: now the real question in the wicked + the divine at this point is: who do the gods answer to if not to necessity itself? here you can draw a line that divides the pantheon. first there are those who live these two years solely for their own pleasure, enjoying themselves boundlessly. sakhmet leads that group along with woden, lucifer, baal, baphomet and even inanna to quite an extent. on the other hand we have the members of the pantheon who feel a clear obligation to their fans and/or the world: amaterasu, dionysius, the norns, tara and the morrigan. except for morrigan all of these gods have struggled extensively because of their feeling of duty. for them serving their fans means damaging themselves. oh and then there are persephone and minerva who are in a grey zone at the end of this arc but really this begs the question: does a deity have an obligation to its worshippers, its creations? do artists have a responsibility to their fanbase? do individuals owe the world anything? and if yes is it truth, love, compassion, total self-destruction? in greek mythology before there were the titans or the gods there were ananke and chronos: necessity and time. so now that ananke is dead and little time remains, what does that mean for the pantheon and more importantly what does it mean for their relationship to the rest of the world? with laura's death and persephone's birth we abandon all human characters in wicdiv and i'm wondering what that means in the great scheme of things
  • psychic: what the fuck