god you make me wish i was a guy

Today I realized that you’re never going to love me as more than a friend. We are never going to be a couple. We’ll never fall asleep together or cook together or plan our futures together because we will never be together. There will never be an us. To you, we will always be friends, best friends. Because even when things end with this girl and I get my hopes up and think “Maybe this is my shot” you’ll already have another girl chasing you before I even get off the couch. And I don’t blame you for that because all those girls are seeing the great guy I know you are, the guy I am in love with. But that doesn’t make it hurt any less. That doesn’t stop the heartbreak or the tears or the aching in my body. And it doesn’t make me love you any less. But oh god, I wish it did.
—  I have to learn to unlove you. 
heathers starters!
  • “i am damaged, far too damaged.”
  • “you were meant to be mine, i am all that you need.”
  • “our love is god. let’s go get a slushie.”
  • “greetings & salutations.”
  • “you came so far why now are you pulling on my dick?”
  • “stick around here, make things better; cause you beat me fair & square.”
  • “you know what i want, babe? cool guys like you out of my life.”
  • “y’know, you fucked me up pretty bad there. you got power.”
  • “fuck me gently with a chainsaw, do i look like mother teresa to you?”
  • “they made you cry; but that will end tonight.”
  • “chaos is great! chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.”
  • “our love is god.”
  • “i wish your mom stayed around a little longer. i wish she was a little stronger.”
  • “i wish your dad was good!”
  • “i wish we met before they convinced you life is war!”
  • “i wish you’d come with me…”
  • “please.. don’t leave me alone. you were.. all that i could trust.. i can’t do this alone..”
  • “let’s make this beautiful.”
  • “let’s be normal. see bad movies, sneak a beer & watch tv.”
  • “don’t you want a life with me?”
  • “you don’t know what my world looks like.”
  • “sorry for coming through the window. dreadful etiquette, i know.”
  • “i worship you. i’d trade my life for you.”
  • “wish you’d miss me, wish you’d kiss me…”
  • “but i believe a dream that is worth having, should be a dream that never has to end.”
  • “certain girls were meant to be alone.”
  • “fine. we’re damaged, very damaged. but that does not make us wise.”
  • “we’re not special, we’re not different. we don’t choose who lives or dies.”

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Things I Learned From Shadowhunters o2.o8: 

o2. “FORGIVE ME” good god i’m in pain i love this man.
o4. Clary, are you dumb? How do you not know how Simon feels about you by now? :|
o6. “I’m never going to let anyone hurt you.” You’re dmn fucking right.
o7. Could Maryse be anymore of a bitch? My Lord.
o8. ISABELLE, STOP DOING THIS TO RAPHAEL IT’S RUDE AND UNFAIR. The guy has been through enough shit.
o9. “You ever want to make things right with me, you’ll have to make them right with Jace.”
1o. Raphael speaking so highly of Magnus )))))))):
12. All the things Alec was hearing ): “I know you wish I was dead instead of Jocelyn.” Oh my sweet boy ):
14. I need a neverending episode of Magnus doing magic and putting up his wards because GOOD GOD MAN
15. I’m suffering an intense lack of Saphael. Fix it, bitches.
16. Max is so cute. Protect him at all costs.
17. Alright, Maryse. You get a small pass for telling Jace what he needs to hear.

Cheer me up (Sirius x Reader)

Can you do a high school AU where Young Sirius is the football captain and and the reader is a cheerleader and at a game, Sirius get’s hurt and the reader just stops cheering and runs up to him and you can make up the rest? Thank you!!❤

A/N: Idk if this is what you imagined but i hope you like it. I did my best but there are probably mistakes due to the fact i wrote it late at night. Still, please let me know what you think ♥

Warnings: none

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

This evening was the first football match for the season and our school was a host so everything had to be perfect. To be one of the best students in school and at the same time a cheerleader is not an easy job especially in those kinds of situations. My graphic was full and I barely found time for things such as talking or even thinking.

“Miss (Y/L/N), I hope you are ready with the preparations for today.”, the headmaster asked me for maybe the 10th time.

“Oh, yes. We did everything we could to make the coming team feel comfortable.”, I answered nicely putting a fake smile on my face. Making an excuse I managed to get away from him and went straight to the football pitch.

We used to have training like two hours ago, but I had to fucking search for special towels for our guests. So here I was, hours later, dressed in my tiny skirt, exhausted as hell, going to have a three hour long exercise for tonight…

“Hey, (Y/L/N)! How are you today?”, a familiar voice appeared just behind my back.

“Not in the mood for you flirtations.”, annoyed I didn’t bother to spin around and see the well-known boy in the whole school – Sirius Black, the captain of the football match, the most hot and sexy guy, probably the heartbreaker of the school. Usually I flirted back as a joke but now, hungry, tired, sleepy and angry I wasn’t able to deal with this.

“Don’t worry, babe. I am not gonna flirt for now. Just wanted to make sure you’ll be screaming my name tonight.”, and the famous smirk was now on his beautiful and yet irritating face.

“You wish! Can you leave me alone, cause I wanna finish with everything as soon as possible and go home and fucking rest for god sake!”, kind of screaming I turned away and went straight to the girls waiting for me to began.

Hours passed and due to my eyes shutting almost every minute we had to repeat some of the movements but everything was just perfect. While the boys were practicing and so were we, I couldn’t stop the feeling of someone’s eyes landing on my back. But me, being me, I didn’t give a fuck and continued my job.

I hate when people tend to think that of you are a cheerleader, you are definitely a stupid hollow bitch. My dear human beings, stop believing at what you see on your favorite TV shows. Not all of us are that bad! As one of the main cheerleaders, we are too occupied to find time for you. Honestly, you are not that special and you would never be. And we are definitely not sluts!

“(Y/n), wait!”, someone screamed and got me out of my trans of anger. When I looked beside me I saw the pretty footballer coming my way.

“What do you want?”, I retorted back.

“You don’t have to be so sharp, sweetheart. I just wanted to ask your pretty little angry face on a date.”, he stated while walking next to me.

“Okay”, was the only word I gave to him.

“So, that’s a yes?”


“But you said ‘okay’.”

“Look at me Black! I don’t have time for you! My schedule is full and even now you are losing my time! Don’t offend but you better find another girl to mess up with.”

“I am not messing with you!”

I didn’t say anything neither he did. He just stopped and went another direction while I continued my way towards home.

It was 7pm. The match was about to start after 30 minutes. I remember how at the beginning I was so anxious to go out and dance in front of so many people, but now it’s like a routine. As I was checking if everything and everyone was ready, Roxanne came towards me for chitchat as per usual.

“I heard you ditched Black.”

“Yes, I did. Why?”

“I’m just interested why you did so. I heard you really hurt him and that’s not good for tonight match.”, the girl stated.

“Better him that me.”, Roxanne gave me a confused look so I explained, “Come on, Rox, a guy like him wouldn’t date a girl like me if it’s not a prank or something.” The stern look on her face suddenly turned into a smile.

“Whatever you say, leader.”, patting my shoulder she came closer and whispered, “But you better clarify with yourself.”

The truth was that I liked that boy. He wasn’t a bad guy as far as I knew him. But better play not interested instead of showing your affection and getting hurt.

The time came so I put the smile on my face, encouraged my girls and ran towards the pitch to show all the people what we are capable of. When we appeared the audience got wild, they cheered us and welcomed the team of our school. I and the girls sat on our seats and waited for the breaks to do our job. When I saw Sirius, my heart skipped a beat. He was smiling yes, but the way he was moving, that fact that selfish façade wasn’t turn on showed me that each word Roxanne told me was true.

The match wasn’t going well. We were losing and mainly it was Sirius who messed up something. And the fact that the crowd was cheering as much as dead person would, I decided to do something.

“Come on, girls! Let’s bring back the spirit of the game.”

“(Y/N), we are…”

“I don’t care! You are a cheerleader! Your job is to lift up the spirit and courage of the team and the audience! So move your asses and dance!”

Hopefully, the girls knew my temper so my word actually encouraged them rather that offend them.

