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12x10- THE Destiel Episode

Jesus Christ in heaven. This entire episode was pure magic. Normally I write a post called ‘Destiel bits on episode xyz.’ This episode? No need because every single second was Destiel. So this post will be more of a recap and screaming about every scene. 

And before we proceed, Steve Yockey… Marry me. 

Warning for long post ahead with a metric ton of gifs. SPOILERS AHEAD.

(gif credits to @yourfavoritedirector​, @subcas @some-people-call-it-tragic​, @angvlicmish​, @codestielckles)

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Gravity Falls Season 2 (2/2)

Spank Me

Summary: When investigating a apartment Dean, Sam, and Y/N discover a paddle. Y/N gets nervous seeing it and the brothers soon discover she likes to be spanked. 

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: NSFW, spanking, dirty talk, public sex, smut, 

Word Count: 2,202

A/N: Thank you @attractiverandomness for beta reading girl! This one was hot to write I very much enjoyed it, and I hope you do as well. 

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“You said all the windows and doors were locked?” You questioned the elderly landlord standing in front of you. “There were no signs of forced entry and nothing was stolen?”

“No, it’s just like I told the officers Agent Rowling, there was nothing in here but the dead girl.” She looked around the empty apartment apprehensively, before her eyes were drawn to the blood stained wood. “All I know is the neighbors were complaining about the smell. That’s when we found her; the poor thing.” She shook her head back and forth, holding her fist in front of her mouth and nose. “I hope you three find the sick bastard who did this.” She nodded, clearly affected by the trauma.

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The supernatural beings of Gravity Falls

(I know I’m missing some, but I just did the more important ones)

April 30th, 1945, 15 hours, 15 minutes in the afternoon. Shells and shrapnel rain down ceaselessly on Berlin and raging firestorms give the impression of an hallucinating drama. The Götterdämmerung, Twilight of the Gods. Within the Bunker, Adolf Hitler calls for the Chief-assistant of his personal service, SS Official Sturmbannführer Heinz Linge, and tells him he must leave the scene. Then Linge asks him: “For whom must we fight now, Mein Führer?” And Adolf Hitler replies: “FOR THE MAN TO COME…” 

From Heinz Lange’s book, Bis zum Untergang (Towards the Collapse)”

~ Miguel Serrano, MANU: For The Man To Come

just a small montage of some of my favorite jokes and stuff from the show

(requested by thejournalsaregone)

Oliver’s Journal

July, 2016:

I told her I wasn’t going anywhere. I’m still here. And she is too. That night we shared last month has given me some things to think about. I can still feel her skin on my fingertips. I can still taste her lips on mine, a mixture of Chinese food and wine and strong passion. Was I wrong to let that happen? Was it more of the same lie? She told me she loves me, but do I really deserve that love? Were we still apart? Did I deserve her love that night?

The way I treated her with William, all the behind the back stuff—why? Why did I keep it from her? Is she right when she says I don’t trust her? Or anybody else? How could I ever not trust her? Felicity should be the only person in my life who knows all of me.  She wanted to be my wife thinking she did. What does that mean? It means by saying yes, she was willing to accept everything about me—past, present and future. I lost that when I lied to her. She told me because she loves me, she deserves my full trust. She was right.

Why can’t I got to her and tell her I trust her? And why would she believe me if I did? I kept William from her for months. But what would happen, despite her saying she’s not ready yet, if I approached her tonight and insisted we talk? Would she leave me for good and the life we had together? Would Overwatch resign?

The truth is—I don’t know why I lied to her. I was narrow-minded to think that William was safer without Felicity knowing about him. I was going to spend the rest of my life with her and her me. It felt like I was juggling so many suppositions. Maybe I felt there were too many balls in the air and if I tried to deal with one at a time, all of them would come down at once. Was I afraid? Am I still afraid? Am I so tainted by my past that I would let someone as pure, beautiful, loving and trusting as Felicity be hurt and betrayed by that fear? If that is really the truth in all this, then I’m no better than Merlyn or Slade or Darkhe.

If that is truly how she saw me after she left that day in the loft, how and why did we end up making love that night in the Bunker? My god, I felt so much hope. Yes, she said she had a lot to drink. But was that the only reason? It didn’t feel like drunken sex. If felt…natural, like it always does between us whenever we touch each other. It has ever since our time in Nanda Parbat. It is always going to feel like that for me. Whenever I touch Felicity, there is nothing in this world that would make me doubt how much I love her.

Every time she says those words ‘I love you’ to me, I try to be worthy of her. I want to be worthy. I want her to know that without her in my life; I am untethered, drifting off into darkness. She helps me be a survivor. Without her, I am a loose cannon….I mean a loose arrow.

So yes, I told her I would wait for her, to let her find closure in our separation. And I will…for the rest of my life if that’s what it takes. I also want to fight, to get off my ass and go after her. I should have done it at the loft and last month. But I need to figure out what I want, and I have to find that answer before I can go after her or god forbid, she finds someone else.

