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Gravity Falls Season 2 (2/2)

just a small montage of some of my favorite jokes and stuff from the show

(requested by thejournalsaregone)

So This Is Love

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,347
Warnings: Light smut. Fluff. Unprotected sex.
Request: ( Anonymous ) If you still take requests can you please do a fic with an OC that is in love with Lucifer, but due to her being human he has so far ignored her, but when seeing how close she is being with Crowley (just friendship) makes him all jealous and possessive, making him admits he is falling for her too. Smut please, if that’s ok :D 

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bunker podcast valentines !

(hopefully an Almost companion to the gr9 marscorp ones <3
for use of all of u hoping to woo somebody out there in the wastes ! :0 (w expert Expert! help by @smegandtheheads and @loveandloveby-products !! )

and a final one if u wanna go for an anti-valentines angle ! (or if you’re just Too Old to get in on the meme, rip lmao)

Arrow 505: Finding Hope

Ouch this ep stings! But against all evidence to the contrary, this review is focused on finding hope re Olicity. 

First, let’s rejoice because OTA is back! I’m still waiting for Diggle to have a big Olicity conversation with Oliver and Felicity but seeing the original gangsters back together warmed my heart. And let’s enjoy Oliver’s optimism and the smile that lights his face at the sight of John in the bunker. God he missed his brother.

And look at how Evelyn is fangirling over Diggle/Spartan. The man is married girl!

I loved the Human target and Wil Traval even though I felt he was under used. This ep felt like some key scenes were cut. Rene giving Oliver’s name, Christopher Chance meeting Malone as Oliver…

Now, on to the Olicity and how Oliver is definitely not okay with Felicity moving on.

“Oliver Queen has never been my better half”. That admission is saying a lot.

Oliver still doesn’t believe he deserves to be happy. So his next girlfriend (or more likely bed partner) probably won’t be a very good woman and I bet he’s gonna sleep with the reporter just like he slept with Isobel Rochev. Because he doesn’t think he deserves better than Felicity. 

Oliver hides his pain behind a smile. He is 100% unhappy Felicity closed the door on their relationship but she’s too important for him to lose. So he’s gonna do the honorable thing and pretend it’s okay so she stays in his life as a friend and on the team as overwatch. That’s his penance for lying to her and only Felicity herself can deliver him from this particular hell, just like he delivered John last week from the cell he was willing to let himself rot in.

“I’m hurt that you didn’t tell me”.

Now that’s the real face of Oliver in pain over Felicity breaking up with him. He’ll never be ok with her choosing to move on, but what can he do but put on a brave face? Still he tries to be as honest with her as he can about the pain she is inflicting. That’s him trying to tell her the Truth.

Unfortunately, Felicity still has her head far buried in the sand (to speak nicely). She keeps lying about Malone to everyone and she lied to him about telling Oliver (and she certainly didn’t share how she was spending her nights!).

Most importantly from a writers’ POV her new relationship is not important enough to merit a love scene. Yes I cringed when I saw Emily’s very lovely naked back but I was glad we didn’t see them naked in bed. Yuk. So I think Malone doesn’t have a future with our girl.  

“I will always care about you”. We know Oliver, we know… sigh…

Meanwhile in the Bratva: Oliver has a type. The long haired blonde in red. I think the writers are trying to tell us something…



Charlie: “You guys made another friend! Who are you? I’m Charlie Bradbury.”

Chuck: “It’s nice to finally meet you. Chuck Shurley.”

Dean: “But you probably know him better as Carver Edlund.”

Charlie: “Oh my god!’

Chuck: “Yeah, that too.”

The supernatural beings of Gravity Falls

(I know I’m missing some, but I just did the more important ones)

So since we know how reversed cipher wheel looks like

I’ve decided to reverse the pages at the end of each episode


Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker


Summary: He sure keeps you on your toes, for you never know what to expect next. Damn angels.

Words: 962 

Pairings:   Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Nope

Request:  Asked by @lucifer-in-leather – How about a Lucifer x reader where she tries to take him on a typical human date… like bowling or something? XD

A/N:   Okay, I am so sorry, I feel like Luci is very much OOC, but had fun none the least.