When I need motivation
My one solution is my queen
‘Cause she stay strong (yeah yeah)
She is always in my corner
Right there when I want her

We sang a part of a famous cheerleader song. As we were dancing I suggested making a pyramid. Everything was going fine, the public was up and clapping for us. But suddenly everything went dead. I turned around and saw somebody lying on the ground, somebody wearing the number 9. I jumped and ran towards the body. Pushing all the boys all around it I fell down on my knees.

“Oh my god! Sirius, are you okay?!”

“Yes, I think so…”

“Good. Now stand up and kick some asses for me, okay?”


“Because if you do it, I will find a way to cheer you up after what happened.”

“And how is that going to happen? Because I don’t believe y-”

I did something I would never normally do – kiss him in front of everyone. It was a short one of course but the feeling was amazing. I’d wanted this for such a long time.

“If you win, you might, maybe, probably, 50% have the chance of getting more.”

“You know how to cheer me up, babe.”, he smiled and I helped him got up. He wasn’t hurt that bad so the match continued. I think there’s no need to tell you who won and what price the winner received.

anonymous asked:

It makes me very sad that they intended to bring Tara back in S7 but couldn't because her actress wouldn't come back :( which is also why I don't get why they don't bring her back in the comics. Whedon said he wanted to bring her back in the show (a year after her death) so... Since the comics don't require the actress, why haven't they done it?

Amber Benson did refuse to come back in Season 7, as a First Evil manifestation in Conversations with Dead People (“I just think bringing her back and making her a bad guy was not quite right for me, but I know there’s a way to do it that would be beneficial to the fans.”). Then Joss Whedon said he intended to bring Tara actually back in an episode exactly one year after Seeing Red, in which Buffy would be granted one wish and reverse Tara’s death – ironically, in this same panel he mentioned he’d soon be filming the now canceled project Ripper. Here’s a good interview with Amber about the case:

“You had people who posted on the Internet saying, ‘Thank God, Tara’s dead!” Benson recalls, “but then this plethora of people going, ‘Oh. My. God. I’m never watching that show again!” Apparently, they meant it. Buffy’s ratings dropped an average of 15 percent following Tara’s demise. “Really?” Benson responds in surprise when I mentioned it. Whedon eventually washed his hands of the controversy by claiming he “didn’t care” about social issues, but it wasn’t so simple for Benson. “[Joss] wasn’t Tara,” she explains. “He didn’t walk in her shoes.” […]

Does she believes killing Tara was a mistake? “What I feel and what they chose are not the same thing, but… I wish they hadn’t killed her,“ she says. Benson was asked to return as Tara – actually, as an evil version of Tara – in Buffy’s seventh and final season. […] “There were a lot of other reasons [I didn’t go back], but one was that I didn’t want [Tara] to go bad,” she says. “As an actor, of course, it appeals to me to play kind of evil and bitchy and sexy, but, as a human being who gets letters that say, ‘I didn’t kill myself because of what you and Alyson did,’ that part of me goes, ‘You’re not just an actor anymore; you’re making a social commentary now, baby. You’ve got to be responsible.’ And I couldn’t be responsible coming back, because as an actor you have no control.”

And what about Joss Whedon’s accusation over the summer that he had always planned a glorious, romantic reunion for Tara and Willow but Benson played the spoiler? You can almost hear her wince over the phone. “Yeah, that’s been bandied about in the press a lot,” she sighs. “You know, sometimes people tell you one thing in this world, and then things don’t turn out the way you’re told,” she says. “Who knows what Joss had 100 percent planned in his mind? I’m not psychic. I just didn’t want anyone else hurt after everything that had happened. When a character has that kind of social impact, you just don’t have the right to do anything else to her. I know Joss had good intentions, but for me, personally and professionally, it wasn’t the right decision. Besides,” she says, “I was super busy. I’d moved on from Buffy.”

So the question is: why did they kill Tara in the first place? Was she ever a priority? Why this attitude of playing like everything was meticulously planned? Would her return in other circumstances confirm it as a mistake? Why this current repetitive effort in explaining it would be unfair to bring her back, instead of trying to create a story in which it wouldn’t? Why didn’t Willow have a lasting and developing relationship ever again? Why do some characters simply go away, others are killed, and some are resurrected? Why Buffy doing the bare minimum for women and LGBT representation guarantees the series to be always remembered as a good women/LGBT show? Why do tropes like bury your gays, queerbaiting, and women in refrigerators are still a thing?

I think you know the answer.

Chicago Typewriter Review: The Hope of being with you guys Again Someday

Wow… I am left speechless… I just watched the last episode of Chicago Typewriter and I am left with such a warm feeling inside. I experienced so many emotions within those 50 minutes: sadness, anger, fear, happiness, and hope. This is an overall review of the series, since I haven’t reviewed each episode individually. 

The plot of this series was simply AMAZING and GENIUS. Personally, I love historical setting dramas, especially stories with historic significance…. and Chicago Typewriter combined both the modern and historical aspect beautifully with a touch of supernatural magic. The historical setting was placed during the 1930s when Korea was under Japanese rule… but what made this drama enticing were the elements of reincarnation and time-traveling by flashbacks. This drama did well to use both of these elements to highlight important events and progress the plot. Not only do we get the historic story of the main characters, but we also get to see the struggles of the main characters’ present lives and how their decisions/actions compared to their past selves. At first, I was worried about the drama because it started out quite slow in terms of character development and progression of the plot, as well as, the modern story was beginning to be overshadowed by the historic story. At one point, I became so heavily invested into the historic story that I almost didn’t care about their modern lives. On the other hand, wonderfully, they brought our attention back to the present by Se Ju’s exceptionally well-crafted character development and the teaming up of the main characters to write ‘Chicago Typewriter.’ Definitely, the strongest aspect of this drama was the plot/story-telling… I cannot emphasize how simply amazing the plot is. At first, we were made to think the moral of the story was for Se Ju to overcome his writing slump and ultimately finish writing ‘Chicago Typewriter’ with Yoo Jin Oh (Shin Yool); however, that was not the case. 

Let’s take a step back and understand why this drama is called, “Chicago Typewriter.” Literally, one can interpret the title to symbolize the typewriter itself and the submachine gun… but in a deeper context… I believe the title represents the dreams and the promise between Se Ju (Hwi Young), Yoo Jin Oh (Shin Yool), and Seol (Soo Hyun) and this can be described by Hwi Young’s letter he gave to Shin Yool in episode 16. Physically, the typewriter is an empty object with no significant meaning. We learn that the typewriter was bought by Shin Yool as a gift to Hwi Young… and later this typewriter became the source of the resistance fighters’ communication. Soo Hyun also compared the submachine gun and the typewriter to each other. She quoted that the pen is mightier than the sword… thus explaining how significant the written word (communication) is the most essential aspect to obtain independence for their country, other than killing/violence. However, notice how important both the presence of the typewriter and the submachine gun were throughout the drama. Especially how the Chicago Typewriter gun was used by both Hwi Young and Soo Hyun in the last two episodes… In the end, Hwi Young sent his prized possession, the typewriter, to Shin Yool and replaced it with the gun - thus symbolizing how he was putting down his pen and accepted his death. As for Soo Hyun, she used the Chicago Typewriter gun to kill the Japanese officials because that is the only thing she can do for her country… she made a statement by taking revenge through extermination. 

Now in the present, Se Ju was in a slump because his writing “caused” his stalker to kill himself and, thus, him losing confidence in his skills. However, the return of the typewriter not only brought him to meet Seol and Jin Oh, but he was also able to regain his confidence in his writing through trust and friendship. Combined with all the experience the typewriter has gone through, one could say that the typewriter symbolizes time and fate… by bringing the main characters together and tying up the loose end of their story. However, the greatest impact for me was how Shin Yool sealed himself in the typewriter so that he could keep his promise to Hwi Young. After he finished writing the story… his existence was basically over. But, what touched me the most was that Se Ju wrote a new story… the story of their present day lives… so that Shin Yool could seal himself in that story to be reborn one day. Truly, this drama showed how powerful the written word and communication is in our daily lives… and that it can both kill and save. This lesson was not only seen through the main characters’ struggles, but also by Tae Min who struggled to take responsibility for his actions, their mother who held a grudge against Se Ju, their father who failed to protect both of his sons, and Seol’s mother who abandoned her daughter because she couldn’t face her past actions. 

