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Gravity Falls Season 2 (2/2)

Spank Me

Summary: When investigating a apartment Dean, Sam, and Y/N discover a paddle. Y/N gets nervous seeing it and the brothers soon discover she likes to be spanked. 

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: NSFW, spanking, dirty talk, public sex, smut, 

Word Count: 2,202

A/N: Thank you @attractiverandomness for beta reading girl! This one was hot to write I very much enjoyed it, and I hope you do as well. 

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“You said all the windows and doors were locked?” You questioned the elderly landlord standing in front of you. “There were no signs of forced entry and nothing was stolen?”

“No, it’s just like I told the officers Agent Rowling, there was nothing in here but the dead girl.” She looked around the empty apartment apprehensively, before her eyes were drawn to the blood stained wood. “All I know is the neighbors were complaining about the smell. That’s when we found her; the poor thing.” She shook her head back and forth, holding her fist in front of her mouth and nose. “I hope you three find the sick bastard who did this.” She nodded, clearly affected by the trauma.

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12x10- THE Destiel Episode

Jesus Christ in heaven. This entire episode was pure magic. Normally I write a post called ‘Destiel bits on episode xyz.’ This episode? No need because every single second was Destiel. So this post will be more of a recap and screaming about every scene. 

And before we proceed, Steve Yockey… Marry me. 

Warning for long post ahead with a metric ton of gifs. SPOILERS AHEAD.

(gif credits to @yourfavoritedirector​, @subcas @some-people-call-it-tragic​, @angvlicmish​, @codestielckles)

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“See you on the other side”

Hi guys! Today I’ve reached 150 follows! Thank you so much! That’s why I wrote for you all “See you on the other side” - short Bellarke fanfiction that is the alternative ending of S4 in the bunker! (So sorry for any mistakes, I haven’t had much time to check it, and English is not my native language!)



Even when everyone was safe. Even when people from thousands became 1200. Even when there was no danger threatening any of them and the leader was chosen, there was something, that Bellamy, Clarke, Monty, Murphy or anyone from the old delinquents couldn’t deal with. Something that made them doubt in worth of being where they were.

Raven stayed in Becca’s lab. And she was going to die in less than 24 hours.

They were all in the main room, even Kane, Jaha, Abby and Octavia with Indra. The weight of made decisions was overwhelming, everyone was trying to figure out the way to keep the peace between the Clans for the next five years, but leaving friend to die wasn’t something the delinquents could just ignore. The truth was obvious, but no one spoke about that before. No one could break the unspoken tension around this topic.

Maybe that’s why Murphy suddenly interrupted Kane and his conversation with others about food rations that he didn’t give a damn about.

“You said that 10 hours is what we need to get to the island, right?”

The room went silent for a while, as Kane look up at him with a bit of surprise in his eyes. Then he cleared his throat and spoke with steady, but also dissapointed voice.

“We can’t save her, Murphy” then his sight moved from face to face, realising them that those words are for all of them. “We spoke to Raven. She’s having only one tank with an oxygen for no more than 10 hours. And no rover to came here back with. And we have both-”

 “So why are we standing here instead of going to save her while we still can?” Bellamy tried to be quiet, but his emotions were as always out of control and he was surely done talking. Especially when it turned out they’ve had the equipment.

Kane’s sight came back to the maps of their bunker, just like he thought this could be an escape from answering for it and the way for leaving it to whoever else was in that room.

But this time, Monty was the one to break the silence.

“Because there’s no oxygen for us to go back with…”

And that hit them hard.

Bellamy saw their expressions and felt almost like he was looking at the mirror. Monty scowled with his gaze on the floor, as he always did when something huge bothered him. Murphy closed his eyes with face that was like a warning to not come any closer. Except Emori, who put the hand on his shoulder with sad eyes locked on him with concern. Harper seemed to be out of air in her lungs. 

Then he turned his head to look anxiously at Clarke.

But she was gone.