<3 Love ya lots!

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John “slow burn” Winchester

After everything Sam and Dean went through; 

  • generally standing right between heaven and hell
  • causing and stopping don’t know how many apocalypses by now
  • wrestling with archangels
  • ending Eve herself
  • killing the Uber-Leviathan
  • even destroying two Knights of Hell and
  • two Princes of Hell
  • becoming best buddy with the current King of Hell
  • also befriending the most powerful entity in existence and not forgetting
  • sharing the bunker with god himself

after all that (and so much more that could be further mentioned), I considered John Winchester kind of incompetent  totally incompetent. 

It took him how long to avenge the death of his wife? Over twenty years? Oh right, he didn’t avenge her, Dean did. 

But hearing Azazel was not just some super powerful demon with special eyes, but actually a Prince of Hell? Well, I’m now ready to give the man a late stamper in his diary. 

He still was and will always remain one of the worst examples for parenting, but considering his special enemy he at least didn’t completely suck at being a hunter. Even though his sons are -again- going to end this affair far more quickly.

god but cas being so possessive over dean’s body when they finally get together.  it’s not jealousy – which is a human emotion cas had never expected to understand in all his millennia, until something strange and hot twisted in his belly when he watched dean using his body as a weapon and a toy, flirting information out of strangers, or just disappearing out of the motel room in nameless towns and coming back in the pre-dawn smelling like sweat and beer and something else equal parts sour and sweet.

cas had followed him once, early on, out of curiosity and concern.  he never did it again, haunted by the way someone else’s hands were moving over dean’s body, the body he pieced back together bit by bit, cradling his brilliant soul.

but it’s not that, not anymore.  he knows dean belongs to him now as wholly as he’s always belonged to dean, and only he gets to lay claim to his body.  but after so many years of watching and waiting, and wondering, he loves to see the physical evidence of it on his skin, loves to see it mirrored on his own skin.  dean gave up protesting the hickeys sucked high on his throat, and gave up trying to hide them soon after, flipping sam a polite middle finger at the token bitchface.  and cas can’t suppress a very smug, very human smirk every time he sees a pretty woman’s eyes flicker to dean’s neck, and then her smile fading slightly.

but most of all cas likes undressing dean, tracing the bruises like nebulae under the constellations of freckles on his back and kissing the bite marks on his inner thighs, squeezing the fading handprints still warm on his ass.  just worshipping the body and soul he put back together before reclaiming it, again, for his own.

Family Game Night

Prompt: could you do a one-shot of the reader and TFW playing it and Charlie running the game? If not then maybe the 5 of them playing family board games instead

Requester: Anon

Warnings: None

Words: 1,210

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Things that deserve better meta than this lousy post

- Clearly the best part of the episode was the sequence in the recap “obviously I’m a god” “you’re not a god” “God??” lol Sammy epic fail. Sorry. More serious things now.

- The bunker and the car. God zaps Dean and Sam into the bunker at the beginning of the episode, and then zaps Sam, Casifer and Donatello into the bunker with the Impala. And Sam says that they’re home. It’s an amazing symbolic moment–the old home getting inside the new home. The old life, the John life, being transferred to the new life, the stable life, the life of the chosen family instead of the strictly blood family. Kevin was a reminder of that–the bunker is the place where the brothers have been building their own new family, a family based on choice instead of John’s orders. And Cas is being zapped into the bunker by God.

- John and God. Ahaha. Chuck spends the first portion of the episode lying his ass off to Dean and that’s the frame where “don’t confuse me with your dad” happens. Dean is not confusing him for his father. Chuck is exactly like his father, and Dean realizes it perfectly. Oh, In My Time Of Dying 2.0. You have no idea what that means to me. Season 2 was about Dean’s trauma, this episode is about Dean’s working his way towards healing (and guess what–the key is Cas).