The plot and the lessons weren’t the only amazing aspects of this drama. The character development was also well done… especially Se Ju. Personally, I think there was a lot of focus on Se Ju, that many of the other characters didn’t receive the same spot-light. Se Ju changed from a cold, haughty, and lonely person to loving, forgiving, and understanding. He changed his outlook on life to appreciating it and valuing friendship, love, and faith. But, I also think that Se Ju was always that person to begin with… however, he just locked his true self away due to his troubled childhood and the betrayal of his family. I must also say that Hwi Young was an amazing character who exemplified what it meant to be a true leader… cunning, brave, strong, and steel-hearted when it came to making clear-cut decisions. I loved how very different Hwi Young and Shin Yool were… and how one could distinguish between the two’s leadership. Hands down, Yoo Ah In stole the show with his masterful acting as Se Ju/Hwi Young (who didn’t cry when Shin Yool was reading Hwi Young’s letter? I freakin balled like a baby cause it was the most heart-felt letter I’ve ever read along with Shin Yool’s crying, Hwi Young’s narration, and the music in the background T___T). 

Hey Shin Yool, are you alive? Are you reading this letter now? I was cleaning up before leaving for Manchuria and decided to send my three most precious things to you to keep for me. By chance, do you remember the ay we first saw this typewriter? Actually, I didn’t mean it when I said my pen was plenty at that time. I was bluffing. After receiving that gift of the typewriter from you, I was so happy. I’ve received so much from you, so much so that I can’t repay you in this lifetime. Now at the point of that I might not see you alive again and I am sorry because these are the only tings I can give you. And on top of that, I can’t even give it to you for free. I need to attach a favor. Will you be able to handle it? Can you? I’m hoping you will finish my novel for me. With this typewriter you gifted to me. Please write our story in my place now. The story of us living on this land at that time. How we lived diligently in the dark reality. How we hurt fiercely and hoped in desperation. How we found happiness within the danger. How we loved and fought with all our might. As for the pocket watch, I am giving it to you for wishing you to cherish Soo Hyeon every minute and every second. So that Soo Hyeon will never be alone again, you stay by her side. And lastly, Yool… just how much I trusted you and loved our friendship, I regret that I didn’t tell you in person. So let’s make sure we meet again alive. No, let’s meet again even in our death. 

If a god asks me if I was happy in this life, I’ll answer. I was happy because I met you guys. If a god tells me, “Good job living a hard life.” “You lived it well.” And pat my shoulder, then I’ll ask for a favor. If I am to born again, I’ll ask to be with you guys again. 

Jeon Seol’s (and Soo Hyun) character was very lovable and I loved how she remained true to herself in both the present and past lives, but I also loved how she showed times of weakness to indicate that, despite her amazing skills in various fields, she is human. Im Soo Jung did a great job to capture Seol’s liveliness and her strong determination. I really loved that Soo Hyun finished the job of exterminating the traitors (especially Heo Young Min), as well as, it was truly admirable when she killed Shin Yool… but it also showed that she had no purpose to continue on living because she was exhausted and lost everyone she loved… in the end despite killing all the traitors with her gun, she ended up losing herself in the process. Overall, the acting done in this drama was absolutely great! You could feel each characters’ thoughts, emotions, and understand their reasoning for their actions/decisions. You could feel their fears and how each character was on the edge of their sanity… just barely trying to survive. You honestly couldn’t really hate a single character, even if they betrayed their comrades (except for Heo Young Min… that bastard had to die). As for Shin Yool, I loved him so much! Poor sunshine loved Soo Hyun so much that he ended up betraying Hwi Young… but he couldn’t handle the guilt and didn’t stay with Soo Hyun in the end because of his friendship. I really loved his character… you can see how he slowly opened his heart to Se Ju and Seol… the actor, Go Kyung Pyo, did an amazing job to showcase such an emotional character. That was the biggest difference between Shin Yool and Hwi Young… Shin Yool just couldn’t contain his emotions and let his feelings get the best of him — which was why his bluff as being the leader didn’t trick Heo Young Min. 

I also have to admit that, despite the romantic touch in the drama, the romance wasn’t really the focus of the series. Se Ju and Seol’s romance was very sweet and I enjoyed every moment they had together, however, the most touching aspect of the relationships in this drama wasn’t the romance… but the aspect of trust. Seol’s character, along with Yoo Jin Oh, brought trust back into Se Ju’s life. At first, we thought that Seol was Se Ju’s muse… but the most surprising muse in Se Ju’s life was Yoo Jin Oh because he was the one who brought the two together in the first place. We were made to believe that Seol was Se Ju’s muse to regain his trust in his writing ability, but actually it was both Seol and Jin Oh who helped him. And the best scene to show how Se Ju’s writing evolved from writing for others to writing for himself, was when he told Ji Seok that he wanted to write ‘Chicago Typewriter’ his way and not how the fans want it. At this point, Se Ju had already defeated his slump. Friendship and trust were the most important elements in this drama and it can be seen by 1) how Hwi Young and Shin Wool both loved Soo Hyun but didn’t force her to choose someone, 2) Shin Wool kept his promise of letting her go because of his promise, 3) Shin Wool didn’t get together with Soo Hyun in the end, despite Hwi Young asking him to take care of her, because he felt guilty for Hwi Young’s death, and 4) both Hwi Young and Soo Hyun had already forgiven Shin Wool. Especially, the last scene truly symbolized how strong the bonds of friendship can be with both Se Ju and Seol wishing for Shin Wool’s rebirth… and later on we see that Shin Wool was finally able to reunite with Hwi Young and Soo Hyun. Most importantly, the ending showed how the past was finally put to rest with meeting the present (notice how Hwi Young said, “Done.” when he finished typing his story… I think this symbolizes that the story of ‘Chicago Typewriter’ was finally over)… with how the typewriter, the gold watch, the story ‘Chicago Typewriter,’ and the picture were shot together in the last scene. 

This drama may not be perfect and sometimes you may feel that the drama is slow, but please give it a try (especially if you’re interested in this era). Honestly, this drama deserves way more recognition and it saddens me that it didn’t receive higher ratings… this drama did well to showcase some of the real struggles during the 1930s, as well as, the struggles that writers face. The storyline, the characters, the music, the cinematography/visuals, and the supernatural touch all makes this drama very unique and intriguing to watch. Remember when I said how I felt a warm feeling inside after watching this drama? The reason being is because each character had a closure but the ending wasn’t absolute. Se Ju’s career is back on track and he is happy with his writing. Seol is finally with the man she loves, while also providing him strength and support. Shin Wool finally reunited with his old friends and, as well as, he can look to the future to meet with them in a liberated Korea (indicated by how his image became visible in the picture). The story of the Independence fighters that the typewriter brought to the main characters may have ended with episode 16, but a new story also began… and I believe that is the moral of the story. With every closed book, comes a new chapter to be written of an entirely new book because even after when we think it is the end… the written words and hopes of those before continue to live on through you and others. The story of “Chicago Typewriter” continues through us, the viewers. Just as Korea’s liberation did not end with the death of their comrades, but lived on through the hopes they wrote to the future generation. 

If you’re looking for a drama that combines elements of romance, friendship, and the suspense of real-life struggles, then this drama is perfect… as you will truly witness the growth of each of the characters as they unravel their past lives and make amends to long-kept promises/dreams. Regardless, you’ll definitely be in for a roller-coaster ride of feels T____T

I low-key wish we could have seen Shin Yool/Yoo Jin Oh being reborn and reuniting with Se Ju and Seol in the future…. 

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Plot/Story: 10/10

Characters: 10/10

Cinematography: 8.5/10

Music: 7.5/10 (maybe just a little more variety would have been nice, but the music is definitely catchy and pleasing to listen to)

Personal Satisfaction: 9/10

Overall Rating: 9/10 = SupaliaCertified Recommendation!