He felt his heart skipping a beat. His body worked faster than his mind, so he saw himself quiting a room and running through the exit. He’s heard the voices screaming behind him, asking where he’s going, but he couldn’t stop. Not in this moment. Not in any moment.

He felt his lungs working so fast that he couldn’t get enough air. It was burning, but he didn’t care. Only thing that mattered in that moment was to be there on time.

To prevent Clarke’s suicide.

But when he was at the end of the stairs and wanted to turn left, the door were closed. The only thing he had left was round window where he saw her. In suit, with helmet in her hands and tears running down her face.

And that was something that broke him completely.

His fists started to punch in the door.

“Open the door, Clarke”. His voice unwillingly shivered with anxiousness.

She looked up at him with no shock. Instead, she came closer to the window and her eyes met his.

“I have nightblood-”.

“U n t e s t e d nightblood!”. Bellamy screamed with a fist hitting the door right next to the window. His gaze was full of emotions he’s ever felt to her, mixed with deadly fear and uncertainty rising in him with every single second passing.

Clarke couldn’t stop the new wave of tears. They were stuck in her eyes, making them shine the way he’d never seen.

“Raven is our friend. If I’m having an opportunity to help her, I won’t hesitate”. And before he could desclaim that, she continued. “It has to be done, Bellamy. And you need to let me do this”.

Silence came right when it should. The intense look he gave her spoke for itself. She looked at him with the untold feelings, shattering apart with the unstoppable moment approaching them faster then they thought.

Then, Bellamy felt the tear on his cheek and his vision went blured. With voice cracking from pain, he would never expect to feel for anyone other than his family, he told her the obvious truth, he couldn’t tell her before.

“I need y o u”.

And then Clarke took a deep breath, hearing those words. With a quiet sob after that, she put a hand with a suit on it on the glass, and looked like she was even more in pain than before. 

“I have to save our people” her voice was unstable, but she kept on talking, making sure he’s heard her. “And you have to protect them. Promise me”.

Bellamy leaned forward, far enough to see her clearly, with a forehead on the glass. Then he carefully put a hand right when hers was on the other side, looking at them and wishing there was no glass, so he could’ve felt the warmth coming from Clarke’s body.

Then she leaned too, with a forehead right in front of his, and that moved his attention back to her eyes. He saw she was waiting for him to respond. Since now, all of the Skaikru were h i s people, and protecting them was something he’s always done. And he knew he would still.

So he did what she was asking for.

“I promise”.

And suddenly, the time hit them hard with the ticking clock, locked on Clarke’s forearm. But none of them moved even a bit. Bellamy saw her eyes closing and felt another tear running down his cheek. He closed his too.

That was it.

“May we meet again” she said.

“May we meet again” he replied.

The emptiness broke into his heart as an illness, despite that he knew it had to be done. Clarke has always put their people first. She was going to be remembered as good leader, good friend and the hero of the humanity. He always knew it. And this time wasn’t different. 

But this time was the last time. 

Their together came to the end.

And he felt it even more, when he opened his eyes and she was gone.


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The supernatural beings of Gravity Falls

(I know I’m missing some, but I just did the more important ones)

just a small montage of some of my favorite jokes and stuff from the show

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You (Probably) Shouldn’t Have

Characters: Sister!Reader, Sam, Dean

Pairing: N/A

Warnings: Language, Arguing (not really bad, but *shrugs*), kinda fluffy, a spot of angst (again, nothing too bad), Dean being a cute older brother, Sam being the cutie that he is, sugar coma, Dean briefly hating on Sam’s hair

Word Count: 2755

A/N: What’s up my peeps? I haven’t written anything in a while, so I figured I should probably do that before people start to hate me more than they probably already do. So, here is the sequel to Of Women and Winchesters. I know that you guys probably expected something a little different, and so did I honestly, but this is what came to me. So, here you go. I don’t really think it’s super required to read OW&W before you read this, but it kind of helps and definitely doesn’t hurt. So, please leave feedback, like, reblog. I really do live for your guys’s comments and would love to start getting more of them.