- The difference between Sam’s relationship with God and Dean’s relationship with God is masterfully written, in my opinion (”fanboy” bless). And that gets us back to the previous point. There’s so much to be talked about here, but my brain has been short-circuited by the double tears and I’m currently deading. Actually the whole scene with Chuck, Dean and Sam in the bunker totally killed me. Fuck, their acting. Jared’s acting was incredibly spot-on, Jensen’s acting had me trembling. Jesus.

- Chuck paralleling his relationship with Amara to Dean and Sam’s relationship was a punch to my stomach (in a good way, if you consider ‘death by feels’ a good way). Dean being paralleled to Amara and Sam being paralleled to God definitely deserve some good analysis.

- Lucifer and God’s relationship asdfghjk. Honestly this episode did a great job brushing a picture of their dynamic and I can’t wait to see how that pans out. The scene were they finally face each other was chilling. Little note: Misha’s acting, guys. Anyway. Chuck actively avoiding Lucifer. I’m not going to repeat ‘and that gets us back to–’ oh wait I just did.

- Amara finds Dean through Cas, manipulates Dean though Cas, and then is surprised when she discovers that Dean has “betrayed” her because he was actually stalling for Cas to be saved lol. Can I get an amen for the directing/editing? So many cuts from one scene to the other that connected Dean and Cas. Cuts from one to the other framing their connection masterfully, in my opinion. When Amara asks Dean why he’s not coming with her, the answer is given by the cut to Cas and I’m internally screeching like a pterodactyl, but there have been several other instances of tying Dean and Cas through the cuts between the scenes. Bless.

- The door and the windows of Donatello’s home, have been used several times already, right?

- Speaking of Donatello, what do you think is the meaning of his connection to Raphael?

- Dean saying that Rowena and the Book are better staying out of the picture until the Amara thing is over makes me chuckle in excitement–is it a promise of what’s to come next season or…?

- Dean and Chuck get paralleled a lot too–the long showers, the singing under the shower, the porn, the eating, the robe. Interesting stuff to be analyzed. I’m always a slut for Dean-food meta so I expect you people better than me at meta to give me good stuff.

- Is the bacon a bisexuality Aaron reference?

- Everyone: blah blah blah. Dean: …okay but *cough* Lucifer *cough* also I’m sure no one is going to notice if I throw in Cas every once in a while right

- Have I mentioned a parallel to John’s crusade to find the demon who killed Mary? Oops I did seventy-seven times seven.

- I love how Metatron catches Sam and Dean meeting Chuck by pausing the tv, just like Cas found Metatron back then. Metatron-Cas parallels to be analyzed, guys, not just for the television… (telling things in person just like Cas needed to tell things in person to Dean about the suicidal angels who pretended to blow up for Cas, etc)

- Cat reference again, is there a deeper meaning to it?

- Dean drinking coffee and snorting at the margarita. Season 8 Healthy Habits™ referenced again, together with the robe and such. Nice.

- When Donatello tries to get out of the car because he’s overwhelmed by the supernatural stuff (Dean and Sam fucking with him was golden lol) and ‘it’s locked’. Once you get into the life, no exit… also the Santa Claus reference reminded me of the Christmas episode, where Sam gets introduced to the knowledge of the Supernatural. There was Winchester Family History here too, and I love it.

- Please someone who knows curling properly explain me the symbology lol.

- Playground imagery again bless (aka: better meta writers talk about it instead of my lousy ass)

- Casually sitting on a bench with a bisexual while wearing a bisexual colored shirt tralala


- Dean my baby ball of fluff and love and …love (yes this is a sophisticated piece of meta)


- Amara blocking the car, God saving the car, and we know what the car represents but I’ve already mentioned that there’s a lot of stuff to say about the car sorry

- My Dean


Dean was thought about Cas a lot in this episode. IMHO by Lucifer he meant Cas. As we know, Dean is not that kind of person who puts his feelings out for everyone to see. The way how  he feels about Cas is such personal. Only Sam knows about Dean’s longing. And now they have God in the bunker, and then Donatello and Metatron. So there is no wonder why Dean didn’t mention Cas directly. He just uses Lucifer’s name to hide his feelings from others. 