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College!AU Hoseok
  • major: pre-veterinary 
  • minor: KSL/KSDSL (korean sign language minor: both ksl and ksdsl)
  • sports: swim team, also participates at rallies as a male cheerleader when they need him
  • clubs: big brother big sister (his little brother and sister are actually deaf and since he’s learning ksl he’s like a role model to them it’s super cute,,,)
  • hoseok has literally always been about helping others no matter what so his major was intended to be medical, like for humans, but after a while he decided he’d rather do pre-vet because he got inspired after learning about the importance of service animals especially to kids with disabilities
  • it’s also the reason he’s passionate about learning KSL. honestly, he would think it would be mandatory to learn by now (and he’s always trying to get the rest of his friends to learn it with him) because communication with everyone is important!!! it’s what builds friendships!!! 
  • and hoseok is pretty fluent in it, both KSL and KSDSL he’s taking the minor so he just improve his skills and also because he’s in the big brother big sister program with a local middle school and there’s these two twins who are deaf and he wants to be able to teach them and show them how to sign things correctly through KSDSL which is the manual translation of the korean alphabet and he just like he doesn’t want to make mistakes because he wants to keep being their role model but also KSL because it’s distnict and literally like learning a whole different language
  • and the twins /love/ him they just ADOre him especially since hoseok is studying to work with animals and is always telling them the coolest dog facts ever. also did you know dogs have 1,700 tastebuds anyway
  • and hoseok is also really athletic and has won medals for the campus swim team since he was a freshman. sometimes he dabbles in other sports teams unofficially with like the cheer leading squad if they’re short a person or even the dance team on campus with jimin and jungkook
  • and ofc whenever he has a met and the twins can make it they do and hoseok loves it when they hold up the little banners they make for him and honestly this dynamic of hoseok basically raising these two as his own siblings is so soft im crying while writing 
  • moving on though hoseok and you actually get to know each other because of the twins
  • see you’re doing work study as a way to help pay for your dorm and like usually the jobs you’re given are like library intern, filing for the administrations office, or even being a lab helper to some of the graduates but on your luck you got a job at the sports facility on campus taking stock of the equipment of the campus gym
  • and it’s like an easy job so you don’t complain (also all the campus athletes walking around shirtless is like a bonus BUT)
  •  and so it’s the day of a big swimming competition and since everyone’s at the pool you get to freely check the gym and locker rooms for the equipment but to your surprise you find two wandering kids and you’re like ??? 
  • and the girl sees you first and runs over holding the boys hand and you’re like hi!! are you lost?? and the girl kind of looks at you with wide eyes and you’re like??? and she’s like a bit panic struck now but she starts signing to the boy and he’s signing back and it clicks in your mind that oh ! that’s why she can’t understand you and you’re like ok ok think think 
  • and you look down at your clipboard in hand and flip over the page you were writing on and scribble down the question; “are you lost?” and squat down so you can show it to the girl
  • she reads and starts nodding and she reaches out and you hand her the clipboard and pen and she writes out “pool, hoseok?”
  • and you’re like ….hoseok ive heard that name before……….
  •  and then it comes to you – he’s the swimmer everyones excited for at todays meet and so you take the clipboard back and write down “I know where he is, follow me!” and the girl smiles and reaches up to take your hand with her free one and you’re like omf she’s so cute and her brother is so shy and it’s like you smile back and take them to where the pool is
  •  and it’s super packed, but you manage to squeeze your way into the front sections with the kids and there’s barely enough room but the girl just plops down in your lap and you’re like you know what im ok w this ive known these siblings for five minutes but honestly like how could you ever say no to cute kids
  •  but yeah she like takes a little banner out of her backpack and it says hoseok on it in kids handwriting and has little kitty faces drawn next to it and the boy, who you guess is her twin because they look so similar also has his little hoseok banner with puppy faces on it
  • and like you see hoseok, it’s kinda hard to miss him seeing as though he shines like the SUN both his smile and like his personality like he’s the one swimmer going around wishing everyone luck and patting everyone on the back and like
  • you know him from like seeing him on campus and his photos in the campus newspaper and stuff and like he’s incredibly handsome but now that you’re sitting here like watching him he just like
  • what’s a subtle way to say ‘fucking hot’ ????? yeah that’s hoseok
  •  but like you don’t focus too much on that you’re like dying because the two siblings are so cute, excitedly bouncing up and down and hoseok turns and he spots them and waves and they both like lean over the railing to wave back you have to like hold them steady you know how kids can be
  •  and like you stay with them the whole met because you want to make sure they’re safe and don’t get lost again and when it’s over the girl tugs on your sleeve and points down to where hoseok’s team (that won ofc) is standing and you immediately know that she wants to go and see him so you set her down and take her hand and her brother and lead them out off the bleachers toward the back where the swimmers are passing through to get to the locker room
  •  and like the second hoseok comes out with the towel around his neck, hair wet and like looking Fine
  • his smile just hits you because it’s so bright and he opens his arms and the kids just fULL GALLOP toward him 
  •  and you like sheepishly stand there because like lmao should I go??? but hoseok comes over and he’s like holding the girl up in his hands and the boys like clinging to his leg
  •  but hoseok is like signing something with his free hand to the girl and she’s like signing back her answer and he like grins and turns to you and is like
  •  “she said you helped them when they were lost. she also says she thinks you’re very pretty”
  • and you’re like oh well yes im glad i found the- pretty??!?!?! and hoseok is like chuckling like “she wanted to sign something more complicated I think she was going for mesmerizing but she messed up a bit and went with pretty, it’s cute she’s learning.”
  •  and one you’re extremely touched because wow mesmerizing??? pretty?? all these sweet compliments but like the thing is that hoseok is looking at you and he’s like
  • “you know I agree, they are very pretty and im also glad they helped you two…” and then he signs the rest and is like “I told them they’re little rascals who keep getting themselves into trouble like this.” and you giggle like ahh not rascals, these two are cute small angels
  •  And like hoseok is like im gonna take these two to get lunch, wanna come? and the girl is signing to hoseok that she wants you to come with you guys but you’re like I wish I have to finish work,,,,I kinda slacked off by watching the competition and hoseok is like oh my god im sorry if I would have known I would have asked like jin to come over and stay with them asjlfw im sorry let me make it up to you another day
  •  and you’re like wAH no it’s ok really ;;;; but hoseok is already extending his hand and is like do you have your phone on you??? let me give you my number and you can call me if you ever need someone to buy you some free food hehe
  • and idk maybe it’s the fact that hoseok is breathlessly charming that you give in and he puts his contact info in and the girl takes the phone from his hands for a second and changes ‘hoseok’ in your phone to ‘hobi (four thousand heart emojis)’ and it’s cute hoseok is like hey! let me change it- but you’re like no no it’s fine
  • and so you say bye to hoseok and the twins and like the whole time you’re like taking count of the equipment like you were supposed to be doing you’re all giddy inside
  • and like you fret over actually calling hoseok like a week passes and you’re just tOO scared to call
  • but you end up not even having to because on your way to the library you feel someone wrap their small hands around your wrist and you’re like !!!! 
  • but you look down and see the girl and her brother and from behind it’s hoseok running up to catch you guys
  • and you’re like oH hi!! and you like bend down to like smile at the twins and hoseok is like signing to them and he’s like “hEY sorry i was scolding them for running off like that but when she saw you she just haD to run to you,,,,,,,,,,like i said small rascals”
  • but he’s also grinning from ear to ear and you’re like yeah ok rascals that own your heart but you’re like “it’s good to see them again, can you ……..sign that to them for me hehe” and hoseok’s like no prob! and it’s cute you all have a little conversation and then hoseok is like actually im dropping these two off to see their parents and he invites you to walk toward like the parking lot campus and you know you do