Of Women And Winchesters (Not required, but it could help with context)


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Six hours. Six long hours is the amount of time that Sam and Dean had to be stuck in the car with you after your post spirit celebration. After your nap, which lasted all of about thirty minutes, you woke to the sensation of a hammer consistently beating against your skull. You began whining about twenty minutes into the headache causing both boys to glance back at you.

“Morning sleepyhead.” Dean says before turning back towards the road. “Now, I imagine you probably have a pounding headache right about now?”

“Uh huh.” You groan burying your face into the backseat. “It hurts…and my mouth is so dry.”

“Hold on a sec.” Dean tells you before you suddenly feel the car swerving and then hitting what seems to be a pothole.

“Ow!” You whine when your head bounces off of the seat. “What was that for?”

Instead of answering, he tosses something over the seat. Groaning, you drag your arm over to pick it up and grimaced remembering your antics from the night before.

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April 30th, 1945, 15 hours, 15 minutes in the afternoon. Shells and shrapnel rain down ceaselessly on Berlin and raging firestorms give the impression of an hallucinating drama. The Götterdämmerung, Twilight of the Gods. Within the Bunker, Adolf Hitler calls for the Chief-assistant of his personal service, SS Official Sturmbannführer Heinz Linge, and tells him he must leave the scene. Then Linge asks him: “For whom must we fight now, Mein Führer?” And Adolf Hitler replies: “FOR THE MAN TO COME…” 

From Heinz Lange’s book, Bis zum Untergang (Towards the Collapse)”

~ Miguel Serrano, MANU: For The Man To Come

instead of chuck taking sam and dean back to the bunker and showing them kevin to prove that he’s god he should’ve taken them through an insane sequence and sang ‘you’re welcome’ from moana reblog if you agree


Cas making himself at home in the bunker

Cas coming home

Imagine coming out as gay to your brothers, Sam and Dean.

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Your heart was beating wildly in your chest and you felt as if it was about to burst out of your chest. You sat down at the map table, staring down at your trembling hands. You were going to do this. You were actually going to do this. Today, you were finally going to tell your brothers that you’re gay. And, my god, were you terrified.

The bunker door slammed and you looked up to find your brothers walking in. They trudged down the stairs, placing two six packs of beers and a couple of packets of chips on the table. You took a shaky breath before finally speaking.

‘‘Hey, can I… ummm… can I talk to you… you guys for a -a second?’‘

‘‘Of course, Y/N. What’s wrong?’‘ Sam spoke, sounding worried.

‘‘Can you sit down for a second?’‘

‘‘Sure,’‘ Dean replied, sitting down across from you.

‘‘I need to tell you something,’‘

You saw concern flash over both of their faces.

‘‘Is everything okay?’ Dean asked.

‘‘I’m gay,’‘ you blurted out. ‘‘I’m gay. I’ve known for years, I just didn’t know if you would care or not. I couldn’t tell Dad because he was homophobic. And I didn’t know if you guys were too so…’’

‘‘Of course not Y/N. We don’t care! We’re not like Dad.’‘ Sam affirmed. 

You burst into tears from sheer relief and the boys rushed to your side, pulled you to your side and comforted you.

‘‘Thank you for accepting me. I love you guys.’’ You gushed through tears.

‘‘We love you. We’ll love you no matter what,’‘



Charlie: “You guys made another friend! Who are you? I’m Charlie Bradbury.”

Chuck: “It’s nice to finally meet you. Chuck Shurley.”

Dean: “But you probably know him better as Carver Edlund.”

Charlie: “Oh my god!’

Chuck: “Yeah, that too.”


Dean x Reader based on the song Babe by Styx.

Babe, I’m leaving, I must be on my way. The time is drawing near. My train is going, I see it in your eyes, the love, the need, your tears. But I’ll be lonely without you. And I’ll need your love to see me through. So please believe me, my heart is in your hands. And I’ll be missing you.‘Cause you know it’s you babe, whenever I get weary, and I’ve had enough, feel like giving up. You know it’s you babe, giving me the courage, and the strength I need. Please believe that it’s true. Babe, I love you.