Sorry for my English. It’s not my first language

“You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare with the pain I felt when I saw you fall for her…” - Dean x reader


You walked into a bar, tears streaming down your face. You were shaking for the past half hour and you couldn’t bring yourself to calm down.

It was a surprise that you didn’t crash into something or someone while driving. Honestly, you wished that you did, everything would be easier.

You tried to stay strong when you watched the two of them in the Bunker, God knows you really did. But seeing him happy with her instead of you, it crushed you.

“Double whiskey.” you ordered, your voice shaking while you wiped the tears away.

“You okay, sweetheart?” bartender asked. She was young, probably just finished high school. She should be at collage not here at this dirty bar.

“Just give me whiskey, please. Not in a mood to talk.”

She nodded and in less than a minute you had a glass of drink that you hated in your hand.

You needed to stop thinking about them. About the way he looked at her or the way he touched her arm while laughing.

Dean Winchester was in love. And it was killing you that you were not the lucky girl.

After way more than just a few drinks, you saw someone sit next to you. The man remained quiet for a while and so did you.

“Why did you run away?” he asked all out the sudden. God, you adored this voice. “What does all this mean, Y/N?” he asked again, which made you cry again.

“Y/N…” he said gently, placing his hand on top of yours.

“Go back, Dean. Isabella is waiting for you.” you told him, pushing his hand away. “Go.”

“Wait.” he stopped you. “What does she have with this? Y/N?”

He placed a finger under your chin, forcing you to look at him. He was worried, you could read it from his eyes. And he was also very confused.

“You know what Dean?” you asked, suddenly finding the strength to face him. “It hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me, it really did. But nothing can compare with the pain I felt when I saw you fall for her…”

With that, you jumped off your seat, leaving the money for drink and tip for bartender. You couldn’t stand being so near him and you almost ran out of the bar, tears making its way down your cheeks once again.

“Y/N!” you heard him calling after you, but you just kept going. Pity was the last thing you needed right now.

“Y/N, WAIT!” Dean was desperate to get to you as soon as he could.

Meanwhile, you got into your car, bumping your head against the seat. It was stupid to say what you did, to let your true feelings out now.

Of course he didn’t feel the same, why would he. He was in love with Isabella and you… you were nothing more than a friend to him. Maybe after this not even that anymore.

“Y/N!” Dean opened the doors of your car. “Y/N, listen to me, will ya?” he was angry, but most of all he was scared. If you’d start this car, if you drove away, he could lose you forever.

You sobbed in response, refusing to look at him.

“I didn’t fall for Isabella. Never did, never will. Why would you think such a thing?”

You shook your head, unable to answer and gasped for much needed air.

“Have you seen the way you are with her, Dean?” you managed to let out between sobs.

“She’s just a friend, Y/N. Nothing more. She couldn’t be. She’s not you, baby. You haven’t seen the way I look at you.” he confessed, trying to pull you into a hug, but you pushed him away.

“Y-you’re just s-saying t-this to m-make me feel b-better.”

“For the love of God, will you ever believe me?” Dean closed the door on your side and hurried to the other side, getting into a car there. “I’ve been crazy about you for years, Y/N. Why do you think I was so angry every time you got injured on a hunt? But I thought that you only see me as a friend, so I stayed back.”

He gently took your hand in his, placing a kiss on the top of it. “I freaked out when I saw that you left, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

That’s when you looked at him. Your eyes were red and puffy, your face wet from crying.

“I love you, Y/N. I can’t imagine loving anyone else, not since I met you. Y/N, baby, you’re the one and only for me.”

“Don’t leave me, Dean.” you breathed out. “Don’t go because I was stupid.”

“What?” he let out a small chuckle and brought you closer to him. “Why would I leave you? I couldn’t and I don’t want to. Did you hear what I was saying?”

You nodded against his chest, still shaking.

“C’mon, let’s get you home. We’ll get your car later.”

He pushed you away only so he could get out of the car and pulled you out, in his hug. After locking your car and placing car keys in his pocket, he lifted you out bridal style and walked to the Impala.

Once he started driving, you placed your head on his shoulder. “I love you too.” you whispered quietly, so he probably didn’t even hear you.

“I know.”