  • and when the twin’s parents come the dad gets out of the car and like talks to hoseok about the big brother big sister program and whatnot and then turns to you and is like 
  • “ah i see hoseok is finally dating! what a good surprise, take care of him well!” 
  • and you’re like awe-struck like uM SIr aCTUALLy and hoseok is turning like a very bright red and is like “um we aren’t a couple-” but the dad is just like “you aren’t a couple YET” and is like laughing like anyway gtg see you tomorrow hoseok
  • and when they leave and the twins wave out of the car it’s you and hoseok standing beside each other like both flushed messes it’s cute
  • and hoseok is like “um,,,,,,,,by the way you never called,,,,,i was ,,,,kinda upset,,,,,,okmaybealotupset……..”
  • and you’re like im sorry ;; i was just shy and hoseok’s like don’t be shy!! i really wanted to see you again to you know……..pay you back and thank you…………..
  • in reality he wanted you to call him so yall could go on a cute lil date BUT 
  • and you’re like well ahh i mean if you’re free now-
  • and hoseok is like yes. yes im free. as free as ever. completely and utterly free.
  •  he’s like i know this little cafe in the city if you want we could go now it’s open pretty late and you’re like ok frick the library im going with hoseok
  • and like you guys take the train and somehow it isn’t awkward at all considering you’ve only talked in the past for like ten minutes but hoseok just makes everything so easy and natural
  • and like you tell him about your major and you’re super surprised when hoseok is like “im pre-vet!” and you’re like what i thought you’d be like ,,,,,,,,,studying to be a teacher or something and hoseok is laughing like “right??? everyone says that!! but i got into being a vet because of the importance of service animals. i think a lot of people benefit from them in ways that not even medicine can help.”
  • and as laidback and sometimes even childish hoseok can come off in his loud laugh and his manner of speaking and just being so inviting, hoseok ends up telling you some things that are really interesting and deep
  • like when you learn he started self-teaching himself KSL/KSDSL because he saw the way kids with disabilities were ostracized around him and he told you that people are way too focused on always pitying these people instead of learning ways to engage with them
  • you were just like holy shit 
  • because he’s so thoughtful and intelligent but so so so selfless it’s amazing you’re like how are you h u m a n
  • but you get to the cafe and to your surprise (but also excITMENt) it’s a puppy cafe and you and hoseok in like less than a minute are surrounded by yapping fluffy baby pups 
  • and you’re like hoseok im in heaven and he’s like it’s gr8 right!!!!!
  • you two bond cutely over feeding pups doggie snacks and sharing a ‘wooftastic watermelon smoothie’ 
  • and like when hoseok and you are going hoseok is like id love to walk you to your dorm but i actually have a late night study group for our big exam tomorrow so i need to head toward the otherside of campus
  • and you’re like don’t sweat it,,,,,,,,,,,,today was nice and hoseok is like ^^ yeah it was really nice
  • and you two are like covered slightly in dog hair but honestly it’s like getting dark, the sun is setting, you guys are standing kinda close
  • and hoseok is like this,,,,,,,,feels like the ending to a first date
  • and you’re like blushing like y-y-yeah 
  • and hoseok swallows and shifts from foot to foot like ,,,um,,,,do,,,,d-o you kiss on the first date??
  • and you’re like hglsafjlwaw  usually,,,,,,no but this one time - 
  • and hoseok is like really?? and you’re like yes please kiss me
  • and he does and it’s a peck like super soft, nothing too big but it’s adORAB L E and the second you head inside to your dorm you plant your face into the wall trying not to squeal and hoseok like has to do a lap around campus from the happiness he is feeling rn
  • and after that hoseok actually calls you a couple times to join him and the twins out for like some fun activities that are part of his club duties as their older brother
  • and you all go volunteering or to the amusement park or like indoor ice-skating
  • and finally one day you march down to the bookstore in the city and buy a beginners guide to KSL and the minute hoseok spots you studying with the book in the cafe, trying to make the signs and form coherent sentences he’s like
  • “they’re the One. I’m in LOVE.”
  • hoseok and the twins try to teach you some of the basics, the twins don’t really teach they’re like the judges of how understandable your signing is 
  • and hoseok is just super proud of you for sticking with it and taking an interest in it because like it means a lot to him
  • and like you guys aren’t “officially” dating until the twins sign the word “significant other” about you to hoseok and he’s like stuck and he looks at you and is like “they want to know if you’re my significant other?” and you’re like “am i?” and hoseok’s like “wanna be?” and you turn to the twins and sign “yes.”
  • it’s cute the twins tease hoseok all the time when you’re not around and even if you are and like you turn they sign something cute to him about you and hoseok has to like frantically sign for them to stop
  • but all you see is him flailing his hands 
  • the people around you are like ? and you’re like oh don’t mind it,,,,,,,,
  • you were going to go out with hoseok after one of his labs and he comes out in the white overcoat and you’re like oooooOOOO fancy doctor jung OOOOOO and hoseok was like SHH and you’re like OOOO doctor jung~~~ for the rest of the week
  • it caught on and literally jin, namjoon, jungkook, jimin, yoongi, and taehyung refused to call him anything but that
  • “doctor jung pass the controller to the xbox!!” “doctor jung how was your test?” “doctor jung im sick take my temp-” “STOP calling me THAt also im training to be a veterinarian jungkook you’re not a dog.”
  • yoongi: “he’s pretty close to a dog though-” jungkook: “look whose talking, sloth.” yoongi: BOY
  • its adorable you like come to cheer him on when he’s swimming or even like cheerleading or dancing whatever he has on his schedule 
  • and hoseok is aLWAYS there for you
  • like it doesn’t matter what he’s got going on his care for you is so important to him that if you need him to run to you and like climb up the side of your dorm to deliver some ice cream or something like hoseok will do it
  • he’d literally stay up studying with you all night even if he had 6:00 am lab in the morning
  • and like you know he can overdo it with his care and you are always scared someone might use him because he’s so willing to help out and you’re like
  • i have to protect hoseok
  • and it’s endearing you’re like “hoseok come here” and he like lays his head on your lap while you and like the rest of bts are having a movie night and it’s like you play with his hair 
  • and jungkooks like making faces @ jimin and v
  • and everyone’s like you 2 are so lovely dovey and c*rny its gross and hoseok is like you’re all just sad and alone so hush
  • you got better at signing and he signs to you like “these losers are jealous cuz you’re so cute and you’re all mine” and you’re like hoseok shush,,,,,,,,,but TRUE
  • and one day after he has another swimming competition and the twins had to go because it ended close to 10 pm and all the swimmers are like bye hoseok we’re gonna go home because rip this was so long
  • and hoseok’s like saying his goodbyes and then he’s like 
  • hey
  • with his arm around you waist like
  • everyones gone the shower room is all ours~~~
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,really?? here?? and hoseok shrugs and he’s like “you know i like adventure”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,well
  • and mind you he’s still like glistening from the water in the pool his hair in his face believe me you don’t think too long about it
  • until he’s pulling you into one of the stalls and like the warm water is on
  • and like hoseok is a gentleman and he takes it slow but at the same time like my bro your back is against the wall and like i mean you know (—–:
  • and after you’re wearing hoseok’s like varsity sweatshirt and you’re like oh my god it’s past midnight my RA is gonna murder me and hoseoks like changing in front of his locker like 
  • “i have the keys to jin hyungs car, wanna find a 24 hour diner instead and just drive around till it’s morning?” and you’re like hoseok we have class in the morning
  • and he’s like yes we do
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,ok fine i love you lets go find a dennys or whatever the korean equivalent of that is
  • but yes you and hoseok are just the cutest couple and sometimes when you take the twins out hoseok is like ,,,,,, a family is so nice to have you know,,,,,, and you’re like omf
  • but also hoseok is like still twelve and keeps sending you videos of him dancing in the line at the campus cafeteria and jin keeps begging you to get his keys back from hoseok because hoseok keeps forgetting to rETurn them like dammit it’s been three weeks h o s e o k
  • sometimes you and hoseok will pass animal shelters and muse about what kind of pet you two should get in the future heheheeh