Dean had only meant to come here for a hunt, but here he was two years later, laying in bed next to you as he watched you sleep. He hadn’t been to the bunker in God knows how long; when he went on hunts with his brother he would just meet Sam wherever it was they needed to be, but this house with you, it was his home now. He had fallen madly in love with you and never wanted to leave.

He knew, however, that he had no choice but to leave you now, him being here was starting to put you in danger, and he couldn’t have that. He watched as you opened your eyes and looked up at him with love glistening in those pretty spheres. Man, he was gonna have a hard time letting go of you. A small yawn escaped your lips as you cuddled closer to him, relishing in the heat he gave off. “Do you want me to make breakfast?” You smiled up at him.

Dean nodded, “Yeah,” he said, like this was some special treat he would have to savor. And little did you know it was, for he didn’t plan to have breakfast with you again, at least not for a long time. You stayed in bed for a few moments longer, before you worked up the motivation to leave the comfort of the soft blankets, and more importantly Dean.

He was soon making his way into the kitchen himself though, and when he got close enough to you he wrapped his arms around you, placing loving kisses in your hair. Man, he loved your hair. He breathed in the smell of your shampoo before letting you go. He was planning on telling you he had to leave as soon as possible, but he decided it could at least wait until after breakfast, so he could have one last meal with you.

Your meal was nice, though you did most of the talking, because Dean was too busy soaking up your every move, trying to remember how your eyes darting from him to the food as you talked and the exact way you held your fork. It was silly, but Dean wanted to try to remember as much of you as he could. “Dean, are you ok?” You asked, setting your plate to the side. His behavior was starting to worry you and for good reason.

Dean took a deep breath and pushed his own plate away, facing you straight on. “(Y/n), I-” he drew a sigh and started his sentence again, “I gotta go,hun. It’s not safe for you to be around me anymore.” A cloud of silence filled the kitchen and settled, during which time Dean’s eyes searched your face, trying to decipher what you were feeling. “(Y/n), you know I love you, and I don’t want to leave you, but I have to. For your safety.”

You knew about Dean’s line of…work, and you knew that was why he felt the need to leave. “Dean, I don’t care about- about demons, or vampires or whatever it is that you think is going to come after me,” you assured him, but Dean just gave you a sad look in return. 

“How about lucifer?” He asked with a dry chuckle.

Your eyes grew wide at the name, “As in, evil, cast down from heaven, satan, Lucifer?” It had to be someone else, what would Lucifer want with you? You were probably as insignificant to him as a flea.You couldn’t even fathom the fact that Lucfer might come after you. Besides, Dean had never mentioned that the devil was up and about.

“Yep, that’s the one,” Dean pursed his lips and looked at you, hoping now you might realise the gravity of the situation. “I know that he’s gonna try to get me, and I can’t have him try to get to me through you.” You didn’t want Dean to leave, but you understood that he didn’t want you to get hurt, and that he probably wouldn’t be able to save you if Lucifer did come after you.

You looked at Dean for a moment and nodded, “I get it,” you told him giving him a slight nod and a smile. “So, um, when are you leaving?” You asked. You didn’t even know if you wanted an answer. You sure as hell didn’t want to be having this conversation, but you knew you had to, and as much as you wanted Dean to tell you that he was never leaving, you knew too, that that wasn’t the case.

If you thought Dean’s gaze couldn’t be any more sorrow filled, you were wrong. You knew the answer before he even said anything. “Today,” tears threatened to spill down your face, but you didn’t want that to happen, you knew Dean didn’t want to hurt you, so kept strong for him. “I’m catching the 11 o’ clock train, Sam’s gonna pick me up on the other end.”