It is so hard being around her every night. I am constantly fighting against the urge, the need to touch her. I want to be that man in her life she can believe that when I do touch her, it’s with everything in me. Is that trust? If so, she deserves nothing less. How am I going to get through another night tonight? What do I tell myself when she goes home without me? That I deserve to be alone?

I am angry. Not at her—at myself. I am angry at letting the darkness that shaped me all those years take away the only light that can heal me.  I love her. But is that love enough to give her everything she’s given me? Isn’t it really myself I don’t trust? Would she understand if I told her that?

There’s the elevator. Why do I suddenly feel that I have to put on a second mask? Why do I feel I have to hide my shame from her? But it will be good to see her tonight. Even if it is from a distance.

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So This Is Love

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,347
Warnings: Light smut. Fluff. Unprotected sex.
Request: ( Anonymous ) If you still take requests can you please do a fic with an OC that is in love with Lucifer, but due to her being human he has so far ignored her, but when seeing how close she is being with Crowley (just friendship) makes him all jealous and possessive, making him admits he is falling for her too. Smut please, if that’s ok :D 

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Bunker Rendezvous - Chapter 1 - DMichelleWrites - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary:  Initially, Curtis sets up a date night in for his favorite power as they transform their attic into a secondary bunker in case the first one ever becomes compromise yet again. Dinners and alcohol lead to some fun antics in numerous places of the lair, and sometimes Star City’s beloved married duo just can’t help themselves. Oliver and Felicity spend a lot of long nights in the lair. How do Dig and Thea feel about this?

(GIF credit: @arrowsource)


“We’ve both had a lot to drink,” she corrects, closing the gap between them.

Felicity presses a harsh kiss against her husband’s lips. They share sweet pecks until their kisses grow hotter. Despite himself, Oliver deepens the kiss. His arms wrap tightly around her waist. Their noses practically smashed against one another as her arms loop around his neck. Oxygen be damned, Oliver has to pull back for multiple. reasons They can’t — not here.

“Felicity.” Oliver utters, panting slightly, “We, uh, we promised Dig.”

“Loophole,” replies Felicity, seemingly just as breathless, “We promised John no more sex in our main lair, but this, my love, is our backup bunker.”

God, he loves the way her mind works.

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Charlie: “You guys made another friend! Who are you? I’m Charlie Bradbury.”

Chuck: “It’s nice to finally meet you. Chuck Shurley.”

Dean: “But you probably know him better as Carver Edlund.”

Charlie: “Oh my god!’

Chuck: “Yeah, that too.”


Dean’s pov:
I’m still confused. Neither (Y/N) or Sammy wanted to come on a supply run with me. Which was unusual. Especially for (Y/N). Even after 3 years together we still didn’t want to be apart. But she insisted on staying home with Sam. Something about research and it was none of my business.

I sighed and got out of Baby slowly. Mentally preparing myself for whatever surprise they had in store. I walked out of the garage and out onto the stairs of the bunker. “Hey! Im home! Come help me with the bags!”
Nothing. Seriously? Where the hell are they? “Babe? Sammy?!”

I walked down the stairs and started to search the bunker. Stopping in the library. Was there a tapping noise before I left? God I hope it’s not the heater again. No. Not the heater. It’s getting louder.

“No! Get back here! Dean’s gonna kill us if he sees you! Sammy grab him!”

“(Y/N) I can’t grab him! Hey! Come back here little guy.”

What the hell? The tap,tap,tap got louder. A blur of brown ran down the hall. Followed by Sam and (Y/N).Both of them shouting after whatever the hell it was.

“Come back here puppy!” They yelled in unison.

Puppies in the bunker? Oh god. I need a drink. I walked over to the liquor cabinet and poured myself a glass of whiskey.

“Hey guys! Why don’t you come here for a sec? Let’s have a chat!” I yelled.

I heard an ‘oh shit’ and slow cautious footsteps. Then the tap,tap,tap again.Sam and (Y/N) walked in like children that had just been scolded. Shoulders hung. Puppy dog eyes. A small dog following close behind. I almost fell for it. But I couldn’t give them the satisfaction.

“Where did this dog come from?”

“We found him walking around outside. And he doesn’t have any tags. So we figured we could keep him around until we found a home,” (Y/N) said never looking me in the eyes.

“Babe. You can’t keep a dog in the bunker. We’ve talked about this.”

Finally Sam spoke up. “Well. How about DOGS?Like more than one dog?” He asked sheepishly.

I need another drink.

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So since we know how reversed cipher wheel looks like

I’ve decided to reverse the pages at the end of each episode


You’re what?!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Author’s Note: So this was requested by @xxtaylorsingerxx At first I wasn’t sure if you wanted it to be fluffy and whatnot or what exactly you wanted to happen, but I went back and fixed it. There is in fact a happy ending and I truly hope you like it!

Request: Dean and Y/N are together or maybe even strained, but basically she ends up pregnant

Warnings: Fighting (mainly arguing/yelling) and some light swearing

“Dammit Y/N, You’re not supposed to be here! ” your boyfriend Dean yelled. Just the other day you were injured on a hunt, the damn Rougarou had gotten the drop on you when you weren’t looking, resulting in you splitting your head open and some other wounds that needed stitches.