find college au!namjoon (here), jimin (here), yoongi (here), taehyung (here), and jungkook (here)
find college!au vixx (here
and please look forward to the last college!bts soon~

I feel like watching my dating life has become a bit of a national pastime. And I’m just not comfortable providing that kind of entertainment anymore. I don’t like seeing slideshows of guys I’ve apparently dated. I don’t like giving comedians the opportunity to make jokes about me at awards shows. I don’t like it when headlines read ‘Careful, Bro, She’ll Write a Song About You,’ because it trivialises my work. And so, I just don’t date… When your number-one priority is getting a boyfriend, you’re more inclined to see a beautiful girl and think, ‘Oh, she’s gonna get that hot guy I wish I was dating.’ But when you’re not boyfriend-shopping, you’re able to step back and see other girls who are killing it and think, ‘God, I want to be around her.’

Alright! Tuckington head canons because I’m tuckington trash 

Alright so modern au where tucker and wash are best buds, and when they start dating they have no fucking clue if they’re dating or not 

  • Like I said they’re BFF’s
  • and somewhere along the line they both start having feelings for each other, and are somewhat aware that the feelings are mutual but they’re like “nah no way what am I thinking”
  • but it’s totally mutual
  • and so like one day Tucks like “Hey man want to go to the movies with me” and wash is like “sure lets go” (bonus points if it’s a romcom)
  • and they hang up the phone and Tucker’s like “Holy shit I think I just asked out Wash”
  • and wash is like “Holy shit I think tucker just asked me out”
  • But like they’re also both like “Wait a minute we’re buds we go to the movies together all the time lets not read that much into it” But they are reading that much into it and they’re right 
  • Tucker pays for Wash’s snacks and they’re like okay now it’s a date… but wait he’s my dude we’ve both spotted each other cash before if we needed to maybe this isn’t a date

And this kind of thing just keeps happening

  • Tucker starts noticing that Wash walks him to a lot of his classes and wondering if that means something, but hey maybe they’re just chilling between classes like usual
  • Movie nights at each others places, and Wash notices that Tuckers lying his head in his lap, and that could be certainly romantic, but they’ve been best buds for so long no wonder they’re comfortable with each other like that
  • Long walks by the lake? Just getting some air with your bud
  • Carnival’s? Just a good time! Going in the tunnel of love? It’s funny haha *nervous sweating*
  • Ice skating? Nothing like chilling with your best bud on the weekend

Time passes 

  • And Wash and Tucker are still going on dates all the time but have no idea if they’re on dates or not
  • and Donut makes a comment about Tucker and Wash’s relationship
  • and Tucker’s eyes get all wide and he’s like
  • “What did you say?”
  • “That I wish I had a relationship like you and wash”
  • “I’m dating Wash!?”
  • “Yeah man was it a secret? cause if it was you guys are bad at hiding it”
  • And so tuckers like holy shit I’m so dumb I’m dating wash, and immediately drives to Wash’s house
  • “Dude we’re dating!” “Oh thank god it’s not just me” 

And they live happily ever after

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Could you do #2 and #18 from list #3 for Jason Todd please❤

You got it sweetie!
I think I’m going to only get one of these out tonight, I will try and finish the rest of the drabbles tomorrow!

2: “Not you again..”
18: “I wish i’d never met you.”


You swiftly landed on a roof, doing so almost soundlessly. Creeping up to the windows of the abandoned warehouse, you peered inside. You’re on your own tonight, taking down a small time drug cartel. 

Opening your hands you engaged the titanium claws in your gloves. Carefully you opened the window and climbed onto the catwalk over the heads of the men. Waiting for the right time to drop in on them, but you were still waiting for the buyer.

And almost like clockwork, the buyer drove up in a black car. It was a balding white man, no more than 5′10. ‘Typical’ you thought. Witnessing as the men presented a shipment of a range of drugs and the buyer handed over a suitcase of cash. There’s your queue.

As soon as the money exchanged hands, you dropped down, landing right on one of the lackeys. He was knocked out and you sprung into action taking out the rest of the men. Your claws drawing blood from a few. Though you had miscalculated the amount of men and who had what weapons.

After knocking out another lackey with a swift punch to the jaw, you heard the click of the gun. Turning to see one of the buyer’s men pointing a pistol at you. Though before in the blink of an eye a shot rang out, the man yelled in pain before dropping the gun. Taking the opening you ran at him, jumping into the air to perform a double leg grapple around his neck, using your own body weight to throw him to the ground. 

You panted, all of the men of the cartel lying unconscious. Turning to look for the source of the gun shot.

Seeing a sheen of red before Red Hood himself dropped in front of you. “Not you again..” scoffing at him. “Uh, you’re welcome doll.”

“I’m not your ‘doll’ Jason.” Saying while putting your claws away. “What are you doing here?” Moving to bind all the men’s arms and legs.

“Other than saving your fine ass? Brucie wanted me to come give you some back up, and how can I resist coming to your rescue?” You could tell he was wearing a shit eating smirk under that mask of his. Rolling your eyes you continued to bind them all, used to Jason’s flirting.

“I had things handled.” “Except the part where you didn’t” He claimed while pulling off his helmet, revealing the domino mask underneath. “God, you’re such a self obsessed asshole. Don’t you have a girl to be charming?”

“Lioness’ got claws.” He teased, calling you out by your hero name. “If you play your cards right that could be you, doll.” God you hate when he calls you that, “In your dreams hoodie. In fact I wish I’d never met you.” Saying while grabbing your grappling hook, knowing the police are on their way.

“Aw you don’t mean that.” he called after following you out of the building. Cutting off the way you were headed. Moving so he was standing right in front of you, “Come on [F/n] give a guy chance. What’d I ever do to make you so against me?”

You went to answer but came up blank. Honestly you didn’t really have a reason, he just liked to annoy the hell out of you. Sighing, you looked at him, noticing he had removed his domino mask.

“I’ll give you one date if you agree to stop annoying the hell out of me all the time.” Pointing a finger at him. “You got yourself a deal do–”

“And DON’T call me ‘doll!’“ Yelling at him as he rose his hands in defense. “Alright alright.. darling.”

800 Milestone Drabbles - CLOSED

‘Cause I’m Yours

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You’re tired of going behind everyone’s backs and hiding your relationship with Bucky. Based off the song “Secret Love Song” by Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo.

A/N: it’s short

It was just better this way. Better and safer. That’s what both of you agreed to. The things that were kept behind closed doors, the stolen moments together. It started killing you both inside because it would never be enough.

“Can’t we just tell them?” You pleaded to Bucky late at night in your room.

Bucky sighed, “Baby, you know I want to, but-”

“But what? It’s obvious you’re meant for me and I’m meant for you. Every piece of us fits like a puzzle. You consume my thoughts every second every day. I’m in so deep, Bucky. I want everyone to know how we feel about each other. Our love shouldn’t be a secret. Not anymore.”

Bucky frustratingly ran a hand through his hair, “Do you think I want this? Do you think that I don’t want to scream at the top of my lungs how much I love you? Do you think it doesn’t kill me when I see you with guys? How they flirt with you, touch you, and make you laugh? I want to hold you in the streets. I want to kiss you on the dancefloor. I want to be like that. I wish we could. ‘Cause I’m yours and, god, do I want to tell everyone that I’m yours.”

You two just sat shoulder to shoulder at the edge of your bed. You slowly grasped Bucky’s hand in yours, “I don’t want to hide us away. I want to tell the world about our love. But, I guess I’ll wait. I guess someday we’ll be able to tell our secret it. But it’s not today.” You sighed in defeat.

Bucky let go of your hand and wrapped his arms around you pulling you into his embrace, “I do love you, Y/N. I do. It’s just better this way.”

You gave another sigh, “I know, Bucky. I know.”

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I'm not gonna call you a Nazi, I'm not gonna call Jon a Nazi. but I'm a black guy, and being told I am somehow polluting America with my presence, that I am "Diluting the gene pool", Nah. Fuck that and Fuck Jon. I get it's hard to stop doing what you doing, but I hope you know what Jon said is god damn unforgivable. I wish you the best though, cause I don't know you, I don't know what you do, but just know shit like this makes things scary for me.