You bit your lip and nodded, but it quickly donned on you that Dean didn’t need to take a train. “What about baby?” you knew Dean loved that car, it had been with him all this life, it was his pride and joy, it was quite literally his baby.

Dean cleared his throat, the tears that he too was holding back making his throat dry, “I uhh, I thought I’d leave it here. You know, so you can remember me. And as a promise that I’ll be back once this is all over.” Now you couldn’t help but start to ball. Him leaving baby for you was more than you could take and made this whole thing real. It finally hit you good and hard that Dean was leaving, and you couldn’t take it. 

Dean pulled your head into his chest running his hands through your hair and whispering sweet nothings and mumbling a “hush” and “shh” every now and then. When you finally pulled away your eyes were puffy and Dean’s shirt was tear stained. A glance at the clock showed that it was getting late, and you stood up simultaneously. That small action alone made you want to burst into another round of tears. You were so good together, so in sync. And that was all going to go away. 

You followed Dean up the stairs and helped him back, sniffles escaping each of you here and there as you folded clothes. Every time your hands brushed against each other Dean winced and you felt tears prick at the back of your eyes.

 Dean hated leaving you, you were his everything. You were the reason he didn’t drink himself under the table every night or just quit and let a demon kill him. You were the reason he could sleep at night, when his whole life consists of blood and death and tears. You gave him strength and courage. You made everything alright.

He looked over at you now, as you pulled one of his army surplus jackets closer to you, looking at him with tears in your eyes as you hugged it close, silently asking him to keep it. You knew a car was more than you could ask for, but you couldn’t cuddle a car, you couldn’t wrap it around you when you missed him in the night. He could see the pain and sorry in your eyes along with so many other things: not wanting him to leave, fear, love. Dean issued a small nod that earned him a sad smile as you slipped it on already.

It seemed like all too soon Dean’s things were packed and you were making your way down the stairs once more, Dean’s luggage over his shoulders, and your hand in his. You gripped it like your hand alone was the only thing that was keeping him there a second longer. When he reached the front door you didn’t want to let go, but when Dean had to set his things down you had no choice. 

“Do you want me to give you a ride to the train station?” you offered in a soft and surprisingly un-shaky voice.

“It’ll just make things harder. Jeff from the bar is going to give me a ride,” you nodded up at Dean, your mouth turning into a frown and water pooling in your eyes once more. “Shh,” he pulled you in for a hung once more, one of those calming, big hugs where he just pulls you right into him and makes you feel so safe. You were gonna miss those. “I’ll be back I promise,” you nodded and reached up to kiss those perfect lips of his one more time before he grabbed up his bags and walked out the door.

You watched him walk down to the end of the street where Jeff awaited him, from your window. Tears were already starting to flow down your face as you watched him stride, bow-legged, away from you. Dean looked back at you a couple of times as he walked, catching your eyes as you looked out the window, and there were tears running down his face too.

Storybrooke Has Fallen (2/?)

Summary:   Based entirely too closely on the movie Olympus Has Fallen. Secret Service agent Killian Jones has always taken his job seriously - perhaps a little too seriously if his supervisor were to have her say. But when terrorists attack the White House with Emma and her son inside, Jones will stop at nothing to find them and get them to safety.

Rated:  T, for violence, kidnapping, some dark themes

This is for the elusive @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable on the occasion of her birth.  Which occasion, I won’t tell you, but suffice to say, she’s a few days younger than me.  Also, tagging @killian-whump​​, @xhookswenchx, and @cocohook38​.  Adding in @eala-captian​, @snowbellewells, @jsilva0117, and anyone else who’d like to be tagged.

Word count:  ~ 4,600

From the beginning: ao3 / ffn

Current Chapter: AO3 / FFN

Emma’s morning started off at a rush.  She needed to meet with the Korean delegation and answer a thousand protocol questions, needed to organize a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and figure out what the hell was going on under their noses in the South China Sea.

She needed to spend more than thirty seconds with her growing son.

