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The BMP Princes and their Signs

I saw this post from inf-astrology and I totally agree with it. I’m going to say why I think the Princes behave like these Signs here ^^

Wilfred: Scorpio

He is mysterious,serious,hard to read and he seems emotionless. He said so himself, he was like a puppet without emotions.

Also, his name is Wildabeast, so Scorpio is the perfect Sign for him lol

Keith: Leo

Prince with god-complex. Behaves like a proud douche bag, but once you get to know him better he is actually a caring person who would go to war for you.

Roberto: Sagittarius

The outgoing extrovert, the carefree Prince. He covers his sadness with a happy face. Gets along with everyone.

Glenn: Aquarius

Well, let’s say he is a Tsundere Aquarius. His lover (MC-chan) is at the same time his childhood friend. Can be too honest and blunt sometimes, but he is a very smart Prince, I must say.

Joshua: Virgo

That perfectionistic Prince that doesn’t let his emotions take control over him. Seems like a serious person, but is actually a huge dork.

Edward: Libra

The charming prince with his flowery way of speaking. Adores beautiful things and gets along with everyone. Wants everyone to be friendly with each other.

Hope you like it! :)