You’re not a pollutant to your country, you’re a human being that deserves the same amount of respect and rights that everyone else has and wants to have. I’ll stand by that no matter what. I would never go against it for the sake of this blog “maintaining JonTron aesthetic” for lack of a better explanation. My respect for his work, which is my goal for what this blog resembles, does not mean I respect or condone what he says. 

MAGI 346 Full Spoiler Translation

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

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Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump-Netabare’s texts ^^

UPDATE:  added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^

*The color page is an image of Alibaba and Hakuryuu. The text says something like this:

“They are friends and were also enemies. Along with the conflicting years, Here is the testimony of having lived on.

To the heart of the fierce fight’s final chapter!!! The confrontation is against the one who became god, Sinbad!!

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Alibaba spent time in the world after death. Is the experience of that time foretelling something? 

Alibaba: As i told you, i revived.

Arba: Are you saying that David’s “convictions*” always materialize without exception?

TN: Conviction/Belief.

Alibaba: Yes, to take over Sinbad-san and reach the seat of the King at the sacred palace was David’s conviction. It seems that he was also aiming to take “Solomon’s wisdom”, I revived in order to stop that but…

Alibaba: He didn’t materialize either of those things.

Arba: That’s right.

Arba: Far from taking over Sinbad, Elder David was won over* and became his subordinate.

TN: persuaded

Alibaba: Really?


Night 346 “Neither future”

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Fy Faen - Detailed Analysis of Sana Majorly/ Other Characters Minorly (Not in the exact order of the clip)

Guys, I’m actually on the verge of tears. Sana looks so left out. So heart broken. This is too much, you guys. Again, another outstanding episode, but I swear to God this is extremely sad.

Honestly, I’m not having this love triangle shit. It’s horrible to see Sana like this. She really cares about the girls so she wouldn’t say it to their face, you know? I wish I could say the same about the girls though.

It’s been two years, and they still don’t understand Sana. I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t be so hard for them to ask her about how she feels about things. What makes me even more upset is that they only ask her about her opinions or how she feels about things when it benefits them, or at least that’s what I’ve seen until now.

The boy squad treat her WAY better than this. You can especially see the care in Isak and Even’s eyes, although we have only seen one clip with them together.

Another thing is that the moment Sana sees Noora talking to Yousef is ALMOST the exact same as the moment in season 3 where Isak is at the door and he sees Even and Sonja. The hurt in their eyes is just the same. The look of ‘I can’t really do anything about it is the same’ but it’s worse for Sana. You know why? Because Noora is supposedly one of her best friends.

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A Thousand Years

Summary : Joe is a vampire and you managed to attract him by your blood. 

A/N :  Hello! So sorry it took long, I was on massive writers block and was busy watching Riverdale. But here it is! Hope you liked it! I’m planning on making a part 2 if you guys liked it. If you did enjoy it and want a part 2, don’t hesitate to message me ‘cause that means that you actually like this :) T’il next time!

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Is all he can think of what your blood smells like. The sweet, delicious scent of your blood drives him crazy and god, he wishes he could just pierce his teeth into the junction of your neck and shoulder. But he has to restrain himself. Think of a tactic that would make you approach him. That red stain on your lips just instantly reminds him of your blood, those shiny red lips. That crimson liquid that runs through your veins, he needs that.

He can’t just dip into your neck and drink, what a sight it would be. He can’t expose himself, what he is. The music was blaring through the speakers as drunk bodies danced to the beat. Jack has once again, persuaded him to go out and maybe find someone to drink as well. He hates himself for being so easily persuaded. Knowing that his mates would be more successful in getting a meal than him.

Standing up from the bar stool you were sat on, with alcohol running through your system. You see a red velvet curtain and stumbling, you thought that maybe Josh was there. Looking for your friend who promised not to leave you. Since your friend Josh was the one with the uber card and the money, and he just convinced you to go with him when all you were planning was to stay at home, cuddled up in your fluffy duvet with a movie on and a cup of hot chocolate.

It’s when you see a tall male, with blonde hair. “What do you think you’re doing here? This is strictly for VIP.” Caspar snarls, and you back away with a stumble from his snarl. Looking down in shame, your fingers fumbling with each other as you avoided his gaze.

“I-I’m sorry … I was just looking for my friend Josh.” You explained, picking on the black nail polish painted on your nails to make yourself looking occupied.

“Well what makes you think he’d be here?” Caspar raises an eyebrow at you, a scowl covering his face. Biting your lip, murmurming a quiet sorry. He was scary, and you didn’t want to mess with him one bit. He kinda reminds you of Josh, your tall ginger friend since he was tall like him. “You’ve got some nerve –” Caspar spits.

“Lay off her Caspar.” He says, cutting off his friend, tilting his head in curiousity. You see him, he’s shorter than the blonde one - Caspar - you think is his name. He was sat down on the black couch, with his forefinger and thumb pinching his bottom lips that you noticed were pink. Clad with a grey shirt beneath a black leather jacket, paired with black ripped skinny jeans. “What’s your name?” He questions, raising an eyebrow.

“Y/N …” You reply. In hopes that he wouldn’t be mean as how Caspar was to you when you accidentally stumbled in the VIP area.


He didn’t have to do anything to make you approach him, it was you who decided to come to him. Finally, he can get a taste of your blood. Ignoring his best mate who was giving him a disbelief look. Shutting his eyes momentarily in order to restrain himself from having a frenzy, he speaks “Come.” Offering you his hand, a small smirk covering his lips.

“Joe? What the fuck? Are you being seri –” Caspar starts, giving his friend a ‘What the fuck’ look.

Joe, didn’t care one bit at how his friend was saying. Caspar knew that Joe didn’t being liked to be bombarded with questions. So Joe repeats himself, crystal blue eyes staring back at you. “Come.” So you oblige, walking towards the male with your heels clanking against the floor.

You don’t know what’s so compelling about him, what makes you feel the need to go to him. So you think - why not? It’s probably because of the alcohol you had consumed. When you settle your palm against his, you shiver, at the cold contact of his hand and you wonder if there’s a heater around 'cause you were honestly getting chilly and you wonder that’s the reason why his hand is so cold.

Sitting down on the space beside him - Joe, you think his name is - drapes an arm on the back rest of the couch, gazing intently at you with a smirk. Tilting his body so he could face you. “You came here with a friend, yes?”

Nodding your head, you reply “Yeah, his name’s Josh. He left me at the bar to dance with a girl.” You think back to when Josh was paying you a cocktail while both of you were sat on the stool, a girl approached him inviting him for a dance on the dance floor. A little while later, you didn’t see him anymore so that’s why you appeared inside the VIP area.

“He’s the ginger one yeah? He’s in good hands, he left with Kylie.” Joe replied with a shrug of his shoulders, causing your jaw to drop at his words.

“That prick!” You gasped, annoyed and pissed at your friend who promised to stay with you. “He promised that he wouldn’t leave me here! Oh my god. How am I going to get home?!” You start to panic and that alarmed Joe because your heart was pumping faster and that meant your blood was rushing.

Grasping your wrist when you were about to stand up, he says “I’ll take you home, Sit.” And you obey, sitting back down on the spot beside him. This time you got to look at him properly. A lad with a defined jaw with a mole on his left, dirty blonde hair, and his eyes. God, his eyes. They were a beautiful ocean blue and you swear you saw specks of red together with the blue.

“You’re pretty.” You smiled lazily, and this time, you insanely drunk.

Joe grins, “Thank you, doll.” Amused by how you were acting. He found it quite funny how you act when you’re drunk.


Joe can’t take it anymore. He has to taste you, he needs to.

“May I bite you?” He asks, raising an eyebrow. He was afraid you’d say no, him being a complete stranger and all. He wishes you would say yes. Pursing your lips in thought, he bites his in hopes that he would get a yes.

“Bite me? That sounds kinky. But sure, where do you - Oh!” Before you could even complete your sentence, in a blink of an eye, you were sat on his lap. His thighs were strong - you noticed - he must be working out.

You feel his breath, against the back of your neck which makes the goosebumps rise of your skin. Joe swipes your hair on the other side of your neck, internally grinning and bouncing with joy when he will finally get a taste of that sweet, delicious blood of yours.