“Well Dean, I’m sorry that I didn’t want to just let you and Sam work this one alone” you retorted.

“All I asked was that you stay back at the bunker so you wouldn’t get hurt again, that’s all I asked! But no, instead you decided that you needed to follow us.”

“Listen, I’m sorry. I’ll just go then, since I’m apparently so unhelpful. I thought you’d at least need help with some research…” you said, not wanting to tell him the reason you were really there.

“Guys, can you just calm-” Sam started, but was then cut off by the two of you.

“Shut up Sam!” he threw his hands up in defeat and walked out of the motel room.

“Listen, I’ll just leave. I’ll see you guys whenever you’re done with the case, okay? I’ll just wait there, like a dog waiting for its master to come home.” you said, while opening and then slamming the motel room door.

“Fine!” Dean yelled, secretly hoping you’d come back. But it was too late, you were already in your car and on your way back to the bunker.


“God dammit” you said, slamming your fists onto the steering wheel. It took a moment for you look back up at the road after wiping away a few stray tears. You needed to tell him. Hell, you had to tell him. It took a lot of willpower for you to not turn around, but you kept on driving all the way back to the bunker. I’ll tell him when he gets back, you thought.

After getting ready for bed back at the bunker, you decided to get out your phone to text Sam to at least let him know that you were fine. But that wasn’t the exact reason as to why you texted him, you needed to confide in him. You knew you could trust him with this, at least until Dean had calmed down. When he texted you back letting you know that he was glad to hear that you were alright, you let him know that you needed to talk to him about something else. You specifically told him to not tell Dean, so he waited for him to leave.

“So, spill it Y/N.” Sam said as soon as you answered the phone.

“Jeez Sammy, give a girl a break. You couldn’t start with a ‘hi, how are you feeling?’” you said, slightly giggling. “Dean’s gone, right?” you asked nervously.

“Yeah, he’s gone. Now what’s been up? You seemed kind of off when I left.” you could tell that he seemed worried.

“Promise you won’t tell Dean, alright? I’m waiting for the right time to tell him, and well, it’s definitely not the right time. But I need to tell someone, and I trust you.”

Sam sighed, “I promise I won’t tell him, but I swear if you’re going to tell me that you’ve been cheat-”

You cut him off, “No Sam, I’m not cheating on him. The thing is, I’m pregnant. Well, I’ve been pregnant for awhile now.”

“Are you kidding me? Congratulations! But Y/N, you need to tell Dean. He’ll be so happy, he’ll forget all about your little fight from earlier.”

He was about to continue, but you stopped him. “Sam, this is just between you and me, okay? Dean needs some time to calm down, we both do. When do you think you guys will be back?” The truth is, you honestly didn’t care about when, you honestly wanted to tell Dean now. Him not knowing was eating you alive.

It took a moment before he spoke again, “If we finish the case early tomorrow, we should be back before sundown. We’ve got all of the information we need, we just have to kill the thing. But I think I just heard the Impala, so I’ll let you go. Get some rest and please just tell him.”

You gave a sigh of relief, “Alright Sam, goodnight. I’ll tell him when you guys get back.” And with that, you hung up and went to bed.

Sam had texted you a few hours ago to tell you that they’d be back later tonight, giving you enough time to prepare what you were going to say to Dean. Well, I’m guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. You were so nervous you didn’t hear the bunker door open, let alone Sam and Dean coming in.

“Y/N? We’re back, can you c’mere for a second?” Sam yelled, snapping you back into reality.

“I’m coming, sorry!” you yelled. As you walked out of your room and towards the kitchen you mentally prepared yourself for what could happen. As soon as you walked into the kitchen, you were greeted with Dean running over to you, picking you up, and gently placing his lips to yours, Sam just standing behind him with a grin on his face.

“Y/N i’m so sorry for earlier. Sam told me everything.” He said, as he placed you gently back on the ground. “Am I really going to be a father?” he looked down towards your belly and smiled.

“Nice going Sam, I thought this was our little secret?” you said, quietly cursing to yourself and looking over at the younger Winchester, who was indeed wiggling his eyebrows at you.

“Sorry Y/N, I just couldn’t keep it to myself.” He exclaimed with a wide grin on his face, you knew he was somewhat being sincere. But you were sure he could’ve waited, he just didn’t want to see the two of you fighting anymore. And you secretly thanked him for that, because now he knew.

“Yes Dean, you’re going to be a father.” you smiled, reaching your lips up to his, and passionately kissing him. 

Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker


Summary: He sure keeps you on your toes, for you never know what to expect next. Damn angels.

Words: 962 

Pairings:   Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Nope

Request:  Asked by @lucifer-in-leather – How about a Lucifer x reader where she tries to take him on a typical human date… like bowling or something? XD

A/N:   Okay, I am so sorry, I feel like Luci is very much OOC, but had fun none the least.

<3 Love ya lots!

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UNDER THE FLOOR   –––   also  ,  i better fucking find out in these last three episode’s if helios is in that god damn bunker.  because i refuse to believe octavia would allow the horse lincoln gifted her  +  saved her life to be left to die in the radiation.