Emma’s heart clenched when she thought again about how difficult the last year and a half had been on the both of them.  The Fourth of July had come and gone and she’d barely seen Henry, let alone spent any time with him.  It was usually Neal who took their son to see the parade and the fireworks, Emma living vicariously through their stories long into the evening - long past Henry’s normal bedtime.

Henry had been asleep in his room before the first explosion had even gone off.

Now she was being briefed on yet another crisis that needed her immediate decision, and all Emma wanted to do was take Henry, wrap her arms around him, and squirrel him away someplace where they’d both have time to stop and heal.

Their upcoming vacation would hopefully give them both time to reset and to just talk.

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Oliver’s Journal

July, 2016:

I told her I wasn’t going anywhere. I’m still here. And she is too. That night we shared last month has given me some things to think about. I can still feel her skin on my fingertips. I can still taste her lips on mine, a mixture of Chinese food and wine and strong passion. Was I wrong to let that happen? Was it more of the same lie? She told me she loves me, but do I really deserve that love? Were we still apart? Did I deserve her love that night?

The way I treated her with William, all the behind the back stuff—why? Why did I keep it from her? Is she right when she says I don’t trust her? Or anybody else? How could I ever not trust her? Felicity should be the only person in my life who knows all of me.  She wanted to be my wife thinking she did. What does that mean? It means by saying yes, she was willing to accept everything about me—past, present and future. I lost that when I lied to her. She told me because she loves me, she deserves my full trust. She was right.

Why can’t I got to her and tell her I trust her? And why would she believe me if I did? I kept William from her for months. But what would happen, despite her saying she’s not ready yet, if I approached her tonight and insisted we talk? Would she leave me for good and the life we had together? Would Overwatch resign?

The truth is—I don’t know why I lied to her. I was narrow-minded to think that William was safer without Felicity knowing about him. I was going to spend the rest of my life with her and her me. It felt like I was juggling so many suppositions. Maybe I felt there were too many balls in the air and if I tried to deal with one at a time, all of them would come down at once. Was I afraid? Am I still afraid? Am I so tainted by my past that I would let someone as pure, beautiful, loving and trusting as Felicity be hurt and betrayed by that fear? If that is really the truth in all this, then I’m no better than Merlyn or Slade or Darkhe.

If that is truly how she saw me after she left that day in the loft, how and why did we end up making love that night in the Bunker? My god, I felt so much hope. Yes, she said she had a lot to drink. But was that the only reason? It didn’t feel like drunken sex. If felt…natural, like it always does between us whenever we touch each other. It has ever since our time in Nanda Parbat. It is always going to feel like that for me. Whenever I touch Felicity, there is nothing in this world that would make me doubt how much I love her.

Every time she says those words ‘I love you’ to me, I try to be worthy of her. I want to be worthy. I want her to know that without her in my life; I am untethered, drifting off into darkness. She helps me be a survivor. Without her, I am a loose cannon….I mean a loose arrow.

So yes, I told her I would wait for her, to let her find closure in our separation. And I will…for the rest of my life if that’s what it takes. I also want to fight, to get off my ass and go after her. I should have done it at the loft and last month. But I need to figure out what I want, and I have to find that answer before I can go after her or god forbid, she finds someone else.

It is so hard being around her every night. I am constantly fighting against the urge, the need to touch her. I want to be that man in her life she can believe that when I do touch her, it’s with everything in me. Is that trust? If so, she deserves nothing less. How am I going to get through another night tonight? What do I tell myself when she goes home without me? That I deserve to be alone?

I am angry. Not at her—at myself. I am angry at letting the darkness that shaped me all those years take away the only light that can heal me.  I love her. But is that love enough to give her everything she’s given me? Isn’t it really myself I don’t trust? Would she understand if I told her that?

There’s the elevator. Why do I suddenly feel that I have to put on a second mask? Why do I feel I have to hide my shame from her? But it will be good to see her tonight. Even if it is from a distance.

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So since we know how reversed cipher wheel looks like

I’ve decided to reverse the pages at the end of each episode