He starts by pressing a few small kisses on your neck, prepping you for the incoming impact. You exhale shakily at the feel of his lips against your skin, and it felt good.

He bites.

You were expecting a gentle bite, but what you received was completely different from it. You whimper. It was probably your first ever hardcore hickey you were gonna get and you didn’t expect it to be that painful at least.

Joe’s fangs pierced into your skin and once his tongue met with your blood, he groaned in delight. Sucking your delicious blood, that was finally filling his need. He was sure that your blood was extraordinary, your blood was the sweetest from all the different once he’s tasted.

It’s when your eyes start to drop that Joe had to force himself to stop. You pass out.

He sighs, watching you sleep in his bed. Your blood satisfied his blood lust, but he knows that with his mark planted on your neck, you were his and only his. His scent would be on you that no vampire would ever approach you. But he can’t throw you out once you awaken, he’s sure he picked up the scent of something bad, something that is not good. So he decides, if he keeps biting, then he’ll be able to keep that thing away from you.

With him being the eldest, nobody wanted to get on his bad side. He was scary when he’s angry and nobody wanted to trigger it. It’s when he hears a swoosh inside his sitting room, revealing a red - eyed Maddie. To the boys, Maddie was their like mother figure, you know - keeping them out of harm and was the one taking care of them.

“What’re you doing here?” Joe questions the blonde with a raised eyebrow, seeing Maddie shrug her shoulders before stepping around his sitting room.

“I can smell her.” Maddie states.

It took Joe as while to get used to Maddie 'cause it’s been a while since Caspar’s started dating again. But either way, he was glad to have Maddie around 'cause she brings them wise advice.

“I know you can.” Joe says in reply, shrugging off his denim jacket and hung the piece of clothing on a clothes hook. Taking a seat on his huge grey sofa, he sighs. “You understand why she’s here right?”

Maddie nods, taking a seat beside Joe. “Your scent’s on her.”

When you wake up, you were sure it wasn’t your room. Sitting up from the bed you lay, your eyes roamed the room. The ceiling was high and the whole room was in black with a hint of gold. It was a beautiful room - you thought. You try and think back to the events last night. Joe - you remember, the guy who you let bite into your neck before you pass out from the hickey. It still stings, the mark.

You stand up from the bed, the floor being all cold which makes you shiver as you are bare foot. When you walk into the sitting room, you gasp seeing Joe and a blonde girl. Biting your lip, you watch as Joe walks towards you slowly.

“Sleep well, love?” Joe asks you, a smirk plastered on his face as he takes a glass of water on a table and hands it to you. Eyes trained on his mark that he’s planted onto your neck. You take the glass greatfully and drink the whole glass out.

“I don’t really know, to be honest. My head’s throbbing.” You wince as you feel pounding on your head as if someone’s hitting you with a mallet. “Was I interrupting something?”

Maddie chuckles, thinking you assumed that she and Joe were together. So the blonde walks over to you and your eyes widen slightly at the sight of her blood red eyes. Probably just contacts - you think. “I’m Maddie, Caspar’s girlfriend.”

You let out an “Oh” and nod understandably. Looking around warily to avoid the awkward tension. Obviously you remember Caspar, from last night. He was albeit rude to you but first impressions aren’t always accurate based on what you think the person really is.

“Made some waffles, hope you like 'em.” Joe offers you a plate of a stack of golden crisp waffles, maple syrup slowly dripping onto the sides. The sigh makes your stomach churn in hunger. Nodding eagerly, you take the plate gratefully and sit down on a bar stool, starting to eat.

“Waffles are good. Just prefer pancakes more.” You shrugged, digging the fork into a piece you’ve sliced. “But thank you anyway.”

“Well, I’ve gotta get going. Caspar and Jack need me. It was nice meeting you, Y/N.” Maddie smiles and struts out of the living room, the door being shut afterwards.

Joe leans against the marble counter top by his elbows, chin being held up by the palm of his hand as he tilts his head slightly. “Does it hurt?” He asks, referring to the purple bruise that laid on your neck.

Touching the bruise with your fingertips, you wince as you felt a slight sting of pain. “Yup, definitely hurts.” Joe concludes with a nod of his head. You swear you can tell he works out, judging by his bulging bicep and broad shoulders, even if he was short for height.

“You want me to take you home? Since you passed out last night I had to bring you to my house 'cause I didn’t know where you live.” Joe explains and you nodded.

Joe knows for surely that he has to bite you again, he has to. He won’t be able to forget how unique your blood tastes, it was addictive.

A story, a love story

Pairing: unrequited Grif/Simmons
Word count: 1,637
Prompt: from @goodluckdetective: “I want to tell you a story. A love story" “Does it have a happy ending” “They never do”
Summary: Set after 15x06. Caboose and Simmons can’t sleep, so Caboose begs Simmons to tell him a story.

It was midnight.

Not that Simmons could tell, underwater. His helmet probably had the right time, but he’d had to sync it with Sarge, and Sarge didn’t obey daylight savings time. Stranger still, he didn’t even use military time. But it was darker than usual, and no one else seemed to be awake, and so even if it wasn’t midnight exactly, it meant the same thing: Simmons was alone.

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Thank You

A/N: Okie hai :’3 Fffff- a friend of mine told me that I should write more, and so I did ;-; I know it isn’t that good but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :’D

Johnny walked down the road in tears, away from his parents, away from everyone. Remembering what his parents had said just a few minutes ago made his heart race with adrenaline.

“You’re always ruining shit, Jonathan!”
“Can’t you do anything right?!”
“You’re such a weakling, I can’t believe we went through the effort of raising you.”

 Followed by slaps and punches.

 ‘Right’, Johnny thought, ‘you hardly raised me at all. I was just a mouth to feed for you guys. And even then I hardly was that either.’

 Johnny dearly wished he was enough to please his parents, though. He always imagined himself being someone, achieving something and finally making his parents proud.

 But he knew that would never happen.

 The young greaser started to shake, completely cold and alone. He supposed that was what he wanted, but he just didn’t know where to go. He knew he’d have to go home eventually, but god was it even worth it?

 Johnny let out involuntary whimpers and cries, but then tried to silence them and hide when he heard footsteps behind him. He finally hid himself behind some boxes and heard a small sigh.

“Johnny?” He heard an extremely familiar voice call out, “C’mon kid, where are ya?”

 Immediately realizing it was Dallas’ voice, Johnny slowly moved into his line of sight, still shaking and scared. He noticed a hint of worry and sadness in Dallas’ eyes, but it was quickly hidden away.

 Dallas noticed how scared Johnny looked and that some bruises were forming. 

 “Johnny… Did your parents hurt you again?” Dallas mumbled, mentally cringing at how soft his voice sounded, but this was Johnny. And Johnny was his top priority.

 “Y-Yeah.” Johnny nodded slowly, looking away so Dally wouldn’t have to see the tears that were beginning to form in his eyes.

 “Hey, Johnnycake, look at me, kiddo.”

 Johnny frowned and slowly looked up into Dally’s cold blue eyes.

 “Here, I wanna show you somethin’.” Dallas made the motion to follow him, and the younger boy slowly followed after.

 After a few minutes of walking, they reached a very secluded part of town that was filled with trees.

 “What is this place…?”

 Dallas coughed, “Uh, it’s a place I like to go when I’m angry and needa cool down. I don’t know, man, but goin’ here helps me calm down, and I figured you’d wanna go here when you want to be alone or get away from your parents, ya dig?”

 Dallas kind of felt embarrassed, he didn’t really understand, he figured Johnny might’ve liked this kind of place, and since it’s pretty safe, away from socs– unlike the lot.

 “But isn’t this kind of your hangout spot…?” Johnny asked, “I wouldn’t want to intrude.”

 “It ain’t a problem, Johnnycake. ‘s the least I can do to help ya.” He chucked.

 Johnny looked around for a moment before grinning slightly. He turned to Dallas and hugged him softly.

 “Thanks, Dal.”

 Dallas slowly began to genuinely smile and slowly hugged back.

“‘Course, kiddo.”